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These events occurred somewhere in a place I've been. A place where time passes dreamily. A place where our heart's desires are fulfilled. Where every yearning heart is held and kept and lifted up in loving embrace. Please play safe and be kind to yourselves and to one-another.

How We Were

Our community always felt like a small town. In truth, it is a semi-rural enclave on the outskirts of a large northern city. But it is one of those places that people don't seem to move away from. Or they do, but only for a while, and then they're back again. Our parents and grandparents came here and put down roots -- and boy, what roots! Most of the people in this story still live in the same houses, these grand old cozy big homes that once rang out with the shouts of their parents' voices as children. Grandma's cooking smells are still there, in the walls somewhere, if your nose is keen enough.

Anyway, a few years have passed -- not a lot -- and some of us have moved away. But the place just keeps drawing us back. Some to raise a family, some to heal. And I still see these people in the course of a day and often we have a moment to stop, perhaps to touch, and to look each other in the face and smile, remembering how we were.

Chapter 13


"Perhaps you would explain to the class, Mister Coulter.  Exactly.  What.  Is.  So.  Special.  About... Fucking.  Pussy!" declaimed the Professor, tapping Brand repeatedly on the side of the nose to get his attention.

"You hit me in the face with your dick one more time, Derek, and I'm likely to bite it off. I don't care if you do call it the fucking Professor!"

"Teach you a thing or two!"

"Ooomm, when do classes begin? Are operators standing by? Steak Knives?"

"So: tell the class about Ma-ris-saa!" the Professor badgered, returning to assault Brand's face a few more times for emphasis.

"Paaugh! So, what's to tell?" asked Brand, with marked lack of enthusiasm, turning to give my pecker a quick kiss, then smiling.

"Hey! Now listen: I went ahead and encouraged you to get laid. And I helped set you up. And I got the fuck lost. And all I ever asked," I smirked, "was to be told all the cheesy little details. I even showed you how to get a hardon."

"Yeah, Right! Well, looks like somebody took notes."

"Besides, if you don't tell, I swear to God I'll never have sex with you again 'till Hell freezes. Or until I get really hard up. You could be on your own for... for fucking hours!"

Brand crawled up to me and looked into my eyes, leering and cute. He brushed my hair back from my face with his fingers. And then he smirked at me adorably, as his lips moved closer. I just had to squeeze his dick. He smirked harder, as our lips came together in a giggling snorty kiss which broke immediately 'cause we were laughing too much.

"Never!" he said, wiping my spit off his lips with the back of his hand and laughing.

"Nevermore?" I asked in a bird voice, catching myself mimicking his mouth-wipe.

"Never! You're never fucking getting rid of me. You'll fucking die with me clamped onto your pecker. You're too delicious for your own good."

"You are so cute and funny, Brand. I love you. I just want to lick you."

He stuck his lip out: "You wanna just lick me?" he pouted, looking at me, puppy-like. " Eeeummh?" he whined, needily.

"No, not 'just:' I think regular exercise of the basic mammalian suckling function is vital for the healthy development of... uhh... adolescent male, uhh... canines," I said airily.

Brand's tongue lolled (as well as a boy's can) and he made panting noises at the mention of the "basic mammalian suckling function." He reached out to wrap his fingers around my anxious, nodding member.

"So! Give! Tell me!" In response, he just looked at me blankly and stroked me slowly, running his fingers over the head ridge as his hand came forward. "Ummm, I'll give you twelve hours to stop that... . So?"

"But you can't expect me to re-mem-ber all the de-tails without your help," he pouted, squeezing me to a sharp pleasure twinge.

"Ohh, all right... " I grumbled, unconvincingly, pressing myself deeper into his soft hand. Brand rubbed it on his lips and hummed a note loudly on the head, stroking it.

"We went to her place, which is right next to the school on the field-hockey field end."

"Unh-huh," I hummed, fishing him eagerly out of his briefs. What a pretty dick, waking up and raising his cute, sexy head. Getting warm. Feeling so good in my hand. Feeling better on my lips. Swelling emphatically to join the party. I put it in my mouth and let it grow down my throat...

"Cool!" Stroking him, now: "Did you go through those woods?"

"Yeah," briefly engulfing just my cock head. His voice descended into a sort of embarrassed groan. "It was really weird. I started kissing her there and sorta feeling her up and she went into fucking hyperventilation." He licked lazily across the top of my rod, briefly engulfed the head of my dick again and settled back, smiling and stroking me smoothly, continuously.

