Let us all solemnly disclaim! Right, that’s quite enough of that, okay?

So now we move on; a one-chapter story this time. Now I have an admission to make here. I had intended to write the whole Snapshots series in the third person, but when I tried to write this one in the third person it just wouldn’t work; it was tedious and long-winded. So after two weeks I scrapped what I’d done and re-wrote it in my usual first person, present tense style. I’m still at a loss to explain why this one wouldn’t work as a third person narrative when all the others have.

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Brian and I are half sitting, half-kneeling by the touchline, alongside around a dozen other boys, watching the final trial for the school rugby team. We only got back to school just over a week ago. The weather’s still warm, ideal for being out here watching. We love rugby; I play on the wing, Brian in the centre. We’ve just started third year so we’re not old enough to play for the school yet, but next year we could be out there. I don’t know about making the team; Brian might but I don’t think I will.

We’ve got some really good players, but the one everyone’s watching is Henry Jarvis. Henry’s only in Lower Fourth, but he’s as tall as any of the Upper Fourth boys; he must be about five foot six. He plays at the back of the pack; he’s very strong and very quick. He pushes as hard as any of the older boys and when he’s running with the ball he’s extremely difficult to stop. Oh, and his ball-handling’s brilliant; he never fumbles it, ever! I wish I could be that good.

I have to admit that some of us have another reason for being here. Several of the boys who are selected for the team are going to be looking for a younger friend. Well, I’d love to be one of those younger friends; I know Brian would too. Bobby Slater’s sitting a few yards to our left; he’s one of the cutest looking kids in the whole school. He’s been Sherman Whittaker’s younger friend since just after Christmas. Sherman’s going to be captain this year; he plays fly half and takes all the kicks at goal; he’s really good. Well, I’m in the same dorm as Bobby and he’s told me all about what he and Sherman do together; it’s very exciting.

So apart from watching the rugby, we’re sitting here dreaming about who we’d like to be with, but that’s all I’m doing, dreaming. I’m not really expecting any of them to pick me. I’m not ugly or anything, just ordinary-looking and really skinny. Brian won’t have a problem though. He’s very nice looking, he’s got a much better body than I have, and while I’m shy, he’s really confident; he can go and talk to the older boys without even thinking about it. He’ll have an older friend in no time. I guess I’ll just have to try not to be too disappointed.

After about forty minutes the trial ends. The boys who’ve been playing sit on the grass in the middle of the pitch, waiting for Mr. Cooper, the games master, to announce who’s made the team. Once he’s read the names out, they all get up and head towards the pavilion. As they troop off the field, Henry looks across at us and smiles. With his blond hair and bright blue eyes, he’s the best looking of all of them. I’m not sure who he’s smiling at, except that it isn’t me.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It’s been a couple of days since the trials. I’m just crossing the quadrangle, taking a short cut to the recreation room. Henry appears from the main building, walking the other way

“Hi!” he says brightly, as we approach each other. “I saw you the other afternoon, watching the trials. Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes, thanks,” I say, rather surprised that he’s taken the trouble to talk to me. “You played great; I’m looking forward to seeing you playing against the other schools.”

“I’ve seen you playing too,” Henry says, a big smile on his face. “You play on the wing, don’t you? You’re pretty quick.”

“I’m too light,” I say, frowning a bit. “When I get tackled I go down too easily.”

“You’ll grow,” he says reassuringly, “and you’ve got plenty of guts; that’s what counts. I saw you once when you had that oaf Colin Preston land right on top of you. You just brushed it off like nothing had happened.”

I’m very surprised he remembers that; it happened months ago. Colin’s a big fat kid and he’s so slow he wouldn’t normally get near me, but I’d just side-stepped out of one tackle and turned right into him. He flattened me!

“It’s part of the game,” I say casually. “If you don’t like being tackled you shouldn’t be out there.”

“What’s your name?” he asks.

“Jonathan,” I tell him. “Jonathan Moore.”

“I’m Henry,” he says, extending a hand. “Would you like to be my friend?” he asks quietly, almost whispering. “I’d be really pleased if you would.”

I stand there like a complete idiot, not knowing what to say. Not only has the best rugby player in the school taken the time to talk to me; he’s asked if I’d like to be his friend. It just doesn’t seem possible. Is he teasing me? Then it hits me; he’s waiting for me to answer and the look on his face says he’s thinking I’m going to say no.

“Ye-es,” I stutter, nervously accepting his handshake. “I’d like that very much.”

“Great,” he says, smiling broadly again. “See me here at the start of lunchtime tomorrow; I’ll fix up for us to go somewhere.”

A moment later he’s gone. I hurry off to the recreation room. I’m so keen to get there I have to stop myself running; if I don’t tell Brian what’s happened I’ll burst. He’s sitting watching the telly.

“Come outside,” I whisper,” I need to tell you something.”

He follows me onto the corridor. I look round, making sure that nobody can hear us.

“Henry Jarvis has asked me to be his friend,” I say quietly.

Brian’s even more dumb-struck than I was. Although not in the same dorm, we’ve been friends almost from the day we started here. We compete at everything. Sometimes I win, sometimes he does, but I know he expected to win this one; so did I for that matter. For a moment he looks very disappointed, but suddenly his face changes.

“Wow!” he says, grinning at me. “That’s amazing! How did it happen?”

“Dunno, really,” I tell him. “I was just walking across the quadrangle; he was coming the other way. He started chatting to me then he asked if I’d like to be his friend. I couldn’t believe it. I thought he was teasing at first, but he wasn’t.”

“Great!” he whispers. “You deserve to get someone really nice like that.”

“Thanks,” I say, smiling back. “See you later!”

I make my way back to the dorm. I’m in luck; Bobby’s lying on his bed, reading. There’s only one other kid there; he’s right across the far side of the room with his nose buried in a book. Very quietly, I tell Bobby what’s happened.

