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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter:

Everyone in the room saw the anger on the boy's face. Michael pulled Drew to him and held the teen. Drew shook with anger and could not help but cry in Michael's arms.

"Do you know what it's like?" he said. "No control. No help. Just someone using you as trash. No fucking way will I forget. And no fucking way will I let them off just because Michael and I are in love."

The four people in the room were amazed at the anger coming from the teen. The two officers have seen rape victims turn their emotions inward and shut themselves off, but this was a fighter and - win or lose - they would want to see the case through.

"Drew, you're going through what people call post-traumatic syndrome." she said. "It's when someone suffers a very severe event in their life. I know. I couldn't stand anyone to touch me for a long time."

"But why Michael?" Drew asked. "Why is he the one I yelled at?"

"Because he was there." she responded. "He was the one to triggered the event of last week."


Thomas Anderson rose to leave, but shook hands with the boys and Barry Green. He left and the others had slight smiles on their faces. The three stood to leave and Brenda went to Drew and Michael.

"Drew, you are an amazing boy." she said. "Michael, keep each other safe."

She kissed the boys on their cheeks and the trio left the room. Mrs. Green, Mrs. Morgan, and Penny were in the parking lot. They piled in again and headed towards Atlanta. Michael had Drew lay on the seat, with his head on Michael's lap. The taller boy caressed the sweet face of the boy and stroked his hair. Drew closed his eyes and felt happy. He nodded and dreamt about the monsters again. He thrashed around and sprung up.

"HELP! HELP ME!!" he cried out.

This startled Mrs. Green, who was driving. She swerved on the interstate, but regained control quickly. Michael held Drew, who calmed down when he came to the realization of where he was.

"I'm sorry." he said.

"Drew, baby." his mother said. "Don't worry. Just remember we're here to help."

He smiled weakly and reclined again. He was able to fall asleep in Michael's lap. Barry explained the situation to his wife and Doris. He also mentioned about the possible lawsuit, which Doris readily agreed. They drove quietly as they tried to figure out how to help the boys. They arrived back in Atlanta and the boys went to Drew's room. As the smaller teen helped his lover with his clothes, he finally saw the damage the five men inflicted to the one person Drew loved the most. Michael's chest area was wrapped with bandages and some bruises showed at the bottom of the wrapping. Drew held the taller teen and cried.

"What's the matter baby?" Michael asked.

"I'm so sorry." Drew answered. "I couldn't help you."

"Shhhh." Michael said. "I'm the one who's sorry. I couldn't stop those bastards from taking you. It's all my fault. If I hadn't taken you to that beach. God, I'm sorry."

They reposed on the bed and cried themselves to sleep. Meanwhile the Greens and Doris Morgan were in the living room talking. Penny was sitting by herself with her dolls. She turned to the adults with a very sad look.

"Mommy. Daddy." she said. "Why is everyone so sad? Is it because Mikey and Drew are sad?"

Barry patted his knee and Penny ran to him. He lifted his little girl on his lap and held her tight to him.

"Penny, I'm going to tell you something." he said. "And you must never say anything to anyone, especially Michael and Drew. Okay?"

She nodded and wondered what they big secret was.

"Well, last week something terrible happened." Barry began. "Five men attacked Mikey and Drew. They beat your brother really bad and they did something to Drew that hurt him. That's why he has nightmares. You understand?"

"Yes Daddy." she said. "Are the men going to jail?"

"Yes sweetie." he replied. "For a long time. But you need to let Mikey and Drew time alone."

"Okay Daddy." Penny said. "But what is rape?"

All three adults looked at her in shock. They were trying to figure how she knew about rape or where she heard the word.

"Where did you hear that?" Doris asked.

"At the hospital." the little girl replied. "Two of the nurses were talking about the boy who was raped. They said he was so cute, like a doll. All I could think of was Drew."

"Penny, remember when we talked about the differences between boys and girls?" Linda said.

"Boys have penises and girls have vaginas." she said.

"That's right." Mrs. Green said. "Some men are mean and they make women have sex against their will. And some men do it to boys. That is what happened to Drew. He has bad dreams because of what happened."

