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18 Nov 2012

About this story

This is my first story. It's a completed two-part short story, but actually serves as a prologue to a longer story I'm working on. I hope to hear from you about how you feel about this, and decide whether I should continue the protagonist's story.

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Growing Intimacy

Part 1


I was twelve years of age when my first sexual experience took place. Looking back, I'm not sure how it all happened; I find it extremely difficult to recall the blurry events that led to that incident. It's as if our time before the incident was intentionally distorted by the abnormal mind so that the one experience stands out in a pile of unorganized memories.

We were both in the seventh grade, and curiosity was in the air; curiosity is always in the air for seventh graders. Joel wasn't one of the popular kids, but there was no way you could categorize him into the too silent, geek types. I mean he had friends and all, but from my observation he didn't seem to be particularly close with anyone, and he spent most of his spare time hanging out with the football gang, and mostly me.

That might make me sound like some like of a pervert, but I certainly wasn't aware of such a concept at that time; I was merely twelve, and I really hadn't the logic to take into account the right and wrong or associate things to all those moral stuff. There was a unique kind of happiness to be had whenever I fixated my eyes on him, so often I watched in silence and loved what I did.

He was a blond, 5 foot tall, had beautiful and distinctive green eyes that always glistened as if he was weeping. But the truth is I never saw him cry. Not one time. I, on the other hand, was what people call a crybaby and often cried for the smallest of things. According to my parents, I cried after losing my bike when I was little, and I cried after accidentally cutting my finger with a kitchen knife, and I cried when I thought I didn't get a birthday cake. I basically cried for everything. My shyness was apparent among my peers. Anyhow, my physical self was also 5 foot tall, and I had black hair with the typical sort of blue eyes. Whether I was cute or not, I guess I won't judge, though girls usually say I'm among the good-looking ones.

I don't know how it all began, but when Joel and I played football we always ended up running into each other. At first I thought it was a common thing during games, but as this happened more and more frequently a part of me felt there was something else going on. As I observed the way Joel made his moves in our little six-people game in a regular-sized football pitch mostly desolate in the neighborhood, it wasn't hard to notice the sporadic and weird maneuvers he carried out during the games. It also struck me as interesting how he tried to wrestle me and tickle me until I laughed sometimes after knocking me down. Naturally I began to suspect that it was all deliberate, although I never really thought more than that. One thing's sure: I never thought about why he was doing it.

My earliest memory of the beginning of our sexual closeness happened on a cool April afternoon. After a football game we went to my house and together we rushed into my room and started to play computer games. Of course, there is no way I can remember what the game was, partly because my often-absent mind doesn't remember minute details too well, and partly because there was something more important going on than the game itself. The game was totally minor.

I remembered I was pressing on the WSAD keys as fast as I could and tried hard to dodge bullets or something. The next moment everything in the room seemed to come to a still as I felt something land on my right ankle. When it connected, my penis had a weird feeling. It took another second or two for me to confirm that it wasn't an accidental brush, for the source of my feelings stayed on. I thought I blushed a little then, but I didn't move in any way. Along with the things around me and my body, my mind froze and it was incredibly hard to concentrate on the game I was playing.

A few seconds later, that something moved up to my hip and I could feel fingers drawing smooth little circles slowly. Needless to say I didn't know what was going on. I mean I knew what was happening but I didn't know why it was happening. All I knew was that it felt so good and I whispered inside my head, "Please continue¡Kplease continue¡K" Somehow I got the feeling that it was what I'd wanted all along. You know, from all that "observations" and occasional peeks in the boys' changing room when he wasn't looking. But boy was I scared. When I finally picked up the courage to look Joel in the eyes, I noticed that he was avoiding my attempted contact by shifting his sight slightly to the right. There was no mischievous grin like I expected. It seemed that he was new at this, too. That made it even more exciting, as together we could try something new, something that might feel better than anything we knew of. Something told me that this was beyond our age, but that wasn't a reason enough for me to care.

I knew nothing about sex then, and judging from Joel's look I doubt he knew anything about this at all. Though he didn't have the slightest idea about what he was doing, it was something that felt special, and just¡Kgood. So we just went on. I thanked God that Joel picked me to do this with. This new feeling was incredible

It took ten minutes or so for him to finally rest his hand on my tented loose shorts, on the crotch under which my wiener stood silently. When he reached his hand under the waistband I was much aroused and moaned without making too loud of a sound. A few seconds later my organ already sprang to its full form ¡V a three-inch erection that I thought would last perpetually. When his hand firmly grabbed the most private part of my body, when our skin touched so intimately for the very first time, all I could think of was the fact that it was a feeling so refreshing and so exhilarating, both physically and mentally. As his hand kept jumping from a part to another in disorderliness; I was in heaven. I didn't know why but I started panting and he continued to fondle my foreskin at a constantly increasing speed. The restrain of my underpants and shorts made it kind of uncomfortable. However, it added to the excitement; it was a great feeling when the head of my boner crashed against the cloth. The pressure held a promise of the heavenly feeling when my monster was let out of its cage.

