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I’m on my way back to school. Well, the holiday didn’t turn out anything like I’d thought it would. Still, it was okay, I guess. I had sex with Luke pretty much every day, Monday to Friday. I messed about with Jason a couple more times as well, but only when he suggested it. We didn’t go very far. I sucked him off, he gave me a wank; that was it. He liked seeing me squirt `cause he can’t do that yet; the first time we did it his eyes were as big as saucers! But after what happened, I wasn’t going to push it. I’d love to have bummed him, but he’s still pretty confused; I wasn’t going to risk trying it unless he asked me to. Well, he didn’t so that was that.

Piers was away for the entire holiday, so I never saw him. Strange, but I was quite pleased about that; I wasn’t really up for the sort of wild sex we have when he’s there. I didn’t get together with Richard either. He never asked me to go round to his house, so I didn’t. I think he’s been badly shaken up by the whole thing. Well, I guess the coppers did get pretty close to finding out what he’d been up to. If Sean wasn’t so tough, they probably would have done.

The one thing that’s gnawing away at me is not knowing where Sean is and how he’s getting on. That’s really bugging me. I know it’s stupid because there wouldn’t be much I could do, even if he was having a bad time, but I just want him to know that he’s still my best mate ever and if there’s anything I can do to help him, I’ll do it.

We pull into East Croydon Station; we’ve not far to go now. I’ll be back at school in under an hour. It’s going to be a busy term. I’ll be in the cricket team as the all-rounder; that’ll mean matches every Saturday and most Wednesdays, unless it’s raining of course, and practice in between. I still want to film some of the athletics training too, especially the hurdles and the high jump. I’m a lot more confident about it this year. Last year I just found a filming position that worked and that was it. This year I’ve got some new stuff I want to try, you know, different positions to film from, and anyway, I know Will likes me being there.

Then I’ve got ‘the project’ to finish. I’ve got it all planned; if everything works out, we’ll film the first couple of scenes this week and the rest of it next week. Then we’ll have to wait and see what happens. I just hope nothing goes wrong, ‘cause we could be in the shit if it does. I’m not that worried about me, but I’d hate myself if I got Rob and Peter into trouble. Still, I’ve thought of everything, or tried to; I can’t do any more.

Finally, we’ll have exams just before the end of term, the last ones we’ll have before we sit Common Entrance. From the results, they’ll decide which of us they’ll put forward for the Public School Scholarship exams; usually they only enter three or four boys a year. I guess you might be surprised that I even want to do that, but I do. It’s like this. I say what I think and I like to be able to do the things I want to do, and to do them the way I want to do them. Now something I’ve worked out is that to get away with that you need to be very, very good, so if I’m going to be able to do what I want to do, I won’t just have to be as good as everyone else, I’ll have to be better. Getting a scholarship to one of the top public schools is just a start, and anyway, it’ll be one in the eye for my arsehole of an old man. With all that going on, how I’m going to find the time to be seeing Ian and Alex, I really don’t know. I guess I’ll manage it somehow.

For the rest of the journey I amuse myself by counting all the boys I know that have a younger ‘friend’. I make it ten, all members of the rugby team. Seven from upper fourth, Jeremy, Giles, Max, Julian, Brian, Ashton and Jonathan; the other three are from Lower Fourth. There’s me and Rob, of course; the other one’s Paz. He hooked up quite early on with a third year boy called Simon Whitney, the fourth member of the Eagle Dorm ‘sex club’, as Giles described it, the other three being Lee Sheldon, Patrick Naylor and Deon Hayes. Simon’s very cute; not quite as stunning as Patrick or Darren Proctor, but still very cute. It seems he was a bit quicker off the mark than the others; last year he was going with Tim Westlake, one of Russell’s mates. Tim’s left now, of course, so this year Simon had a bit of a problem; none of this year’s Upper Fourth wanted him because he’d been with someone before. Well, being new, Paz wouldn’t have known, and probably wouldn’t have cared anyway. He was in a new school and within the first few weeks he’d found himself a cute boy to fuck. What more could he ask for?

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

We’re sitting around in the dorm, me, Rob, Will and Justin, just talking about this and that.

“We’re going to Egypt in the summer,” I tell them, “looking at the Pyramids and all that stuff. It’s not bad if you know what you’re looking at, but I haven’t got a clue. My older sister doesn’t have to go; she’s going to stay with one of her friends. I asked mum if I could do that, but she was a bit funny about it. I don’t know why I bothered anyway; I haven’t got anyone to stay with.”

“When are you going?” Rob asks.

“As soon as we break up for the holidays.”

You could come and stay with us,” he says quietly. “We’re not going away till the middle of August. I’ve got twin beds in my room, so the sleeping arrangements are no problem. I’ll have to ask, but it should be okay.”

