In a Hotel Room in Turku
(A True Story of Two Boys' First Experience)

Trying to be discreet, Antti glanced down at himself as he soaped up his right thigh, and then with his head still bowed, glanced about the showers. At the age of fourteen, he was interested in anything to do with sex, and was particularly curious about other boys. The twice weekly showers after school sports was something he especially looked forward to. Having turned fourteen only two months ago, he wasn't gay, nor was he heterosexual or anything else. He was just a boy like any other boy who admired the sight of young naked bodies. He was especially fond of looking at those who had started to get hair. Having thick, shoulder-long, dark brown hair, he had developed a nice pubic bush himself. He thought it was cute the way the boys' penises peeked out from their hair bushes.

As Antti glanced about, admiring the boys around him, his eyes landed on one boy in particular, Jussi. Jussi was six months younger than himself, but almost as sexually developed. His light brown, almost blond hair and deep blue eyes made him an attractive boy, and his well-built body, muscular but still smooth and rounded, was a real turnon. They had known each other for seven or eight years now. Although in different classes, they were both in the seventh level so had occasion to see each other in sports classes and in breaks. As Antti admired the cute thirteen-year-old, he wondered if Jussi would be interested in doing some experimentation with him. That had been on his mind more and more lately as his body matured and he began to think about his sexual side. As he thought about what they might do, he felt a stirring where it was dangerous to have stirrings in the showers and he quickly turned his eyes and thoughts elsewhere.

They sometimes talked after sports classes and sometimes during the breaks, mostly about classmates and teachers and school. Jussi being shy and untalkative, Antti initiated most of the conversations, but once started they could talk comfortably about everything under the sun, everything that is except sex. Whereas in conversations with other boys they frequently would talk about girls or exchange dirty jokes they had heard, not once did conversations between Antti and Jussi ever verge on the sexual.

Despite his build and size, Jussi was not one to be aggressive, and given the choice, he would rather walk away from a fight. Occasionally boys would tease him, about his shyness or dozens of insignificant things boys can be cruel about, but Jussi was never one to retaliate in return. There were times when the outgoing and more volatile Antti could not bear to see the teasing and would step forward to intervene. He was that type of boy, eager to make friends and eager to please. Theirs was a friendship based on common interests and trust and on mutual admiration, the two being very different in many ways, and very similar in others.

It was toward the end of the school year, and an announcement had been made that day that there would be a class trip to Turku, 360 kilometres away, at the end of the month. Those who did not want to go would stay behind and have classes. Not being a major fan of schooling, and in fact having a bit of a reputation as a trouble maker among the teachers, Antti was among the first to sign up. It was not expensive, but the price of the hotel room would be a limiting factor for some. Antti hoped that would not be the case for his family, and he hoped it would not be the case for Jussi. The day they had informed everyone about the trip and that they would be sharing rooms to cut the costs, ideas began flying in Antti's head.

Each day after that they announced the trip and how many were signed up to encourage students to go. Ultimately they reached the required number to make the trip possible. Antti was curious if Jussi had been one of the 45 to sign up, and he was hopeful that they might even share the same room. On more than one occasion he lay in bed thinking about Jussi, picturing his nude body in his mind, imagining the things they could do. He had no experience himself, but he had seen pictures, and he had a vivid imagination. On those occasions his dick would poke up out of his tangas, and he would remove it and stroke it as he thought of the cute thirteen-year-old. That was the advantage of wearing tangas to bed, not only did you look sexy in them, but it was so easy to pull out your jäykistyä when it needed attention.

As the day of the trip approached, Antti was becoming more and more anxious. He wanted desperately to share a room with Jussi, but he dare not ask least Jussi suspect his feelings for him. Those feelings were creating some problems for the young fourteen-year-old himself. He wanted to try having sex with a boy, and with Jussi in particular. He had seen pictures and knew boys did such things, but even though people he knew had liberal attitudes when it came to sex, that was not something that was openly talked about.

Also, although he had feelings about boys, he had just as strong feelings about girls too. He was glad for that, but found it confusing at the same time. How was it possible to have feelings for both? To add to his anxiety, he had no idea how he was going to go about letting Jussi know how he felt. Several times Antti raised the topic of the trip, trying to feel out how Jussi was feeling about the two of them going there together, but each time Jussi would just look at him enigmatically with his ocean-blue eyes and simply say it would be interesting to go there.

