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We’ve been here nearly four days and things could hardly have gone better. Canoeing is a gas! I’ve never done it before and I love it! I’ve done some filming as well, and going with Ben is just the icing on the cake; he’s ready for sex any time I want it. I’ve bummed him six times already and shot my spunk into him every time. I’ve not even thought about doing anything with Sam, or anyone else for that matter, but I guess I’ll get round to that. When this is all over I’m not going to want to go home.

We’re on our way back from one of our little hideouts. I think it’s safer, having more than one place we can go. We stroll across the playing field towards the main building.

What’s through there?” Ben asks, pointing towards the entrance to the quadrangle.

“Nothing much,” I say casually. “Come on, I’ll show you.”

We make our way through a short passageway and out onto the large rectangular lawn. In the corner away to our right is the unmistakeable figure of Roderick with what appear to be three younger boys. I don’t like the look of this. That kid is trouble; I know he is. He might have stayed out of our way, but he’s still trouble.

“Come on,” I whisper.

We skirt round behind them, making sure that they don’t see us. Roderick’s got one of the younger boys trapped in the corner.

What’s the matter, you little queer?” he snarls. “Frightened are you? You fuckin’ will be!”

He clenches his fist and feints as if he’s going to hit him. The kid looks scared shitless.

“Let him go!” one of the other kids shouts.

“Make me!” Roderick sneers.

“Please let him go!” the kid pleads.

“If you want me to let him go, you know what you’ve got to do,” the fat boy continues. “Give me some money and I’ll leave him alone.”

“But we gave you some money yesterday!” the boy protests.

“Yeah, well that was yesterday,” Roderick tells him. “I’ve spent that. You kids have got plenty of money; give me a pound each and he’s all yours.”

I’ve heard enough.

“I’d let him go right now if I were you,” I say firmly.

He looks round at me.

“Fuck off!!” he snarls, immediately turning back to the kid in the corner. “I’m going to get you for this!” he growls at him.

That was not a wise move. I move in behind him and bring my knee up into the back of his thigh. As he stumbles I grab him by the hair, dragging him backwards; the kid who was trapped in the corner scuttles away to join his friends.

Fuck you!” Roderick shouts.

Once we’re out in the open, I let him go, dodging smartly out of his way.

I’m going to kill you!!” he screams.

Well, that’s what he thinks. He lumbers towards me, swinging his fists. I’m going to have to be careful here. He may be slow and clumsy but he’s a lot bigger than me; if I let him catch me I’m going to get hurt. I dodge a couple of wild swings; before he can wind up for another one I kick him directly under the left kneecap. He howls in pain. I step quickly to one side. Before he realises where I’ve gone I duck down low and hit him with a textbook Rugby tackle, head in front, arms clasped round his thighs. He goes down like a sack of potatoes with me on top of him. As he lands, I force my fingers up inside his shorts. I grab his balls; his eyes almost pop out.

“If you try that again,” I say calmly, “you’re going to be going home without these.”

I give them a tweak, not too hard, but enough. He screams and bursts into tears.

I get to my feet.

“Cretin!” I growl at him.

The three younger kids are standing there with their eyes wide and their mouths open like they don’t believe what I just did.

“Come on,” I say, “let’s get out of here.”

We head out of the quadrangle, leaving Roderick lying on the ground still sobbing and clutching his swollen balls.

“Will he be all right?” one of the younger boys asks.

“Yeah, unfortunately,” I tell him.

I glance across. The kid who was getting bullied is stunningly cute, even cuter than Dominic if that’s possible.

“So what’s your name?” I ask.

Eliot,” he says. He indicates his two friends. “This is Michael and that’s André.”

Hi,” I say. “I’m Toby; that’s Ben. So did that moron make you give him money to leave you alone?”

Yeah, yesterday,” André tells me. “We gave him a pound each, all three of us, and he promised to leave us alone, but just now he caught us again. He’s horrible. Thanks for doing that for us; I hope you’re not going to get in any trouble.”

“Yeah, well let me worry about that,” I say casually. “So why didn’t you tell Steve what he was doing?”