Penny was crying, but she did not know why. Barry comforted his daughter, while Linda and Doris went to make tea. Barry suggested to Doris they call the therapist immediately for Drew and Michael. She called Bryce Cummings, who said he would be there in a couple of hours.

The boys slept a couple of hours and when Drew woke, he was lying on top of Michael's chest. He felt contented, but with a raging hard on. He also felt Michael's rod hard in his briefs. Drew kissed his boyfriend tenderly on the lips. He slowly kissed down Michael's chest only to stop on his nips. The diminutive boy licked and bit the reclined boy's mammary glands and made them hard. Michael looked at his sweet love and smiled. He pulled Drew back up and kissed him with abandoned. Their tongues danced as if nothing happened. Michael licked down the smaller teen's body and tasted the sweetness of his body. He worked down the stomach to Drew's groin. He lowered the white garment and Drew's 7" slapped against his abdomen. He pulled the hot cock to his mouth and slowly took it in while he tasted the clear liquid that ran from the tip.

"Oh God!" Drew exclaimed as he felt the hot mouth on his cock.

Drew stood and his cock was parallel with Michael's mouth. The smaller teen put his hands on the headboard and slowly mouth-fucked the person in front of him. He did not realize what happened next. His thrusts became brutal to Michael's being. The taller teen tried to get from under, but the deceptively strong Drew grabbed his head and forced his cock in and out of his mouth.

"Take this bitch!" he yelled. "Take this hard dick."

Michael barely saw into his lover's eyes, but he saw a glazed look on Drew's face. The small teen seemed to be in a trance. The physical and verbal abuse continued until a sound came from the door.

"Drew!" the three adults said in unison from the door.

The small boy stopped and blinked his eyes. He looked at the frightened face of Michael and then collapsed to the side of the bed. His body curled up in the fetal position and he began to cry. Michael surrounded his body and caressed his head and chest.

"Shhhh." he said to Drew. "It's okay my love. Shhhh. I'm here."

The three adults looked at the two boys on the bed and Barry went to the bed, while the women went to the living room. Barry stroked his son's arm and Michael turned his head.

"What happened?" Barry asked.

"It was like he went into a trance." Michael replied. "It started alright, but then he went crazy. Dad, Drew needs real help."

"You both will." Barry said. "The therapist will be here soon. Are you alright?"

"Yeah, yeah." he said. "I was scared, but I'm more worried about Drew. Why would they do this?"

"Mikey, I just don't know." his father replied. "But I think you should refrain from making love for a while."

"Okay Dad." Michael said. "I guess my hand will get a work out."

"Smart ass." Barry said. "How are you doing Drew?"

The smaller boy looked at the man through tear-filled eyes. He tried to pull from Michael's grip, but was held tight. Barry took Drew from his son and the boy clung to his body.

"I'm so sorry." Drew cried. "Why did I do that? I love Michael. I'm sorry."

Barry soothed the boy as he stroked his back. He rocked back and forth and quietly sang to him. Drew seemed to calm down and just looked at Michael. Michael came over and they held each other.

"Dad, I didn't know you could sing." Michael said.

"Sure." Barry replied. "How do you think we got you to sleep when you were little."

A knock came at the door and a thin man, about 35, entered the room. He was handsome and had a nice smile. He was about 5'9" and he had sandy blonde hair and green eyes. As he entered, Barry looked at him and Drew clung more tight to Barry's body.

"Hi, I'm Bryce Cummings." he said. "I'm Linda Morgan's brother. Ya' know, the therapist."


NOTE: This chapter is giving us a new character who will help the boys to overcome their demons. I know what I with Drew in this chapter seems to be harsh, but this does show how a tragic event affects us in our lives. I know many will think what I did was upsetting, but I want to hear them because I want to hear from you. Believe me, I want the boys to get over this, but to do this, they have to get through their nightmare. Please email me at Please put the story in the subject line so I know which story you are emailing me about. Please place your name and where you are from so that I can add your name on the readers' list. On Thursday, I will be heading to Georgia for a nice 9 day vacation. I also plan to work a little on the stories when I get a chance.

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