This is a story about two boys and their special friendship. It is based on a true story but some is pure fantacy. Is sexual minors offend you, please don't read anymore. This is an original story, so if you want to repost this anywhere please ask me about it first at All feedback is welcome but spam and flaming will be deleted.

How it all started.

I started masturbating at the age of 6. I didn't jack off, but I humped my pink stuffed Gorilla instead. His name was Abu, like in the Disneys Aladdin movie, and were about the same size too if I remember correctly. I'm not quite sure how it started but I remember it starting in kinder-garden with a foam ball with textile around it. I had this one special spot where no one could see me and I would him it like crazy until this wonderful feeling came upon me. But when I got busted by one of the adults, which just told me to stop doing that, I started doing ti at home instead.

Over the years of abuse, Abu's snout got crooked because it was his face I was humping. I almost always came before I was fully hard, as it was harder to cum then. I had to work longer and hump harder to get that super special feeling. This was a normal occurrence up until I was 10. Then I had to more or less stop because my dick had began to grow and I got hard quicker. Up until then I had always humped with my clothes on, but now I had to start doing it naked to cum before I was too hard, but ofc ouse this didn't last for long. I started puberty for real when I was 11 and began to produce the white stuff. I remember the first time that happened clear as day. I had just come back home from school and were dying to hump Abu so I just got busy. I put him in my bed, stripped and got to it. The feeling came on me as usual, but somehow different. The build-up weren't like before, it was stronger somehow, so when the feeling finally came over, me I thrust my pelvis as hard as I could and maybe for the first time came with a little moan of pleasure. After, I just lied there with my hand on Abu's head and my face on my pillow. I stayed like that for a while before realizing something was wet! I rolled over and looked on Abu's face and quickly found the wet spot. I didn't think much of it but the feeling still came over me so I did it again later that day, twice!

I told my best friend about it the next day. Joakim was his name. He was super excited about the news about this wet stuff as he made that too now. We both agreed we had to get to the bottom of this and find out what this wet stuff were! Over the next week or so we would go to either his or my house, stick our hands down our pants and hump our hands side by side in his tiny bed. We would hold our hands out for the other to inspect the wet stuff that now had changed from clear liquid to slightly white in color. A few lumps here and there by the look of it. We dared each other to taste the stuff and began giggling on of the thought!

Maybe a month or so laster I were told about jacking off for real. It was one of the boys in my class that told me about it. He had learned it from his older brother that if you kind of pulled your foreskin back and forth over your dick, you would also produce this wet stuff, but you had to get hard first. This was all new to me! I had up until then not wanted to get hard to get the white stuff flowing, but my classmate's brother were right about it producing the white stuff! It was a very different way of getting the feeling, that was for sure. And when I told Joakim about it he were a little curious about how this would work. I told him in as much detail of how I had made the white stuff come out by pulling the skin back and forth and I remember him nodding and in the next second walking straight out the door. When he came back ten minutes later he said he had been to the bathroom to check if it worked, and sure it did!

This new technique replaced the humping on the spot for both of us. And in our sleepovers we would always try to do it in secret under the covers. We both knew the other were doing it but said nothing about it. The only clue that the other were jacking off were the faint slapping sound of out hands and the movement of the covers. We didn't do anything about it before we were 12. By then both had started to grow hair down there, just a few hairs but still hair. At our sleepovers we would show each other the few strands of hair we had and how long they had gotten since last time. Once I had been hard while showing him my hairs and not thought about it when I pulled my pants down in front of his face to show him. He felled on his butt when my stiff eight centimeter dick came bouncing out of my underwear, because up until then none of us had seen each others stiffies! When I realized what I had done I tried pulling my pants back up but loosing my balance, I fell over him. As he was sitting down on his butt, my stiff dick actually landed on his face and when I came to my senses he were laughing like a madman. I had always loved his laugh. So sincere and boyish as it was I started laughing myself still with my dick in his face. After a few minutes we had both stopped laughing and the stiffies we now both had came to mind. Without really saying anything he got back up, pulled his pants down and sat down next to me with his stiff dick standing up waiting to be used. We got got at it! I came first as I were staring at his hand movements all the time while jacking off while his eyes were closed.

This first time would be the next step for us in our friendship. Over the next months we would still jack off together, now inn the full view of the other. And by the time I had turned 13, we started to jack each other off. We were still having sleepovers almost every weekend, but now all inhibitions were more or less gone! In the darkness of the night he would sneak out of his mattress on the floor and into my bed, all naked and we would fondle each other until the other became hard. The first one that became hard would always be the first one to be served! I almost always try to win over him, but I always became so quickly hard as his hands felt amazing! Once one of us were hard the other would go down in between the others legs and lie there while jacking the other off, often playing with the balls as well now full of tiny hairs. But the thing that had changed the most over the months were that once we came, the other one would lick it all up. So if you came so hard you came up until your face, the other would use his tongue there as well. We didn't really suck each others dick then as it was still off limits to have in the mouth, but we then instead used our hands to get it all from there.

The first time I sucked him was a few months before I turned 14. Our dicks had grown quite a lot now and the amount of cum production had also increased. It happened over at his house after a long day at school. We were doing our homework, him at the desk and me lying in the bed. We talked about the girls at our school and how much their breast had grown. We had a huge laugh about it and began talking dirty about what we would do to them if we got the chance. All of a sudden he just said "fuck it" pulled down his pants and came over to me to start jacking off. As I too had gone hard while thinking about him fucking some girl I didn't hesitate to pull down my own pants to join him. So there we sat, our arms going up and down our hard dicks, him with his eyes closed and me staring at his dick. I have no idea how I came to the thought of sucking him or how it would be a good idea, but I did. I rolled over so I came in the middle of his wide spread legs and removed his hand. He opened his eyes questioningly as he hadn't finished yet. But when my warm mouth covered his dick he understood. We had both watched porn so we both knew girls used to suck guys before fucking and stuff, so I did the best I could not to scrape my teeth against his dick. It didn't take long for him to cum as he had jacked off a while before I took over. The initial blast hit the back of my tongue making me almost gag, but I kept on sucking. His hands had taken a hold of my head pushing it as far down onto his dick while he pumped hot semen into my mouth. Once it stopped he just looked in shock of what I had done. As I had been jacking myself off while sucking him, I took the dick out of my mouth, positioned myself and sprayed all my cum over his still hard dick. Now breathing heavenly I went back down to his dick and licked it all up from his balls, dick and belly. This started another phase for us! He didn't like to suck as much I as did, but he would still take the cum into his mouth after. I loved to suck him off. He really enjoyed it and I loved seeing his face as he was fucking my face and cumming down my throat.

Sadly this new phase didn't last long. Two months later Joakim moved away and I lost almost all contact with him. He would visit his mom who still lived where I lived and then I would come over and we would talk about how our lives were. We would then almost always have a little sucking session but this too ended when he got himself a girlfriend to do it for him(bitch). I didn't have any girlfriends do that for me so I continued to jack off to the thought of him and the memories of him licking my bellybutton for cum.

Years later when I came out as gay, he was the one of the first ones to call me up and tell me how great he thought it was that I had come out. I think deep inside he wants to do something similar, maybe not gay but bisexual at least as I know he likes the taste of cum far too much not to be!

-The End