“Thanks, man!” I say, giving him a big grin. “You’re a life-saver!”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I meet Rob and Peter outside the art room, as arranged. I lead the way to the trunk store and let us in. I’ve already got everything set up; now we’ve got to do it. I’m more nervous about this then I’ve ever been about anything; I can see Rob’s looking pretty apprehensive too. Peter, on the other hand, is revelling in it; he can’t wait to get started.

I’ve split the first scene into two parts. For the first part I’ve got the camera facing the bed. They sit snuggled up together, stroking and fondling, then start to undress each other.

“Action!” I call.

They do it beautifully, carefully removing each other’s sweater and shirt. It’s so exciting to watch it’s as much as I can do to hold the camera still. Rob’s not really into kissing, but I’ve persuaded him to do it ‘for the camera’. Well, you’d never know it’s not really his thing! I zoom in on them as their tongues dance together. That is hot! After a few seconds I pull back again. They stand up and face each other. Rob reaches forward, opens the clip and the top of Peter’s shorts and pulls down the zip. Peter wiggles sexily, allowing them to fall to the floor, the hard bulge in his briefs clearly visible. He then opens Rob’s shorts, putting his hands inside and running them over Rob’s hips, pushing the shorts down his older friend’s thighs. Man! This is even better than I thought it’d be!

He kneels on the floor, reaches up and skins Rob’s underpants down his legs, exposing Rob’s thick five inch cock with low hanging balls and a little patch of pubic hair. He licks his lips then takes it into his mouth, sucking it right down to the base. He sucks up and down a few times, Rob gently stroking his hair, then slides right back up, working his tongue all over the swollen purple head before plunging back down again.

“Cut!” I tell them.

Rob and Peter quickly towel off then we re-position the lights. I position my self near the door so that I’m looking along the full length of the bed. Rob sits on the bed with Peter facing him.

“Action!” I announce.

Rob reaches out and pulls down Peter’s underpants; they fall to the floor. Rather theatrically, Peter kicks them off. Rob smiles, leans forwards and takes Peter’s slim uncut cock fully into his mouth, sucking it eagerly. I count to ten.

“Cut!” I say again.

I turn off the lights. We sit on the bed.

“That was great,” I tell them, delighted that all the preparation I’ve done seems to have paid off. “Even better than I thought it’d be.”

Peter and Rob rub themselves down again. With the lights on for over five minutes it’s got very warm. We all take a swig from the bottle of water I’ve brought. The next scene’s the easy one. The two of them lie side by side on the bed with Rob nearest the camera. Peter rests his head on Rob’s tummy and sucks his cock while Rob strokes his hair.

“Toby,” Peter asks. “You know if we’re not doing the fucking scene till next Tuesday, why don’t I suck Rob right off, you know, make him cum?”

Now I hadn’t thought of that. It’d certainly spice things up a bit. In the films that Mr. Atkinson had, you never saw any of the boys cum at all.

Good idea!” I say, grinning at him. “And when Rob says he’s cumming bring your head right back up and open your mouth a bit so we can actually see the spunk, okay?”

“Cool!” he says, grinning back. “I’ll let some of it dribble out of my mouth then lick it up again afterwards.”

I’m a bit shocked by how keen he is, but I’m certainly not complaining. Man, he’s a natural! We get ourselves ready.

“Action!” I announce.

It goes like clockwork. After a minute or so I move in to get a real good close-up of the sucking action, give it around thirty seconds then slowly move out again. If this comes out as well as I think it should, it’s going to be as good as any of the stuff Mr. Atkinson had, better probably. I check my watch; we’ve been going for almost four minutes.

I’m gonna cum!” Rob moans quietly.

I zoom in close. Peter does exactly what we agreed. A couple of seconds later Rob’s dick jerks powerfully, his white, creamy spunk spurting onto Peter’s tongue. A second squirt quickly follows, some of it escaping from the corner of Peter’s mouth and running down his chin. He dives right down as Rob’s cock jerks another two or three times. His lips slide back up and let it go. He squeezes out the last of the cum then licks it up eagerly. He grins at the camera then uses one finger to wipe Rob’s spunk off his face. He grins again and puts it sexily into his mouth.

“Cut! I say for the final time.

I kill the lights. I’m on cloud nine and then some; that went better than I’d ever dreamed of! Man, Peter is unbelievable! Rob quickly towels off and starts to get dressed.

“I’ve not had my dry-cum yet,” Peter says disconsolately.

“Oh, I’m sure I can put that right for you,” I say, grinning at him.

I grab a pillow and throw it into the middle of the bed. I’m so sexed-up I’d fuck next door’s cat if it gave me the chance.

“On your tummy!” I order.

He gets into position, legs apart, his bum sticking up invitingly. I open my shorts and push down the front of my underpants. I take out my trusty tube of KY and smear some over my cock. I lower myself onto him. He’s used to taking Rob’s; mine's not going to be a problem for him even if I haven’t lubed him up. I aim my dick onto its bum-hole and push. It goes right in.

