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Sports day was a triumph, with new school records for Callum in the high jump and Russell in the javelin, plus numerous other excellent performances. It was the first time the whole school had been able to see Callum and William in action; everyone was most impressed. Although William didn’t break the school record, as he was only in third year, there was clearly a great deal more to come.

Another excellent year for you,” Richard Burman said as Jim met him afterwards. “It was a superb show today, definitely the best yet. You even got that reprobate Toby Redman in on the act.”

“Toby’s a remarkable young man,” Jim said smiling. “He’s totally dedicated to his filming.”

“Unfortunately, he has the manners of a street thug,” Richard said, sounding a note of disapproval.

“I still haven’t had any of my boys get a sports scholarship,” Jim commented. “Your boys seem to win music scholarships on a regular basis.”

“What about Russell Pearson?” Richard queried. “Winning a scholarship to Millfield is an outstanding achievement.”

“But Russell wasn’t my boy,” Jim said. “In any case, he’s so talented; I didn’t have much to do with it to be honest.”

Nonsense!” Richard protested. “You provided the environment in which his talent was able to flourish. He wouldn’t have got a scholarship if your predecessor had still been here; you ask John Halford.” He lowered his voice. “In any case, what you achieved with Tim Westlake was far more important; I’ve never done anything like that.”

“Thanks, Richard,” Jim said, smiling. “Actually, I’m hoping William will be the one,” he continued. “He’s something special.”

“Oh, so he’s going to be your boy then?” Richard queried, raising an eyebrow. “You’ve certainly not wasted time there. Well, I wish you luck. William’s a delightful boy; it would be wonderful to see him do well.”

Jim nodded but said nothing, unwilling to share the details of William’s somewhat unconventional seduction.

“By the way,” he said, quickly changing the subject. “What did you make of our friend Mr. Atkinson upping and leaving like that? Something about his brother having been killed in a car crash in New Zealand and him having to go out there to sort out his affairs.”

Between you and me, I don’t believe a word of it.” Richard said firmly, “but I haven’t been able to find out any more. I asked John Halford, who assured me that that was exactly what Mr. Atkinson had told him. What I can tell you is that Atkinson was definitely not sacked.”

“All very strange,” Jim said, grinning.

If you want my opinion, we’re well rid of him,” Richard said firmly.

“So with Gwyn Jones moving on and George Perkins retiring,” Jim noted, “that will be three new colleagues here next term.”

“Yes,” Richard confirmed. “Gordon’s been trying to get rid of Gwyn Jones for the past five years,” he continued, lowering his voice again. “Quite right too; the man’s bone idle. Well, he’s finally found someone who’ll take him. Mind you, I suppose he’ll be less of a liability as deputy head than he has been in the classroom. So let’s just hope the governors have made some good appointments.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“Jim, when you’ve finished, will you come to my office please,” John Halford said as Jim was eating lunch, “I’ve something I want to discuss with you.”

Ten minutes later, Jim knocked on the door of the deputy head’s office and went inside.

“I’ve got some good news for you,” John said, smiling. “Andrew Farnham, the new English master we’ve appointed, plays rugby to a reasonable standard, open side flanker I believe. He’s keen to help out. I’ve emphasised to him that we only run one team and that you’re in charge; it will be a matter of him doing what you need him to do. He hasn’t coached before so he’s perfectly happy to do that.”

“That’s excellent news,” Jim said warmly. “He could be a great help.”

“So over the holiday, think about how you want to use him,” John said.

“I’ll certainly do that,” Jim said. “Thanks for letting me know.”

“And that isn’t all,” John continued. “Mike Thompson, the new maths master, splendid chap and an excellent teacher by all accounts; it transpires that he’s a runner, and pretty good too, apparently. He’s done some coaching at the schools he’s worked at before, but neither establishment was very supportive. Anyway, he wants to get a cross-country team going. I’ve told him that rugby has to have first pick of the talent, but he’s still keen to get something started.”

“Well, as long as he understands the situation, I’ll be delighted for him to do that,” Jim said. “It’s not my sport and I don’t have the time, so he could be quite an asset.”

“That’s what we’re hoping,” John said, smiling.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Jim drove onto the school car park and checked the time. It was nearly half past six. It was already warm, the July sun framed by a completely blue sky. It was set to be another gorgeous day. Barely a minute later Tim appeared, but to Jim’s surprise he had Simon in tow. Tim opened the front passenger door and put his head inside.

“What’s he doing here?” Jim queried.