“Man! That is so good!” he whispers enthusiastically. “Henry’s really nice and he’s a great player.”

“He’s told me to meet him in the quadrangle at the start of lunch tomorrow,” I continue.

“I don’t think he’ll be taking you anywhere then,” he says. “He’ll just tell you when and where the real meeting is. Come and find me after lunch once you know where you’re meeting him.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Bobby got it exactly right; Henry gives me my instructions and that’s it. After I’ve eaten lunch I go and find Bobby. We hide ourselves away round the back of the refectory where nobody’s going to hear us.

“He’s told me to meet him outside the science lab after supper,” I report.

“Oh, he’ll be taking you to the bogs just along the corridor,” Bobby says casually. “It’s okay, very safe; I’ve been there loads of times. Just make sure there’s nobody watching when you go up the stairs.” He looks around to make sure there was no-one close by. “He’ll probably start off sitting on the toilet,” he continues. “That’s what usually happens. He’ll get your shorts and pants down, and you pull your shirt up so he can get a proper look at you, okay?”

“Yeah, cool,” I say, trying to sound nonchalant. In reality my heart’s thumping like crazy.

“Then he’ll suck your dick,” he goes on. “Well, that’s what they’re supposed to do. I love it; it feels incredible! He might feel your bum as well, just depends. Then after he’s finished sucking you, he’ll most likely ask you to suck his. So you kneel in the floor, he’ll stand up; you get his shorts and pants down and suck him. Just make sure to keep your teeth out of the way. If you keep on sucking him some gooey stuff will squirt out of his dick and into your mouth; it’s called spunk. He’s finished then; that’s it really.”

“Great, thanks!” I say, grinning at him.

“Some of the older boys like kissing,” he says, grinning back; you know, proper kissing with your mouths open. Sherman and I love it! I don’t know if Henry will want to do that; you’ll have to see.”

I nod; the idea of Henry kissing me has turned me on more than ever.

He pauses “There is one other thing,” he whispers, his bright blue eyes fixed on mine. “He may want to bum you. If you don’t want him to, that’s cool; he mustn’t make you do it before you’re ready. Of course, you’ll have to do it eventually. Have you ever tried, you know, sticking something up your arse?”

“Yeah,” I admit, feeling a bit embarrassed.

“Really?” he says. “What did you use?”

“Well, after you told me what you and Sherman did, I tried putting Vaseline on my fingers, and pushing them up. One was okay; it took a while before I could get two in.”

“So did you like it then?” he asks.

“Yeah; it felt good.”

“Ever tried anything else?” he enquires.

“When I was home on holiday, I got a carrot out of the kitchen, you know, a fairly small one. A smeared Vaseline over it and tried that. It was great; made my cock tingle like crazy!”

“Hope you threw it away afterwards!” he says, giggling. He leans over, putting his mouth right to my ear. “Having a boy’s dick up there feels even better!” he whispers, before moving away again. “The thing is,” he says, “it always hurts the first time. Sherman spent more than two weeks getting his fingers up my bum and stuff before he bummed me, but it still hurt. Just remember, when he does it you have to stay relaxed; push out like you’re having a crap, okay?”

“Yeah, thanks,” I say, grinning. “I’ll remember that.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It’s just gone ten past seven. I make my way to the bottom of the main staircase, check that there’s no-one watching and head up to the science lab. I’m supposed to meet him at quarter past. Slowly the seconds tick past. Finally, I hear footsteps coming up the stairs. My heart’s in my mouth; suppose it isn’t him? How do I explain why I’m here? A moment later he appears. Man! I can’t describe how I feel, relief and excitement all rolled into one.

“Great to see you,” he whispers, a broad smile on his face. “Follow me!”

He strides along to the boys’ room next to the science lab, makes his way inside and heads directly into one of the stalls, with me following obediently behind. He bolts the door and sits on the toilet. I stand in front of him, just like Bobby said. He runs his hands over my hips; he seems nervous; I hadn’t expected that. I guess it’s the first time for him too. He fumbles with the clip at the top of my shorts, finally releasing it and pulling down the zip. They fall around my ankles. He takes a deep breath then skins my underpants right down my legs. I pull my shirt up. He breathes in sharply, looking right at my dick. It’s about three inches long when it’s stiff, like it is now, very slim like the rest of me and uncut, a little nozzle of foreskin sticking out at the end. My balls are still really small and there isn’t a trace of hair down there yet.

He licks his lips and takes my dick into his mouth, sucking it eagerly, working his tongue all over it. Within a few seconds I’m gasping for breath; I know Bobby said having your dick sucked feels incredible, but I never expected it to be this good. Without even thinking about it, I stroke Henry’s smooth blond hair. I don’t want him to stop doing this, not ever! His hand slides up between my thighs, his fingers tickling the skin between my balls and my arse. I almost explode; I had no idea how exciting it was going to feel. A greasy finger touches my bum, gently working its way around the rim before settling right on his hole. I relax, allowing it to push inside. Very slowly it probes deeper and deeper. Finally, he touches that hard, sensitive spot I found when I stuffed a carrot up there. My dick jerks in his mouth like he just plugged it into the electric. Fuck!

Slowly and carefully he lets me go, his finger sliding out again. He looks up, his eyes sparkling.

“Beautiful!” he whispers. “Will you suck mine?”

I kneel down, just like Bobby told me to. Henry stands up, looking a bit surprised. Maybe he thought we’d just swap places or something. I open his shorts, pulling them down to the floor; a moment later his white underpants are down there too. And there it is, right in front of me, Henry’s dick, uncut like mine but with the head poking part-way out of the foreskin. It’s not that much longer than mine, just over four inches I’d guess, but it’s a lot thicker; it must be about two inches round. He’s got a few golden hairs above it; a large pair of balls hangs beneath. I can’t take my eyes off it!