“He said he’d kill us if we told anyone,” André says, looking a bit shamefaced.

“Bastard!” I snarl. “I wish I’d done a better job on him! Well, we’re going to Steve’s office right now and Ben’s going to tell him what just happened, so I hope you kids are going to back us up.”

We will, we promise,” Eliot says. “We’re not really scared of him now; he looked so useless lying there like that.”

I can understand why Eliot gets picked on; there’s something a bit ‘girly’ about him. There are kids like that at Hartswood; I avoid them like the plague. But Eliot’s different; it’s not just him being so cute, though that certainly helps. I can’t say what it is, but there’s something about him.

We arrive at Steve’s office. Ben gives him a blow-by-blow account of everything we saw, everything we heard and the little up-and-downer that followed.

“Toby!” Steve says, sounding irritated. “I had to speak to you last year about being too aggressive.”

“So what was I supposed to do?” I retort. “Ignore what was going on and let him get away with it?”

“No,” Steve says, “You should have come and told me. I’d have dealt with it.”

No you wouldn’t,” I tell him. “For a start, I didn’t know who any of these kids were, and even if I had, when you asked them about it they’d have been too scared to tell you anything. Then I’d have looked like a liar and I’m not.”

Toby’s right,” Michael pipes up. “Roderick said he’d kill us if we told anyone.”

Even so, grabbing his balls!” Steve says, still carrying on like this was my fault.

“So what d’you expect me to do with a kid his size?” I respond.

He doesn’t seem to have an answer to that one.

Well leave it with me; I’ll go and find him,” he says, addressing himself to Eliot and his friends. “If he comes near any of you three again, you must tell me straight away and I’ll send him home.” He turns to me. “And if you see him having a go at any of the other younger kids, come and tell me; he’ll be sent home no questions asked, d’you understand? I don’t want you getting into any more fights.”

We wander out of the office. Steve’s an idiot. What the fuck was he having a go at me for? If Mr. Halford was running this place, he’s have caned the kid till he couldn’t sit down then booted him out. Yeah, I know Steve can’t cane us, but you get the idea.

Ben and I wander back to the dorm. My tee-shirt’s all sweaty. I pull it off and throw it into the washing. As I’m towelling myself down, the door opens. Sam bursts in.

Hey man!” he says excitedly. “What’s this about you having a fight with Roderick?”

He was bullying three younger kids,” I say casually, “trying to get money out of them. I told him to leave them alone. He wanted a fight about it so we had one.”

“Yeah, and he fucking lost!” he says, grinning at me. “Did you really grab his balls?”

“Yeah, but not hard enough, apparently.”

Man!” he says, giggling, “I wish I’d seen that! He’s an arsehole! Bullying little kids, that’s pathetic!”

“Yeah, well Steve went on at me like it was my fault,” I say, frowning.

Oh, he would,” he says, smiling. “Steve’s a trendy liberal, always looking for the good in people.”

That makes me think. Dad’s always going on about Uncle Andrew being a trendy liberal, but I’m sure he wouldn’t want to let kids get away with bullying and that. This political stuff is very confusing sometimes.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It’s a warm, sultry evening. I’m with Ben, in our favourite den out in the woods. It’s well away from the main path and surrounded by thick bushes; people going backwards and forwards to the pool wouldn’t have a clue we were here. Unlike when we go to the shed, when we come here we strip completely naked; we even take our socks off. Doing it in the nude seems much better, somehow. We’re lying on the grass, kissing, arms wrapped round each other, cocks rubbing together. Wow! If heaven existed it couldn’t feel better than this. Ben looks so ordinary, but when it comes to sex he’s unbelievable; it’s like he can’t get enough of it.

I run my finger down his crack, touching his bum-hole; he goes wild, his tongue wrestling with mine. After a minute or so I get us disentangled, snaking round so we’re facing in opposite directions. He takes my cock into his mouth, giving me a nice gentle blow-job. I return the favour, but his reaction’s not gentle at all, pumping his hips, fucking his hard little dick deep into my mouth. I push my hand between his legs, sticking my middle finger right up him; he pumps even harder. Suddenly his breathing’s all over the place. He mews and gasps round my cock, his bum gripping my finger so tight I couldn’t pull it out if I wanted to. His cock jerks sharply, twitching repeatedly against the roof of my mouth. Fucking hell! When I first saw him I sort of guessed he’d be into it but I never expected anything like that!

