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I head out onto the field with my camera. I’ve been so busy it’s only the second time this term. It’s a warm spring afternoon, just about perfect. Will’s over by the high jump area, sitting on the grass watching some of the younger boys. I recognise one of them immediately, Gavin, Ian’s mate, tall for his age and pencil slim, just like Will.

“He’s not bad,” Will says quietly as I sit down next to him.

I move in and start filming. The kid isn’t wearing any underpants. With him being so skinny, as he goes over the bar you can see, well, everything! I don’t usually get a hard-on when I’m out here filming, but I just did. Man! That is hot! I hardly know where to put myself. I guess it’s time to go. I stroll across to the long jump pit. Alex is there. That’s no surprise; since we sorted out the problem with him getting picked on he’s proved himself to be pretty useful at most sports. He grins as he sees me walking towards him. I smile back and crouch down to film his next jump. He’s quick and graceful; he makes it look beautiful. I wouldn’t have expected anything else.

I move on again; there are a few things I want to film before I go back to spend some time with Will. I don’t usually take much notice of the shot putt because there’s not much to film, but as I walk past I glance across. Jeremy’s there with Adam Hayward and a kid I can’t quite place. Then I spot Selwyn sitting a few yards away, watching. Fuck! It’s Grant! It’s not surprising I didn’t recognise him, for one thing we don’t usually get to do shot putt until we’re in Lower Fourth, but that’s not why I didn’t know who it was. He’s taller, nowhere like as fat as he was, and he can putt the shot almost as far as Jeremy. It’s quite a transformation. I sit down next to Selwyn.

“Grant’s doing well there,” I say quietly. “He looks a lot fitter too.”

“Yes,” he says, beaming at me. “He’s been working really hard.”

“So how did that happen?” I ask.

“Yes. Since you told me about him getting into the rugby team I started reading all about what you have to do to get fit. Then I got him to come down to the gym in the afternoons to work on it. He hated it at first; I used to have to shout at him to make him do it, but he really enjoys it now.”

“So you’ve been training him?” I say.

“Well, sort of,” he says looking a bit embarrassed. “When things started going wrong at home and I started being stupid, you know, being horrible to everybody, Grant was the only friend I had left. Then when it all got better, I couldn’t just leave him. Well, like I told you, he’s always thought he was useless, but after what you said I decided he wasn’t going to be useless any more.”

“Well, it looks like you’ve done a great job,” I tell him.

“Oh,” he says, looking intently at Grant. “He’s still not as fit as I want him to be.”

I like this kid; I guess I can see a lot of myself in him. He made up his mind to do something then he went ahead and did it; found out what he needed to know and just got on with it. He didn’t let anyone tell him he couldn’t; he wasn’t even deterred by the fact that Grant didn’t want to do it. That takes balls.

“You know the funny thing?” he asks. “Since he started to get fit, he’s completely changed. He used to be really lazy; well he’s not any more. Mr. Halford’s told him that if he keeps improving he’ll be moved into the top group for some of his classes.”

For once I can’t think of anything to say. Grant strolls across, grinning.

“Hi, Toby,” he says flopping down next to us.

Up close he’s even more impressive; he’s going to be very useful in the scrum next rugby season.

“How did you get to be doing the shot?” I ask. “We don’t usually learn that till Lower Fourth.”

“Selwyn asked Mr. Cooper if I could,” he says. “Well, he’d seen us working together in the gym so he said yes. Anyway, I’m bigger than most of the Lower Fourth kids.”

“Great,” I say. “I can see you’ve lost quite a bit of weight.

“I’m actually heavier than I was before,” he says, still grinning. “Only most of it’s muscle now.”

“By the time we come back in September, it’ll all be muscle,” Selwyn says, a determined look in his eye.

“I hope you’re going to come to the rugby trials,” I say to Grant. “We need guys with your sort of power. I don’t think the opposing forwards are going to like it much.”

“Oh, I’ll be there!” he says giving me another big grin.

I wander back to the high jump area. If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it, and it’s mainly down to Selwyn. That kid is something else.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I open the door to the trunk store and let us in, me and Alex that is. I’ve been so busy since we got back to school it’s only the second time I’ve brought him here. Oh, we’ve done it a few times in the boys’ room by the science lab, but that’s always a bit of a rush. Coming here is much better, much more relaxed. It means I can have him naked too, and if there’s one kid I love to see naked it’s him; his body is perfect. We help each other out of our clothes. Finally, I pull down his underpants. His uncut cock’s developing nicely, still quite slim but nearly four inches long. His balls are plump and round, still pulled up tight in their sac, but looking like they’ll be ready to drop at any time. His birthday’s in early October, a few days before mine; I reckon he’ll probably be able to cum by then.