“You’ve got a beauty!” I breathe.

I hold it around the base, using thumb and index finger, gently easing it away from his body. I flick out my tongue, licking it nervously. It tastes okay. I lick it again, swiping my tongue over the shiny purple head. I like it! This is it. I take my courage in both hands, sliding my lips over it, slowly working my way right down the shaft. It's the best feeling ever, his dick hard and hot in my mouth. Instinctively I begin to suck, my head bobbing up and down, twisting first one way then the other, my tongue exploring every square millimetre. After a few seconds he’s gasping just like I was. Very gently he holds my head, running his fingers through my hair.

I know what’s going to happen if I keep this up; he’s going to spurt in my mouth, just like Bobby said. I don’t even mind him doing that, but ever since he asked me to be his friend I’ve been dreaming about him bumming me. I know it’s going to hurt. I don’t care; I want to try it. I pull away and look up at him, licking my lips and grinning.

“Are you going to bum me?” I whisper.

He looks completely amazed, like he never expected it.

“Have you done this before?” he asks.

“No,” I respond, shaking my head. “Bobby told me about it; I want to try it. Please.”

He gives me a knowing smile; I guess he knows who Bobby is.

“Okay, if you’re sure,” he says, looking like all his Christmases just came at the same time.

I get to my feet and position myself over the toilet, bent at the waist, legs braced, my hands resting on the seat. He takes a tube of this jelly stuff from the pocket of his shorts, quickly squeezing some onto his fingers. After a couple of seconds he runs one finger down my crack, till he finds my bum-hole. He tickles it for a moment then pushes inside, slowly driving it in till he touches that hard, knobbly spot.

“Ahhh!” I gasp, my dick really tingling again.

He works the finger in and out with me moaning and squirming the whole time. After a minute he pulls the finger most of the way out, carefully positions a second finger behind it, and slowly pushes them both back in. I wince but manage to stop myself squealing; it takes a good few seconds before I’m able to relax. As soon as I do, he pushes them both in until he hits that sensitive spot.

“Oooh!” I moan, my dick twitching wildly.

He twists his fingers around, gently loosening my ring. After around a minute his fingers slide out. A couple of seconds later his dick is right on my bum-hole. He pushes hard. For several seconds nothing happens; it’s very uncomfortable but it seems like it’s not going to go in. Suddenly, the ring of muscle gives way and the head of his dick pops inside. There’s an explosion of searing, excruciating pain. I bite my lip, fighting back the tears. My dick’s gone soft and my forehead’s covered in a cold sweat. Bobby said it would hurt, but nothing could have prepared me for what it’s really like. It’s not just the pain; the shock of having another boy’s dick inside you for the first time is like nothing else. But I asked for this; I’m not going to cry, and now I’ve got this far I’m not going to give up.

I try to relax and push out like Bobby said, but it’s harder than it sounds; all my instincts are to do the opposite, tightening my muscles to push his dick back out again. But very gradually it starts to work; slowly but surely I begin to relax, the pain slowly ebbing away. Very carefully Henry pushes further in, advancing millimetre by millimetre. After what seemed like an age his cock hits that hard spot. I gasp out loud, my dick immediately beginning to stiffen again.

A moment later Henry’s right inside me, his tummy pressed tight against my bum. He pauses for a moment then pulls well back before plunging right in again. Within half a minute he’s pounding my arse like the world’s about to end, thrusting his cock over and over into my bum. It’s still painful, but I’m hardly aware of it, his dick working magic on that sensitive spot, sending sensations of pure pleasure right through me He reaches down, running his fingers over my dick. I almost pass out: I’m tingling all over. I buck like a wild animal, my knees almost giving way. A moment later my dick comes to life between his fingers, swelling and pulsing until it’s so sensitive I have to push his hand away.

He holds on tight, gripping me round the thighs, slamming in harder than ever. One final thrust and he’s there, his tummy pressed tight against my bum. In the next instant his penis rears up, volleys of warm, sticky stuff spurting deep inside me. After several seconds he slowly pulls out, still gasping for air. I turn to face him. My bum’s very sore but I don’t give a damn. I wanted to be fucked and now I have been, and after I got over the pain, it was the best feeling ever. Our lips meet in a delicate, sensuous kiss. It’s the perfect way to finish.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I guess that first meeting set the pattern. We meet three times a week, occasionally four, and go either to the science lab toilets or the attic to have sex. We kiss for a while then undress each other and suck each other’s dicks. Finally Henry works some of that jelly stuff into my bum then he gets behind me and fucks me as hard as he can. I love it; I can’t get enough of his dick up my bum. It’s not just about sex though. I always support him when he’s playing; I go to watch every home rugby match, even if it’s pissing down with rain. If he’s playing, I have to be there. I just love being around him. It’s not only that he’s very good looking and a great rugby player; he’s the nicest boy I’ve ever met. He works hard, he’s polite and considerate and he never boasts about how good a rugby player he is. He always asks me how I am, how I’m getting on, everything like that. It helps a lot. Knowing he’s around, I find myself trying just a little bit harder, not just at rugby, at everything.

Brian acquired an older friend less than a week after I did. Duncan’s in Upper Fourth, another rugby team member and one of the cleverest boys in the school. He isn’t as good looking as Henry, but he’s okay and Brian’s happy enough. But they’re very casual about it, like it’s good fun but it’s not that important. Well, being with Henry’s important to me. I think Henry feels the same way; I hope he does.

The rugby season’s almost over. We’ve done very well; it’s been the best season the school’s ever had. We haven’t won every match. We lost home and away to Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School; we lost away at Martlington County Grammar School too. It wasn’t too much of a surprise; these are big schools. They’ve got almost as many boys in each year as we’ve got in the whole school, so it’s not surprising we don’t beat them very often. But we gave them a run for their money, especially in our home match against Queen Elizabeth’s. We’ve only lost only one other game, away at St. George’s, one of our rival prep schools. We usually beat them but a difficult, swirling wind disrupted Sherman’s place kicking; he missed several kicks that he’d normally get quite easily. We lost by two points. The lads were all bitterly disappointed, especially Sherman, but Mr. Cooper told them afterwards that every team has days like that when things don’t go for them.