“His idea, randy little sod!” Tim said, grinning. “Sir, instead of going to your flat, why don’t we go into the woods? It’s a great day.”

It took Jim barely a second to decide. He didn’t want to take Simon to his flat, but he was reluctant to disappoint them by sending the younger boy back to his dorm.

“Yeah, okay,” he conceded.

He locked the car and followed the boys out into the woods. It was clear that they knew the place well, Tim leading them into a small, grassy den where they were totally hidden. The two boys began removing their shoes and socks.

“Are you stripping right off?” Jim asked.

“Yeah, of course!” Tim said nonchalantly. “We love being naked out here, don’t we Si?”

Yeah!” Simon agreed. “We were here yesterday after supper. We had a foursome; it was something else!”

“Really?” Jim responded, raising an eyebrow. “So who was that with?”

Russell and Dominic,” Tim told him as he helped Simon pull off his polo shirt. “Russell’s not the goody-two-shoes that everyone thinks he is. You’d think having sex out here would have kept him happy for a bit, but he’s been fucking Callum all night; they were still in bed together when I left.”

Oh, right!” Jim said, suddenly seeing the school cricket captain in a rather different light. “So what did you get up to yesterday evening?”

“We had a little swap session,” Tim said, a mischievous grin on his face.”

Yeah! Tim fucked Dominic while Russell did me,” Simon added excitedly. “Russell’s got a big one, hasn’t he Tim?

No confirmation was necessary. Jim had never seen Russell with an erection, but even without one it was clear that the lad’s penis was impressively well-developed. Tim and Simon were down to their underpants. Jim motioned for Simon to stand in front of him. The boy complied readily. Jim hooked his fingers into the waistband of the lad’s white briefs pulling then down in a single movement.

Simon’s three-inch penis was fully erect, standing straight up against his tummy, about half the small, shiny head exposed beyond his short foreskin. Jim wrapped his fingers round it. It was wonderfully hard, the way only a young boy’s can be. He picked up the boy’s discarded underpants. They were heavily stained and slightly damp.

“Didn’t you go to the toilet after Russell fucked you? he asked.

Yeah, course I did” Simon said, “but Russell’s spunk went right up me. I even went to the toilet just before we came out, but I’ve still got some up there; I can feel it.”

Jim smiled; Russell had obviously filled the ten year old far more copiously than Tim was able to.

Simon turned, quickly pulling Tim’s underpants down to his ankles.

“Come on sir! Tim said. “You’ve got to get naked too!”

Jim allowed the boys to remove his clothes, with Simon finally pulling down his jockey shorts.

Wow sir!” Simon breathed, his eyes like saucers. “Yours is even bigger than Russell’s!” He paused for a second, running his fingers over it. “Are you going to bum me sir?”

We’re both going to bum you,” Tim interjected. “That’s right, isn’t it sir?”

“Are you okay with that?” Jim asked cautiously, looking Simon right in the eye.

“Yeah, I like getting bummed,” Simon said. “I just never thought about taking one that big. Russell’s hurt pretty bad when it went up me, but it felt great once I got used to it.”

“You’ll be fine,” Tim assured him. “I was a bit worried the first time I took it.”

They got down onto the grass, Simon eagerly sucking Jim’s penis while the man worked on Tim’s. Although Jim generally preferred to be one-on-one with a boy he really liked, be it Duncan, Tim or most recently William, there was no denying that occasions such as this, fuelled by nothing more than animal lust, generated a level of excitement that was hard to match.

They changed positions. Simon got onto all fours. Tim knelt in front of him, thrusting his boyhood into his younger friend’s mouth. Jim crawled round behind, pulling Simon’s cheeks apart. The boy’s anus opened right up. Jim licked his lips then pushed his tongue into the gaping orifice, licking it eagerly, the tang of Russell’s semen still very much in evidence. Simon gurgled with pleasure, screwing his mouth all over Tim’s rampant penis. After several minutes Jim raised his head.

“Got any KY?” he mouthed at Tim. “Mine’s at home.”

Tim smirked, taking the tube from the pocket of his shorts. He handed it over. Jim squeezed some onto his fingers before driving one of them deep into Simon’s anus. Without taking his mouth off Tim’s penis the boy moaned audibly. Jim pushed in a second finger; there was no resistance. He allowed himself a smile. Simon was a slut in the making; at the prep school he’d attended more than half the rugby team would have fucked him.

“I think he’s ready for you,” he said, grinning at Tim.

