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Well, I wasn’t going to delay things with the sort of summer holiday adventures that Toby had the previous year, so we catch up with him back at school for the start of his final year. Read on and enjoy!

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Well, we did get together with Jack again, several times in fact. Not as often as we’d have liked, but there was the problem of making sure Neil and David didn’t start asking awkward questions. From what Jack told us, it seems there could have been a lot of trouble if they’d found out what we were up to. Actually, that was quite good, in a way; the fact that we couldn’t do it all the time made it seem extra special when we did do it. I love kids like Jack, so cute and sexy! In between times, Rob fucked my brains out. We chatted about it one evening. He was quite emphatic that he didn’t want anyone to fuck him, and said that he was sure that when he’s older he’ll get married and have kids of his own. He asked about me; I said I didn’t know, which isn’t a lie exactly, but I can’t see me ever doing that.

Then it was off for three weeks at the holiday centre. I was in the big dorm again, and the first person I saw when I walked in was Ben. He knew I was coming and had saved me the bed next to his. We greeted each other like long lost brothers, and pretty much picked things up where we left them last year. He’s still small and slim, and loves having sex as much as ever. Jake’s too old now, and there was no sign of either Sam or Eliot. We’d got a new canoe instructor too, so there was nothing doing on that front. And there were no idiots like Roderick about either.

So it was just me and Ben. It may sound strange, but it suited me perfectly. I did my canoeing in the mornings, I played some table tennis which I’m getting pretty good at, and I read, of course; I have to do that. I read ‘A Kestrel for a Knave’, the book on which the film ‘Kes’ is based. I loved it, it’s even better than the film. And I read ‘Tortilla Flat’ by John Steinbeck. That was hard; I’m not sure I really understood it. In between times, Ben and I were inseparable. When we weren’t having sex, we just hung out together. Just being with him felt so good, so relaxed; I didn’t even look at anyone else. Steve, the centre manager, said I seemed much calmer and more grown-up. He was right, of course, but a lot of it was down to having Ben there.

And finally I went to stay with Uncle Andrew. He’d just got back from the States. Man! You should see the stuff he’s brought back! The latest clothes, original art works that he got in San Francisco and albums by people whose stuff hasn’t been released over here yet. There was one album by a group called The Pointer Sisters. I didn’t think I’d like it when he showed me the sleeve; four girls singing together, it sounded like the Supremes or something, but when he played it to me it was like, wow!! Man! They are something else!

The trip to Pinewood was amazing. We were allowed to go onto the set of one of the new films that’s being made there ‘cause Uncle Andrew knows the director; we even had lunch with the crew. I was spellbound. I’ve known for ages that I wanted to be a film director, but it’s different now. Being a film director is what I have to do; there just isn’t anything else. And nothing’s going to stop me, you can be sure of that.

So I’m back at school pottering about in the dorm getting ready for the start of the new term. This is it, my final year here, Common Entrance, Public Schools Scholarship, rugby, cricket, making more films and having sex. It’s going to be a busy time, but I’m ready for it. Spending those three weeks with Ben has helped a lot; I feel relaxed and ready to go. I’ve just finished sorting my stuff out when Justin appears.

“Tigger!” I say, slapping hands with him. “How’s it going, man? Had a good holiday?”

“Yeah!” he answers, giving me a big grin. “Great thanks! You?”

“Yeah, man! Pretty good!”

One thing we managed to fix up at the end of last term, when Mr. Halford was in a better mood than he often is, was for Justin to move into our dorm with John Rudman moving the across to Cavendish. So now we’ve got our little gang in here altogether, me, Rob, Will and Justin. Justin seems to have grown a lot over the holidays; he looks like six inches taller. I’m sure he’s not; it’s just that I’d never really noticed before. He’s a great kid, very bright and a real good laugh; you’d never guess his dad was one step away from being made a bishop.

Finally everybody’s back and it’s time to go down to supper. We’ve got two new boys in Upper Fourth, Marcus Northam and Teddy Larsen, both in Rutherford dorm. That’s nothing unusual; kids come and go every year. Marcus is quite big, looks like he could be a useful addition to the rugby team. Teddy’s about the same height as me, slim and blond. He’s not cute exactly, but not bad looking either; it’s hard to describe. He looks awkward and out of place. Mr. Halford introduces them and asks us to make them welcome and help them settle in. I’ll make sure I do that; partly ‘cause I want to find out about them, and partly to make sure they understand the way things work in this place.