So we’re arrived at the last match of the season, at home to Martlington. It’s a warm spring day and we’ve got a big crowd out to support. It’s a fantastic match, and we play like demons. Henry’s absolutely magnificent and Sherman makes some amazing kicks; he doesn’t miss anything. The problem is that because we’re only a small school, some of the boys in our pack are big, but the others are just, you know, normal size. Martlington have got so many more to pick from so all the boys in their pack are big. That means they keep pushing us off the ball. They haven’t got anyone half as good as Henry or Sherman and they’re not that well-organised, but they’re winning so much possession it doesn’t matter; we have to spend most of the time defending. Even so, we manage two tries; Henry scores one and puts Duncan in for the other. Sherman kicks both conversions and four penalties. That gives us a total of twenty four points. They score four tries, two conversions and two penalties, which gives them twenty six, with their place kicker missing several kicks that Sherman would have got. I know it’s disappointing to lose, especially when you’ve got so close, but the truth is they were just too strong for us.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I love having sex on a Sunday because we can take as long as we like. I follow Henry up to the attic. He’s sitting on the floor, his back against the wall.

“Hi!” he says, smiling at me like he always does. “Come here; I really need this after yesterday.”

I know exactly what he means, after the try he scored, all the running he did, all the tackles he made, all the pushing, trying to hold the other team back, and still finishing up on the losing side; he must be absolutely drained. I flop down next to him. He puts his arm round my shoulder, gently drawing me into a truly wonderful kiss. I wish we could stay like this forever.

After a couple of minutes we start to undress each other. He’s grown quite a bit over the past few months; he’s five feet eight now and twenty pounds heavier. His dick’s grown too; five inches when I measured it a couple of weeks ago and thicker than it was with a bit more hair above it. He’s more beautiful than ever! His hands are running up and down my thighs. It feels fantastic.

“You’ve got beautiful legs,” he coos. “They were the first things I noticed when I saw you at rugby training; them and your bum.”

“That was very naughty of you,” I say, grinning and licking his nose.

“Oh, that wasn’t the worst thing,” he says, grinning back. “One afternoon when your squad had just finished training I waited around for five minutes then went into the changing room, pretending I needed to get something. You’d just come out of the shower. I stood behind you as you were putting your underpants on; I almost spunked right there!”

Now that was naughty!” I say, giggling.

“All the rest of last year I wanked myself stupid thinking about it,” he whispers.

I guess him telling me something like that shows how close we’ve become and how much he trusts me; he knows I won’t tell anyone. He rests his head on my tummy and gets my dick in his mouth. I’ve grown a little bit over the last few months, but my dick and balls don’t seem to have grown at all; I wish they would. He starts sucking it, his tongue flicking out to lick my balls. I just can’t get over how good it feels; we’ve done it loads of times and it still blows me away. He pushes a greasy finger into my bum. That makes it even better; I can hardly breathe. He touches my sex-button.

“Ohhhh!” I gasp, my dick twitching in his mouth.

We swap over. I lick his balls and then his cock, slurping all over it, to get it really wet. Finally I get it into my mouth. I suck it quite slowly to begin with, pushing down a little further each time till it touches the back of my throat. He moans quietly, stroking my hair. I gradually speed up, running my tongue all over the head and right into his pee-hole.

“Oh! You’d better stop!” he groans, hardly able to get the words out.

I carefully let him go.

“Man! That was so close!” he says, still breathing hard.

Actually, he’s never cum in my mouth. I wouldn’t mind, but I know he loves sticking it up my bum, and that’s what I like too. I get onto all fours; that’s the way we always do it when we’re up here. He works some more jelly into my bum, first with one finger then two. After a few seconds he takes them out. A moment later, his cock’s nuzzling at my bum-hole. He pushes hard and in it goes. I’m so used to it now it doesn’t really hurt at all, just a little jolt as it goes in followed by that lovely full, warm feeling as he pushes it up me. He drives it over my sex-gland thing; it makes my dick twitch like nothing else.

A moment later I’ve got the whole of his beautiful big cock inside me. He settles himself then starts to fuck. Getting my dick sucked feels fantastic, but getting bummed is twice as good, no, make that ten times as good. Three times a week just isn’t enough; I’d let him do it three times a day if we could. I’m moaning and gasping; I love it so much I hardly know which day of the week it is.

He reaches down and plays with my dick. It was twitching already; everything goes mental! All my muscles go tight, my bum tightening round his cock. I’m squirming and shaking, my fingers clawing at the old, threadbare carpet. A moment later my dick jerks into life, jumping and jiggling between his fingers. He lets me go and gets back to bumming me. It doesn’t take long, fifteen seconds at most. His cock swells up inside me, loads of thick, creamy spunk flooding into my bum. Man! That is something else! After all the times we’ve done it, you’d think I’d be used to it by now, but I’m not; it blows me away every time. He slowly pulls out, rolling onto his back. He pulls me over on top of him.

“Man!” he gasps, still struggling for breath. “That was the best ever. You’re fantastic; nobody could have looked after me the way you have.”

“Still disappointed about yesterday?” I ask.

“Yeah,” he says, “I hate losing, especially when we got so close.”

“You can’t complain though,” I say. “It was the best season the school’s ever had. Winning thirteen out of eighteen is great, and you were player of the year, which is even better.”

“Yeah,” he says, looking at me intently. “I’m still disappointed though. But I’ll be captain next season; Mr. Cooper told me after the match. Then you’ll see how well we can play.”