He moved away, allowing Tim to take his place, watching intently as the lanky blond thrust his circumcised erection into Simon’s bottom. Simon moaned and whimpered as the older boy fucked him relentlessly, never missing a beat. Jim absently smeared KY over his penis, his eyes glued to the action. Suddenly instinct took over. He moved round behind. As Tim pulled back he thrust his penis into the slender boy’s rectum.

Oh! Oh sir!” Tim groaned, shocked by the sudden intrusion.

“Keep going! Jim growled in his ear.

Tim needed no second bidding, ploughing into his young friend with even greater ferocity. It took less than a minute. Almost without warning Tim’s breathing became short and ragged, his anus clamping tight around his mentor’s penis. A moment later his watery semen spurted into Simon’s bottom. As the boy’s orgasm subsided Jim quickly withdrew, a climax of his own having come uncomfortably close.

Finally, Tim pulled out, collapsing exhausted on the grass.

“Wow, sir!” he gasped, still struggling for breath. “I never expected that!”

“Why, what happened” Simon demanded.

“He stuck his dick up me while I was fucking you,” Tim explained.

Wow!” Simon said, eyes widening. “Did you cum, sir?”

No,” Jim replied, grinning. “I’m saving that for you.”

“He’s been wondering if he’d be your boy after I left,” Tim said. “I told him his missed the boat on that one.”

“I’m afraid so,” Jim said, moving into position. “In any case, you don’t do any out of class sport.”

“Why does that matter?” Simon queried.

“Because there’d be no reason for you to be together a lot,” Tim explained. “It’d make things awkward.”

Jim raised Simon’s hips slightly to give him better access. This was something special, he reflected. Simon was a year younger than Lucas had been, smaller too and very cute. He’d been only thirteen the last time he’d fucked a boy of Simon’s age; now here he was, more than eighteen years later, about to do it again. He thrust forward, forcing his penis through the boy’s well-stretched sphincter.

“Yeowwwww!!” Simon howled.

Tim picked up Simon’s soiled briefs, stuffing them into the younger boy’s mouth.

“That’ll keep you quiet,” he said calmly. “Go on, sir; he wants it all right.”

Jim set to work, thrusting repeatedly into Simon’s rectum. Gradually he pushed the boy forwards, forcing him down onto his stomach.

“Wow sir! That’s hot!” Tim breathed. “Go on sir! You’re fucking the shit out of him!”

Jim reached forward, removing the gag from Simon’s mouth.

“D’you like having my cock inside you?” he growled into the lad’s ear.

Oh yes sir, yes sir!” Simon whimpered, hardly knowing where he was.

The man’s penis was stimulating his prostate, his penis rubbing against the grass. Seconds later he shuddered wildly, his sphincter tightening sharply around the man’s invading penis. In the next instant his boyhood jerked into action, swelling and pulsing.

“Oh yes!” Jim gasped triumphantly. “You sexy little boy! You’ve made me cum! Now take it! Take my spunk!! Nnnnnggg!!!”

He held Simon by the shoulders as his penis reared up, volley after volley of thick, creamy semen spurting into the boy’s bottom. Finally it was over. He lay quite motionless for almost half a minute, his heart pounding against Simon’s back. He was completely drained. Slowly he eased his way out.

Simon’s anus was stretched wide open, Jim’s semen leaking out and trickling down between his legs. Very gingerly Simon got to his feet. He crouched down, expelling most of the man’s ejaculate onto the grass. He plucked a large dock leaf, wincing as he attempted to clean himself. He was obviously still in considerable pain.

Are you okay?” Jim asked, annoyed with himself for hurting the boy.

Yeah, thanks sir,” Simon replied, still breathing hard. “I’m just a bit sore; I’ll be all right.”

“I’m sorry I don’t have any cotton wool for you,” Jim said quietly. “I wasn’t planning on doing anything out here.”

It’s okay sir,” Simon repeated. “I needed to change my underpants anyway.”

Somewhat reluctantly they climbed back into their clothes.

“You two go on ahead,” Jim said quietly. “I’ll give you a few minutes to get safely back to school.”

He watched as the two boys left the den and made their way back towards the playing field.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Before term ended, Jim was alone with William on three further occasions. Their relationship blossomed immediately; not only did William love having sex, he simply revelled in the attention and encouragement Jim gave him. He would be the one; Jim had no doubt at all.

By contrast, he was dreading having to say goodbye to Tim. After everything they’d been through together, he’d grown very fond of the lad and had immense admiration for the way in which he’d turned his life around.