Friday morning finally arrived, and as the students lined up for the bus, Antti was at Jussi's side. The two friends sat together and the bus headed out with forty-five chatting, excited boys. Any day away from school was reason for merriment, and a trip to the city of Turku was even more so.

"This is really going to be fun," commented Antti, although his mind was saying, "I really hope I'm going to be having some fun with you."

"Yeah, it is," Jussi replied, his grin and the sparkle in his eyes causing Antti's dink to stir.

"Wonder what the rooms we will be staying in will be like?"

"I don't know. They will be fine I'm sure."

"It'll be great sharing a room."


"Do you know if the teachers have assigned the rooms yet?"

"No, I don't know."

"Sure hope I don't have to share with some nörtti I don't like."

Jussi did not say anything. Antti stared out the window at the passing scenery but saw nothing. Vittu, he had tried everything he could to hint about the room and it was as if Jussi did not want to talk about it. Could he have already paired up with someone? Did he hope that someone else in the bus would be his roommate? Antti glanced around the bus, suddenly feeling jealous. Maybe Jussi felt he was a pinko, a nerd. This was so damn frustrating. His body was as tense as a violin string.

"Wonder what the hotel will be like?"

"I hear it is very nice," Jussi commented.

"I hope the rooms are nice."

"I do too."

"Hope I don't have to share with Pekka," Antti observed, picking the name of one of the less popular students.

Jussi stared out the window and said nothing. This talk about rooms and sharing was making him uncomfortable. He wondered what Antti would be saying if he knew his thoughts at this very moment. He wondered what Antti would say if he knew his thoughts over the past eight months. As the school year had progressed, he had noticed Antti more and more, chatting with friends, horsing around at school. Antti had been sent to the School Director on more than one occasion, and his parents had been brought in several times for his smart remarks to teachers or just general clowning around. Jussi wished he could be like that, daring and popular. It wasn't that he didn't have friends. He did. It was just that he especially admired Antti and wished they could be closer.

For the thirteen-year-old, to have a best pal like Antti would be cool, and on more than one night he fell asleep thinking about the two of them and the things that they could do together, sexual things of course, but other things that cool guys do together too. That would never happen though. Antti was a very popular boy in school. If he was looking for someone to be that special best friend, he could pick any of dozens of boys. It was foolish to think he might choose him. Still, it was pleasant to dream about as he jerked off at night.

So, for the long six hours to Turku, the two boys sat side by side, thinking their private thoughts, talking occasionally, but most silently wishing and wondering and worrying. Antti could feel his sweat beginning to trickle down his sides. His cock felt like a slab of bacon being grilled in grease, which made it even more difficult to keep under control as he thought about Jussi.

Arriving finally at their destination and disembarking, they were joined by a class from Turku. The first event planned for the overnight excursion, a mixer so the boys could get to know each other, was a soccer match. It had sounded like a great plan to the organizers, but after six hours of sitting in a hot bus at the end of May, the boys were hardly ready for something so physical. Feeling more like they had spent the afternoon in a sauna, they nonetheless did the best for their school, and losing to a score of 3 to 0 was not that bad. What was more fun than the soccer game was teasing the boys from Turku over their dialect. They were snot proud living in a city, and did not take the teasing well, which made it even more fun.

They loaded back onto the bus and headed over to the hotel at 18.00 hours. Standing there in the lobby, sweating, tired, legs wobbly after the sudden physical exertion after six hours of sitting, they yelled and scuffled and pushed and in general behaved like any classroom of young teenage boys. Finally getting their attention, the teacher in charge began to distribute the keys. As the boys paired up, Antti glanced about the room, wondering which dumbhead he was going to end up with. Jussi just seemed to stand there as calm and disinterested as ever. Two by two the boys paired up until there were only six remaining.

"Antti," called out the teacher, and the fourteen-year-old boy's heart jumped and froze, waiting for the next name, waiting, praying, hoping, begging, "and Jussi."

Antti wanted to leap for joy. He wanted to run over and hug the teacher. He wanted to grab Jussi and hug him. Instead, he glanced over at Jussi. Jussi glanced back inquiringly, as if to say, "are you going to get the key or should I?"

As Antti walked over and took the hotel room key, he did not know what to think. It was his dream come true, but it was impossible to read the look on Jussi's face. Was he glad they were partnered? Was he disappointed? Maybe he thought he was an idiootti. Did he even care?