He returns the favour and we climb on the bed. I wrap my arms round him, our lips meeting in the most wonderful kiss ever, his tongue wrestling with mine; I can hardly believe how affectionate he is.

“I love you, Toby” he whispers. “You’re the best friend I’ve ever had.”

“I love you, too.” I tell him. “And I’m really proud of you; you’ve done great these last few months. It had to be hard, dealing with all the shit that you went through, but you’ve come out on top.”

“Thanks!” he says, licking my nose. “I wouldn’t have if it hadn’t been for you.”

“You going to try for the rugby team next term?” I ask.

“Yeah, I think so,” he says. “I used to play a lot when I was at home; er, I mean back in South Africa.”

“Cool! So which position are you going to try for?”

“Yours!” he says, giggling. “Nah! Both the centres this year were Upper Fourth so I’ll try for that; I think I stand a chance there.”

“I think so too,” I say, running my fingers through his short springy hair.

He snakes around, his head resting on my tummy. He licks the head of my cock then dives right down on it. He sucks beautifully; the sensations are something else. I stroke his hair. He caresses my balls and gently massages the sensitive area behind them. Man! That is far out! I’m getting close.

“Alex,” I groan. “Stop, I’m nearly cumming.”

He lets me go and flops down next to me, a big grin on his face. It’s time to return the favour. I lick my way down his body, paying attention to both nipples and his cute little tummy button. Pretty soon I reach my prize, licking it all over then taking it fully into my mouth. He squirms around on the bed, grabbing my head, fucking his dick right into my throat. I grab the KY and quickly lube my fingers. I push my hand between his legs; a moment later my middle finger is sliding in and out of his bum.

“Oh, Toby!” he moans. “Let’s do it!”

I let him go and sit back on my heels, quickly smearing KY over my dick. He moves into position, down on all fours, just the way I like best, his bum-hole twitching invitingly. I move in behind him, my guiding my cock right onto its target.

“Push it in!” he whispers.

I do as he says.

“Oooh!” he gasps. “Oh, yeah! Bum me, Toby! Bum me hard!”

I don’t need to be asked twice. I hold him round the hips and set to work, fucking him with long, powerful thrusts. He moans quietly, almost begging for more. I reach down and play with his stiff, throbbing cock. Several minutes pass. Suddenly, his whole body bucks wildly, his bum clamping tight round my dick. His cock comes to life between my fingers, swelling and jerking, trying to pump out the spunk his balls aren’t quite making yet. He’s taken me right over the brink. I slam into him one final time, my spunk spurting over and over into his bum. I sink down over his back, totally drained. Man! I’ll never get tired of fucking cute boys like him; that is the best!

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I check the pigeon holes outside the main office, just like I’ve been doing every day for almost a week. There it is, a handwritten envelope addressed to Toby Redman, postmarked Copenhagen. The overwhelming feeling is one of relief. I was sure they’d pay us what they agreed, well, it looks like they have. I head back to the dorm. There’s nobody about. I’d prefer to open it when I’ve got Rob and Peter with me, but that’s less important this time. I mean, if they were going to cheat us out of our money they wouldn’t have replied at all. I quickly slit it open; a letter and three cheques, just like we agreed. I look at my cheque. It’s made out for two hundred and twenty five pounds; we agree two hundred. I look at the others; they’re for two hundred and twenty five as well. They’ve given us a bonus! Man, they must be pleased! I quickly read the letter.

“Dear Toby,

The film has come out even better than we expected. There was very little we needed to cut; the final film runs for sixteen minutes and thirty seconds, which is excellent, and the high technical quality and the additional features that you’ve included will be very popular with our customers. It’s unfortunate that we are not able to sell it in certain places, but even with these restrictions, we feel sure that it will become one of our biggest sellers. That is why we have included a little bonus for you all.

We are looking forward to your next film project, with different boys, of course. There will be no need to send a preview; based on what you have provided for us on this occasion we will be quite happy to pay the same amount again. And just one final point, we would be quite happy to send you a copy of the film, assuming that you have the facility to view it. We can parcel it up so that it would just look like a package from your pen-friend. Please let us know if you would like us to do this.”