So will I be able to see you again?” Jim asked tentatively after their Wednesday assignation.

“Why don’t you pick me up early Friday morning,” Tim suggested, “like you do on Sundays, only I won’t have Simon with me this time.”

I thought you’ have gone home by then,” Jim said.

Tim gave him a look. Jim mentally kicked himself. Tim’s parents wouldn’t attend Thursday’s graduation party and take the boy home afterwards; they’d leave him to make his way home on Friday, alongside all the younger boys.

“I’m sorry, Tim” Jim whispered. “Of course I’ll pick you up.”

It’s not that bad,” Tim said, giving him a beautiful smile. “Marc and David will still be here; Thursday night will be pretty wild.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Tim got into the car, flopping down on the front passenger seat.

“Looks like you haven’t had much sleep,” Jim commented, glancing across as he started the engine.

“That’s because I haven’t,” Tim responded.

“So how wild did things get last night?” Jim enquired.

“Very,” Tim said, giving him a wry grin.

“Sounds interesting,” Jim said, driving out past the gatehouse and onto the road. “Want to tell me about it?”

Well, the three of us stayed awake till after midnight, just chatting and that. Then I went and collected Simon; brought him back to our dorm. We all did him. Marc and David have never been with a younger kid before; they went wild for it!”

“I bet they did!” Jim said, grinning. “And was Simon okay with that?”

Oh, yeah!” Tim assured him. “He loved it! You should have heard him, randy little sod; he was pretty well begging for it! Anyway, after we finished I took him back. Had to give him a goodbye kiss, of course; it was quite sad really. So I ended up going to bed about half past one. I woke up about five o’clock to find Marc in bed with me. Well, Marc’s okay and he’s got a really nice dick. I knew what he wanted. We’d all gone to bed naked so I just rolled on my tummy and he fucked me.”

Jim pictured the scene. Although he did not shine at sport, Marc Ainsworth was a good looking boy and very bright. He’d grown considerably in recent months to a slim five foot six, with a large uncut penis, a neat little crop of pubic hair and big, low-hanging balls.

“I bet he enjoyed that! Jim commented.

You can say that again” Tim said, stifling a giggle. It was like he’d won the football pools! He said it was like buses. He waited ages to find a boy to fuck then he gets two in one night.”

And did you like it?” Jim enquired.

“Yeah, it was cool,” Tim said, smiling. “Not as good as you though; he came too quick for one thing.”

Jim breathed in deeply, his penis straining against the confines of his jockey shorts; he could hardly wait to get Tim back to the flat. Once inside they headed directly to Jim’s bedroom. They quickly undressed each other and got onto the bed. They lay facing each other, their lips meeting in a wild, passionate kiss. Tim cocked his left leg over Jim’s, his boyhood grinding into the man’s stomach. It was an invitation Jim couldn’t refuse. He ran his hand down Tim’s slender back, sliding his index finger between the boy’s buttocks until he located his anus, his initial touch confirming Tim’s story. He’d been fucked within the past couple of hours; the signs were unmistakeable. Their lips parted.

“I just want to say thanks,” Tim whispered. “You’ve been brilliant, you and Simon.”

“It’s been my pleasure,” Jim said quietly, running his fingers through the boy’s blond, wavy hair.

It was Simon who made me do it,” Tim continued. “When he had a go at me after the match against Whitestone I knew I had to do something; I couldn’t carry on like I was. But I couldn’t have done it without you. Sometimes I found it really hard, but you were always there for me. I won’t forget that; I promise. Simon’s helped a lot too. Every time I did something good he’d tell me how proud he was of me. It meant so much, hearing him say that; nobody’s ever said stuff like that to me before.”

Well I’m proud of you too,” Jim responded. “You’ve done so well, far better than anyone expected. So are you looking forward to Charterhouse?”

Oh yeah!” Tim breathed with obvious enthusiasm. “I can’t wait! Especially as Callum’s going to be there; he’s done really well too, hasn’t he? He always used to be so down on himself.” He paused. “Sir, have you been with William yet?”

“Yeah,” Jim confirmed, smiling. “You don’t mind, do you?”

“No, of course not,” Tim said. “Have you fucked him?”

“Yeah,” Jim said.

“Did he like it?” Tim asked eagerly.

“Yeah,” Jim repeated, taking care not to mention Jeremy’s part in proceedings. “He was a bit sore afterwards, but he was okay”

“That’s hot!” Tim responded, rubbing his boyhood against Jim’s stomach.