I can’t really explain why, but I wish he hadn’t said that. I’m not going to say anything, but it’s made me feel very uneasy.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Back at school after the Easter break and rugby has given way to cricket. While Henry plays rugby with passion, he plays cricket for fun. He can hit the ball a long way and against mediocre bowling he can look really good, but he’s got no defence at all; good bowlers get him out every time. I’m the exact opposite; I’m not a big hitter of the ball but my defence is really solid. Henry got into the team because he’s an excellent fielder. He usually fields out near the boundary because he’s quick to the ball, he’s got a very safe pair of hands and a strong throwing arm. I wish I could throw like he does!

Of course, I watch him play in all our home matches. It’s very enjoyable and I think it’s good for him to get away from rugby for a bit. He seems, not happier exactly, just more relaxed; he laughs a lot more. Sex is great too, but you already knew that. Now that we’ve got some warmer weather there are places outside where we can go, so we can meet four times every week, which is even better. So all in all, life’s pretty good at the moment; I wish it could be like this all the time.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The summer holidays were okay, just a bit boring. We live in a small village; there aren’t many kids my age and because I’m away at boarding school most of the time I don’t really know any of them. We spent a couple of weeks in Spain, which was great except for having to listen to dad moaning the whole time. It doesn’t matter what happens, he complains about it. There were lots of sexy-looking boys around, which was good. We played together on the beach but that was it. There were a few that I’d have definitely liked to get to know better, but I never got the chance, which was pretty frustrating. I missed Henry, of course. Most nights I’d go to bed and dream about having him there with me. It didn’t happen, of course.

But the holidays have finally ended and I’m on my way back to school. I’m looking forward to it; seeing all my friends again, getting stuck into school life, trying out for the rugby team, everything really. There’s always so much going on, I never have time to get bored. Of course, there’s one thing I’m looking forward to more than anything else, but you already know what that is.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I meet Henry as we’re on our way to supper. I can’t believe how much he’s grown; he towers over everyone, even some of the masters. He’s more beautiful than ever. I wonder about his cock. Has that grown too? I bet it has.

“Meet me by the edge of the field, quarter past seven,” he says quietly. “We’ll go behind the pavilion.”

That’s cool; we went there several times during the summer term. The weather’s still warm and dry so it’ll be perfect.

After supper I slip away. I meet Henry as arranged, following him to our appointed hiding place, tucked away between the pavilion and the equipment store where no-one can see us. We sit on the grass, our backs to the pavilion wall, Henry’s arm around my shoulder.

“So how were the holidays?” he asks gently.

“Okay,” I say, smiling up at him. “I missed being with you though.”

“Well, I’m hoping we’re going to be able to make up for that over the next few weeks,” he says, grinning. “There are only a few of us with younger friends at the moment, so we should be able to see each other as often as we like as long as the weather stays decent.”

“Cool!” I breathe. “So are you in charge now?”

“Nah!” he says, shaking his head. “Russell’s doing it; he’s much better at that sort of thing than I am.”

That makes sense. Russell will be cricket captain next summer, he’s also one of the best rugby players and the coolest kid in the entire school; everybody likes him. Henry’s the best looking but Russell’s definitely the coolest.

“So where’s Russell now?” I ask cheekily.

“Up in the attic with Dominic,” he tells me.

That makes sense too. Dominic’s just started third year. He’s really cute like Bobby, except he’s got dark hair, about the same colour as mine. His older brother Julian is in all my classes; he’s very nice looking too, not as cute as Dominic though.

Henry pulls me towards him, our lips meeting in a delicious, sensuous kiss. Man! I’ve missed this so much! Instinctively, wordlessly we begin to undress each other, shoes, sweaters, shirts, shorts, leaving us just in briefs and socks. He stands in front of me as I kneel on the ground and skin his white underpants down his legs. Oh, fuck! I was right about his cock; it has grown. It’s at least six inches long and three inches round, topped by a small but dense crop of golden pubes. Wow! That is beautiful; it suits him perfectly. I can’t wait to have it inside me. I know it’s going to hurt but I don’t care; I want to feel him shooting his spunk into my bum. I lick my lips and take it into my mouth, sucking it eagerly, pushing down a little further each time until it’s touching the back of my throat.

“Ohh! That’s good, man!” he moans, ruffling my hair. “Take it easy; I don’t want to cum yet.”

I slow down, gently slurping all over it before letting him go. We swap places. A moment later my briefs are round my ankles and he’s sucking my dick. I’ve missed this too; it feels incredible. I still haven’t grown much down there and I’m nowhere near being able to cum, but the feeling’s fantastic. His hand slides between my legs, a greasy finger touching my bum-hole. I sit back on it, allowing it to push inside. He touches my sex button, my dick twitching in his mouth. He pushes a second finger in. It’s been so long since we did this that it does hurt at first, but the pain soon goes away. He works his fingers around, gently opening me up.

“Are you ready?” he asks.

“Yes,” I confirm.

I get down on all fours, my bum pushed well back behind my knees, my shoulders almost touching the ground. Henry moves in close, his cock nuzzling against my bum hole. He pushes hard. For a few seconds nothing happens then it slips down between my legs.

“I see you’ve been saving yourself for me,” he comments.

He tries again. Suddenly my ring gives way and the head of his cock pushes inside. It hurts like hell. I take several deep breaths, pushing out and trying to relax. Gradually the pain eases off; it still hurts but nowhere like as much as it did.

“You can push it in now,” I say, still breathing hard. “Just take it slow, okay?

He holds me round the hips, slowly advancing into me. He hits my sex-gland.

“Ohhh!!” I gasp, my dick twitching like crazy.

He pushes in deeper, getting to places he’s never reached before. Finally he’s there, his pubic hair scrunched up against my bum, filling me completely. He pulls well back then drives it in again, thrusting over my prostate on the way through.