After supper we sit around in the dorm catching up, chatting about what we did during the holidays, all the usual stuff. Apart from staying with Uncle Andrew and my trip to Pinewood I keep pretty quiet about what I got up to, but that’s okay. Almost before we know it, it’s bedtime. We make our way along for our evening shower. As Justin didn’t used to be in our dorm, I haven’t seen him naked since the end of the rugby season back before Easter. I do a double-take; I know the rest of him’s grown quite a bit, but down there he’s grown out of all recognition! His dick and balls are almost as big as Rob’s and there’s some sandy coloured hair growing above them, not that much, but it’s a hell of a lot more than I’ve got. And he is a lot taller than he was. I wonder what he’s going to do when it comes to the rugby trials; he won’t be able to play hooker any more; he’s too tall.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

As Rob, Paz and myself were the only ones going with younger boys last year, it’s down to us to decide who’s going to be in charge this year. Paz doesn’t want to do it and I don’t have the time. That leaves Mr. Robert Shearsby as the only candidate. That’s cool; there isn’t actually a rule about it, but the job always seems to go to either the rugby captain or the cricket captain. Rob’s going to be rugby captain; I’ve no idea who the cricket captain’s going to be; I hope Mr. Halford doesn’t ask me to do it. So having Rob in charge of ‘unofficial activities’ is probably what the other boys will expect. It should work well in any case; Rob’s firm and fair and all the other lads respect him for it.

He’s got two main responsibilities. First is to make sure that there’s no free-for-all and no arguments and that everything is kept as quiet and discreet as possible. But everyone knows that things have to be like that, so it’s not that difficult as long as you keep on top of it. The day-to-day responsibility is to make sure that we don’t have people turning up at the same place at the same time. Now that is important; all hell could break loose if he got it wrong.

We sit in the dorm together, drawing up a weekly planning grid, with the various locations set out across the top and days and times down the left hand side. All he’ll have to do then is to fill in the names as the various slots get booked. We’re not making any secret of it; there’s no need to. Even the boys like Paul who aren’t involved know what goes on; they probably also know that Rob’s in charge. But it’s nothing to do with them, so they mind their own business and say nothing; that’s how things work here.

“Toby,” Rob says quietly. “D’you mind if I ask you something?”

“Course not,” I say, “Ask away.”

You’ve been going with two younger boys, haven’t you?” he continues. “How are you going to manage now that you won’t be able to use the science block toilets after breakfast?”

Dunno exactly,” I say, screwing my face up. “It should be okay for the first couple of weeks, but once things get going it’ll be pretty tight. If you can give me four slots each week, that’ll be two for Ian and two for Alex, then I’ll have one session a week you know where; I guess they’ll have to take it in turns. It’s less than I’d like, but it’s all I’m going to get, isn’t it? I can’t ask you for any more slots; it wouldn’t be fair. Why are you asking, anyway?”

I’ve got a bit of a problem,” he says. “It’s Peter. Oh he’s great sex and that, and he always turns up, but it’s like we really don’t have anything in common. He turns up to watch me play rugby and cricket but he’s not really interested, not like Ian; he seems really keen. Anyway, there’s someone else I really want to go with.”

“So who’s the lucky boy?” I ask.

“Darren Proctor,” he says sheepishly. “I wanted to go with him most of last year but I couldn’t because he was with Julian, but now Julian’s left, well ----, and I know he’s pretty keen on the idea; I’ve asked him.”

You’ll need to keep it very quiet,” I tell him. “You’re in charge so you have to set the standard.”

“And I wouldn’t give myself extra slots,” he says. “That definitely wouldn’t be right. D’you think I should tell Peter?”

That’s up to you,” I say, trying to sound non-committal. “But things might get even more awkward if you don’t.”

“I’ll think about it,” he says, looking uncomfortable.

We stash the planning grid in his locker. That was a bit of a surprise, but it was on the cards, to be honest. Rob’s right about Peter; apart from having sex he doesn’t show much interest in anything. And I can’t fault Rob’s taste in boys. Darren’s one of the best looking kids in the school and stands a good chance of making both rugby and cricket teams; I’d go with him any time!