“Hmmmm!!” Jim cooed, tickling Tim’s anus. “So what d’you want now?”

You know what I want!” Tim said, giving the man his sexiest smile.

Jim wasted no time, quickly smearing KY over his penis. Seconds later, Tim was lying on his tummy, a pillow under his hips. Jim lowered himself onto the boy and fucked him into oblivion.

As they drove back to school, Jim felt totally at peace. Tim had graduated with flying colours and would be going to one of the best schools in the country, well prepared for the challenges that lay ahead of him.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Although he hadn’t booked anything, Jim had envisaged spending some time in the Far East once the summer holiday began. In the event he abandoned the idea. When compared with the magical times he’d spent with Tim and William, the prospect of travelling eight thousand miles to have routine sex with boys he’d forget the moment that he came home no longer seemed so attractive. Instead, he spent the time relaxing and doing things that he could never fit in during term. Towards the end of August he returned to school just as he always did, making sure everything was ready for the new school year.

Good holiday?” Richard Burman enquired, re-appearing a few days before term was due to begin.

Very good, thanks.” Jim assured him. “I didn’t go abroad; it didn’t seem worth it this year. So I managed to fit in some of the things I never seem to have time for; went to the theatre a couple of times, went to the proms. There was an exhibition at the British Museum I wanted to see; I got to that, visited Leeds Castle, that’s about it.”

“I know what you mean about travelling to foreign parts,” Richard said sagely. “I didn’t go either. I may go next year.” He lowered his voice. “It’ll depend on whether I’ve found a successor for Leo.”

Jim smiled knowingly, picturing the outstanding young trumpeter who had been Richard’s boy for the past year. He wasn’t jealous though; he’d have William, even if he did have to share him with Jeremy.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Monday marked the first day of term. With classes finished for the day, William reported to Jim’s office. As after school activities would not begin till the following day, they had the place to themselves. Jim locked the changing room door to make sure they wouldn’t be disturbed before taking William into the office. He drew the boy in close, William’s blond head resting on his shoulder.

“Good holiday?” Jim asked gently.

Okay,” William said. “Just after we broke up I spent a week at Jeremy’s house. That was great! They live out in Essex; the house is massive! Jeremy’s a lot nicer than most people think; I really missed him when I went home. I’ve missed you too sir.”

“So have you seen Jeremy since you got back?” Jim enquired.

“Yes,” William said, “last night after supper. We went up to the attic. It seems that he’s in charge of things now.”

“Hmm, I thought he would be,” Jim said, gently massaging William’s back and small, taut bottom. “So what did you do?”

You know sir, everything.”

“You went all the way?


“Did it hurt?”

It did a bit, sir; his cock’s really grown during the holiday, but I love having him inside me. My bum was sore afterwards, but it was fine again this morning.”

“You’re a beautiful, sexy boy, William,” Jim cooed. “Are you ready for me to do that?”

“Yes sir!” William said eagerly.

Jim leaned forwards, drawing William into a sensuous kiss. Jim as consumed with passion; considering the boy’s limited experience, he kissed quite wonderfully. Jim turned slightly, feeling William’s erection pressing against his leg. He gently ended the kiss then slowly lowered himself onto his chair, running his hands down William’s sides and onto his boyish hips. Dropping one hand to William’s knee, he slowly massaged the expanse of bare thigh exposed below the boy’s brief grey shorts.

He took a deep breath then reached up, undoing the top of William’s shorts and pulling down the zip. He eased them off the boy’s hips, allowing them to fall around his ankles. He paused for a second, taking in the sight in front of him, William’s erection creating a hard bulge in his skimpy white briefs. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband and pulled them down. There was no sign of development, William’s genitals looking exactly as he remembered them. He leaned forwards, devouring the boy’s hard little spike, working his tongue all over it then flicking it out to slash at the lad’s cute marble-sized balls.

“Oooh, sir!” William moaned, instinctively holding Jim’s head.

Jim quickly applied some KY to his fingers. Slipping his hand between William’s legs he located the boy’s sphincter. He tickled it briefly then pushed his index finger inside, penetrating beyond the second knuckle until he touched the boy’s prostate.

“Ohhh!!” William gasped, his penis twitching in Jim’s mouth.

Jim inserted a second finger, thrusting it in behind the first, finger-fucking the boy, twisting his fingers around to open him up. Finally he sat back in his chair.

