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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter:

"Baby." she said holding him. "Mrs. Morgan is going to talk with the counselor the nurse recommended."

Drew was shocked. He did not want this to come out until he was ready. The panic on his faced glowed until Doris talked with him.

"Drew." she said. "The counselor is her brother. We think he will help quite a bit. And when Michael comes home tonight we will discuss when you two will meet with him. And you two will stay home the rest of the week."

Drew breathed a sigh of relief that the person he would talk with would not judge him. He also felt that he would not have to deal with anyone for almost a week. Doris asked if he wanted to come down, but he shook his head no. As she began to leave, she looked at the toughest boy in the world and wondered how this will affect him.

"Mom." he said. "Are you mad at me?"

"Drew I love you." she replied. "Though you two went somewhere you shouldn't have, no one had the right to hurt you."

Tears abound between mother and son as she closed the door. Drew laid on his bed with many thoughts running through his mind. The main thought was could he ever forget or at least deal with it as he drifted off to sleep.


Michael woke up to the strange surroundings of the hospital. The pain in his head had subsided a little. He was not able to adjust to the room he was in after the attack. After a week of the hospital, he was getting irritable. He was going home later. He was lucky that the ribs did not puncture his lungs, but they were still broken. He had moved the back of his bed up when the nurse came in with his breakfast.

"Okay young man." she said. "Eat up. And no griping."

She left with a smile and Michael had begun to eat in silence. The events of earlier that week replayed in his mind until he got livid and threw his tray against the wall. Though it hurt his head and ribs, he needed to do it. He began to cry uncontrollably when Judy walked in the room. She saw the sight and ran to the teen boy. She grabbed him and held him in a soothing embrace, but Michael held her tight as she were a security blanket.

"That's alright." she said in a peaceful tone. "Let it out. I'm here Michael. Just let it out."

For over an hour, Michael cried until there were not tears left and his head hurt severely. His grip lessened and Judy reclined him back on the bed. The teen looked at her with tear-stained eyes.

"Are you feeling better?" she asked quietly.

"Yes." he replied weakly. "But why? Why did this happen?"

"I wish I could answer that." Judy replied. "People can do some ugly things. You need to be strong not only for yourself, but for your family, and Drew."

"That should never have happened to him." the teen said. "He's so strong, much stronger than me. He's going to hate me. I couldn't help him."

"He won't." the nurse replied. "And I think you two going through therapy for this will help."

"You mean we have to talk with someone about this?" Michael said with great fear. "No fuckin' way!"

"Michael, please calm down." she said. "All this person will do is listen. He won't judge you. Drew is for this. And he wants to testify against the rapists. You have to be there for him."

"Why are you doing this?" Michael asked.

Judy explained what happened to her and her husband. She told Michael that she knew what both boys felt - dirty and guilty. She also explained that she could not have gotten through it without therapy. As she finished, a knock came at the door.

"Anyone ready to go home?" Mr. Green asked as he poked his head in.

"Dad!" Michael cried out. "You bet."

"If you need any help, I have your personal valet." the man said.

Drew came in and ran to his love. Michael grabbed him and pulled him to his chest, sore or not. Their lips met and they kissed passionately. Michael caressed the small boy, but when his right hand touched his ass cheeks, Drew's body stiffened. He tried to pry loose, but Michael held him.

"What?" Michael asked. "What's the matter?"

"Don't touch me there!" Drew growled. "Don't ever touch me there!"

The look on the diminutive boy's face was anger. Michael was afraid and did not know what to do. Judy came over and got hold of Drew. She took him from the room and they went to the nurse's station. Michael looked at his father with a very confused gaze.

"What happened Dad?" Michael asked with a pained expression.

"There is more pain in Drew than we know." his father replied. "Give him the time to heal. Be there for him."

Judy sat Drew in a seat and sat across from him. A dark mood crossed his face and Judy took his hand while they sat in silence. Several minutes passed and Drew looked at Judy. He knew what he said and did, but did not understand the reasoning.