"Now class, remember we are guests at this hotel. We expect you to behave properly at all times. No running, shoving or shouting in the hallways. You will be allowed to visit each other but we want no complaints of noise, and there will be a curfew. Supper will be at 20.00 hours sharp in the dinning room."

There were many more instructions on proper behaviour and the schedule but Antti was not one whose attention was kept at the best of times. He knew Jussi would remember it all for them anyway. He glanced over at his friend and wondered what he was thinking. Paska, he was so good looking, and those deep blue eyes drove him crazy. It would be so much fun to have him as his first sexual partner. His dink began to swell in agreement with his mind.

Walking up to the second level of the hotel, they found the room and Antti inserted the key. It felt strange, exciting in a way, like an adventure, to be entering the room with Jussi. It was a small but clean room, with the typical furnishings. The sight of the two beds immediately got Antti's active imagination going again and he had to force himself to think of other things. The bathroom was particularly spacious, the walls and floor covered with clinker and with an especially large shower stall and a stack of fresh towels.

"I'm so fuckin' sweaty, I really need a shower," observed Jussi, and then as an afterthought, he added, "Or maybe you wanna go first?"

Antti smiled to himself. Just like Jussi, to step aside and let someone else go. "I can wait," he replied. "But after that fuckin' hot trip and the soccer game, I stink too. You go ahead and I'll strip so I can be ready as soon as you come out."

"Oh . . . ah . . . no, you can go first," Jussi said, evidently trying to stall. "I can wait as good as you."

There followed a minute of awkward silence. There was something else behind Jussi's hesitation, but Antti could not figure what it was. It was more than just being polite. Jussi began to flush. He knew that Antti suspected something. He stared at the floor helplessly, his entire body tightening with the tension. Using his left foot, Antti eased off his right Asics runner and then his left. Jussi did the same with his sneakers. The two boys reached for the top button of their jeans at the same time. They undid them slowly, one button at a time, one boy on the side of one bed and the other boy on the opposite side of the other bed.

Bending over and raising his right leg out of his jeans, Antti used the movement to glance over at Jussi. He was stepping out of his jeans too, and the sight of him standing there with his trousers about his ankles was so hot. As Jussi began to glance in his direction, Antti quickly looked away.

Jussi raised his other leg out of his jeans and inhaled sharply. His heart was pounding so hard he was sure you could see it throbbing under his ribs. For months he had pictured Antti doing just what he was now seeing him do, but in his fantasies never had he felt so excited, nor so nervous. The sight of the older boy was so remarkable. His medium brown hair, dishevelled but clean as always, hung down to his shoulders. His ready smile and blue-green eyes were so hot, and seeing him now standing there in just his sexy tangas sent a shock of desire down his stiffening penis. He quickly looked away, desperately fighting what had started between his thighs. If Antti saw him in that condition, he would die of embarrassment.

The two boys hesitated, nervously fingering the bottom of their T-shirts, each waiting for the other. Deciding they had best do something, they both hooked their fingers under the hem and began to raise them. Each wanted to glance over at the other, but neither dared. Drawing the T-shirts over their heads, they let them drop to the floor. Antti could not help himself. He stole a quick glance over at Jussi. Jussi was just turning away, his hands before his crotch. He sat on the bed with his back to Antti. The way his Garfield underwear jutted out, it was evident to Antti he had found this just as exciting.

Deciding he had to make a move, Antti moved around the bed to face Jussi and openly looked down between his thighs. The two were motionless for a few seconds. It seemed an hour.

"What are you . . . hmmmm . . . uhh . . . looking for?"

"Well, I . . . I was . . . well, wondering why you have a hardon," Antti blurted out rapidly, just as nervous and embarrassed but having to say what was on his mind. "It feels, well, you know, exciting."

"Is there something remarkable about a guy having a hardon?" asked Jussi, trying to sound indifferent but his voice was ragged and hesitant, betraying his own excitement and fear.

"So . . . it will not bother you when I say I have a hardon too?" Antti dared to ask.

Time froze. This was an all or nothing situation. What would Jussi's reaction be? If he said it was offensive, then that would be it. It he said it did not bother him, well, there could still be something.

"Oh. So . . . tell me . . . why do you have a hardon?"

A surge of wild hope rushed through Antti's teenage veins and especially up the vein on the underside of his erect dink. "Well," he began, "I noticed that you have one, and, well, I was wondering what it looked like. I have never seen another boy with one."