That’s wonderful,” he said, smiling up at the boy and gently withdrawing his fingers. “Get me wet.”

William knelt down without a moment’s hesitation. He opened the top of Jim’s shorts, freeing the man’s penis. Holding it around the base he licked his lips then plunged forwards, taking it into his mouth. He sucked it hungrily, pushing further down with every stroke.

“Good boy!” Jim whispered. “Easy! I don’t want to cum yet!”

William let him go, kneeling upright again.

Jim got to his feet, retrieving the pillow and placing it on his desk. Without waiting to be asked, William positioned himself over it. Jim took a step backwards. William was the fourth boy that he’d had in this position; Duncan, Spencer, Tim and now William. He took in the sight that presented itself, the brief grey shorts and skimpy white briefs puddled around the boy’s feet, the long dark socks reaching almost to his knees, the white polo shirt pushed up around his chest. In between were the long, slender thighs and small taut bottom with its little puckered hole, a little area of chafing to either side, a legacy of Jeremy’s penetration the previous evening. In his eyes, nothing in all creation could be more beautiful.

He smeared a little KY over his penis then moved in close, carefully guiding it onto its target. He took a deep breath then pushed forwards. After a moment’s resistance William’s sphincter yielded to the pressure, Jim’s large purple glans embedding itself in the lad’s rectum.

“Ohhhhhh!” William gasped, fighting back the tears.

“Good boy!” Jim said soothingly, savouring the wonderfully tight sheath that was gripping his penis. “Relax and push out. I won’t move; just get used to me being there.”

Very slowly, William’s sphincter accustomed itself to the intrusion, the pain gradually ebbing away.

Does that feel good now?” Jim enquired, the pressure on his penis beginning to ease.

“Yes sir!” William confirmed.

Jim held the boy around the tops of his legs, steadily drawing him backwards. He encountered the lad’s prostate.

“Oh yeah!!” William groaned, his penis twitching violently.

Jim continued on his course, gradually penetrating deeper until his pubic hair was compressed against the boy’s bottom.

“Good lad!!” he breathed. “You like that, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes sir!” William responded.

Instinctively Jim began to move, fucking the lad with long, powerful thrusts, William emitting a quiet, high-pitched moan on each inward stroke. He tried to keep it slow, wanting to make it last, but after almost two months without sexual contact, his lust got the better of him. Gradually he accelerated, each thrust harder than the one before, until he was fucking the boy with all the force he could muster. He reached down as he’d done with all William’s predecessors, wrapping his fingers around the lad’s throbbing penis. William’s reaction was almost immediate. He bucked like a wild animal, his anus clamping even tighter around Jim’s invading manhood. A moment later his penis swelled and jerked in the games master’s hand.

In the next instant Jim’s orgasm was upon him, hitting him like a runaway train. Gripping William around the thighs, he sank his full length into the boy, holding on for all he was worth. Semen barrelled through his penis, exploding in prodigious quantities deep inside the lad’s rectum. His climax at an end, he sank down over William’s back, completely exhausted.

As his breathing returned to normal he slowly withdrew. William’s anus was severely dilated, the chafing to either side far more noticeable.

“Are you okay?” Jim asked apprehensively. “I’m sorry; I’ve not seen you for so long I got a bit carried away.”

William turned to face him, his eyes sparkling.

“Sir! That was something else!” he gasped, once again throwing his arms around Jim’s neck.

It was music to the man’s ears. Beautiful, talented, sexy William was a very special boy indeed.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It wasn’t any surprise that William appeared at the first rugby training session and subsequent trial; he was there because all his friends were. He was trying for a place on the wing. Because of his pace, ball in hand he could look quite impressive, but that was his only useful attribute. As far as Jim was concerned, he was not cut out to be a rugby player. However, there were not too may candidates for the wing positions. Jonathan Moore, bigger, stronger and faster than he had been a year before, would play on the right. The left wing position was up for grabs. Jim included William in the squad for the final trial simply to make up the numbers.

“You know you’ve included William in the final trial,” Jeremy enquired afterwards. “Does that mean he’s going to be in the team?”

“I wouldn’t think so,” Jim said, smiling. “William’s an excellent athlete but he’s no rugby player.”

“But he’s very quick sir,” Jeremy countered. “If we can get the ball to him in some space, he could be very effective.”

That’s a very big if,” Jim responded, somewhat irritated by Jeremy’s persistence. “And defensively he’s a complete liability; his tackling’s even worse than Tim’s was.”

