Holiday Escapade

Part 2


We got to the hotel which was situated on the sea front and checked in, my parents room was on the second floor, but they said I had a choice of two rooms one on the third which faced the back or an attic room that had a sea view, but was smaller than the other, I chose the attic one, despite it not having a bathroom like my parents had, only a sink, although the bathroom was only next door and as there were no more rooms it would probably be for my sole use.


I quickly unpacked and met my parents in the lobby and we went for a walk along the sea front, then stopped at a café for a drink and a snack, when we got back to the hotel the receptionist handed me a hand written message, it was from Michael and he asked if I could meet him at the war memorial in town at 5pm, if not could I telephone him and he had written his number, as it was close to 5pm I asked my parents if I could go and meet Michael, they said that dinner was at 7.30pm so to be back by 7pm at the latest to get ready, the receptionist said that the war memorial was not far, and to turn left out of the hotel and keep walking for about ten minutes and the war memorial was on the left in town, and that I couldn't miss it.


I set off quickly and fond Michael sitting on a seat near to the war memorial, he looked sexy in light blue shorts and socks, and a short sleeved shirt and wearing white plimsolls, he grinned at me as I approached, I felt ashamed I hadn't changed now, we chatted and he said lets go to the beach front, there was a place he knew that was private he said, we were there in minutes and it was an old shelter that had seen better days at the end of the esplanade "nobody comes this far John, so its private here" Michael explained, we sat down and immediately Michael was feeling my bare leg below my shorts, he leaned in and kissed me as he ran his hand up and down my leg, I was getting hard, then he said "open your mouth John, lets French kiss" I was puzzled but did as he asked and it was fantastic as our tongues connected as we kissed, he took my free hand and put it on the front of his shorts, he was rock hard and I fondled his hard cock as he fondled mine, we were both making sighing noises as we rubbed, and then he started to undo my fly buttons and then fished my rock hard cock out "Oh you are really hard John" he moaned "undo me John" he went on, I undid his buttons and fished out his hard circumcised cock, his bare knob was bright red and shiny, he pulled off me and said "lie down straight out on the seat John?" puzzled I did as he said as he just stepped back and looked up and down "good nobody around at all" he said and then undid my top shorts button and pulled my shorts and pants down to my knees and lifted my shirt, my hard cock had flopped up my bare lower chest and he pulled back my foreskin and bared my red knob "your going to like this John" he said and immediately started to suck on my knob "Ohh arggh oohh god!" I moaned as his hot mouth enveloped my knob sending tingles down my spine, he was squeezing my ball sac with his other hand and I moaned I couldn't last long, but he kept on sucking as I wriggled about and then moaned "oohh arggh oohh I'm cumming!" I spurted my sperm into his mouth and he swallowed it all as I spurted shot after shot, it subsided and I pushed Michaels head away from my knob as it was sensitive now, he grinned and licked his lips and wanked himself as I composed myself and raised up, Michael asked me if I would suck him, it would be okay if I didn't want to, but I said "you will have to tell me what to do" "just hide your teeth John" Michael replied and pushed his cock towards my mouth, I took his bare knob in my mouth and started to suck, I must have been doing it okay as Michael was moaning softly, so I took some more into my mouth and he moaned more and more, I also squeezed his balls, his breathing was getting rapid and then he moaned "Ohh John I'm cumming" I didn't pull off and the first shot of his sperm hit the back of my throat and I gagged a bit at first, but swallowed it and all the other spurts, it tasted great, slightly sweet, but salty as well.


Both of us sat on the bench with out shorts and pants around our ankles, we had both softened now and Michael said my cock looked great soft with the foreskin over my knob, I looked at Michaels cock, he had no loose skin behind his knob, the shaft was a dark pink colour with some brown bands along it, I asked why he was circumcised and he told me he was born in America and they do that to boy babies, his Dad is American he said and his mother was English and they moved here when he was about 6 months old for Dads work and an aeroplane engineer, but his Mum left Dad when he was 4 years old for another man and they got divorced a year later and Dad got full custody of him.


We both pulled up our underpants and shorts and set off back into town, as we walked Michael asked if we could meet tomorrow, his Dad was going to London on business and I could maybe come over to his place and have some fun, I said I would have to ask my parents as I didn't know what they had planned, we reached my hotel and I said come in and lets see what they say, they had planned a day at the beach they said and Michael was welcome to join us, I looked at Michael and he said yes he would like that, we arranged that I would come to Michaels house after breakfast then him and me come to the beach and meet up with my parents, he gave me his address and phone number and to ring when I was on my way.


We said goodbye and I went upstairs to have a quick shower and change, in the shower I washed my cock, pulling my foreskin back and washing my knob I got hard and started to wank myself and think of Michael doing it for me, my sperm shot out up the shower wall, I finished up and dried off and dressed and went down to meet my parents in the lounge bar and thought about tomorrow.


That's part 2 done, hope you like it and will post Part 3 soon.

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