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If Only In My Dreams

By Chris Carr


My dick has a mind of its own. I'm not kidding! Here lately, it seems any and everything can get it hard. The sheets, my boxers, anything brushing against it, and boing! I try jacking it off, but that doesn't help. No sooner I spurt a load, I'm horny again. I jacked off nine times yesterday!

I have to admit it though, I like the way it feels in my hand. The head gets all pinkish red, and leaks a lot whenever it jumps hard. And the skin is so soft, it feels like velvet. Nothing thrills me like holding it, caressing it, and stroking it. They say that the real joy of a trip is the journey there and that seems true for me and my dick. Yeah, I love the way it feels when that baby shoots, but it's twice as fun getting there.

I'm half Puerto Rican (on my mother's side) and half Black (on my dad's side) and, I've been told, it makes for quite a good-looking combination. My dick is rather big, so I guess my dad had something to do with that. It stands about 7 inches from my groin, and I'm not exaggerating. It literally stands! It's cut, and the shaft is thick but the head is wider. I like that because it makes for extra sensitivity when my fingers run across that soft ridge around it.

When I'm here in my room, laying in my bed naked, I just let my mind wander and recall all the things I've done or would like to do. Especially the things I'd like to do! The warmth from the covers feels like a soft cocoon and I try laying here without touching it as I daydream. My best fantasy is the one where I finally get to see that boy, Isoke's dick. We went to school together and now that I've graduated, I hardly see him anymore. He just made my dick spring hard every time I saw him. He's mixed too, half Japanese, half Black. His skin is a beautiful honey brown, and he has exotic, almond shaped eyes. If only I could've seen his dick. I bet it's big, and gets real hard. Damn, there goes my dick again!

Ok, I'm back. Almost lost it there! Told you. Where was I? Oh, Isoke. I-so-kee, that's how you say it. I was so obsessed with that boy, I wrote him an anonymous letter telling him how I'd like to suck his dick. He never mentioned it, but I get hot thinking that he might've pulled down his pants and stroked his dick till it shot, when he read it. That's one I'll never forget.

One day, just last summer, I was so hot, I decided to try something freaky. There's this big old tree in my back yard, and I used to climb up in it a lot when I was little. Its branches and leaves have really filled in now and, along with the overgrowth of foliage around the yard, it's rather secluded. I was lulling around on one of the limbs, laying on my stomach that hot summer day and, naturally, my dick got hard.

I was the only one home, so when the thought hit me, I just went with it. Raising up, I started removing my clothes. When I'd gotten completely naked, I lay back down on the limb and just let the wind blow over my body. I guess I must've been quite a sight, bare butt naked, laying on my stomach, my feet dangling in the air. That's why I like that poster for that movie, "Jungle Book" so. Jason Scott Lee clinging to that limb looks so hot. I just wish he was naked like I was.

It was like the wind was stroking my exposed body. Sometimes it would blow across the soles of my upturned feet and sometimes it would sweep across the swell of my round ass. When it would creep up between my legs and breeze across my balls, though, I'd almost loose it. But I was determined to not shoot. I wanted to just lay there and let my daydreams keep me hot until I couldn't take it anymore.

Eventually my "sextasies" got the best of me though, and I had to turn over and stroke my dick. In my fantasy, I was an ancient explorer, traveling the jungles of deepest darkest Africa. Imagining myself, perched in a tree, naked in the African jungle, I tried sensing every inch of that limb beneath my body. It was pretty hot the way its rough bark scraped across my skin. It made me feel like a rugged man, accustomed to the rough outdoors.

Then I added a little twist to my fantasy. As I imagined myself naked in that tree, I pretended that a boy warrior happened upon me in his daily hunt. Because I like boys, I imagined him to be about 14 or 15. His skin was deep dark brown and glistened with sweat. His many years spent, roving the back jungles of Africa, had carved his sinuous body into a tempting work of art. In preparation for his hunt, he'd streaked splashes of red and yellow paint across his cheekbones and down his flat nose.

Creeping through the jungle like a panther, his senses heightened when he saw me. His fierce eyes locked on mine, holding me. Curious, he shimmied up the tree, pouncing upon the limb I lay upon. Alarmed, I turned onto my back, my eyes still captivated by his as they traveled over my body, studying it. Starting at my feet, I watched as they traveled upward, amazed at the contrasting brightness of my skin color. Upward they moved, over my sensuous legs, across my thighs and onto my dick, thrusting hard from my groin. Observing its excited state, his eyes bulged, and he muttered something in his native tongue.

Crawling cat-like across the limb, he approached it. Stopping between my splayed legs, his head cocked oddly to the side as he gazed at it, astonished. Thrilled, I likewise studied his body, drinking in his sinewy chest muscles, his deep purple nipples, and his taut stomach muscles. He wore a tiger skin loin cloth, precariously tied over his about his midsection, his only article of clothing. Gazing at it, I noticed there was a prominent bulge beneath it, his jutting dick causing it to poke out. That made my dick leap harder, and he cocked his head again when it did. His hand darted out and seized it, pulling its length through his callused hands and I threw my head back, moaning loudly. He jerked his head up to look at me and, realizing his hand was making me feel good, he stroked it again.

