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These events occurred somewhere in a place I've been. A place where time passes dreamily. A place where our heart's desires are fulfilled. Where every yearning heart is held and kept and lifted up in loving embrace. Please play safe and be kind to yourselves and to one-another.

How We Were

Our community always felt like a small town. In truth, it is a semi-rural enclave on the outskirts of a large northern city. But it is one of those places that people don't seem to move away from. Or they do, but only for a while, and then they're back again. Our parents and grandparents came here and put down roots -- and boy, what roots! Most of the people in this story still live in the same houses, these grand old cozy big homes that once rang out with the shouts of their parents' voices as children. Grandma's cooking smells are still there, in the walls somewhere, if your nose is keen enough.

Anyway, a few years have passed -- not a lot -- and some of us have moved away. But the place just keeps drawing us back. Some to raise a family, some to heal. And I still see these people in the course of a day and often we have a moment to stop, perhaps to touch, and to look each other in the face and smile, remembering how we were.

Chapter 10


I was so fucking horny by the time Derek got home: I attacked him from behind the door as he entered, pouncing softly to growl at his neck. He froze, and then began to skulk lower, attempting to evade the predator, to escape to the stairs. But I was upon him, pressing myself to him. Growling and devouring. Wrapping my arms along the outside of his, reaching up and growling in his left ear. Following him to the stairs. Onto the bottom step. Carpeted, soft.  The cool ear against my face, against my lips, as I pressed myself against him and growled in mock ferocity.

At the second step: "Unnhhh!" he exhaled, a frightened antelope. "EEEeeeeee!" A tiny keen of mock-terror...

Third step: "RRRRRR!" I rumbled into the cool downy ear that I loved.

Moving up: "Rrrrrr? MMMMmm?" A sassy little groany noise.

Two more: "Rrthrthrthrthr," I purred. "Eeeyoooo?" Little kitty question.

Another: "MMMmm?! MMMMmmmm!!" Two more sassy little groany noises, the second one highly suggestive of sexual need.

At the top. Crawling into his room: "RRRrrrthrthrthrtthr," my growl became a purr, as I pressed myself against the back of him. Resilient and comforting, my bulge against his wonderful skater's butt. "MMMmmm?!" Now he had me making sassy little groany noises. Everywhere I pressed into him was deeply pleasing, almost pre-orgasmic. Fuck, he was sexy, toothsome. I could smell the back of his hair. Sort of a warm molasses smell. Musky. Intoxicating. Distinctively Derek.

"Hmmm. Judu Voodoo on me?" I asked, mock-devouring the back of his neck, returning, panting, to the cool downy ear. I wanted him!

"Hhhhuhh!" A breathy moan. Not loud, but right in his ear from touching distance. A wave of lust.

Derek seized the opening to roll suddenly in my arms. I fell upon him, off balance, then settled into the comfort of him. His body. His acceptance.

Taking my face in his hands: "Hi. I love you. I missed you. I'm horny for you. I want to have every bit of you." It made me feel loved and special and very, very sexual.

"Hmmmm," I moaned, devouring his lips. "Me three," outta da corner of my mouf: "I want you so bad."

He reached up and ran his hands gently along my waist, diving suddenly to grab my buns and pull our dicks together hard, thrusting. I felt a blast of orgasmic pleasure: sharp and satisfying and sweet. He got suddenly cuter. Nothing changed, but somehow it did. I wanted to do impossible things: eat his cuteness, roll in it, dive into it, dwell in it, stand back and adore it, be it, obliterate myself in it: his cuteness. I felt myself flushing. "God, you're cute. God, you're beautiful. God, I'm lucky. God, I love you, Derek."

He just reached up and kissed me so gently. So very gently. That I knew it was a kiss for my heart, for my soul. And not just an expression of lust. An expression of love that was big enough to encompass our times of lust, encompass our times resting, spent, in one-another's arms, to encompass the weary times and the joyful, the painful times and the blissful. I knew this, as the tears sprang from my heart and ran down my face, down between our lips, sealing our love, our joy in each other. Sealing it in love and tears and tenderness and lust.