"Drew, you're going through what people call post-traumatic syndrome." she said. "It's when someone suffers a very severe event in their life. I know. I couldn't stand anyone to touch me for a long time."

"But why Michael?" Drew asked. "Why is he the one I yelled at?"

"Because he was there." she responded. "He was the one to triggered the event of last week."

"I've got to talk with him." the teen said. "I've got to apologize."

"Do this first." Judy said. "Take a deep breath and let it out slowly."

Drew did as she suggested and after doing it several times, he felt better and more calm. Judy led him back to the room and they entered. Michael was almost dressed, but he saw Drew and wondered what he should do. His father nodded and Michael knelt down. Drew ran into his arms. They cried and held onto each other.

"I'm sorry." Drew cried. "Just don't touch my butt until I'm ready."

"I'm sorry I couldn't save you." Michael cried. "You're too special. I love you so much."

"Guys, you have a lot of problems to deal with." Barry Green said. "But together you'll be able to handle it."

Michael finished dressing and he was told to get in the wheelchair. He put Drew in his lap and the two teens were pushed to the entrance by Michael's father. Mrs. Green, Penny, and Drew's mother were waiting for them. As they got in the van, they drove back to Atlanta with Drew and Michael in the backseat, Doris and Penny in the seat in front of them, and the Greens in the front two seats.

"So Michael, how do you feel?" Drew's mother asked.

"Still sore, but glad to be out of there." he responded. "And so glad to be going home."

"Well tomorrow you two will be seeing the therapist." Barry told the boys. "And no arguments."

"Yes sir." they said in unison.

"We're going to the police station so they can take your statements." Barry said.

"I'm ready." Drew said. "I want these pigs to go to jail."

As they arrived at the police station, Drew, Michael, and Barry got out. The two mothers and Penny went to a nearby mall and said they would be back in an hour. The trio was met by Officer Bruniski, who led them to the conference room.

"Drew, good to see you again." the large officer said. "You must be Michael. I'm Dan Bruniski and we will be joined by Detective Bartson."

A knock came at the door and a female, about 35, entered and sat down. The boys looked in disbelief and were ready to run.

"Hi. My name is Brenda Bartson." she said. "And you must be Drew and Michael."

The boys could only nod and really did not want to talk to a woman. This was too humiliating to explain the situation to anyone, especially a female. Drew felt comfortable with Judy, but she knew what he went through. Brenda saw the terror on their faces.

"Don't worry boys." she said. "You're the victims and we're here to put the scum away."

The boys relaxed a little and Brenda got to work.

"Drew I got your statement from Officer Bruniski." she began. "You two did go to the nude beach and saw two of the five who attacked you. They offered to take you to a party and you refused. As you both walked home, the five pulled up in a Mustang they knocked Michael out and beat him. You were grabbed and raped by two of the men before you faked a heart attack. You then ran to get help, but you were able to remember the license plate number. Is that correct?"

"Yes, ma'am." the short teen said.

"Michael is there anything you want to add?" Brenda asked.

"All I remember was the two guys at the beach." he said. "I do remember the car and the guy named Brad as he punched me. After that, I don't remember a thing. I just wish I could have helped Drew. I'm sorry baby."

Both officers realized the boys were gay and knew this would be a tough case. But with the boys being underage, they could get them on statutory rape and assault. Brenda cleared her throat.

"Boys, you're being gay will make this a tough case." she said. "But we can get them on statutory rape and assault."

"NO!!!!" Drew yelled. "Those fuckers deserve to suffer. And I won't accept anything less."

Everyone in the room saw the anger on the boy's face. Michael pulled Drew to him and held the teen. Drew shook with anger and could not help but cry in Michael's arms.

"Do you know what it's like?" he said. "No control. No help. Just someone using you as trash. No fucking way will I forget. And no fucking way will I let them off just because Michael and I are in love."

The four people in the room were amazed at the anger coming from the teen. The two officers have seen rape victims turn their emotions inward and shut themselves off, but this was a fighter and - win or lose - they would want to see the case through.