Wow! I did it, I actually did it! All the planning and hard work have paid off; the feeling of euphoria is overwhelming. I want to run round the school and tell everyone. I can’t, of course, which is frustrating in a way, but keeping it as our secret is pretty special too. Now they want another one, of course, with different boys. I’m going to need to think about that; I certainly haven’t got anyone lined up. I won’t be able to do another one this term in any case, I’m far too busy. There’s another problem too; the more boys that get involved, the greater the chances that the school will find out what’s going on. I’m going to need to be very careful. And finally, what about their offer? It would be very risky, having something like that sent here, but I’ve got the projector and I know how to use it. And of course I want to see the film, just to see how good it is. It’s too good an opportunity to miss.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“They’re so pleased with it they even paid us a bonus,” I say, handing Rob his cheque.

“Thanks, man,” he says quietly, scanning it quickly before stashing it away. “Look, Toby,” he continues, looking uncomfortable, “getting the money’s great, but I don’t want to do another one, okay?”

“Yeah, that’s cool,” I tell him. “They want one with different boys in it; I’ll have to work on that.”

“Sure,” he says. “I’ve told Peter to meet you by the art room; half past seven.”

“Right! They’re sending me a copy of the film. D’you want to watch it?”

“No,” he says, shaking his head. “That would be so embarrassing. How are you going to watch it anyway?”

“I’ve still got the projector that Atkinson used,” I say casually. “He left it behind.”

“Fuck! Just be careful, yeah?”

“I will,” I assure him. “I’m not going to drop you in it. The film’s going to be well hidden.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

For once, Peter’s waiting near the art room when I get there. I lead the way to the trunk store and usher him inside.

“Well, there you are then,” I say, handing him the cheque. “You’re sure you know what to do with it?”

“Of course I do,” he says, sounding a little put out. “So when are we going to do another one?”

“Well, it’ll have to be next term,” I say defensively, “but they want one with different boys in it.”

“Oh,” he says, looking disappointed.

I’m disappointed too; Peter’s such a natural. “I might be able to work something out,” I say. “Would you be up for doing one with a younger boy?”

“With me bumming him?” he asks. “That’d be ace! I could even do that with Alex.”

“Well, don’t even mention it to Alex, okay?” I say. “I’m not sure if he’d be right for it.”

“Fair enough,” he says, “but I definitely want to do another one.”

“They’re sending me a copy of the one we just did,” I say. “D’you want to watch it?”

“You bet!” he says, his eyes lighting up at the prospect. “I don’t think Rob will though.”

“He doesn’t,” I say. “I already asked him.”

“Well I do!” he says, giving me the sexiest smile imaginable.

“So d’you want something else while we’re here?” I ask.

“Of course!” he says nonchalantly. “I thought that’s why you arranged to meet me here.”

“I told Rob I was just going to give you the cheque,” I say. “We’ll need to make it quick. And no saying anything afterwards, okay?”

“That’s cool,” he says.

I take the pillow from its hiding place and put it on the desk.

“Bend over!” I tell him.

He positions himself over the desk. I reach round, undoing the clip on his shorts and pulling down the zip. They fall to the floor. I skin his underpants down his legs; he’s got a beautiful bum. I quickly lube him up; Rob fucked him before prep so he doesn’t need much. I move in behind him and push. A moment later I’m in him right up to my balls. Well, he might be well used to taking it but he still feels good to me; within a few seconds I’m bumming him like the world’s about to end. He loves it! I slide my hand down and fondle his cock. Almost without warning he bucks violently, his bum tightening round my dick. His cock swells and jerks between my fingers. I’m guessing he’ll be able to cum pretty soon, the same as Alex. I’m really going for it, fucking him as hard as I can go. A few more thrusts and I’m there, my spunk unloading into his bum. Man! I liked that!

After a few seconds to get my breath back I carefully pull out. We start to get dressed.

“Twice in one day!” Peter comments, grinning like the Cheshire Cat. “I wish we could do that all the time.”

It’s hard to imagine, but I reckon he’s even more obsessed with sex than I am.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Morning break; I go and check my pigeon hole the same as I do every Friday. Now that I’ve had the letter from Denmark I’m not expecting anything, but you never know. But I have got something, another letter. I look at the envelope; it’s hand-written in what looks like kid’s writing. I can’t think who’d be writing to me here. My mates from home have all got the address, but they’ve never written to me since I started, not even once. I check the postmark; it says Bromley. That’s even stranger; Bromley’s in south east London, right over the other side from where we live. I don’t know anyone from there. This is weird!

Something tells me not to read it right here. I hurry back to the dorm and open it. Inside is one sheet of paper covered in large, untidy scrawl. I scan to the bottom. It’s from Sean! I read it through, hardly able to contain my excitement.

“Hi Toby!