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The rugby trials have gone very smoothly. The pack sorted itself out in no time. Adam Hayward will play loose-head prop, the same as last year, with Grant at tight-head. Between the two prop-forwards is the hooker. I wasn’t at all sure who that was going to be. To play as hooker you need to be fairly short, stockily built but not too heavy, and as brave as a lion. Being a bit mad probably helps too; it’s the most dangerous position on the pitch. Lee Sheldon fits the bill perfectly. That makes up an impressive front-row, much better than we had last year. Marcus, the new kid, has slotted into the second row, where Max used to play. He’s not as big as Max, but he pushes much harder. He’s partnered by Tom Goddard, another kid who’s grown a lot over the past year. Justin’s taken over Rob’s old position as open-side flanker, with Chris Barnett from Lower Fourth as blind-side flanker and Rob playing between them at number eight. This is looking good; it’s a far stronger pack than we had last year. I’d be surprised if any team pushes us off the ball this season. Darren Proctor was the obvious choice to replace Julian at fly half; I knew he’d get that slot. He’s good, too; I’m really looking forward to working with him.

The one area where we aren’t as strong as last year is in the three-quarter line. Alex has got in at outside-centre and he deserves his place, but he’s still got a year’s growing to do; he’s not as strong as Brian or Ashton were. The same goes for Evan Williamson on the right wing. He’s good, but he doesn’t have quite the turn of speed that Jonathan had. Paz is still at left wing though, and he’s looking better than ever. Two more boys from Upper Fourth complete the line-up: James Corless at inside-centre and Tony Stevenson at full-back. It’s pretty good; we’ll have to see how we go.

The showers after the trials are interesting; I don’t usually check the other boys out that much, but right now there are quite a few I haven’t seen for a while. Most of them are a bit bigger than they were, which is what you’d expect, I guess. Marcus is pretty big down there, much as I’d expected; he’s got some hair too. The one real shock is Adam. He’s built like a brick outhouse but he’s only the same height as me. Man! He’s got a monster! I’ve never seen anything like it on a kid our age.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Rob and I stroll out across the field with Marcus in tow. Now he’s made it into the rugby team we need to get to know him; at the moment he’s a bit of a mystery. Just about everyone else here lives within forty or fifty miles; living in north London, my journey is one of the longest. Marcus is from somewhere near Birmingham, well over a hundred miles away. He’s not the slightest bit posh either; he’s got a Birmingham accent you could cut lumps off. There’s nobody else here like him. He’s in the top group for maths and science, but struggling to cope, and in the bottom group for everything else. So why’s he here? I’d like to find out, if he’s willing to tell us. We settle ourselves on the grass.

“So how are you settling in?” Rob asks.

Not bad,” he says. “Great rugby team; I can’t wait to get playing. The work’s hard though; I’m not a brain-box like you two.”

So what brought you here?” I ask.

“That’s a long story,” he says defensively.

“We’ve got time,” I say. “And don’t worry; we’re not going to spread it all over the school, whatever it is; we’re not like that.”

Well, it goes back a couple of years,” he says. “I’ve always been big for my age; I guess I’ve always been a bit wild too. It was okay when dad was alive, he kept me in check. He was a precision engineer, ran his own business; did pretty well too. Anyway he wasn’t the sort of dad you wanted to get in trouble with, you know? But then he got killed. He’d been out drinking and tried to drive home. Driving too fast, smashed into a tree, that’s what the coppers said. Well mum went to pieces and I just ran riot; I was in trouble all the time, getting into fights, all sorts. So it was decided it’d be better I went to boarding school. Well, money wasn’t a problem ‘cause we’d got dad’s life insurance, so that’s what happened. I loved it! I’d never played rugby before; I took to it like a duck to water. I was doing okay in class too; the work we got wasn’t half as hard as it is here.”

“So what happened?” I ask.

“Got thrown out,” he says, looking embarrassed.

“Really?” I say. “What for?”

“Doing what you guys seem to do,” he replies cryptically.

Rob and I look at each other, not at all sure what he’s on about.

“Uh?” I say, raising an eyebrow.

“Got caught having sex with one of the younger kids,” he says, giving us a wry grin.