"Huh: Cicely did the same thing. Oooh, that feels so good! Better slow down a bit. So did you go to... ummm, uhh. Stop!" Pulling my dick out of his hand, for a second, I giggled: "That was getting close. I didn't want to, yet." Sucking him.

"So?" Pulling his dick back out of my mouth and flicking it with my index finger. It vibrated for a second, while he flinched. Then I resumed stroking him, slowly, amid soft head licks. "Sooo??"

"Anyway, we got to her house. And her brother was home with his girlfriend. Running around the house naked, I guess. We heard them scramble when her key hit the lock. They were just disappearing into his room as we opened the door and their clothes were all over the kitchen and dining room. And they were up there giggling like mad." He stopped to suck me, for a second or two. It felt so... urgently... good!

"So-oh, we retreated to her room," he said, stroking a little faster, "and we started kissing again and feeling each other up. Only, this time, I took off her sweater, and she was rubbing against my dick," he said, bending mine to the side suddenly, so it twinged sharply, exquisitely. I shivered, convulsively.

"Then I started to un-button her blouse. And, then she opened her eyes and I said, 'They've got the right idea -- let's just skip the dining room,' and I kept unbuttoning her blouse and smiling at her eyes. After the blouse came off, I kissed her near the ears and on her neck and we frenched a whole bunch more and I ran my fingers over her back and on her shoulders. And she started moaning, so I unhooked her bra," he said, stroking me a little harder.

"Front kind or back kind?"

"Front. I think I like the back kind better. You know: with the front ones you have to look 'em in the face and ask permission. In back, you just undo it and it's too late. Anyway, she had perky tits with these enormous pink nipples. They musta covered a fucking quarter of her tits, man. Eeessh! Weird. Chick has the world's only pendulous nipples. But... they're this tender pink shade," he said, smirking and stroking me, moving in for a slow suck. "I wondered if they were gonna shrink up and turn into -- like," he laughed, "like a pair of little pink dicklets. But they didn't scrunch that much," sliding his cold fingers behind to contain my nuts. They scrunched, sure enough. I wanted him to take them and pull on 'em or something.

"Unh-huh," I moaned, trying to get some friction. Stroking his big toasty firmness, reverently. Wanting it. Licking it.

"Tsk-tsk," he shook his head, squeezing a clear droplet from me, "I'm not sure you're really list-en-ning." Squeezing another.

"Unh-huh, I am. I am," I gasped, putting my mouth back around his darling meat. I had a rush of intense love and emotional joy, giving more of myself -- all of myself -- to him, as I spasmed another dollop of anticipation juice onto his waiting lips. I think I was beginning to pant, a little. A lot, in fact.

"So-oh, I moved her over to the bed. She has this real thick mattress and stuff, so the top of it's real high up, and I just laid her down and began kissing her and sucking on her nips," he said, sucking my unit long and sensuously, as I tried to thrust into him.

"And I kicked my sneakers and pants off, while I licked her pert pink nubbins, as she lay panting and dripping into her panties."

"I'm dripping. You can lick my pert nubbin."

"Naah! It's not pink," he said, engulfing me fully and swallowing slowly to massage the head with his throat. I could only groan and press myself deeper into him. My movements were getting jerky.

"And it's not 'pert.' It's fucking huge and lumpy and throbbing. 'Pert,' my ass."

"I'll 'pert' your ass: c'mere!"

"And I undid her jeans and slid them off. And she helped," bending me the other way, for another sharp pleasure twinge.

"Panties." Trying to thrust into his hand.

"Came off with the jeans," he said, beginning to stroke me harder, now. I was definitely on the cream-bound train now.

"Umm-hmm?" I moaned, sucking him, "Umm-hmm?"

"And she has red pubies."

"Hmmh! Umm-hmm?" Eagerly sucking his tender bigness, "Umm-hmm?"

"And we decided to just be friends." Stopping.

I spit him out: "Bull. SHIT!" I whined, pumping my hips, beggingly.

"So, I kissed her and climbed up between her legs and licked the fuck outta her little clit!" He said "clit" funny -- emphasizing the 'L' -- and put his tongue on my tip, lapping at it in little teeny, rapid licks. I strained toward him, eager to feel his lips fully on me. He just squeezed me, but then took the begging head between his lips, for just a second.

Stroking me, again, he continued: "And she begged me. She said: 'Brand! I want you deeep inside of me! Now! I want your big hard throbbing boner deep inside my steaming pussy!' " He chanted, trying to suppress a little chuckle.

