Holiday Escapade

Part One



Summer holiday time! I groaned when my parents said we were heading to a small resort on the south coast of the UK, I saw the brochure and realised it catered for very young children and older people like my mum and dad, not 14-year-old schoolboys, it was 1962 and I was into music, Beatles, Stones and the like, I would have preferred to stay home than go there, but I have no say in it and my parents said I would probably make friends and end up having a great time for the two weeks we were there.


The train journey was long and the train hot and stuffy, I sat opposite a another boy about my age and we ended up chatting, he said his name was Michael, I told him mine was John, he was going to the place we were, as he lived there, he was travelling alone from boarding school, he had on his school uniform and looked very smart in blue jacket and grey shorts white shirt and blue and grey tie, with the ubiquitous long grey socks all of us wore in the sixties, mine were plain but he had a blue stripe top on his, his legs were very muscular through lots of sport, he told me he played rugby and cricket and sometimes soccer, and loved cross country running, I could see he was checking me out as well and asked if I did sports and I told him I did and liked running also and soccer and tennis, we fixed up the drop down table and started our packed lunch and I offered him some of mine and he eagerly accepted, Dad fetched us cold drinks from the buffet car and tea for him and Mum, after Michael and me played cards, his bare knee kept brushing mine and I felt electric shocks shooting up my leg, he grinned at me as we touched, he asked if it would be okay if he took off his jacket and shoes as he was hot, we all agreed and I did the same and we sat down again and resumed our card game, during the game he kept rubbing his socked foot against my socked foot and then against my leg, I blushed and he grinned again, I felt I was getting aroused in my shorts , my Mum and Dad had dozed off and I dropped a card and bent down under the table and looked at Michaels shorts and saw he was aroused too and he rubbed at it and when I leaned up he grinned again.


After a while we tired of cards and Michael asked if I wanted to take a walk up the train to stretch our legs and I said okay, so we slipped on our shoes and excused ourselves and headed up the corridor, we chatted as we stood by one of the train doors as we had the window dropped a bit for some nice cool breeze, I asked why he had been rubbing his socked foot up my leg and he grinned again and said I had sexy legs, I blushed and said he had sexy legs as well, the train lurched and I fell against him and he held me and stared into my eyes, we were right up against each other and I could feel he was getting hard as was I, we parted and he went and had a quick look up and down the train and then came back to me and said “quick, let’s get in here” and opened the toilet door behind me and pushed me in and followed and then locked the door, he turned round and pushed me up against the sink “you know your very handsome John” Michael said, I was surprised by his announcement and stutteringly answered “so are you Michael”  “you have a good body as well” he went on and started to undue my shirt buttons, I couldn’t move at all, I was a bit scared but excited as well, he exposed my chest and ran his hands over my hard nipples “ooohh you have lovely nipples John!” Michael exclaimed as he fondled each of my nipples, all I could say was “argghh” softly as sexy feelings overtook me, then he started to rub my cock through my shorts, it was already hard and that made me moan softly more “Ohh John I want you” Michael whispered in my ear and started to undo my button flies and then he fished into my underpants and pulled out my rock hard cock  and started to wank me, pushing and pulling at my long foreskin “Ohh John you have a lovely cock, it must be 5 inches long” he went on and then pressed his lips against mine and we started kissing, with his other hand he undid his own flies and pulled out his cock, he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock, unlike me he didn’t have a foreskin, but it was roughly the same size as mine and I wanked him as he wanked me, we were getting close and we pulled away slightly to let our sperm shoot, I grabbed a few paper towels and held them by our knobs, in seconds we both shot our sperm and my legs went to jelly and it was good I was by the sink to lean on.


We both moaned as we cum and shot into the paper towels, we stood composing ourselves and then cleaned up and dropped the towels into the bin, we grinned and fastened up and then opened the door and I peeped out, nobody was around so we slipped out of the toilet and stood by the carriage window and got our breathes back, just then my Dad came to use the toilet and said he had wondered where we had got to, I told him we needed fresh air but were cooler now and left to go back to our seats, we sat down and both started giggling and soon the train was nearing our stop so we got our stuff together and went to the door ready to get off, on the platform Michael and me chatted about seeing each other again and I told him our hotel and he said he knew it and lived not far away, we caught a taxi to the hotel and left Michael waiting for his Dad to pick him up, as we drove away I thought that this holiday won’t be bad after all.


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