“Fuck, man!” I say. “That’s tough.”

Yeah, well I had just screwed the kid, so I guess they didn’t have too much choice.” He pauses for a moment. “I mean, I wasn’t the only one doing it,” he continues, “but it wasn’t anything like it seems to be here. Well, after I got kicked out none of the other schools round our way would have me. Then someone suggested this place. They don’t seem to worry about it here like they did at my old school.”

They don’t as long as you keep it quiet,” I tell him. “Your mistake wasn’t having sex; it was getting caught. Remember the eleventh commandment: thou shalt not be found out. Just stick to the rules and you’ll be fine.”

Yeah, well I guess that’s fair enough,” he says grinning. “I just wish I could find a boy here to do it with, but it’s not easy, being new. I don’t know them and they don’t know me. I mean, I can’t just go and ask one, can I? He might freak out.”

“I might be able to help you out there,” I say, looking him right in the eye.

Really?” he says, eyeing me up like he doesn’t actually believe it.

As long as you don’t mind hand-me-downs from boys who left in the summer,” I say coolly.

“Doesn’t bother me,” he says. “As long as they’re nice looking and like doing it, I couldn’t care less. The kid I got caught with had been with at least two other boys before I did him.”

“Great,” I say. “You don’t mind them being really skinny do you?”

Man, they’re the best!” he says, grinning at me. “Nice tight arses! So why hasn’t somebody grabbed them?”

Oh, it’s an odd tradition we have here,” I say. “When one of us is looking for a younger boy, we’re supposed to pick one who’s never done it before. The ones who’ve had older friends before are regarded as ‘soiled goods’, you know, second best. I think it’s stupid.”

“It’s mad,” he says in his strongest Birmingham accent. “I think it’s better if they know what they’re doing.”

“Well, leave it with me,” I say. “I’ll let you know.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I meet Ian after supper as arranged. He follows me to the attic, keeping a discreet distance behind me, and checking to make sure nobody’s paying us any attention. So far, I’ve managed to have sex every day since we got back, alternating between Alex and Ian. That’s been possible because there are only a few boys on the list at the moment and in any case the weather’s been good so we’ve been able to use the places outside. I need to make the most of it; once the weather starts getting cold and there are more boys on the list, four slots a week is all I can expect to get, just like I discussed with Rob.

We gently undress each other then sit there cuddling and fondling. Just being with Ian or Alex makes me feel so good; strong, relaxed, in control. I can’t really explain why; that’s just how it is. At other times I believe that I can do anything I want if I put my mind to it; when I’m with them I know I can.

“I never did anything all through the summer holidays!” Ian says, grinning and looking me right in the eye. “Not once!”

“Well, we’d better make up for it then,” I say quietly, stroking his hair.

Our lips meet, quite gently at first, but after a few seconds he’s all over me, one hand playing with my cock, the other massaging my back, his tongue pushed deep into my mouth. Man! He is so sexy! We pull apart slightly. His eyes are sparkling. I flick my tongue out and lick his cute little nose. In an instant his head’s in my lap, his tongue working overtime on my cock before pushing down to work it’s way over my balls. Finally he takes me into his mouth, gradually working his way down till he’s sucking it right to the root. It feels fantastic, all the tiredness from a day in class and a hard training session just melting away. He gives me one last lick then looks up, giving me the most beautiful smile I’ll ever see.

“You’re unbelievable,” I whisper. “Right, my turn now!”

I get myself into position, opening my mouth wide. I plunge down on his little package, sucking his cock and balls at the same time, working my tongue all over them. I run my fingers along the inside of his thighs. His skin feels like silk, so soft and smooth. I slip my hand between his legs, my lubed-up finger quickly finding his hole. After a couple of seconds I push inside. He thrusts his hips forwards, stuffing his hard little bullet deeper into my mouth. I push a second finger in; he thrusts harder. I let him go; it’s time to do it.

“Get on all fours,” I tell him.

He gets into position. I quickly smear KY over my dick and crawl in close. One hard push and I’m inside him.

“Oooh, Toby!” he gasps. “I love having your dick up my bum!”

A moment later we’re fucking. I build it up until I’m pounding his arse to a pulp; he’s moaning, gasping, begging for more. I play with his cock. He shudders, his bum tightening round my dick, his hard little weapon jerking between my fingers.