Yes, lust. Yes, lust for this delectable hunk of boy beneath me. Lust for the loving, loyal, brave and willing heart that beat against mine. Lust for the things he meant to me, the things we had done, had been. Lust for the things we would do, the things we would share, would become together. Lust: such a robust thing. Ruddy and strong, a growling ripsaw of physical attraction. Strong and big and loud and physical. Bold. Daring. Exultant.

Lust: such a pale, pale shadow of the love that it celebrated. A love so wonderfully fulfilling, completing. A love in need of our immediate nakedness, of this heat, of the wet feeling of each other's mouth on our need, as we inhaled each other's musk, mouthed each other's tender rigid hardness. In need of the exquisite sweetness of each other's caressing lips. As we became more naked to each other. As I felt Derek take my nuts in his hands, soothe them, cool them, treasure them. As I felt him gently, gently bring me to that lingering pleasure plateau. Galloping, galloping toward the impending orgasm, galloping, galloping. Covering mile upon pleasure-mile. Derek giving me pleasure. A constant flow of deep pleasure. The hoof beats of my lust carrying me headlong, self-abandoned, toward a climax that barely, barely got any closer. Derek pumping pleasure deep into me, as I devoured him, savored him, adored him. Showed my worship of his beauty in the most eloquent way I could. Suckled upon him, deeply gratifying myself. Opening myself, becoming more naked. Giving myself to him, in response to his hands. Giving, giving.

I could feel my heart flying apart, my soul surrendering. Conduit for a tide of sadness and pain and sweetness and ecstasy. My body becoming arched and hard and distant, as the tide of my lust and emotion mounted and swept through me, a train bearing down, a stupendous orgasm, extinguishing the room, my self, my name. Sweeping through me, purging all the pain, all the hurt, all the weariness, sweeping it away, before an indescribable fiery wall of sexual absolution. Tearing the pain away, ripping it whole from my heart, to be replaced with a sea foam of giddy, glorious sexual pleasure, of love, of adoration of my lover. My lover whose own orgasm was just now ending, too. My lover, still pulsing, still declaring his lust, his love, his joy, his release to me. So intimately. So undeniably. So sincerely. So sweetly. So beautifully. Such a beautiful boy. God, I love him.

"Ooohh!" I was the first to speak. "Ooohh," a tender, shy, whimpery thing.

A gasp: "Fuck, that was strong!" I guess it got Derek's vote, too. "God, I love you, Brand."

"We gotta get over to my house by 6:30. My dad's gonna call."

"You need to go?" I asked, drowsy, murmuring my protest.

"No. 'We.' We need to go. I want you there, so we can discuss details."

"Details?" A little more awake, still languid from the release, even after a nap.

"Spring break? Remember?"

"Oh, yeah," stretching enormously, my body feeling wonderful. "They're gonna shoot us and shit." One of those strong, trembly stretches. Stretching everything.

"Yeah. I need you to pick out a casket. The usual details."

"Ummh, do I have time for a little... four-hour nap?"

"Yeah, right!" Swooping to nuzzle me, "All this sex is rotting your brain."


"So, for your own good, I'm taking a vow of celibacy."

Derek? Celibate? "Unnn-Uu-uhh!"

"A bow of celebrity?"


"A bough of celery?"

"Celery doesn't have boughs," I groaned, stretching again, hugely. My dick half standing from the stretch, collapsing again, still spent, as the stretch ended.

"I knew that would get you up." Looking at my flaccid parts: "Wake you up."

"God Damn, you're a wonderful lover, Derek."

"Compared to everyone else in your black book?"

"Really." He knows he's my only only only.

"Brand?" He said, tenderly.

"Yeah?" Looking at him. Trusting, open.

"Will you promise me something?" Toying with my belly button.

"Hmmm?" Up to lean on one elbow.

"If you ever get a chance to, like, with a girl?"

"Hmm?" Frowning, briefly.

"If you ever get the chance, I want you to take it. I don't want you to turn that down on account of me."

"Ghh-eh." Clearing my throat. Again. Again. Finally, my voice back: "But I'm with you, Derek."