"Bullshit! Unh-Huh? Come ON!"

I continued to nurse on his darling unit. He caressed the ridge behind my nuts, repeatedly, making my hole itch with lust, then swooped down for a deep, quick suck. My hole trembled in excitation and I shuddered.

"So I climbed aboard, and I put my dick up to her and slid my hog down between her juicy lips, down to her hot, juicy, waiting cunthole."

"Her pussy wanted me, Derek," he said, running his fingers down my shaft, around my lust-hardened nuts, "It wanted me deep inside it. And I rubbed the head of my dick on her hungry wet pussy lips," he said, sliding his finger back with majestic slowness.

"And I pressed it between the lips," he said, finally touching my hole with his adventuring finger.

"And I said, 'Do you want it? And she said... she said... " Stroking me. Probing the very outside of my hole just the tiniest bit, feeling the very center. Threatening to break through...

"And she said... " Moving his finger in a tiny flutter, on my quivering hole.

"And she said... "

"Yes?" I moaned.

"Yes!" He said, pressing harder, "She said 'Yes,' and I slid deep into her," he said, slipping his long finger into me, deeply.

"Ummmh!" I moaned, feeling myself slide onto his digit, feeling him slipping deep inside of me.

"And I slid in deeply," probing me, giving me the pleasure of his deep penetration, stroking me, taking all of me in his hand and giving me deep anal pleasure, too. Finding my prostate, he probed, building my lust, deeply.

"And I went into her. And the center of her pussy was so sweet!" he said, running his mouth, then his hand, over my cockhead, as his probing finger brought joy to my deep places. He began stroking me faster, harder, as the climax began to approach. As I sucked him with deep joy in my heart. As I sucked his beautiful pussy-fucking dick. As I felt him harden more, with the recollection. And I ran my mouth on his hardness, letting it move me, deeply.

"And I went in, and I went in, and I went in, and she was so-oo soft inside. My dick felt so good! I was sooo stiff in there! I thought I would suffocate from her softness," he moaned.

"I just sank my dick deep inside of her and it was sooo stiff. And she was sooo wet and sooo soft and it made my mouth water," he said, bringing me closer. Making my mouth water, too. Making me try to thrust into him.

"And I found my feet scrambling on the bed to get into her deeper and deeper," he said, bringing me to the edge.

"And then I was in sooo deeep and I moved slower and slower in her and it was so soft and I was deep and I was cumming! I was cumming so deep, so deep. In her. So deep in her soft, hot, wet pussy."

As I was: it built and built, from deep inside me. From deep inside my ass. Slow, hard, sweet. Intense: my ears were ringing.

"And it was such a sweet hot cum, from 'way. Down. Deep. Inside." He stroked me one more time and I arched and erupted into his swooping love mouth. Into his heat and his wetness and his love and his tenderness. My hole clenched on his loving finger, loving the invasion, wanting it.

"And I came deep, deep into her hungry, dripping pussy," he crooned, continuing to stroke me through my long, intense climax, his hand searing me with this tender torment.

"Christ, it was sooo intense! My asshole even ached from clenching, after that one! I just turned inside out into her and I just found myself going 'Ahh, ahh!' and pumping her hot pussy full of my hot... sweet... huh... premium... uhhh, ooh!" he intoned in a strained voice, jerking. Beginning to unload his joy into my hungry mouth.

"Wow!" I said, when he was through, still shuddering from my own lingering discharge.

"Man! That sounds pretty amazing," I said, reverently.

He rolled his eyes as he continued: "And I could really, really tell that fucking pussy is what my dong was put on this Earth for. And I filled her with my throbbing pleasure probe and I plowed her and I pumped my sweet, sweet lava into her begging young pelvis." He smiled, moving closer to my lips. Kissing me. Looking in my eyes.

"And as I did that -- as I came deep inside of her... Ya wanna know the truth, Derek?"

"Umm humh."

"As I peaked and buried it in, all the way, and came, and came, and came, I held you in my mind and my heart and I treasured the beauty of having you, Derek." He looked me deep in the eyes. Blissful. Steady. He looked at me with a lazy love in his eyes that made my life entirely perfect in that moment.

"And I felt like a real fucking faker!" he smirked, with a little shiver of delight and a chuckle.

"Oooh, you dog!" I crooned. "So you're not gonna leave me for Marisa?"

"Naah, her dick musta fell off."

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