His orgasm ends as abruptly as it started. I carefully let him go. He’s gone as limp as a rag doll. I give him time to get his breath back.

“Oh, Tobee!!” he gasps, still breathing very hard. “Oh, man, that was fantastic!”

“You’re so sexy!” I whisper, kissing his cute little nose.

He picks up the KY and smears some over my dick.

“Now I want your cock!” he says, giving me a cheeky grin.

He gets onto all fours like I showed him a couple of days ago; knees apart, bum well back, shoulders almost on the ground. I move in behind him, my cock pressed tight against his bum-hole. I push forwards. He relaxes and lets me in. I gently pull him backwards till he’s got it all.

“Oh, man!” he moans. “That’s the best!”

After a second or two to steady myself I’m off and running, slamming into him for the second time today. He’s moaning quietly, pushing his bum back to meet my thrusts, his tight little tunnel stimulating my cock like nothing else. I’ve no idea how fucking a girl could possibly be better than this. A couple of minutes pass; I’m starting to get tired. Fuck! I can’t slow down now! I redouble my efforts, kept going by a mixture of adrenalin and testosterone, Ben’s little moans and gasps spurring me on. His moans get louder. I grab his hard little spike. In an instant he’s bucking all over the place, his dick coming to life between my fingers. One final effort and I’m there, my little drops of spunk spurting right into him. I collapse over his back, my lungs on fire. Fuck! I’m out of it! I can play a full game of Rugby and not get that tired!

After around half a minute my softening cock slips out of his bum. I lie down, still trying to get my breath back. Ben flops down next to me, his eyes sparkling.

“Was that good?” he asks.

Fantastic!” I breathe. “Unbelievable.”

Our lips meet in a passionate post-fuck kiss.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

We take our time getting dressed and stroll slowly back. Ben’s amazing; after the fight and Steve having a go at me, having sex with him was just what I needed. We wander into the recreation room and park ourselves down, watching a couple of the thirteen year olds playing table tennis. Sam hurries across and sits down next to us.

“I’ve been looking for you,” he says. “Steve wants to see you in his office.”

Fuck! I don’t need this! I’ve no idea what it’s about. It can’t be Roderick; I haven’t even seen him since the fight. Shit! I hope it’s not about me and Ben!

“Is it okay if I come along?” Sam asks.

“Yeah, if you want,” I tell him.

In a way it feels like going to see Mr. Halford. I know I won’t get caned, but if he’s found out what me and Ben are up to he might throw me out. Anyway, I’ll just have to get on with it. We stroll into the office.

“Sam says you wanted to see us,” I say.

Yeah,” Steve says. “Close the door, please.”

Hmmm! He doesn’t look angry and he’s not told Ben or Sam to leave, so I can’t be in that much trouble.

“There’s a rumour going round that Roderick’s saying he’s going to get you,” he continues, “something about you calling him a cretin.”

Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. If he’d got any sense he’d forget about it and just get on with his holiday, but that’s the sort of kid he is. Fuck! It looks like I’m going to have to walk round looking over my shoulder for the next week and a half.

“You’d better make sure you stay with the other boys,” he says. “Don’t be alone where he’ll be able to get to you.”

Well, that’s not going to work. It’d make it just about impossible for me to get together with Ben for one thing.

“You’re forgetting something,” I tell him. “He’s in the same dorm as us. I sleep like a log; if he really wants to get me he could get up in the middle of the night and bash me over the head. Then what’d you do?”

“I hadn’t thought about that,” he admits. “This is very difficult; I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

“So where is he now?” I ask.

“That’s another thing,” he says. “Nobody’s seen him since supper time. There are dark corners all over this place; he could be hiding somewhere waiting for you, that’s what I’m afraid of. It’s no use me going to find him; he’d just deny it, say the kids who told me were making it up. He’s on a final warning, but I can’t get rid of him unless he actually does something.”