“Uhhhh!!” I groan, my dick twitching again.

Within a few seconds, he’s thrusting his cock relentlessly into my bum, fucking me harder and deeper than he ever has; the sensations are off this planet.

“Oh, man!” he gasps. “You’re beautifully tight!”

I guess him having grown and me not having taken it for nearly two months would account for that. I don’t care anyway; I love it, I just want more, want to make it last as long as possible, but the way his cock’s massaging my sex-button, there’s not much chance of that. He reaches down and runs his fingers over my dick. It tingles like you wouldn’t believe. Within seconds the muscle spasms start right down by my toes and sweep through my body like a tidal wave. My bum grips his cock like a vice, my dick coming to life between my fingers. His response is to fuck me even harder and a few seconds later he’s cumming too, rope after rope of thick, creamy spunk flooding into my bum. Wow! That was something else! Either that was the best fuck ever or I’ve forgotten just how good it feels.

He slowly pulls out. I fart; I just can’t stop myself, some of his spunk spluttering out of my bum and running down my legs. Fuck! He’s never cum that much before! Fortunately I’ve got some cotton wool with me. I use some of it to get cleaned up then put the rest into my underpants before I get dressed. My bum feels like it’s on fire and it’s still full of spunk, but I don’t care; I going to keep his spunk inside me as long as I can.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Brian and I both make the final trial for the rugby team, but at the end of it neither of us gets selected. Surprisingly, I got closer than Brian did. The two centres in Upper Fourth are both very good; Brian stood no chance against them. I got pipped to the right wing berth by Tim Westlake. He’s bigger and stronger than me, a bit quicker too. He’s good when we’re on the attack but defensively he’s very poor; he won’t tackle properly. I’m not great at tackling because I’m so light, but I always try my hardest; he doesn’t. Anyway, neither Brian nor I made the team. I’m not really that disappointed; I know I’ll get in next year. Brian’s very disappointed though. I can’t understand why; he should have known he’d have no chance against Russell and Gerald.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

My concerns about what Henry said about the rugby team prove well-founded. We open up with a home match against St George’s. We’re not playing very well. Tim Westlake misses a tackle he should have got.

“Tim! Get your finger out! Henry barks. “You’ve given a try away; it’s not good enough!”

That gets me really worried. I know he’s right, but he shouldn’t have said it; I know how I’d feel if the captain shouted at me like that. Last season, if someone made a mistake, Sherman always told them to forget it and get stuck back in there; that’s what he should have done. The thing is, looking at the players we’ve lost and the boys who’ve come into replace them, this was never going to be as good as the team we had last year. I know Henry’s a great player, but he can’t do it all himself. At the end of the match we’ve won by four points, which is okay, but it’s not a very promising start.

Henry and I meet the following day.

“Why did you snap at Tim Westlake like that?” I ask.

“He’s such a wimp!” he says dismissively. “He’s letting the team down; he never really went for that tackle. The only reason he wanted to be in the team was so he could have a younger friend. He needs to get his finger out.”

“So has he found a younger friend?” I enquire.

“Not yet, but he will,” Henry replies vehemently. “Two years ago he was Andrew Donaldson’s younger friend. You remember Andrew, don’t you? He was captain before Sherman. Anyway, it was all he could talk about. And he’s always creeping round Mr. Cooper. I hate him!”

Well, I guess that explains why Henry reacted the way he did; it doesn’t make it right though. As it happens, I probably know more than Henry thinks I do. Tim does a lot more than creep around Mr. Cooper; since Andrew left Mr. Cooper’s been bumming him, but we don’t talk about that sort of thing.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The next match is away so I can’t go to watch. We manage to squeak another narrow win but from what I’m told Henry was snapping at Tim Westlake again. That’s followed by a home match against Queen Elizabeths. From the moment they walk onto the pitch I know we’re going to be in trouble; their forwards are huge! The completely overrun us, winning 52 – 9. Russell kicks three penalties; those are the only points we score. Worse than that, Henry’s barking at almost everybody. That upsets me. Henry’s not like that; he’s always quiet and gentle when he’s with me; I can’t understand what’s got into him. Today we just weren’t good enough, but it’s like he takes he takes it personally.

The next day we meet up in the attic. He seems okay, and the sex is great just like it always is, but I can tell he’s hurting inside. I want to say something; I know I ought to, but I can’t think what to say so I end up not saying anything.

It gets worse. Russell’s hurt his knee; he’s going to miss at least two matches, possibly more. That means Brian will get his chance playing at centre. It also means that Julian Lees will have to take the kicks at goal. Julian’s in our year. He’s done very well to get in the team and he’s been playing well at fly-half. He’s not bad as a goal kicker either, but he’s not as good as Russell and nowhere near as good as Sherman was.

For our next match we’re at home to Whitestone Hall. I’m on the touchline, keeping my fingers crossed that we play okay, or at least well enough to win. We don’t. Tim misses yet another tackle. To be more exact he never really goes for it. Henry goes mad. We get an attack going. The ball comes to Brian at outside centre, but he fumbles it and knocks it forward. Henry barks at him. We win a penalty about ten yards in from the right hand touchline. Julian’s got to kick for goal. I’m hoping and praying he’ll get it, but deep down I know he won’t. Because of the way he runs in, he always struggles with kicks from that side of the field.

“Not good enough!” Henry snaps at him. “You’ll need to do better with the next one!”

Ten minutes later we get a penalty right in front of their posts. The kick for goal is as easy as it gets, but I know what’s going to happen. After the tongue-lashing Henry gave him, Julian’s just too nervous; I can see it in his face. He fluffs it completely; Henry’s absolutely horrible to him. I’m not just upset now; I’m angry and embarrassed. Brian and Julian were doing their best; he had no right to speak to them like that. Over the rest of the match the team falls apart; we lose 25-12. It’s the first time Whitestone have beaten us in four years.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I’m meeting Henry in the attic again, and for once I’m not looking forward to it. I ducked out last week; this week I’m going to have to say something. Somebody’s got to make him see sense. I still love Henry to bits, but if we fall out over it that’s tough; sometimes you have to do things like that.