"Look, Brand: this has got to be the oldest guy-pact in the book. I love you. I... cherish you. And... I want this for you. Shit, maybe you'll like it so much you'll run off. But I never want you to wonder. I want you to have that."

"Well, umm." Shrug.

"I want you to have my permission, for what that's worth. I want you to carry that with you. There's just one thing," he giggled.

"What's that?"

"You gotta tell me all about it afterwards!"

I had a thought, grinned: "You don't mind if I set this camera up, over here, do you?"

"A court reporter, with one of those type-y things. Or I could dress like one of those Paparazzi guys & get a huge Rollieflex with a flash."

I shrugged again, leaned in and kissed him. "Okay, deal," I said. "And your permission means everything to me. That was extremely sweet of you. But then... " And I kissed him some more: he made my mouth horny. "And besides: where am I gonna find a chick with a wonderful dick like yours?"

"Hi, Derek?" The voice was tiny, distant.

"No, this is Brand, I can go get Derek, just a sec."

"Brand! So how are you? Derek's mother tells me he practically lives at your place these days."

"I'm fine. And, you know... we do hang out together a lot? But I know he makes a special point of spending time with his mom, too."

"So, are you guys in the same school?"

"No, not 'till next year... wait, here comes Derek, now. Nice talking with you, Mr. Bardwell."

"You too, Brand. Take care."

"Dad!... Not bad, not bad at all." Turning to look at me and wink. "Pretty good. School's easy but... Yeah, I have this exhibition Thursday... The whole school... Not really. You know, some, but nothing like in front of real judges... Well, yeah, I know what you mean... And Brand had this totally cool idea.... Nope: we had my music shortened electronically... Yup. Nope, we had to send a tape. Two, a-assh... Yeah. Un Hunh... Did  I tell you about Mr. Ambrosini?" He started into that story, so I seized the chance to take a short hike down the hall. When I got back, he had obviously popped the question.

"Very important, Dad... Well, yes, we are... Yes, I will... Yes, he does... We do... Of course... No, he doesn't. Doesn't do any of that stuff... No, me neither. You should know that, Dad!... No... Nope... Yeah, a couple of kids at school... naah... I've got too much going on... Yup... No, the yard's... No, it's mostly melted... un huh... No, we cleared the gutters when we did the storm windows... Rented a big-ass ladder... Brand... We did their house at the same time... No, he's right here."

Derek turned to me: "Have you had a Smallpox vaccination?" (No) "Any arrest record?" (At 14??) Suddenly the subject of my ham radio hobby came up.

"Novice, I think. But he's about to take the..." -- he looked at me -- "General test. Here, just a sec... " Handing me the phone.

"Hi, it's Brand again."

"Derek tells me you are an amateur radio enthusiast."

"Well, yeah. It's something my dad and I did together. I wanted to take the next step, cuz it's something we started together -- you know -- before he... " I felt myself tearing up. Probably because this was Derek's father, and because of my closeness to Derek, sort of the closest thing I was going to have to a dad, now. Besides, there is something about him that makes it easy to open up. Anyway, when the pain tried to surface and take over the conversation, I didn't let it. You have to learn that, after a while. After you lose someone.

"I understand, Brand. I lost my daddy when I was six. I still miss him. A lot, sometimes. We'll talk, if you come down."


"I need to ask you a favor, though. How soon were you going to take the next exam?"

"I dunno. I was hoping for March."

"Could you possibly delay until after you get back? Did you have to pay a fee? That might make things... a little easier, from this end."

"Oh. Okay, sure. No, it's about five bucks. Fine. " Guess this must be a touchy subject with his work: "No problem. A-and thanks! How likely is it that this will be... that I can, umm... that it would be okay for me to come down?"

"Oh, about 95%, unless there's something truly unexpected at that end."

"Wow! Great! Oh, man I... well I guess I better not get my hopes up too much."

"Well, Brand, I think it's safe to get them up some, okay?" I could hear his smile on the other end.

"Th-thanks. Do you want to talk to Derek, now?... K, here he is. Bye."

They chatted on for a while.

Afterwards, we did something we haven't done in weeks: went out and rode our bikes. I kissed him and then sprayed dirt all over him.

Hey, makes more sense than the other way around!

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