Okay,” I say. “Here’s what we do. I walk back to the dorm. You follow with Sam and Ben, far enough back that he won’t see you, but close enough to deal with him if he does jump out on me. Then you throw him out.”

You’re not short of guts, I’ll say that for you,” Steve says, smiling. “Officially, there’s no way I can agree to this. Unofficially ……, well, I haven’t got any better ideas. Just one thing though: Sam will you go and find Matt? I think he’s in the television lounge.”

Now that is a good idea. Matt’s the canoeing instructor; he’s only twenty but he’s six feet tall and as strong as an ox. Roderick won’t stand a chance with him there! Sam and Matt return and we explain the plan.

If anything does happen,” Steve says, “the official line is that we were just patrolling the building, heard the commotion, and went to investigate.”

Cool,” Matt says, nodding. “You two follow a few yards behind me and Steve, and be as quiet as you can; not a word, okay?”

Sam and Ben nod their agreement.

Okay,” Steve says. “Let’s go.”

I leave the office. I can’t say I’m looking forward to this; I’m not that stupid. I know he’ll only have a few seconds, but Roderick’s a lot bigger than me; if he does jump me from behind, I could still get hurt. I stroll down the corridor, resisting the temptation to look over my shoulder; I’m going to have to trust Matt and Steve to get this right. There’s no sign of Roderick. I climb the stairs and turn towards the dorm. Suddenly he’s there, right behind me, his hands closing round my neck.

Gotcha, you little cunt!” he snarls. “Now who’s a cretin? I’m gonna fuckin’ kill ya!”

Shit! This is serious; the idiot’s trying to strangle me! I try to struggle free but it’s hopeless; he’s much too strong. I’ve just got to hang on till Matt and Steve get here. Feet are pounding up the stairs.

Let him go!” Matt barks.

He doesn’t.

“Fuck off!” Roderick screams.

Very slowly his hands are prised away from my throat. I stagger away, my neck burning. I turn to see what’s happening. Roderick’s kicking and struggling, trying to get away from Matt, but this time it’s him that’s not strong enough.

Stop struggling or you’ll get hurt,” Matt says calmly.

“Owwww!! Fuck off!!” Roderick repeats, still kicking and writhing like a lunatic. “I’m gonna get you, the whole fuckin’ lot of you!”

Matt kicks his feet from under him, dropping him face down on the floor, his left arm out in front, his right arm twisted up his back.

Now calm down and stop struggling,” Matt tells him.

Gradually he subsides.

Right, now are you going to behave yourself?” Matt asks.

Yes,” Roderick whimpers, gritting his teeth.

Matt lifts him onto his feet. The two of them march him back to the office and Steve calls the police.

“Are you okay?” Ben asks quietly.

“My neck’s a bit sore,” I tell him, croaking like a bullfrog. “It’s all right; I’ll live!”

Actually, it’s bloody sore but I don’t want to tell him that. The police arrive ten minutes later; they want to talk to everybody, even Eliot and his mates. One of them looks at my neck.

Hmmm!” he says, “You’re a lucky lad; if he’d carried on for much longer you could have been dead. Fortunate you intervened when you did,” he continues, talking to Steve, “or the fat kid would be on a murder charge. As it is it’ll be assault causing actual bodily harm, plus the extortion thing. Anyway, we’ll take him down the station; he can spend the night in the cells. Social services can collect him in the morning. They’ll have to put him in a secure unit where he can’t abscond. If you get his things together we’ll take them with us, save them having to come and collect them.”

Sam and Ben help Steve to pack Roderick’s things then they’re on their way. I can’t say that the evening went the way I planned it, but I don’t care; Roderick’s gone and good riddance to him. Now I can get on with my holiday.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I’m on my way to breakfast. Eliot’s heading towards me. He’s wearing a bright red short sleeved shirt and immaculate white tennis shorts that are extremely tight on him. He’s so sexy; it’s almost like he wants people to notice how cute he is. He smiles at me; I smile back.