"I haven't either," confessed Jussi as he looked up at Antti, his ocean-blue eyes reflecting his arousal, and a question he could not vocalize.

"Hmmm . . . well . . . would you be interested in seeing mine?" asked Antti, hooking his thumbs under the elastic waist band of his underpants and looking into Jussi's deep blue eyes.

Again time stopped. This was the decisive moment. If he did not wish to see, Antti would retreat with shame and embarrassment. He did not know how he would be able to handle that, but he was still glad he had been daring enough to bring this to a head. On the other hand, if Jussi wanted to, well, who knows what could follow? Jussi looked up at Antti, then down at his bulging tangas, and back up to his blue-green eyes. Antti could see the hesitancy, as well as the fear and the hope in those beautiful deep blue eyes.

"I would see it, if you don't mind," he snapped, as if afraid if he did not get the words out he would change his mind.

Antti slowly pushed down his waist band, pulling it out to clear the boner that was anxious to be exposed. He slowly pulled his underwear down and allowed it to fall to his ankles. He stepped out of them and stood, totally naked, staring at the floor of the silent hotel room, a little ashamed, a little bothered, and very horny. Inhaling deeply, he forced himself to say, "so what do you think about . . . well . . . that is, would you do the same?"

"Sure I will," came the abrupt reply much to Antti's surprise. "I would like to show you."

Antti moved closer as Jussi pushed down his underwear and stepped out of it. There it was. No more wondering, no more imagining. It was beautiful, almost the same size as his, close to twelve centimetres, a bit fatter, the head peeking out from the collar of skin. Both boys were uncut. It stood up tall and proud and jerked up and down several times, as if inviting him. Antti could not resist the invitation. He reached out slowly and touched it gently with his fingertips. It was so hard, and so hot. When there was no objection, he dared to wrap his fingers about the aroused organ. It felt so different from holding his own, so powerful, so sexy.

"How does it feel?" Antti asked, his voice soft as if afraid if he spoke too loudly he might frightened Jussi off. "To me it feels wonderful."

"Oh man," replied Jussi with a soft sigh, "I have hoped for a long time that this would happen." He glanced up at this school chum, his face radiant with a happy smile.

"So you hoped for this to happen too?" Antti asked, surprised and delighted. He eased the skin on Jussi's cock back and forth a few times.

"You don't know how much I hoped for it," Jussi answered.

The two boys stood there silently, each staring down at the other's hot, stiff cock. They inhaled deeply, inhaling the fragrance not of two sweaty bodies, but of the ripe essence of two hot teenagers, of hot, aching balls and of fresh boyhood. It was the essence of lust and desire, the essence of two teeners in rut.

"What do you think? Maybe we could do something cool for each other in the shower?" suggested Antti hopefully.

"Sure. Let's go there. It would be more fun and warmer than here."

Antti turned and headed for the bathroom with Jussi right behind, two teenagers, buck naked, stiff cocked, more randy than they had ever been in their young lives. Stepping into the shower cabin, big enough for the two slender young boys, Antti turned on the water and regulated the temperature so it would not be too hot, but not too cold to cause them to lose their erections. Placing the shower head in the holder, he turned to Jussi.

Taking the initiative this time, Jussi reached out and took his chum's cock in his hand. He began to massage it slowly and tenderly. Antti reached over and took Jussi's eager boyhood in his hand and began to do the same. For the next minute the two boys said nothing, allowing the sexual pleasure, and relief now that the worrying was over, to flow over their bodies like the water from the shower.

"This is the first time a guy has ever touched my cock," admitted Jussi with a sigh of pleasure.

"For me too," replied Antti, "though I have imagined it many times."

The two boys could not believe that the other had actually had the same thoughts, the same desires. It was wonderful. Their hands moved gently, lovingly, slowly jerking cocks they had never before held, cocks that had never before been held by someone else. Their fists moved lightly, taking care not to pull too deeply. Jussi began to twist and turn a little. Antti knew what that meant and he was not far behind. There is a point where a boy's cock takes over his mind and the body dances for joy. The two savoured that moment with closed eyes, their deep horny breaths blowing hotly against each other.

"Hey Jussi," Antti said huskily as a thought came into his mind. "Would you like to experience something better? I mean this is sure cool, but I know something more to do."

"Oh?" Jussi asked. "What do you mean?"