“Ohhh!” I gasp. “Nnng!! Nnnng!! Ooooooohhhh!!!”

My dick jumps up with a life of its own, my spunk unloading inside him in four or five sticky jets. For a few seconds I stay where I am, trying to get my breathing back under control. Wow! That was fantastic, exactly what I needed. I don’t care how often I do it; I’ll always be back for more. I gently pull out. We flop down next to each other, my arm round his shoulder.

“Was that good?” he asks quietly.

“Amazing,” I tell him. “You’re something else.”

“Thanks,” he says grinning.

Has Gavin found another older boy yet?” I ask.

“No,” Ian says. “He asked Adam Hayward, but he said he’d already got somebody.”

I knew about that; it seems Lee Sheldon beat him to it. Lee and Gavin are mad; Adam’s not just built like a tank, he looks like one. And even I’d think twice about taking a dick that size up my bum.

“Have you seen the new boy that’s in the rugby team?” I ask.

“Quite big, dirty fair hair and freckles,” Ian says, describing Marcus exactly.

He’d like to meet Gavin,” I say.

“Cool!” Ian says, smiling at me. “Has he got a big one?”

“Big enough,” I say, grinning back. “As big as Max was anyway. Tell Gavin to meet us after classes tomorrow, about quarter to four, where I just met you.”

“Okay,” Ian says, “I’ll tell him.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Rob and I study the list. With Marcus added to it there are seven of us, all members of the rugby team. One odd thing that’s happened this year is that out of the six Lower Fourth boys who’ve made it onto the team, three are still going with older boys; Alex with me, Darren with Rob, both unofficially of course, and Lee with Adam. The only one who’s asked to be added to the list is Chris Barnett, who’s fixed himself up with a third year boy. That’s no surprise; Chris is big for his age, much like Rob was, and a good looking boy. I can’t place the kid he’s going with; I don’t know the younger boys that well. Tom Goddard from Upper Fourth has bagged a third year boy too, another kid I don’t know. That’s not a surprise either. He wasn’t going with anyone last year, but it seems that two years ago he was the younger friend of one of Russell’s mates. Paz is still with Simon Whitney and that makes up the seven.

So right now there are plenty of slots; Rob and I could still have sex every day even if it was pissing down with rain. It will change though; a few of the lads just haven’t sorted themselves out yet. Last year it was ten. I’m hoping it won’t be any more than that or things will get very tight.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Marcus and I wait outside the main building, by the side entrance that takes you directly up to the dorm corridor. I’m a bit nervous; all I know about Gavin is that he’s pretty wild, he gets into trouble even more than I used to. I’m not sure how good he is at turning up when he’s supposed to. A minute later he appears, walking towards us.

“This is him,” I say quietly. Okay?”

“He’ll do for me!” Marcus confirms, grinning back at me.

“Okay, you’re up in the attic, where I showed you. He’ll know where it is; I’ll leave you to it. When you’ve finished, if I’m not in the recreation room I’ll be in the dorm. Come and see me, okay?”

“Yeah, cool,” he says.

I leave him to get to know his new friend.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I’m lying on my bed reading ‘Brighton Rock’. There’s a tap on the door and Marcus walks in. He strolls across and parks himself on Rob’s bed. He’s grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

So how did it go?” I enquire.

“Fantastic!” he whispers, although there’s no-one else in the room. “He is so sexy! Beautiful little body! He hadn’t had anything all over the summer so he was really tight; I had to use loads of lube on him. But once I got going he couldn’t get enough of it. Thanks, man! I really owe you for that!”

Yeah, well maybe you can pay me back later,” I say. “But just remember what we told you. He’s yours now, so you stick with him. You don’t go with any other younger kids unless Rob says you can. And no turning up in places you’re not supposed to be. Rob will ban you if you do that, okay?”

“That’s fine with me,” he says, grinning. “Having a kid like him all to myself is a lot more than I thought I’d get.”

And just one more thing,” I say. “Gavin’s in trouble just about all the time. You need to look after him; help him to stay out of trouble rather than letting him get you into it.”

“Yeah, I’ll remember that,” he says, nodding.