But you taught Tim how to tackle properly,” Jeremy said, unwilling to let the matter go. “Couldn’t we teach William?”

That was a bit different,” Jim said patiently, realising that this was a difficult issue. “Tim had a couple of bad experiences early on when he was learning to tackle, so being Tim he decided he wasn’t going to do it. Once he’d decided he was going to do it, he could tackle as well as anybody. The problem with William is that he’s far too gentle; it’s just not in him to go hurtling into people. Craig Shackleton’s the same. They’ve got all the physical attributes; they’re just not aggressive enough.”

Oh, I see,” Jeremy said, looking disappointed. “Couldn’t we try him out in the first couple of matches, see how he gets on? Who else have we got to play there, sir?”

I’ll have to think about it,” Jim said, realising only too well that Jeremy’s feelings for William were clouding his judgement. “The new lad in Lower Fourth is a possibility. I’ve not seen much of him yet, but he looks quite useful. We’ll have to see. I know William will be disappointed if all his mates are in the team and he’s not, but I can’t help that.”

“So is Toby going to be scrum half then?” Jeremy asked, opening up a second front.

Almost certainly,” Jim said, a note of authority in his voice.

“Oh, I thought you might pick Philip for that, sir,” Jeremy suggested. “He’s okay.”

“Yeah, he’s okay,” Jim responded, “but Toby’s in a different class.

Jeremy’s face fell; it was clearly not news he wanted to hear.

Now listen,” Jim said quietly, placing his hands on Jeremy’s shoulders. He looked the boy straight in the eye. “I know you and Toby have had your differences. Toby’s not always the easiest boy to get along with, but he’s an excellent player and he will be in the team. Now remember the lessons of last season; when you go out onto the pitch you’ve got to put all the personal stuff to one side. Captain the team as I’ve told you and you will earn his respect; I’ve no doubt about that. Understand?”

Yes sir,” Jeremy said obediently.

Right, you’d better get off to prep!” Jim declared. “It wouldn’t look good for the rugby captain to arrive late.”

As Jeremy hurried from the pavilion, Jim sat down, considering his options. He was definitely going to put Toby in the team, which Jeremy clearly wasn’t happy with. Maybe he could sweeten the pill by including William for the first couple of matches. The team should be strong enough to win those in any case; by then Jeremy would have realised how poor William really was. It wasn’t ideal, but Jeremy’s greatest asset was his enthusiasm; that’s why he’d been made captain. Taking the wind out of his sails would not be a good move.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny, fairly typical of early September. Jim drove into the school grounds, parked in the car-park and turned off the engine. Since meeting up with William on Monday afternoon he’d been with him on twice more, penetration having been achieved more easily on each occasion. The boy had been so eager and affectionate that he’d taken the bull by the horns, asking the lad if he would like to come to his flat just as Tim had done. William had seemed keen enough; whether he’d actually turn up on time was another matter.

A minute later his doubts were dispelled as a smiling William trotted across the car-park.

“Great to see you,” Jim breathed as the lad got in next to him.

Five minutes later they were back at the flat.

“Nice place sir!” William said enthusiastically. “Really cool!”

Yeah, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it,” Jim told him. “I’m glad you like it.”

“Did you used to bring Tim here?” William asked.

“Yes,” Jim confirmed. “Doing it at school is okay, but this is much nicer, you know, more relaxed.”

“Yes sir,” William said, giving him a beautiful smile.

Jim led the way to his bedroom. Without a word being spoken they stripped each other naked. They lay face to face on the bed, arms intertwined, their noses almost touching.

“Looking forward to the rugby trial tomorrow?” Jim enquired.

“Sort of,” William said. “D’you think I’ll get in the team sir? I don’t know if I’m good enough.”

“Well Jeremy seems very keen to have you in the team,” Jim responded, “so we’ll have to see.”

“Okay sir,” William said, smiling again. “I’ll do my best anyway.”

The message was very clear; William’s selection for the rugby team was far more Jeremy’s idea than it was William’s. Jim pulled William closer, their lips meeting in a delicious, passionate kiss. Five minutes later their kiss had transformed quite seamlessly into a wonderful sixty-nine, William’s expertise and enthusiasm quite remarkable for a boy of so little experience. Jim squeezed some KY onto his fingers, carefully working it into William’s anus.

“Are you going to bum me sir?” William asked, his blue eyes sparkling.

“Yes, of course I am!” Jim whispered.

“How d’you want me, sir?” William enquired.