"Have you ever at any time imagined what it would be like to get sucked? I have seen it in magazines and it looks fun."

"I have never seen it in pictures, but I have imagined it," Jussi answered, a dreamy look curling his thin red lips and drooping the upper lids of his ocean-blue eyes.

"If you would allow," Antti began tentatively, "I can do it for you."

"Okay, c'mon," came the offer as Jussi spread apart his legs.

Antti immediately dropped to his knees and wrapped his hand about thirteen-year-old Jussi's young cock. As he leaned forward, he wondered what it was going to be like. The idea had sounded exciting, and the pictures had gotten him aroused, but a cock, there in his mouth? Suppose it was disgusting? Suppose it tasted, well, like piss? Committed, he slipped his lips about the tip of the fat knob. He tentatively ran his tongue over the tip. The young boycock trembled, as did Jussi's whole body. Antti licked more strongly, and pulled the skin back as he licked. It was a bit salty, nothing more, but it was not the taste that was exciting. He was doing it. He had a cock there, in his mouth, between his lips, and it was the most fantastic thing he'd ever experienced. He was so glad it was with Jussi.

Jussi groaned, and then suddenly wailed as he pushed his penis in deeper and then pulled it back a little. Antti felt the throbbing of his hard cock and a second later the hot boy cum squirting against the sides of his mouth and on his tongue. He considered spitting it out but decided he could not. He swallowed it and trembled with the sensation. Jussi wrapped his fingers in Antti's long hair and drove his cock forward with the final squirts. Antti eagerly swallowed all he had to offer. Finally Antti slowly rose and the boys looked each other in the eyes.

"That was so great," Jussi grinned, his lips parting widely and revealing his sparkling, white teeth. "I could never have imagined how cool it really is."

"I liked sucking you. What a fucking feeling!" Antti observed with equal pleasure. "Vittu, I feel so great right now."

Antti stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Jussi. His rock hard cock touched Jussi's stomach as the boys embraced. Their bodies pushed against each other, trapping his hardon between them. Jussi caressed Antti's smooth, slender back with both his hands. After a while Antti felt Jussi's cock begin to stir. It was soon hard again.

"Now, I think, . . . that I would suck you too, if you will," Jussi proposed timidly.

"If you will. I would like that," Antti replied excitedly.

Jussi dropped to his knees and took Antti's cock in his hand. He licked the cock head carefully and then slowly took it deeper in his mouth. He began to lick and suck on it and Antti saw stars and flames. Never in his wildest imaginations had he thought it would be like this. He savoured ever second. It had been cool doing the sucking, but it was cool getting sucked by a good friend too. He trembled as he felt Jussi's hot mouth slowly slide up and down his boymeat. It was so exciting he felt his nuts contract and his cum race up his bone no more than a minute later.

Jussi collected the initial explosion in his mouth and then spat the cum at the drain in the shower and continued. Squeezing and sucking out the remainder of what Antti had to offer, he spat again and once more resumed his sucking until Antti's cock began to get soft. Finally he rose up and looked at Antti. Reflected in the ocean-blue eyes were love and gladness. His thin red lips were moist.

"Did you like it? Have I done it good?"

"Vittu, I have enjoyed it so very much, more than I could say in words. Surely this is better than fucking with a chick." Antti considered for a moment. "I have never been with a girl, have you?"

"No, never, but I think this is better," Jussi supposed. He closed the glass door of the shower and the two boys soaped up. They washed each other with their hands. It was exciting to slide one's hands over the smooth, slippery body of a pal, and to feel his hands gliding over your body. Smooth backs, hairless chests, flat stomachs and smooth, rounded butts, it was no wonder that the washing took a very long time.

The two boys arrived at the dining room just as the supper was being served. They joined the group of boys and sat opposite each other. Conversation turned to the soccer game, what would have happened if they hadn't had the long trip, the excitement of being in Turku, the sight seeing tour after supper, and the next day's activities. Much of the conversation the two teenagers replied to automatically without thought. Both minds were on what they would be doing that night once they pulled those two beds together. The glances they exchanged with each other promised that the continuation of what had begun in the shower was going to be very hot, and very pleasing.

This true story, as related to the author by Antti and Jussi, occurred in the early summer of 1996. Comments can be sent to the author, J.O. Dickingson, at All comments will be forwarded to Antti and Jussi (with addresses and identification removed if requested).