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These events occurred somewhere in a place I've been. A place where time passes dreamily. A place where our heart's desires are fulfilled. Where every yearning heart is held and kept and lifted up in loving embrace. Please play safe and be kind to yourselves and to one-another.

How We Were

Our community always felt like a small town. In truth, it is a semi-rural enclave on the outskirts of a large northern city. But it is one of those places that people don't seem to move away from. Or they do, but only for a while, and then they're back again. Our parents and grandparents came here and put down roots -- and boy, what roots! Most of the people in this story still live in the same houses, these grand old cozy big homes that once rang out with the shouts of their parents' voices as children. Grandma's cooking smells are still there, in the walls somewhere, if your nose is keen enough.

Anyway, a few years have passed -- not a lot -- and some of us have moved away. But the place just keeps drawing us back. Some to raise a family, some to heal. And I still see these people in the course of a day and often we have a moment to stop, perhaps to touch, and to look each other in the face and smile, remembering how we were.

Chapter 20


"You're staring at his butt!" I growled.

Derek got all fucked up that night and cute and silly. But he actually managed to be fairly convincing, 'till we had to try to get him back to Barbra Ann. Then he damn near stepped on the side of the dinghy -- the gunwale, I guess they call it -- and almost flipped us all into the drink at 3AM.. John saw it and yelled just in time to get Derek to step onto the seat, instead.

Anyway, here we were on the beach, next afternoon. Derek was drinking Coke after Coke to make his head feel better. He was on his back and his darling bulge was calling to me, making me delightfully miserable, wanting him.

"Well, first of all, the Coke is making me hornier than shit. And, besides."

"Besides, what?"

"Besides. His butt looks a lot like yours, and I can't see yours cuz you're busy sitting on the fucker."

"My butt's a 'fucker'?"

"Butter believe it!"

"Butter up?"

"Who's on first."

"I am! Me first," I joked. I pulled back a trifle to look at his face. His eyes. His brows and hair. His lips and back to his big eyes, seeing the kindness, there.

"Hi... "

"Hi," smiling gently at me. So kind. There was a silence. With the sound of waves in it. With Derek and his breathing, and my desire for him. And a little jingle of celebration. Celebration of him, of us.



"I love you." I looked at him long and steady, so he could see into me. Get some idea of the depth of what I was feeling, just looking at him. "Do you have any idea how much I love you ? And admire you? And respect you? And... and, just... adore you?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I do," he sighed. There was a long pause. He looked at me steadily with those eyes: "I do because you taught me. You taught me about love and tenderness and ... and loyalty, Brand. You taught me what it means to have... someone. To have someone. To be somebody... What am I saying? I feel like I am somebody because of you. Does that make sense?"

"Complete... completely. Complete sense. You make me... You make me complete, you know."

"Complete? ... Complete? I do that for you?"

I just nodded after a split second. I used that tiny moment to look into my heart and see it anew. So true. I just nodded, sorta solemnly.

"Ah... hah!... wow. That's... that's like absolutely... exact, Brand."


"Yeah, Baby?" Snuggling under him a little, to be closer, to feel his breath and be drowsy with his closeness.

"Derek? What are we gonna do about... like... like, girls and stuff?"

"You mean, like do I think we'll ever be like our dads?"

"Uh, well, yeah. I mean like... " I sat up, feeling acutely uncomfortable, as I reached inside myself for something: "Derek, I'm never gonna marry a girl. It's... If you ever... Arruuh!" I fell over, onto the sand, facing away. I could feel a crushing sadness.

"Brand... Bra-and! Brann-dy... Baby, look at me." He held us apart a little. "Do you think I'm ever gonna let you escape? Do you really believe for a second I'm, like, going to the Prom and never coming back and I'm gonna marry a cheerleader and live in the suburbs? Is that what you're afraid of?" It gave me a chill, inside. The fear hurt. I felt like I was gonna throw up, there, for a second.

"Yeah," I whispered, "Exactly."

"Do you really like girls, Brand?"

"Well, I like the feeling of burying my dick in them, coming in them, emptying my nuts in them. But I could never fall in love with one."

Derek looked at me, obviously struggling to frame the words.

