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Hidden Room In The Woods

Johnny and I had been playing with each other sexually since we were about ten years old. In this story we were thirteen.

My name is Steve, my best friend's name was John. John and I spent a lot of time together. We sat beside each other in class at school. We eat our lunch together and sat with each other on our bus rides to and from school.

It was a warm, early, summer, Friday afternoon on our bus ride home from school. Our trip took about forty-five minutes. We were some of the first kids to get on the bus in the mornings and near the last kids to get off the bus in the afternoons. We always sat in the back seat of the bus. As the driver would stop and let the other kids off the bus it give John and me more space to ourselves.

We were about fifteen minutes from home. We'd been fondling each other for the last ten minutes. We were both about as hard as we can get. I told him, "We better quite so our dicks go down before we walk past the driver." We put our dicks back in our pants and pulled up our zippers.

"I'll bring my dad's pruners, you bring your hatchet and camp-shovel." I told him. John nodded his head. We had hatched a plan to cut the center out of a sapling thicket we had found a few days before in the woods near the pond. We were going to make a hidden room in the woods.

"Okay, I'll be over after I do my homework and chores." I told him.

The bus stopped and we both walked to the front to get off. The driver told us, "You boys have a nice weekend." We said, "Thanks... you too". He had no idea how nice a weekend we had planed.


When I got to John's house he was just finishing filing his hatchet. "Ready." I asked.

"Yeah... I just needed to put a few more licks on my hatchet." He replied.

I giggled, "Save a few licks for me." We looked at each other, smiled and laughed.

The pond wasn't much more then a mud hole, but did have fish and frogs in it. What more could two young boys want, then to be alone together in the woods a half mile from home.

When we got there we set our tools down by a log at the edge of the pond we used to sit on. John sat down and I retrieved the coffee can we had hidden that had our cigarettes in it. I sat down beside him and opened the can. I handed him a cigarette and put one to my mouth. I lit a match then held it for him to get a light. He leaned over and took a pull from his cigarette. I lit my smoke and threw the match in the water.

As we smoked we talked about how we were going to cut the center out of the thicket. The whole idea was to have a comfortable, invisible-place we could hide and suck each other`s teen boners. As we talked I could imagine the two of us inside our hidden room, sucking each other 69.

I started getting a boner. I could see a bulge growing in John's jeans too. I reached over and started rubbing and squeezing his dick through his pants. "Not yet." he said, "Let's get to work first."

The thicket was about thirty yards from the pond. We gathered up our tools and went to it.

We used the pruners to cut a small hole on the back side of it and cut a tunnel towards the center. All the time we worked we tried to keep quite and kept aware of our surroundings, as we didn't want to get caught. That would foil the whole plan. Not that a lot of people came here but it was possible.

We cut the pieces small and carried them back to the pond for fire wood. Once inside the thicket we took turns cutting while the other kept guard. It didn't take long for our room to start taking shape.

We used the camp shovel to move dirt away from the base of the small trees, then cut them below ground level with the hatchet or pruners and pushed the dirt back over the voided space.

After about an hour we had a small room cut we could sit in. We took a break and smoked another cigarette. It was pretty cool. We couldn't see out, so no one could see in.

Our room was still too small for us to lie down in, so we went back to work to make it bigger. About another hour later we were done. We even cut out a couple of small holes for windows so we could see out.

When we were done we had a room about 5x 8 feet. We took another smoke break and admired our handy work. It smelt of fresh dirt, newly cut bark and two sweaty young boys. We were dirty and scratched up. We even had a little blood here and there.

We left and walked to the field about 30 more yards away from the pond and gathered some fine grass from the edge. We took it back and laid it on the ground in our new hidden room.

Having done that we were happy!

We lay down on the fresh grass together, stretched and rolled around. We had lots of room. It was quite comfortable. We lay face to face on our sides. John reached over and pulled my hips to him. I knew he was ready now! I scooted up tight to him. I grabbed his hips and pushed my groin into his. We had just learned to French kiss a few months ago, it was hot and made us hard as hell. As we swapped spit we began to rub and squeeze each other's dicks.

We broke our kiss and sat up. We both took our boots and socks off, then our pants and underwear. We had already taken our shirts off when we got there.

Again we laid together and continued kissing and grinding our boners together. I broke away and turned around to suck on his hard, teen dick.

I was a small kid, about four feet, eleven inches tall. John was taller, about five feet, six inches. As nature would have it he had a bigger dick then I did. I liked his big dick!

We were into our 69 sucking pretty good when we heard someone. We stopped and listened.

We heard a guy talking near the pond. We sat up and looked out our small window. It was an older teenage boy and girl. They were standing by the pond hugging and kissing. We could see her rubbing his cock through his pants as she was giggling.

They started walking the path that went very near our hidden room. We thought "Oh Shit! here they come." but we knew they couldn't see us.

They came closer and stopped about twenty-five feet away. Now we could see them through our second window. The girl knelt to her knees in front of the boy and undid his belt. Then pulled down his zipper. His big, hard boner fell out. Man it was big!

She took the big head into her mouth and started blowing him. He reached behind her head and pulled her face to his cock and started to face fuck her. It didn't take long and he was ready to cum. He started to cum in her mouth and she pulled away. Cum went all over her face.

John and I turned and looked at each other, grinned and suppressed our giggles. I almost broke out laughing but he elbowed me to keep quite.

They got cleaned up and turned to leave. The older boy stopped and said, "Smells like fresh dirt around here."

She said, "Smells like fresh cum to me." Then they left.

Jonhn and I went back to our sucking with the image of that girl blowing that guy. I told him that when he was ready to cum to cum on my face. I was really horny and wanted his sperm all over my face like the older boy had done to the girl.

He quit sucking me and got to his knees. He moved up towards my head, his hard cock just inches away from my mouth. I leaned forward and took his teen boner back into my mouth

while he humped my mouth another minute.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and stroked his meat a couple times, leaned his head back and grunted. He shot six big loads of white creamy semen all over my face. I opened my mouth and caught a couple shots in my mouth.

After he was done squirting he looked at me with his cum all over my face. He started laughing.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

He giggled and said, "You're a mess."

I reached up and rubbed his warm cum all over my face and lips. I felt so dirty and nasty. I lowered my cum covered hand down to my hard boy-boner and coated my cock with John's semen. I jacked my dick about four times and John watched as I shot four strong ropes of boy-cum onto the ground.

We used that hidden room many times as we grew up.