He goes on his way. I will ask him to pay me back later; I’m not ready right now.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Justin comes and sits on my bed. He’s looking nervous.

“What’s the problem, Tigger?” I ask.

He checks to make sure there’s no-one else in the room.

“This morning I woke up early,” he says quietly. “Was I hallucinating or was Rob in bed with Will?”

“You were hallucinating,” I say, grinning. “No, actually you weren’t; they do that quite often.”

“Really?” he says breathily, his eyes widening. “It looked like Rob was, you know ---,”

“Yeah, he probably was,” I say casually. “It’s okay; Will loves it. I do it with him sometimes, only I don’t spend the night there. I move around too much; I’d fall out.”

I glance down; Justin’s got a very obvious hard-on.

“You could join in if you wanted to,” I continue. “Will loves being bummed.”

“I don’t know,” he says, screwing his face up. “We’ve been mates for so long; I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it with him.”

“Martin’s the other possibility,” I say. “He wouldn’t kick you out either.”

“Wow!” he says. “I’d no idea he liked doing that! So have you done him then?”

“Yeah, so has Rob,” I say. “I haven’t had him this term though; I’ve been too busy. I’m not sure if Rob has. Ask him; he won’t say no, I promise.”

“I will,” he says, looking embarrassed. “Thanks.” He lowers his voice. “Of course what I’d really like is to find a younger boy to do it with.”

Well,” I say, grinning. “If you want one who’s never been with an older boy before, you’re on your own.”

“Dunno,” he says, looking puzzled. “I know that’s what we’re supposed to do, Tom told me. But it doesn’t matter really, does it?”

“Then I might be able to help you,” I say. “In fact, you could end up with one of the cutest kids in the school.”

“Come on, Toby,” he says, giggling. “Stop fooling about; I’m not going to get anyone like that!”

“You’d be surprised,” I tell him.

“So who then?” he demands, still giggling.

“Patrick Naylor,” I tell him.

“Patrick?!” he says, his eyes in serious danger of falling out. “He’s beautiful!”

“Yeah, well last year he was going with Brian Harper. Right now he seems to be at something of a loose end.”

“I still can’t believe he’d want to go with me,” he says.

“It’s not all about looks,” I say, especially not with someone like him. “You’re not bad looking in any case. I’m nothing special and I’ve not had a problem.”

“I’m too shy,” he protests. “I’d love to go and ask him but I’d get too embarrassed.”

“Okay, leave it to me,” I say grinning. “I’ll see what I can fix up.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I stroll along towards the art room. I reach the door; there’s no sign of anybody. Shit! I hate having to wait; it makes me paranoid. Half a minute later Patrick appears, bang on time, I like that. And Justin’s right; he is stunning.

“You said you wanted to see me,” he says nervously.

“Yeah, somewhere private,” I say. “I need to ask you something.”

I let us into the trunk store, closing the door behind us.

“I’ve never been here before,” he says, looking round. “I didn’t know we could.”

“Well, officially, we can’t,” I say, smiling at him. “I’m not going to tell you the details, but I managed to get hold of a key. You are now one of a very small number that knows about it. So as far as anyone else is concerned, you haven’t been here, okay? We talked out there on the corridor.”

“Yeah, cool,” he says, giving me a beautiful smile.

We park ourselves sitting side by side on the trunk.

“So how are things going this year?” I ask.

“Okay, thanks,” he says.

Have you found yourself a new friend yet?”

“No,” he says, looking a bit embarrassed. “The older lads all want a boy who hasn’t been with anyone before.”

Well, some of them do,” I concede. “But a very good friend of mine would love to meet you. He’s never been with a boy before and unfortunately, he’s very shy. So I said I’d ask you. His name’s Justin; he plays in the rugby team.

Justin?” he says. “Is that Tigger, the boy who took that amazing catch in the cricket match?”

Yes, that’s him,” he says, slightly surprised that he knows about it.

“Everyone says he’s really nice.”

“Yeah, he is,” I confirm. “He’ll really look after you.”

“Isn’t his dad a bishop or something?”

Close; he’s Dean of Salisbury Cathedral.”

“That’s funny!” he says, grinning at me. “You know!” he pauses for a moment. “I need someone like that,” he continues, sounding serious again. “Brian was great. People said he was arrogant and full of himself, but he was never like that when he was with me.”