"Drew, if you want to proceed." Detective Bartson said. "We will be behind you all the way. We do have to have you do one more thing. You must pick your assailants from a line-up."

"Let's go." the pint-sized teen replied.

They proceeded to the line-up room and they sat down. Six men proceeded in, all prisoners, and stood under a number against a will.

"Drew. Michael." Brenda said. "I want you to take your time to see if the people who molested you are there."

A knock at the door startled the boys and five people came in - three men and two women. They introduced themselves as the lawyers for the five college students accused of rape. They wanted to be at the line-up.

"Drew, do you see any of the men who attacked you?" the detective asked.

"Numbers three, five, and six." Drew said. "Three and six actually fucked me. Number five held me. Numbers three and six also beat Michael."

"Michael, do you see any of the men who hit you?" Brenda queried.

"Number three hit me." Michael replied. "I was unconscious after that."

"Number three, five, and six step forward." Officer Bruniski ordered. "Are you sure it was these three?"

"Oh hell yes." Drew said.

"Okay, take them away." the burly officer said. "Next group."

Six more came in and they stood under the numbers. Again the questions were posed to the boys.

"Numbers two and five." Drew said. "They held me."

"I don't recognize anyone." Michael said.

"Well I guess my client will not be charged with rape." one of the female attorneys said.

"Wrong." Brenda said. "They aided in the rape with possible intent to actually rape the boy. In this state, we do have the hand of one is the hand of all law. They will all be charged with aggravated assault and rape."

"Other than eyewitness testimony, you have no evidence." a male lawyer said.

"Oh, skin scrapings from under Drew's fingers." the detective said. "Also blood and fecal matter off the two who raped the boy. He offered a blood sample and a DNA test is being done. Also you clients will be supplying blood samples for DNA testing."

The lawyers departed to speak with their clients. The two cops looked at the boys with admiration. Little did they know what anger seethed in Drew's being. The small boy wanted revenge. Detective Bartson suggested they get a lawyer to sue the five men's families. They found out they all came from well-to-do families and they should be made to pay. Another knock at the door and a large distinguished man came in.

"Mr. Green, Drew, Michael." he said. "I am Thomas Anderson from the district attorney's office. Shall we talk?"

They went back to the briefing room and sat down. The lawyer opened his briefcase, took out a pad of paper and a pen, closed it, and placed it on the floor.

"First young man." he addressed Drew. "You are a remarkable person. I've had rape victims go all to pieces. I have a good feeling that these boys will go away for a long time."

Before anyone cold speak, a knock came at the door. An officer popped his head in after opening the door and told the DA that someone wanted to speak to him.

"Wait right here." he said.

He left and the five people sat in silence. A few minutes later Thomas Anderson came back in with a huge smile on his face. They looked at him with very quizzical looks.

"Well, there is good news and great news." he said to the group. "One of the boys confessed and is willing to make a deal. He will testify in exchange for a reduced sentence of three-to-five years."

"So what does that mean?" Barry asked.

"In exchange for his testimony, in which the others will surely receive minimum 10 year sentences, he will get a sentence of three-to-five years." the DA said.

Drew was ready to say no but a hand grabbed his. Michael looked at him and then to the adults.

"Please leave us alone for a few minutes." he said.

The four adults left the room and closed the door. Michael turned his chair and turned to Drew to face him.

"Baby." he said. "Let this guy take the deal, just as long as he isn't one who raped you. Please, I'm begging you."

Drew was not ready to agree, so he sat and wondered if this would be right. After several moments, he looked at Michael and nodded. The taller teen hugged his love.

"Okay, come back in." he called.

"First, is this guy one who raped me?" Drew asked.

"No." Mr. Anderson replied. "He only held you. He's only 17 and very scared."

"We agreed with two stipulations." Drew said. "No protective custody while he's in prison. And I want to be there for his parole hearings."

"Done." Thomas said. "We'll call when the trial is scheduled."


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