“Hi,” he says, sounding a bit nervous. “I heard about last night. This is all my fault, isn’t it?”

No, of course not!” I tell him, “I hate kids like him; if I hadn’t got into a fight with him over that, it was bound to have been something else.”

“So you’re not angry with me then?” he says.

“No, it’s not your fault that he’s a dickhead. Anyway he’s gone now and he won’t be back. From what the coppers said he won’t be going anywhere for quite a while.”

“Oh,” he says. He pauses for a moment. “Toby, d’you like me?”

“Yeah, sure.” I tell him.

“I like you,” he says. He moves closer. “I’d love to suck your cock,” he whispers.

I’d pretty much figured he was gay, but it’s still a shock to hear him come out with it like that. I’m not often lost for words, but for a moment I don’t know what to say.

I shouldn’t have said that,” he says, looking sad. “You and Ben are together, aren’t you?”

Right, so he’s not stupid either.

“It’s cool,” I say, grinning at him. “I like Ben a lot; he’s a great kid, but we’re on holiday, right? If we want to have some fun, that’s okay, isn’t it? But we can’t do it now; leave it with me, I’ll tell you when, okay?”

“Yeah, cool!” he says, giving me another stunning smile.

He skips happily away; he’s got the cutest arse I’ve ever seen, like Dominic’s only smaller. After meeting him yesterday I’d thought about trying to get us together; having it handed to me on a plate is a real bonus. It’s not straightforward though; I don’t want to upset Ben. He’s not as cute as Eliot, but for sex he’s fantastic. What I want is to have both of them; I just need to work out how to do it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It’s ten to twelve; I’m lying on my bed, reading. The canoeing lessons finish earlier than most of the other activities; I guess it’s because it’s such hard work. Anyway, I like having a bit of time when I can relax on my own. I’ll be meeting Ben in a few minutes then we’ll head off to the woods before lunch. The door opens; it’s Sam. He comes across and sits on my bed.

“Are you okay?” he asks. “Your neck still looks pretty bad.”

“It’ll be fine,” I tell him. “I just hope the marks disappear before I go home; I don’t want mum asking questions.”

“Too right!” he says, grinning. He lowers his voice. “Toby, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, what?”

“You and Ben, are you, you know?”

“Yeah, why?”

Lucky sod!” he says, “Ben’s really nice. I wish I could find a boy like him to go with. So are you bumming him?”


Cool!” he breathes. “I knew somebody was. I saw him last night in the showers before we went to bed; I thought it must be you.”

“So are you into that, then?” I ask.

Yeah!” he breathes. “I love it. There’s this boys at school that I go with. I’m not exactly a star, so it’s not one of the real cute ones, but he’s okay, lovely little arse. Anyway, he loves it up the bum.”

“Cool,” I say. “Have you ever been bummed?”

No. I’ve never been what you’d call cute so I wasn’t what the older boys went for. What about you?”

I’ve been getting bummed by one of the older boys for just over a year,” I say casually. “He’s just left. And I’ve been bumming one of the boys in my year. We’re not really supposed to do that, but as long as nobody finds out, it doesn’t matter.”

“So you like it both ways then?”


“Wow, that’s way out, man! So where do you go, you know, you and Ben?”

Out in the woods,” I tell him. “There are a few places that we use. Half past five, meet me by the track that goes through to the swimming pool and I’ll show you.”

“Yeah, great,” he says.

Anyway, I’ve gotta go,” I say, checking my watch. “I’ve got to be somewhere.”

I get off the bed.

“Have fun, you lucky sod!” he says, giving me a knowing grin.

I make my way out into the grounds and head towards our meeting place. This might work out very well; it just depends what Ben thinks. If he fancies getting together with Sam, he can’t complain if I’m doing stuff with Eliot. And this afternoon, well, you know what’s going to happen then. I’ve not been bummed for nearly three weeks; I’m sure Sam will be more than happy to put that right for me.

Ben’s already there. As soon as he sees me he sets off along the track. I check to make sure nobody’s watching and follow after him. As soon as we’re well out of sight Ben waits and lets me catch him up.

“You okay?” he asks, smiling.