When I get there, he’s sat with his back against the wall, the same as usual, but there’s no welcoming smile, nothing. I sit down next to him.

“It was pretty bad yesterday, wasn’t it?” I offer.

“It was bloody awful,” he responds, not even looking at me.

“The thing is,” I say, taking my courage in both hands, “most of the boys are nowhere like as good as you are. You barking at them isn’t going to make them play any better.”

He sits there in silence, looking straight ahead. I look up at him. A tear is rolling down his cheek.

“I’ve fucked it up, haven’t I?” he says.

“You’ve not handled things as well as I thought you would,” I say gently. “Remember when you told me how well the team was going to play this season? I was worried then. We were losing some really good players; I knew this season was going to be difficult.”

“Before the start of the season,” he says quietly. “Mr. Cooper told me what to do. I ignored him; this was my team and I was going to do it my way. I’ve heard the other lads muttering behind my back and I still didn’t get it. Well, you’ve spelled it out for me. I must be stupid; I should have known we were going to struggle. I wanted this so much; it was my chance to really make my mark, but when I got it I made a complete balls-up of it. Well tomorrow I’m going to resign as captain before Mr. Cooper takes it off me. I even feel like resigning from the team, but I don’t suppose he’d let me.”

“Oh, you’re not going to do that,” I say firmly, hardly knowing where the words came from.

“What d’you mean?” he snaps, looking even more distressed. “It’s obvious the other lads don’t want me as captain any more; they probably don’t even want me in the team.”

“Tomorrow you’re going to see Mr. Cooper and ask him to call a team meeting.” I tell him. “At that meeting you’re going to apologise for the things you’ve said, explain that you’ve learned your lesson and ask everyone to make a fresh start. And you can stop feeling sorry for yourself.”

He looks at me like I just asked him to jump off a cliff.

“I’m not sure I could do that,” he says.

“You can if you’re the person I’ve always thought you were,” I tell him. “It takes a man to apologise, that’s what my mum says.”

“Really?” he says, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, well my dad never apologises for anything; it doesn’t matter what he’s done, like the day we were playing cricket and he nearly broke my fingers. You can do it. I want you to do it. Please.”

“This is really important to you, isn’t it?” he says, looking right into my eyes.

“Yes it is,” I say, my eyes not even flickering.

“Well, I guess I’ll just have to get on with it,” he says. “I’ll see Mr. Cooper at break tomorrow.”

“I think you should apologise to Brian and Julian individually,” I add. “They were trying their best; they just aren’t that good yet.”

“Yes, I will,” he says quietly. “I promise.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It’s Tuesday evening when we meet in the attic again. The rugby team meeting was held this afternoon.

“So how did it go,” I ask.

“It was okay,” Henry says. “I wouldn’t like to have to do it again, but it was the right thing to do; I’m glad you pushed me into it. I made a point of apologising to Brian and Julian beforehand; I wanted to get that out of the way. They were fine about it. I’m going to help Julian with his kicking practice, feeding balls to him so he doesn’t have to keep fetching them himself. Of course, Russell will be there too as soon as his knee’s better.”

“So what happened at the meeting?” I persist.

“Well, I said my piece then Mr. Cooper asked if anyone wanted to say anything. Russell put his hand up. He said that I’d shown a lot of courage, apologising like that and the poor performances weren’t just down to me. He said that the whole team needed to get behind me and work hard to put things right. I couldn’t have asked for better than that. All the other lads respect Russell more than anybody, so that was it really. It wasn’t anywhere like as bad as I thought it would be.”

“Great,” I say. “That’s what I was hoping for. You’ve got to make it work now; I know you can do it.”

“Yeah,” I hope so, he says grinning. “You really are a star. I’d never have done it if it hadn’t been for you. Yesterday morning when I went to see him, Mr. Cooper asked me what had given me the idea, so I told him. He wasn’t surprised. But I tell you what really did surprise me. After the meeting, Mr. Cooper asked me and Tim to stay behind. He’d already told me he thought I should apologise to Tim, you know, on his own. That was really hard because we don’t get on as you know. But I did it and we shook hands. Then Mr. Cooper had a real go at him for not putting enough effort in. He said he didn’t want to have to drop him; he said he could either resign from the team or get stuck in and give it one hundred per cent like everyone else; I couldn’t believe he’d spoken to him like that. Anyway Tim apologised for letting the team down and promised to get stuck in properly, so that was that. But I need a favour.”

“Yeah, what?”

“Tim needs to practice tackling, and he needs to start with lads who aren’t too big to get a bit of confidence. I’ve already asked Brian and Julian, and they’re willing to help. Would you help too?”

“Yeah, of course I will,” I say smiling.

It’s time to have sex. We’ve chatted for so long we have to get on with it faster than we’d like. Even so, it’s the best sex we’ve had for weeks. I leave the attic very happy. Henry’s finally got his head sorted out; it’s all going to be okay again.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It’s half term and Brian’s spending the week at my house. It’s something we’ve done a few times so I really don’t think about it. There are twin beds in my room. I sleep in my usual one, he has the other; that’s how it’s always been. So I’m a bit surprised about an hour after everyone’s gone to bed to find him crawling in next to me.

“I thought you might like a bit of company,” he whispers.

I can feel his hard dick pressing against my leg. He starts to pull my briefs down.

“Can I bum you?” he asks.

Right, so that’s where this is going. Suddenly it all makes sense. The reason he was so disappointed that he didn’t get into the rugby team was because it meant he couldn’t have a younger friend. He’s never said, but that’s obviously what he wanted. So I guess I just got elected to fill the gap. Well, I’m actually six months younger than he is, so I guess it makes sense.