"Well, I don't particularly think it matters what I might be able to do, what I could do. Hell, I guess I could rob a bank, too, for that matter, Brand! I mean Cicely's cute. Sexually. God, she's got a cute, tight little body! But... fall in love? I already did, Brand. I... "

I guess I must've looked sort of hopeful and desperate and vulnerable. Derek was so strong and aggressive and male and cute, somehow.

"Uh huh... ?"

"Well... I did, and I am and... umm... you are. Why would you ever need to ask, Brand?"

"Just to hear you say it. Just to know. Sometimes I worry, sometimes. I love you so much that... if you went off with some... with Cicely... I... I'd have to let you go and I'd still love you and I'd just have to go away somewhere." My voice had turned to a cry.

I felt sick at the thought. I was sad and trembling, and vulnerable and... and... so awfully needy. So desolate, for a moment. I couldn't raise my eyes.

"Brand. Brand!" Grabbing and shaking me a little: "Brand? Look at me." Hand on my cheek, my lips, on my chin. Smooth hand. His hand on me, gentle.

"Look right at me." He saw it in my eyes. Saw my soul-deep worry.

"Brand, I am yours. I... I... It seems like not enough to just be saying this to you: look at me and know this. Know this in the deepest place of you, Brand!

"Baby, you are my life. I will give every bit of me. I will give all my heart and all my soul and all my mind to be with you. Just promise that you will always love me. Promise that you will never leave me. Promise that you will always watch my back and always let me... wash yours." He smirked for a second. "I mean... I'm here, Brand. I'm solid. I'm committed. Are you committed to me?"

"Absolutely. Forever." Holding his eyes. Steady. Locked. Absolute. Bone certain: "Forever."

He looked right back, touching foreheads. For a second, all I could see was the Derek Cyclops Eye. He pulled back. Focused. I felt him come into me, somehow. A warm, electric fog inside my skin. Felt him tickle and comfort my innermost places. Felt drowsy, as the pain drained from my heart. As his essence spread throughout me, filled me.

"Forever, Brand. Stronger than anything."

Kissing me, now. Smoothing my hair away from my eyes. "I want you... inside of me."

He was the High Priest of Lube, there. We had Barbra Ann to ourselves. Brand had me to himself. He was going to have me. I was going to have him. Have him in me. Going to experience Brand The Boy in a new and special way.

He'd gotten some kind of slippery stuff from Jake, had talked to Jake about this. Had me spread out on the big bunk, had licked me, licked my balls, never, never touching my penis. Never letting me touch my penis. Crawling up and letting me smell him. Smell his nuts. Smell the musk of him: So male. Letting me almost suck him. Letting me mouthe his taut and bouncy balls before he was down again and licking tickly down between my thigh and my nuts.

"Aren't you gonna use the coconut?"

"Umm, um. No, I want to smell you. I want to taste you, Derek. I want your smell and your taste. I want to breathe you. You are so smooth and so young and so very beautiful."

I felt my sack draw up. Felt a special glow from his appreciation. Felt my nuts begin to hum with pleasure. Felt his tongue in the crevice by my thigh.

Felt him lick lower, behind my balls, and then up, bathing his lips in my juice, blowing sticky bubbles as he ran his lips on the bottom of my penis, in a trance.

Straightening, he spread me wider and knelt between my thighs. Knelt and tipped his penis down to tickle where his tongue had been. Rub his big, slippery boner on my nuts, making them buzz with delight. Rub his beautiful instrument down, down between my buns, near my hole,  not quite touching it. Past. Back to my balls. Back between, by my thigh. So hard: the pleasure electric and burning. Back down, by my hole. So hard! Making me want him. Making my eyes close with the feeling, deep inside, with the hunger deep in my butt.

His penis, running back along my balls, back along my balls, almost to my hole, back along my balls, ecstatic, electric, across my hole. Twinge of desire. Demand. Back along my balls. So big and cute and kind and male. Wanting him. Back along my balls, to my hole. Across my hole. Wanting him. Cute and young and strong and male. Big and cute and young. Male.

Back along, back between, behind, across my hole, dimpling the center, now. Waves of demand: In!, In!, In! Big and young and so hard and big at the door. Holy and big and young, so young and cute and strong. So male and back along my nuts. Between and back, dimpling, pressing. So kind and gentle. Big and male and beautiful. Terrible sweetness. And back along my balls and down across my hole, dimpling deeper. Cool fire. Deeper. And back along my balls and down to the begging hole.

