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These events occurred somewhere in a place I've been. A place where time passes dreamily. A place where our heart's desires are fulfilled. Where every yearning heart is held and kept and lifted up in loving embrace. Please play safe and be kind to yourselves and to one-another.

How We Were

Our community always felt like a small town. In truth, it is a semi-rural enclave on the outskirts of a large northern city. But it is one of those places that people don't seem to move away from. Or they do, but only for a while, and then they're back again. Our parents and grandparents came here and put down roots -- and boy, what roots! Most of the people in this story still live in the same houses, these grand old cozy big homes that once rang out with the shouts of their parents' voices as children. Grandma's cooking smells are still there, in the walls somewhere, if your nose is keen enough.

Anyway, a few years have passed -- not a lot -- and some of us have moved away. But the place just keeps drawing us back. Some to raise a family, some to heal. And I still see these people in the course of a day and often we have a moment to stop, perhaps to touch, and to look each other in the face and smile, remembering how we were.

Chapter 11


When I got home... Funny. That I call it home. I have a home. And a Mom. Even a dog. When I got to Brand's house, I walked up to the front and the door opened.

Dusti was there. Somehow my little brother. Littleboy familiar. My heart did a little hum. "Brand!" he called out, smiling, "Derek's home."

Brand appeared at the top of the stair. Now I really was home. Standing there: my home.

"hhh-I," my voice finally sounding, halfway through the word. "Agggh!"

Brand giggled: "h-h-h-Hi !" Looking a little... fragile. "K'n you come play?"

"What I need about now is a nap and a snuggle."

"Rough day, eh?" Cocking his head a trifle.

"Naah, not really. Lack of sleep, mostly."

" 'K. So, nap time. My day wiped me out, too."

Heading upstairs, I pulled off my outer clothes and fell into his bed and was asleep almost instantly. Slumber like a cool satisfying drink. I barely felt them come to bed.

Them? I woke -- I don't know -- maybe an hour later, sandwiched between Dusti and Brand, both of whom were out cold. I had recovered. So had my kidneys. I extricated myself as gracefully as I could, as bad as I had to go, and headed for the pissoir. Ahh! Simple pleasures really are the best! A coupla gallons later, and I could feel all the parts painfully shrinking back to their normal size and position.

Guess I woke Dustin up, cuz he was downstairs scooting around in his socks on the waxed wooden floor and flapping his arms in some comical penguin thing, laughing with his mommy about his dream or something. If I had asked him, he would have told me exactly what he was being. I returned to bed and snuggled up behind Brand, who looked like he needed to be held.

I was feeling rested by now, and just lay there with my right arm over him, feeling and smelling his hair, the reassuring solidity of his body against mine. After about 20 minutes, the life began to pour back into him. He grabbed my hand and held it to his chest. It felt so good to be needed. It felt even better when he snuggled his butt into my crotch a little. I pressed into his softness, feeling that deep, sharp twinge of pleasure as the part of my dick inside my body was pushed to one side.

"Ummm," I breathed, pressing into Brand. I stretched hard, suddenly passionate, needy. Brand rolled in my arms, facing me. Little kisses at first, growing bolder, more passionate. His kisses maddening me with desire.

Kisses of lust. My lover, now. My beloved some other time. My lover, now. Hot. Meant for sex. Cute. Kissing me deeply. Cuter still. Tee shirt across the room. Hands under my waist band. His hands right on me. Treasuring my straining sack now. So needy. So painfully urgent, full. Abandoned to my need to peak and cum.

Fist around my shaft, my head. The suffocating need to slide, pump, get some stimulation and relief. Squeeze once. Deep, ringing pleasure and more arousal. Deep need.

Still. Sliding once. Unhhh! Across the head. So exquisite: electric joy. Gripping me. No sliding. Gripping me solidly. Squeeze. Pause. The ecstasy like a splash: echoing, resounding. Squeeze again. Erect! So Solid. So erect! Erect all the way to my spine. Deeply, deeply erect.

Pulling, a little. Just a little. No sliding. Hand gripping behind the head. Pulling, pulling gently, insistently, moving my whole phallus deep within me. Spasm. Deepest joyful agony of pleasure. Tug. Spasm, my dick muscles yanking his fist back, as they spasm and contract. Tingly pleasure from the depths, in behind my balls. Spasm. Pleasure shooting from my hole to my brain. Pulling gently. Tugging just a bit, tugging the moorings of my deepest penis. Spasm. Joyously letting it go. Feeling deep, deep pleasure. Needing friction with my cockhead. Needing it.

The head of my dick so sensitive, buzzing. Each spasm a confession of my deepest arousal, my need. Each spasm delivering deep, deep internal pleasure. The need for friction exquisite agony. Giving myself to him deeply. All of my sex. The deepest part. The part that no one can ever see. A part of my body never acknowledged. Him taking me, maddeningly tender.

Brand loving me so intimately. Taking my lust. Owning me. There with me. With the deepest hidden piece of my sex. Pulling. Tugging. Gently, deeply, deeply. Spasm. Joyous surrender. Deep, lingering twinges of pleasure like magic chimes. Tugging the very core of my developing manhood, accepting, coaxing, celebrating. Drawing me out from myself. Knowing me. Knowing what it truly is to be a boy. The deepest reaches of being male, the deepest joy of young ecstatic boyhood. Giving my deepest self to him. Surrendering my deepest part. Pulling. Pulling. Spasm. Giving. Giving. Sliding. A gasp of searing joy.

Suddenly, he was down on my blazing member. Engulfing it. Wetness. Blazing joy. Fullness. My dick, hard from the spine. All of it joyous. Deep penis joy and pleasure. Cupping me, grabbing. The joy contained! A deep, painful ecstasy rising from my bones.

Arching: my hands, my feet lost in a blaze of tingling. My head swept away, as well. My penis huge, desperate, deep, open. Outside of me. Enormous. Blazingly sweet. Bigger than me. The orgasm rising in me like sweet electric froth. His lips, his hands. My enormous boyhood rising, thrusting forth. Thrusting! Oh, Brand! The burning ecstasy of his lips, delivering me. Starkly, terribly bright. Brand giving me deep blinding beauty, as I unfold, as I evert, as my soul springs free in a blazing column of crystalline fire. As I clench, there, at the exquisite hanging peak. As I slide over into the voluptuous release, letting the ecstasy of burning sweetness shoot out into space. Into his mouth. As my love is sealed to him forever, forever... forever... forever...

My mind agape: A young man, now, certainly.

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