I died. I mean my character in the game died. But I didn't care. My right hand left the mouse and rested on Joel's crotch. Immediately I saw the gleam of content in his glistening eyes. I was sure he wasn't crying or anything, but his watery eyes just made him look so¡Kso cute. The fact that I was sharing my most private part with this handsome boy in front of me was breathtaking to me, and I guess it was to him, too. I was glad, and I decided to totally screw the computer game and have some fun with him.

He gave me a slight and expectant nod, so I started doing for him what he'd been doing for me. I wasn't surprised to find that he was as hard as a stone when I reached my hand underneath the cotton of his shorts. Oh my God. He wasn't even wearing any underpants in that hot setting, and it made things crazier than they already were. Maybe he planned this all along, but so what? If anything, I wished he'd planned it sooner. Never in my life had I imagined two males touching each other could result in such madly engaging ecstasy.

The day ended with my underpants, and his shorts, having all these wet spots all over them. Indeed we thought they were pee stains. We had no idea what pre-cum was. But apparently enough, the excitement experienced by our bodies was so amazing that whether it was pee didn't at all matter. We didn't dry-cum, not within the confines of our shorts, not to mention our techniques were rather amateur. But that was good enough for the first time. When Joel left, our eyes met and my soft wiener had another twitch in response. In that brief moment, I saw in his eyes a message scintillating in the wateriness ¡V there is bound to be more.

We kept on doing this for weeks. Almost every day he went to my house after school. We even decided to sometimes skip the football time and made up some really lame excuses to tell our friends. We touched each other, first on the hip and then slowly into the real treasure. I was overwhelmed by how good it felt and sometimes I actually counted how many shivers were sent through my entire body.

In my head I kept praying that this experimenting could move on to the next stage. I hoped it could go further into something more, but obviously I didn't have the knowledge about what was "further", or if there was any "further." Then one day Joel spoke the unthinkable.

"Dave, do you want to put it in my butt?" Joel asked as his hand was caressing my dick. "I think it'll feel great."

My concentration in the computer game was taken away in that split second. I was genuinely shocked by his suggestion. To be honest, at first I felt a little disgusted.

"Come on," he encouraged. "I'll just lie here and you try to put it in while it's hard." My hesitation was easily noticeable, but he pressed, "Don't worry. It'll fit. And it'll feel good. I promise." I wasn't worried about if it'd fit or not. I wished he could've known that. I wasn't sure if it was the best idea, but in the end his persuasion worked its magic through my initial reluctance and I got off the chair and headed for my room. He followed.

As he lay down, I had another moment of hesitation, but then decided I wouldn't go back on my promise. So I started doing it. Rubbing my rock-hard erection against his smooth butt cheeks was giving me a new kind of great feeling. His skin was so soft it was kind of slippery. As I kept rubbing I had an odd feeling that shot through my body; there were tingles forming everywhere. The feeling was most intense on my groin, and I panted harder as this weird sensation intensified on my thighs. "Stick it in," hurried Joel. I almost forgot what I was supposed to do; the newly found sensation had captured me. Adjusting its position, I entered my hardness into another boy's body. The instant warmth was incredible as I penetrated my friend. The friction from my movements was adding to the great feelings that I was experiencing. There was a stickiness that linked my organ to Joel's hidden skin, and to increase the speed of my constant in-and-out thrusting, the beautiful boy put both of his hands on my ass, squeezed the cheeks and drew me closer to him at the right moments, forming a rhythm as we were gradually getting used to how it felt.

Upon his touch I felt I was even closer to him. I wasn't only lying on a boy and inhaling his sweet and engrossing scent; I was inside a boy. We were now one, and that feeling was not below the physical excitement that I was receiving now. But soon I felt that tingling feeling returning, this time even more compelling. It grew increasingly powerful as I rocked my hips against his and inserted my boy wood even further into his butthole. It was a feeling that transcended everything, and I was lost in its influence as I was tempted to thrust faster and harder. With every move, I knew something interminable was imminent. Such a sensation was new to me, but among the stickiness I remembered: It was like when I was about to pee and I couldn't hold it any longer. But no. I could tell this was different. This was something more; this was more intense. And it was a feeling that my whole body was going through, not merely the part that I use to urinate.

Then I was suddenly scared. The most terrible kind of nervousness formed. How would Joel react if I peed into his ass? But it was too late. All the tingles, all the trembling and intensity, they rose to their maximum for the final release; all those surrounding feelings returned rapidly into its host. Then it felt as if my dick exploded inside the cute boy beneath me. My panting began to stabilize and I cannot begin to tell how glad and relieved I was. First, that was the best feeling I'd ever experienced in my entire life. And I didn't pee inside my friend. But somehow that stickiness between our body parts seemed to have diluted as it had transformed to a somewhat smoother texture.

As my dick grew soft and I took it out, Joel smiled, "Told you it would feel good. Nice, isn't it?" I nodded; he acknowledged it with another smile. I was way too excited to utter any other words.

That was my first dry orgasm. Of course at that time I still had no idea what an orgasm was. All I knew was that it was the greatest feeling in life. I still think it is.

End of Part 1