“Oooohh!!” he groans.

Within a few seconds I’m bumming him as hard as I can go. Two minutes pass, maybe three. My nostrils greedily suck in his sexy boy-smell, pushing me on to even greater efforts. Beneath me, his quiet moans and gasps increase to a sudden crescendo. He bucks violently, his bum squeezing tight around my dick. For a moment, he knocks me off my stroke. I recover in an instant, pounding his cute little arse for all I’m worth. Ten more thrusts, a dozen at most, and everything goes mad. Stars flash in front of my eyes; the whole room seems to shake. I grab Peter’s upper arms, burying my cock deep inside him. A moment later my spunk surges through it, spurting powerfully into his bum like it’s going to go on forever. Finally it stops; I collapse on top of him. Man! That was way out!

We get dressed and quickly put everything away. I’m so tired it feels like I could sleep for a week. Not before I’ve had a shower though; I stink!

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Our cricket season begins with a home match against Alsford Grange. Giles wins the toss and decides to bat. I settle down to watch. Brian Harper and Jonathan Moore are opening the innings. Jonathan bats left handed, the same as I do. He’s very solid in defence, but unlike me he’s not a big hitter of the ball, just pushing it and nudging it for ones and twos. At the other end Brian, batting right handed, is far more aggressive. It’s a partnership that ought to work well.

And for five and a bit overs it works very well. Then Brian goes after a wide one and gets a thick outside edge, presenting gully with a routine catch. He’s out for a well-played twenty three; the score 32 for 1. Giles strides to the crease. He’s an excellent player, maybe not quite as good as Russell, but excellent none the less; I love watching him. He’s got a different style, more elegant, more classical, especially off the front foot, using his height and reach to punish anything that’s over-pitched.

It’s obvious from the first few balls that he’s in great touch, a flashing cover drive reaching the boundary before the fielders have even moved. At the other end Jonathan just keeps working the ball around, giving Giles as much of the strike as possible. We’re playing twenty five overs a side and I’m due to bat at number seven; if they carry on like they are doing, I probably won’t be needed.

Fifteen overs gone and the score approaching a hundred, Giles aims a drive to a ball that’s not quite up there. He holes out at mid off, missing his half century by four runs. Still, that’s very good at this level, a lot more than I’ve ever managed. In the very next over Jonathan plays a tired-looking shot, wafting at one outside the off stump without much foot movement. He edges it to first slip. He’s gone for a very patient twenty one with the score on 93 for 3.

Hugh Cameron and Julian Lees are both right handers. Hugh’s very solid in the same way that Jonathan is. He can actually hit the ball is hard as anyone in the team; he just doesn’t do it very often. Julian’s much more of a stroke player, but after a couple of overs he goes for one shot too many and gets his off stump flattened. He’s gone for twelve with the score on 110 for 4.

“Wish me luck,” Craig says quietly, pulling on his gloves.

“You’ll be fine,” I tell him. “Just play like you’ve been doing in practice.

He strides out to the middle. It’s the first match for him the same as it is for me. He’s a bit tentative at first but he’s soon playing quite fluently, including one off-drive for four. Then he gets a short one and chops it onto his stumps. He’s out for seven; the score’s 119 for 5. Now it’s my turn. I take my time, trying to be as patient as I can. After a couple of overs I’ve scored eleven, a couple of fours and three singles. I’m seeing the ball well and feeling comfortable. The next ball is just outside my off stump. I aim to pull it through mid wicket, but it’s pitched too far up for that shot. I get an inside edge and perish the same way Craig did. Bollocks! I stomp off feeling annoyed with myself. I was batting on a good pitch against some fairly ordinary bowling. A score of twenty odd not out was there for the taking. There was no need to play a shot like that. That’s another opportunity I’ve missed.

The innings closes with the score on 143 for 8. One hundred and forty four in twenty five overs will take a great deal of getting. After a thirty-minute refreshment break it’s their turn to bat. Ashton Hayes opens the bowling from one end, Rob from the other. They both bowl superbly; after eight overs we’ve got them in all sorts of trouble at 38 for 5, with Ashton taking three wickets and Rob two. It’s time for them to take a break before they start getting tired. They’re replaced by Jeremy from one end and Paz from the other, both bowling brisk medium pace. After another five overs, the score’s edged on to fifty three, with both batsmen looking quite comfortable. They’re not going to win, playing like that; they’re not scoring fast enough, but they’re trying to grind it out for as long as they can. Giles tosses me the ball.

“See if you can dislodge one of these two,” he says. “We want to get this over with.”