I just wanted to let you know I’m okay. My foster parents are all right. They’re a bit strict, but they don’t bark at me the whole time like mum used to. They look after me pretty good too. The thing is; they always want to know where I’m going and who I’m with. Mum and Brendan never bothered. And they talk to me a lot about what happened. I don’t get it. I liked what Brendan and I did together so I don’t know why they make such a big deal out of it. Okay, he shouldn’t have gone for Jason like that. He only did it cause he’d had too much to drink. He’s an idiot; he’ll be in jail for years.

The new school’s not bad, except it’s mixed, boys and girls. It was hard at first cause everyone else had been there since September but I’m doing okay now. There’s a boys’ school down the road. I hoped they’d send me there, but they said they thought it’d be better if I went to this other place. I don’t know if it’s to do with what happened; they wouldn’t say. I miss hanging out with the gang, but I’m making new friends now. I guess I’ll just have to get on with it. I missed not seeing you at Easter too, and there’s one thing I’m missing more than anything else. I think you can guess what that is! Any chance you could come over here when you’re home for half term? I know none of the other boys would.

Up the Spurs!


Wow! It’s such a great feeling knowing he’s okay. I’m going to have to go and see him. I know what he means about the other boys. They wouldn’t have a clue how to get there for one thing, but it’s not just that. After what happened, I’m not sure they’d know what to say to him. Well, I’ll go. I’m used to going across London; I do it every time I go to or from school. I’ll just have to find out what the nearest station is. Maybe I’ll get him to meet me there, or I’ll just walk to the house if it’s fairly close. We’ve got an A-Z atlas at home and I can read the maps okay; I’ll have to look it up. But I’m going; I don’t care how hard it is.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It’s arrived. It took over a week to get here; I was getting worried in case Customs had confiscated it. I could have been right in the shit if that had happened. It’s stupid really. I know it’s good or they wouldn’t have paid us that bonus, so why take the risk? Well, there’s nothing like seeing it for yourself, and as it goes I’ve got away with it. I won’t do it again though. Well, now I’ve got it, I’m going to watch it, with Peter for company.

I’ve hidden it in the trunk store, and when I say hidden, I mean hidden. I thought about setting everything up before meeting up with Peter, but decided not to. It’ll only take five minutes to get everything going once we get in there, less probably; leaving the projector and stuff out where anyone can see it just isn’t worth the risk. Once supper’s finished I do my usual disappearing trick. I’ve got nearly fifteen minutes to kill, but that’s okay. I check my watch a few times. Finally it’s seven twenty six; time to go.

Once again, Peter’s ahead of me; he must be keen! I’m not sure Rob’s too keen on the idea of the two of us watching the film together, but I can’t help that. I let us into the trunk store and quickly get everything set up. I’m used to threading the school projector and this one’s much the same so even that only takes a few seconds. I set the projector rolling and sit down on the trunk next to Peter, just like Mr. Atkinson used to do with me. I can’t believe how well it’s come out. Yeah, I know that Christmas before last I pooled all my Christmas presents so that I could have a really good camera, but even so, I wouldn’t have believed I’d be able to produce something this good. That is such a turn-on!

It seems to be turning Peter on too. He runs his hand over the front of my shorts. I like that. He doesn’t stop there either. As soon as we get to the part where he’s sucking Rob’s dick, he opens my shorts and gets mine right out, stroking it gently. Oh yeah! I glance across. His shorts and briefs are down round his thighs. I reach across and return the favour. It makes the film seem even hotter. I watch Rob’s spunk spurting into Peter’s mouth; I almost cum right there. It rolls on. Rob’s lining himself up to get into Peter’s bum. Then he pushes it right in; you can see it perfectly! Fuck! That is hot! My eyes are glued to the screen. It’s so amazing I have to keep reminding myself that this is my film. We move onto the shots I took from between Rob’s legs. They’re a little bit blurred because I had to get in a bit closer than I wanted to, but even so, you can still see his big cock pumping in and out of Peter’s arse. Oh, man!

The climax of the film is rapidly approaching. I keep watching, totally transfixed, my fingers gently fondling Peter’s cock. And there it is. Rob orgasms inside Peter’s bum and sinks down over his back. A few seconds later he pulls out. We move to the final shot, the one that none of Mr. Atkinson’s films had, Rob’s spunk spluttering out of Peter’s bum and dribbling down his legs. The guys who buy these films are really going to go for that!

As soon as it’s finished, Peter puts his head in my lap and sucks my cock right down to the root. I’m so sexed-up, I cum in, like, ten seconds flat. He swallows every drop. Man! What a way to finish!