Desire: wanting him IN, IN. Big and tender and strong and so hard, so hard and big, and back along between... my sack... and back along my balls and to my hole and slightly deeper. Cool fire. Desire, burning. My nuts so tight.

"You are Beautiful," he breathed, erasing my worries. Making me gladly give my self  to him, give, give myself, my body. My hole desiring him. Big and cute and young and male and so big, so big, running back between, behind, down to my hole and a little more in. Desire, demand. Urgent deep demand.

"Deeper!, Oh, God! Oh, God, Deeper!"

"I love you! You are so beautiful, baby." His hand sliding to take my nuts, grasp them, slide on them.

My nuts so tight. Feeling so young and tender and so beautiful.

Back between, down the back, down the back, his penis, rubbing in the slickness, lighting me afire. The big, hot tube sliding between my sack and my thigh. Other side. Sliding, sliding. Hot. So big. Wanting, wanting.

Down across my hole, dimpling deeper. Gladly opening. A wicked wanton surrender to the big tube, to his maleness, to the assurance of his penetration. Trembling, in my surrender, to his boy activeness, to the certainty that he will act. Down the back of my nuts, the desire building behind, down to my hole, big, cool, so strong. Safe with the assurance of penetration.

Itchy Anticipation. Dimpling me sticky sweet. His dick a promise, pressing. So gentle with me. My nuts so tight, so beautiful. His love, his big, gentle boner at my door, pressing, promising. The need a deep tickle. Promise me! In deeper. Needing him deeper.

"Unnh, press!"

In a little. Wild excitement. The holy promise of penetration. Holy promise of penetration. Out. Disappointment. Back between my sack and my thigh. Big. Slick. Sweet. Back behind, rubbing on my sack, nudging my nuts. My boy nuts. So strong and cute and big and male. Back along, along to my hole.

Wild need: dimpling me, dimpling me, sticky sweet. The promise of his penis, dimpling me! Cool fire. Deeper, deeper. Out. Out and dimpling. Out and dimpling. My hole burning with desire for the length of him. Opening. The soft head, dimpling me, the gentle penetration. Out and dimpling and the gentle penetration. Right to the threshold, wanting the length of him, wanting.

Out and dimpling, no longer enough, but out and along my grooves and down my sack and up and down my sack and back to graze my hole and the sudden surge of desire. So big and sweet and strong and male. And letting him. And open to his will and his tempo and his taking and so big and strong and cute and male. Desire. And down across my hole, and the Promise. And my hole pulsing to kiss the invader, the gentle, loving invader. Cool fire at the gates. Kissing the invader. Kissing, deeper; kissing, deeper. Deeper. Across the threshold and oh, OHH! so deep and twinge-y wonderful; nuts so tight and sharply intaken breath in unison and Brand so deep in me at last and so big and so still. Opening to him, nuts so tight, the twinges gone and Brand deeper, deeper still. So monumental.

And saying "I love you. I love you Derek"

And my words in the stillness: "Oh... fuck me! Deep! Deep! Brand! Fuck me deep, baby. Fuck... Deep!"

And his hand finding my penis and stroking in the juice as my hole exulted in the monumental thrusting depth of him. His stiffness. Exulted in the Being Fucked. As the fucked-ness grew deep inside my ass and raised me to exultation in his stiffness and the depth of him. His closeness. His bigness. The stiffness. My taken-ness. Timeless fucked-ness. So big and strong and smooth and male. Big and stiff and gentle and so deep. So deep and his hand so hot and tight and the fire in me and the pulsing of his cock, shooting in me deep, deeper, stiff, deep. Completing me. So Deep, So... Deep and the fire of his hand as he breathed "Oh, Baby! Oh, Baby!"

And the fire in his hand and the joy in my deepest place and the eternal worship of his penetrating member. My fuckedness deep, complete as I shot with the joy of it. So big and cute. So kind. And the love of him. So big and strong and smooth and male. So deep.

So Big. So Strong. So Cute. So Male. So Sweet. So, so, so... Very, Very Sweet.

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