“I think you must have been good for him,” I say, smiling at him.

“Thanks!” he says.

“You know,” he says, “When I first came here I really wanted to go with you. Lee took me to watch the first rugby match. You were the smallest kid on the pitch, but you didn’t seem to care; you went tackling boys who were much bigger than you were. I thought you were very brave; I couldn’t have done that. I told Lee that I fancied you, but he said you’d already got somebody else.”

Yeah, I guess I had by then,” I confirm, rather taken aback by the direction the conversation’s heading. “If I hadn’t, I’d have gone with you like a shot. But that’s how it goes; we can’t have everything. Anyway, it seems it all worked out okay.”

“Yeah,” he says quietly, sounding a bit disappointed.

“So are you okay about meeting Justin?” I ask.

“Yeah,” he confirms.

Okay,” I say. “Tomorrow lunchtime, as soon as he bell goes, we’ll be by the main door out onto the playground. It looks like it’s going to be warm again, so follow Justin round behind the pavilion. Have you been there before?”

“Yeah,” he says, nodding. “Brian and I went there a few times.”

“Cool,” I say. “We’ll see you then.”

He makes no attempt to move. I glance down; he’s as hard as a chocolate frog. I take a deep breath; if I follow this through, I’m going to break every rule there is. But I’m only going to do it once, so fingers crossed, I’ll get away with it. I swallow hard.

“Is there something else you want?” I ask, putting my hand on his thigh.

He nods, reaching across to help me off with my sweater.

“Patrick,” I say quietly, looking right into his eyes. “If we do this, you mustn’t say a word to anybody. It never happened, okay?”

“Yes, I know,” he says, smiling. “This is just between us, you and me.”

We gently undress each other until we’re down to our underpants. He’s one of the most beautiful boys I’ve ever seen; I can hardly believe we’re doing it. He runs his slim fingers over my chest. Oh, fuck!

“I’ve waited a whole year for this,” he says, almost killing me with his beautiful smile.

We pull each other’s briefs down, leaving us naked apart from our socks. His cock’s still quite small, around three inches, slim and uncut; it looks perfect on him. I’d like to have him on the bed but there’s no time for that now. I pull him towards me, our mouths meeting in a wonderful, sensuous kiss, his fingers running down my back and over my bum, his sexy boy-smell making me feel giddy.

“You’re amazing!” I breathe. “Gorgeous! Justin’s a very lucky boy.”

Are you going to bum me?” he asks, his eyes sparkling.

“Is that what you want?” I ask.

“Yes,” he says. “Please, Toby.”

I retrieve the pillow from its hiding place behind the bed and place it on the old desk. Patrick gets into position without me even having to ask him. His bum is as beautiful as the rest of him, absolutely perfect. It’s as well that I always carry some lube with me, even if the tube I’ve got at the moment is almost empty. I take it from the pocket of my shorts and carefully work some into him. I squeeze the tube again, managing to extract a little more. I smear it over my dick. I take another deep breath. I’ve been dreaming about this for months. That must seem wrong when I’ve got Ian and Alex, but I can’t help it; that’s how it is. I guide my dick onto its target and push hard. It spears into him.

“Oh, Toby!” he gasps, “I can feel you inside me!”

I hold him around the tops of his thighs and slowly pull him onto me until my tummy’s pressed tight against his bum. I pause for a moment to settle myself then set to work, bumming him quite gently at first. Gradually I build it up, fucking him harder, fucking him deeper, fucking him longer, the intensity increasing with every thrust. I’ve wanked myself stupid dreaming of this more times than I could count; right now I’m out on another planet, still scarcely able to believe I’m finally doing it.

Patrick’s moaning quietly, a sure sign of how much he’s enjoying the prostate massage my dick’s giving him. I wrap my fingers round his cock; it’s hard and throbbing. I thrust even harder. He whimpers; a moment later he shudders violently as the muscle spasms sweep over him. Our orgasms are just about simultaneous, his cock jumping around in my hand as my spunk blasts over and over into his bum. The best fuck ever? I’m not sure, but it’s definitely right up there; nothing could beat the way that felt, it just isn’t possible.

I help him to clean up then we quickly climb back in our clothes. After one final kiss, we go our separate ways.