My first over is uneventful. I concentrate on line and length and concede two singles, the batsmen taking no risks at all. Jeremy’s next over meets more or less the same fate. It’s time for something a little more adventurous. I’m bowling to their weaker player, who came in at number seven. I set the field the way I want it then begin with two perfectly standard deliveries. He meets them with a dead bat. It’s time to spring the trap. I toss the next ball up, giving it much more air. His eyes light up. He comes down the wicket, aiming to hit it over the top, but doesn’t quite get there. Actually, he still connects pretty well, but not well enough. Rob trots in a few yards from long-on and takes a neat catch.

Their next batsman seems pretty clueless. His first ball is wide of off-stump. He swishes at it without making contact. I fire the next one in low, full and straight. He misses it completely and loses his middle stump. That’s 58 for 7 and it’s all over bar the shouting. I’ve got one ball left. I pitch it fairly full, a foot or so outside the off-stump. The new batsman swings at it, edging it through the vacant gully area. They scamper through for a single. I’m not sure that was a good idea; I’m pretty sure I know what Giles will do now. He doesn’t disappoint, handing the ball straight to Ashton. It’s no contest, three wickets in five balls, one caught behind the other two clean bowled, with their number three batsman left stranded at the non-strikers end on thirty one not out; it’s a very comfortable victory.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

We’re back in the trunk store, Rob, Peter and me. If things go as well as they did last Thursday and everything works okay, the film’s going to be better than any of the ones Mr. Atkinson had. For scene three Rob and Peter are lying on the bed again, only this time I’ve got Peter nearest the camera. Rob’s sucking his cock and fingering his bum.

“Action!” I call.

For the first couple of minutes I concentrate on the sucking, with Rob working his lips and tongue over the full length of Peter’s cock. He lubes up his fingers and slips his hand between Peter’s legs, Peter pulling up his knees to give him better access. I stop the camera, move around the bed till I’ve got a perfect view of the action and set it rolling again. As usual, I start with the longest shot I can get, gradually moving in to get a close up of Rob’s fingers working in and out of Peter’s bum before pulling back again.

“Cut!” I say.

I turn off the lights while they towel off and take a swig of water.

“Okay,” I say quietly. “This is the big one. You’ve done everything perfectly so far; let’s make sure this is as good.” I grin at Rob. “I hope you’ve got plenty of spunk down there.”

“I haven’t cum for two days,” he says, giving me a wry grin. “Last night I had to tell Will I wasn’t feeling very well or he’d have wondered what was going on.”

“Cool! I say. I turn to Peter. “You know what to do at the end?”

He nods.

“It’s important you don’t move after Rob pulls out, okay?” I remind him.

He nods again.

“Right, let’s do it,” I say.

They resume their previous position.

“Action!” I announce.

They move into their new position, just like I had them for the trailer, Peter down on all fours, Rob behind him sitting on his heels smearing KY over his dick. Rob puts down the KY, getting up on his knees and crawling forward until his cock’s right on Peter’s bum-hole. With one well-practised thrust he pushes it about halfway in, then holds Peter round the thighs, gradually pulling him back till his young friend is fully impaled on his cock. He starts to fuck. Over the next few minutes I film it from every angle you can think of, I even get a close up from between Rob’s feet, giving a clear view of his cock pounding Peter’s arse. Peter really plays to the camera; he bangs his head on the mattress, moaning and grimacing to emphasise the pain and pleasure he’s experiencing. Rob starts to get close. I move back to get a full view of his orgasm. Finally he sinks down over Peter’s back, gasping for breath. After a few seconds he gently pulls out.

“Cut!” I say.

Rob eases himself off the bed and moves out of the way, Peter remaining perfectly still just like I told him. I move round behind. Peter’s bum-hole is twitching like crazy, the area to either side glowing bright red.

“Action!” I tell him.

He waits for a few seconds then farts, Rob’s spunk squirting and sputtering out of his bum and dribbling down his legs. Rob had plenty to give him, there’s no doubt about it. That was even better than I’d hoped for.

“Cut! I say, turning off the lights and putting down the camera.

“Are you going to bum me now?” Peter bleats. “I haven’t cum yet.”

I move into position, opening the top of my shorts. This time I don’t even need to lube myself, I just stuff it right in. I can’t believe how messy his bum is; Rob must have cum loads. I grab him round the hips, fucking him like it was going out of fashion. He moans and whimpers like I was really hurting him. I reach down and fondle his cock. Almost immediately it cums to life between my fingers, his bum tightening sharply round my dick. A few more thrusts and I’m cumming too, my spunk spurting repeatedly into his cute little bum. Wow! That was good! I slowly withdraw, a load more spunk leaking out of his bum.

I help him to clean up, giving him some cotton wool to put inside his briefs. We get dressed and put everything back where it should be. Tomorrow or the next day I’ll come back and take the film out of the camera. By Friday afternoon it’ll be on its way to Denmark.