Jim was about to tell him to turn onto his tummy when another thought struck him. William was every bit as loose-limbed as Duncan had been. That’s how they’d do it.

“Lift your legs up,” Jim said. “Pull you knees right back.”

William complied eagerly, leaving his little puckered hole completely exposed. Jim crawled into position, smearing a little KY over his penis.

Wow, sir!” William breathed. “I’ll be able to watch you sticking it up me!”

Jim adjusted William’s position, bringing the lad’s rear entrance to exactly the right height. He guided his penis onto it and pushed hard, penetrating the boy immediately.

“Ooooh, sir!” William gasped, “Oh yeah!”

Jim continued to thrust until he was all the way in. After a moment to steady himself he began to fuck, William’s eyes riveted to his penis as it pumped it and out of the lad’s rectum. After a couple of minutes, Jim leaned forwards, pushing down between William’s knees. Their lips met, William’s long, slim legs wrapped around his mentor’s back. On they went, kissing and fucking as though contained in their own private world that nobody else could enter.

Without warning, William shuddered from head to toe, almost knocking Jim off balance, the boy’s legs flailing uncontrollably. A moment later William’s boyhood swelled and pulsed without either of them having touched it. Within seconds, Jim was there too, his jerking penis depositing load after load of man-cream into William’s pert little bottom.

They remained motionless for what seemed like ages. Jim counted his good fortune then repeated the process just to make sure. William was perfect, a dream come true. He’d walk off a cliff for the lad if that’s what was needed.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The final rugby trial concluded. Jim consulted with Andrew Farnham, the new English master and his assistant coach, before announcing the team.

“I’m going to put William Lawrence on the left wing,” Jim said, “with the new boy Pascal Donnelly at full back.”

Andrew gave him a rather strange look.

“Meet me in the staff room afterwards,” Jim said quietly. “I’ll explain it to you.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

In the first match of the season, at home to St. George’s, William’s uncertain ball-handling and defensive frailties were all too obvious. Their opponents, however, had neither the wit nor the skill to take advantage, Hartswood running out comfortable winners.

The same was not the case the following week, away at Alverley. Time and again the Alverley team launched attacks on that flank, William’s all too gentle attempts to stop them proving completely ineffective. On most occasions one of the other Hartswood boys, most frequently scrum-half Toby Redman, sprinted across to make a covering tackle, but three times none of them could get there, resulting in Hartswood conceding a try that should have been prevented.

To Jeremy’s credit, he captained the team exactly as Jim had told him to.

Fantastic tackle” he shouted at Toby after the younger boy had sprinted fully twenty yards before hurling himself at the Alverley right wing, bundling his opponent unceremoniously into touch. “Come on lads! Let’s get one back!”

Toby’s reaction was to get up, grin and carry on with as much enthusiasm as before. The match ended with Hartswood having scored a narrow victory. Jim was relieved more than anything; he knew full well that Alverley should never have got close. As they left the field, William was visibly distressed; he’d let the team down and he knew it. Jim’s mind was made up; William would have to be dropped whether Jeremy liked it or not.

When they returned to school, Jeremy waited behind until his team mates had dispersed.

Sir, may I have a word,” he asked nervously.

“Sure,” Jim said calmly.

I want to apologise,” Jeremy said, looking down at the floor. “I asked you to put William in the team. I was wrong; he’s exactly like you said. I should have listened.”

Well, no real harm done,” Jim said. “We still won, just about.”

“So what will we do for the next match, sir?” Jeremy enquired.

Move Pascal onto the left wing, bring Hugh Cameron in at full-back.”

“Yes sir, that would be much better; Pascal’s really good,” Jeremy said respectfully. “I understand why Toby’s in the team now too; some of the tackles he made were unbelievable, especially considering he’s not that big. Philip couldn’t have done that; he wouldn’t have got there.”

“You’re learning! Jim said, giving Jeremy a broad grin.

Yes sir,” Jeremy acknowledged. “I made a point of speaking to Toby afterwards to congratulate him on the way he played. I thought he might be, you know, a bit funny about it, but he wasn’t at all. He just smiled and said thanks.”

“Well done,” Jim said, still smiling. “That’s something else you’ve learned.”

“Sir, do you want me to speak to William?” Jeremy asked.

“No, leave it to me,” Jim said. “It’ll be easier that way.”

As Jeremy bustled away, Jim allowed himself a little smile. An important hurdle had been crossed; Jeremy would never dare to question another of his decisions. It had all worked out very well.