“Yeah, much better for seeing you,” I say, smiling back.

We turn off the track and head towards the den. After everything that’s happened in the past twenty four hours I need this more than ever.

“You and Sam seemed to be getting on pretty well last night,” I say casually.

Yeah, Sam’s cool,” he replies. “I like him, but not as much as you, of course.”

“You’ve seen him checking us out in the showers?” I ask.

“Yeah! I’ve been checking him out too; his cock’s huge!”

“Well, he certainly likes you!” I say, grinning at him. “We were chatting just now. Last night, when we were having a shower, you must have showed him your bum; he knows what we’re up to.”

“Ooops!” he says, giggling. “I didn’t realise I’d done that! So don’t you mind him fancying me?”

No, why should I?” I say casually. “This isn’t school; we’re on holiday. We’re here for a couple of weeks. After that we’ll probably never see each other again, so let’s make the most of it. If you want to go with someone, do it. Just make sure nobody finds out.”

“Cool!” he says. “I like Sam; as long as you don’t mind. D’you think he’d want to bum me?”

“Well, he says he’s been bumming one of the younger boys at the school he goes to, so I guess he would.”

“Wow!” he says. “I’ve only ever been with you and David, that’s my friend at school. David’s twelve but his cock’s not much bigger than yours.” He pauses for a second. “I’d love to try it though! I bet he cums loads!”

Yeah,” I say as we settle ourselves into the den. “I’ll give you some cotton wool to put in your underpants after he’s done you so you don’t make a mess.”

“Thanks!” he says, his eyes sparkling.

“So what would you think if I was doing it with someone else?”

It’s up to you, isn’t it?” he says, grinning. “Is it Eliot? I know he likes you. I saw him talking to you before breakfast. The way he was dressed he was just about begging for it.”

“Yeah; he whispered to me right there on the corridor that he wanted to suck me off; I couldn’t believe it.”

“Dirty little sod!” he says, giggling. “With those shorts he had on he wants it up the bum, more like! Yeah, do it, man! I hope you’ll still want to go with me though.”

“Of course I will!” I say, pulling him close. “I like you as a mate; nothing’s going to change that, and you’re the sexiest kid I’ve ever met. I don’t care how cute Eliot is, he won’t beat you on that score.”

“So when are we going to do it, then?” he asks.

“After supper?”

“Cool! Is it okay if me and Sam come here?”

“Yeah, I’ll take Eliot to the shed.”

I pull him towards me, our mouths meeting in a wild, passionate kiss. In less than a minute we’ve stripped each other naked. We twist round into a sixty nine, Ben fucking my mouth like there was no tomorrow, my middle finger stuck right up his bum. In less than two minutes he’s bucking and writhing, his cock jerking between my lips. If sex with Eliot is even half as good as this it’ll be pretty special. I let him go. He smears KY over my cock and makes to get onto all fours.

“Not like that,” I tell him, “I want to try something else. Lie on your back.”

He does as I said. I lift his legs. I don’t know if he’s been bummed like this before, but he gets the idea right away, pulling them right back so his knees are by his shoulders, his bum-hole completely exposed. I crawl into position. He reaches down, pulling his bum-cheeks apart, his hole opening right up. I line up my cock and push it in. I smile down at him. His face says it all; he loves it! I set to work, watching the expression on his face as I pound into his tight little bum, the experience clearly as intense for him as it is for me. He’s so into it, it’s like he’s on another planet.

“Oh, Toby!” he gasps. “Oh, that’s great! Ooooh! Do it Toby! Bum me hard! Please!”

I redouble my efforts, the look of ecstasy on his face one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I grab his stiff little dick. In less than ten seconds he’s there, legs flailing, bum tightening, cock swelling and pulsing between my fingers. Wow! I’m getting close; a couple more thrusts, maybe three. Balls churning, muscles tightening, I’m so light headed I hardly know where I am. Yes! Yes! I plunge right into him, spunk surging through my cock and spurting out deep inside him. I push myself down between his legs. Ben wraps his arms round my back, pulling me into another mad, unbelievable kiss. This has been a great day already, and it’s only just started.