“What if Henry finds out?” I query.

“Don’t be silly!” he giggles. “None of the other boys even knows I’m here; Henry’s not going to find out. Please Jon; you know you like it.”

Well, he’s right about that. It doesn’t mean I have to say ‘yes’ but I know what’ll happen if I don’t; he’ll sulk. Brian and I get on great, but it’s his one big fault; he always sulks when he doesn’t get his own way. I’m too easy-going; I give into him most of the time, like now. I kick my underpants off and roll onto my tummy, a pillow under my hips. It’s not a problem; I’m not sure I’d want to admit it, but I love having it up my bum.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

And so the school year continued. After half term Russell came back fully fit. He played unbelievably well for the rest of the season, scoring tries and kicking goals. Tim improved like you wouldn’t believe. He learned how to tackle properly and got stuck into it like he never had before. By Christmas the team was working really well together, playing far better than I thought they would. But the biggest change of all was Henry himself. Instead of barking at players when they made mistakes, he was encouraging them and helping them every step of the way. I feel proud that I had a small part in making that happen.

Of course, once the team were really playing as a unit, it helped his game. The lads all know that he’s our best player, so they got the ball to him pretty much whenever they could. At times he was devastating. When we played Martlington at home he blasted his way through their defence three times, like they didn’t know what had hit them. We won 30-26, one of our best victories ever. By the end of the season we’d won twelve matches out of eighteen. Not as good as the year before, but considering the team we had and how badly we’d started, it was a fantastic achievement.

So spring gave way to summer and rugby to cricket. I wasn’t in the team every time, but I played a few matches batting at number six. I got out early once, but apart from that I did okay, defending when I had to and nudging the ball away for singles whenever I could. Being on the team with Henry was great. He’s still not very reliable, but a couple of times he scored thirty-odd in next to no time and more or less won the match for us. I loved just being part of it.

Last term he did his Common Entrance exams. He did okay, not brilliantly, but well enough for him to get the place at Marlborough College, his dad’s old school, that his parents earmarked for him when he was only a week old. So here we are; it’s the last week of term and tomorrow he’ll leave Hartswood for good. I’m going to miss him terribly, but it’s time for him to move on; that’s part of boarding school life. So we’re up in the attic one last time, still our favourite place to meet even on a warm evening like this. We kiss and cuddle for fully five minutes before undressing each other.

Stark naked apart from our socks I take a really good look at him. Five feet ten, nearly one hundred and sixty pounds and not an ounce of fat on him anywhere; he is beautiful! And that cock, six and a half inches of sheer perfection; I can’t imagine any thirteen year old having a nicer one that he’s got. I kneel in front of him and take it into my mouth. I push down as far as I can then come back up again, working my tongue all over the spongy purple head and right into his pee-hole.

“Ooh, yeah!” he moans, stroking my hair. “That’s fantastic! Just be careful; I haven’t cum since Monday afternoon.”

Monday afternoon was the last time we did it. Upper Fourth went to London yesterday and didn’t get back till late so I never saw him. So he’s been saving himself for me for two days. I know what that means; he’s going to fill my bum with some to spare.

After about a minute I carefully let him go. We get down on the floor. He lovingly sucks my dick while working some jelly into my arse. Man! I want this so much! It’s the last time we’ll ever do this; it’s going to be something special, I just know it is. I get onto all fours, a few seconds later I’ve got him right inside me, his pubic hair pressed tight against my bum. So warm, so full; nothing can ever feel better than this does! He begins to fuck me, moving with long, deliberate strokes. Gradually, inexorably he picks up the pace, fucking me harder and deeper with every thrust.

“Oh, Henry!” I moan. “Oh yeah! Ohhh!!”

On he goes, driving his cock remorselessly into my bum. The sensations are so fantastic I’m nearly delirious, like I’ve landed on another planet. My dick’s tingling so much it almost hurts. He reaches down and fondles it.

“Ahhhh!” I gasp, bucking like a wild animal. “Nng! Nnng!!” Aaaahhhh!!”

The whole attic explodes. My dick swells and jerks between his fingers, desperately trying to pump out the spunk my balls still aren’t making. He lets me go, his breathing harsh and uneven.

“Fuck!” he rasps. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Do it!” I squeal. “Fill me up! Give me your spunk!!”

He plunges in one final time, his cock rearing up inside me, his spunk spurting into my bum like it’s never going to stop. Finally it’s over. We kneel there for maybe half a minute, neither of us able to move. At last he gently pulls out. We flop down on the old worn-out carpet, kissing passionately.

“I’m going to miss you so much,” I say.

“I’ll miss you too,” he says, smiling and stroking my hair. “You’ve been my rock, always there when I needed you. When I was having a bad time with the rugby team it was you that got me back on track. I’m so glad you did that; you made me grow up, take responsibility. I’d always had things easy, too easy probably. When things started to go wrong I didn’t know what to do. You showed me the way; I’ll never forget that.”

“Thanks,” I whisper, my head resting on his chest.

We lie there for several minutes longer. There’s no more conversation; it’s all been said. Finally it’s time to get dressed. I don’t even bother cleaning up; I’m going to spend the rest of the evening with his spunk seeping into my underpants. Afterwards I’m going to hide them. Every so often I’ll put them on and wank myself off, remembering how they got like that. Even when they’re too small for me, I’ll wrap them round my dick and wank myself stupid, mixing my spunk with his.

We have one final kiss then I trot down the stairs, making my way back to the dorm. Henry and I have shared our lives for two years and I don’t regret a second of it, but now we have to move on; that’s how it is. In just over a year’s time, it’ll be my turn to start at public school. Will I find an older friend when I get there? I don’t know; we’ll have to see. But deep down inside I know that it’ll be a very long time before I find someone who’ll replace what Henry and I have had together.