Sticky hot precum oozed from the head, lubricating his rough hands as he stroked, drawing me closer and closer. Soon my hips were rising from the limb, thrusting my dick into his stroking hand and I knew I was real close. When I imagined him lunging to slip his mouth over my dick, I lost it, blowing my load all over my body, and onto the tree.

Opening my eyes, I surveyed the mess I'd made and instantly decided I wanted more. Cum was splattered over my stomach, on my chest, and dripping off my balls onto the limb. I laid there for most of the day, my dick hard and dripping onto that branch, creating more fantasies, holding my urgent orgasm at bay. It makes me hot just to think about it now, but I'm planning on making these feelings last all day, so I better pace myself.

The first time I had an orgasm, I thought I'd discovered something so fantastic, no one had ever heard of it. I was about eight years old at the time, and mysteriously horny. I didn't have a clue what those feelings were about, I just knew I liked looking at my hard dick and touching it. I'd taken off all my clothes and was laying on my bed, just like I do now. Slowly, I started running my hands over my body, caressing it, enjoying the sensation of my hands traveling over it.

I played with my pint sized nipples, rubbed my stomach and ran my hands over my smooth thighs. I even caressed my feet, the velvety soft texture of their soles on my hands making my dick grow even harder. I knew I wanted to just stroke my dick, but even then, I was determined to prolong it as long as I could.

When I finally did grasp my little spear in my hand, the feelings rushing over me were so intense, I found myself writhing about on the bed. Terribly excited by my stroking hand, I increased the pressure, gripping my four inches harder. Up and down its jutting hardness my hand traveled, bringing me closer and closer to… I knew not what. Twice I had to stop, the feelings were so powerful, but my insistent hand would soon return to grasp it again.

It was real weird the way it felt so good while being so sensitive at the same time. Determined to go beyond that point of extreme sensitivity, I held on tight and kept stroking. When that orgasm hit me, I was thrashing about on the bed like a mad man, moaning and groaning. Nothing came out, but at that moment, I knew I was hooked. From then on, I spent countless hours in my room, playing with my dick, learning my body. That was ten years ago, and I haven't missed a day yet.

My dick is real hard now. I'm still under the covers and I'm trying real hard not to grip it in my hand. When I was about 13, I found that if I lifted the covers tight above my body, I could rake my dick across the sheets and get a new sensation. I'm doing that now and it's so fucking hot! Ummm! When I… umm… push my hips up…oooh… like this… Damn! I wish you could see my dick! It's so hard and it's dripping a little and every time I….aaaahhhh!…. Every time I scrape it across the sheets…

When I was about 10 years old, I met this cute Filipino kid. He lived a couple of doors down from me, and we played together all the time. He must've been 10 too, but I guess because he was Asian, he was a lot smaller. I'd been jerking my dick off for almost two years by then and wanted badly to teach Phillip how to do it.

One day we were playing around in this old box someone had left in the alley. We'd dragged it into my yard and tipped it over on its side so we could crawl inside. Whatever was in that box must've been awfully big because we had room enough to climb into it and sit down across from each other.

Phillip and I liked playing doctor, so I decided to use that to introduce my new discovery. I had him lay down in the box and told him I needed to examine his wee-wee. He giggled when I said wee-wee, covering his mouth as he laughed. I unfastened his pants and pulled them and his shorts down, exposing his little dick. His dick always fascinated me because he was uncut. I envied his tiny flap of skin, snapped tight about the head of his dick.

As always, it was hard causing his foreskin to slip ever so slightly below the head. Putting on my best doctor's face, I reached out and held it in my hand. Phillip giggled again, his oval-shaped eyes dancing in the darkness of the box. Announcing that I needed to check his foreskin, I peeled it back, exposing its tiny, helmet-like head. Phillip said nothing, his thrusting groin speaking for him instead.

After a few times stroking his dick, Phillip became agitated and attempted to pull his pants up. I begged him to wait because I had a new thing to show him. He looked at me for a couple of seconds and then laid back down, allowing free access to his dick. I explained to him the wonderful feelings I'd found playing with my dick and asked if he wanted to feel them too. He readily shook his head yes and I resumed stroking his dick.

Phillip became agitated again and pushed my hand away from his dick. I finally understood that he was feeling those same, extra sensitive sensations, I'd felt that first time and explained that it gets better. Reluctantly he released my hand and I started palming his dick again. In a few minutes his face screwed up into a grimace and he was pulling at my hand again. I told him to hold on and continued rubbing his dick. His body started wiggling and his hand was more urgently trying to pull my stroking fist off his dick but then he hissed loudly and his body went real rigid. Stroking his dick in earnest now, I brought him off.

Phillip was real cute when he climaxed, his body all rigid, his feet wiggling and his dick stone hard in my hand. Once he was introduced to the new sensation, he couldn't get enough of it, insisting we play "doctor" all the time. Later we added variations to our play, both of our vivid imaginations creating more ways to bring each other off. One time we even stripped and sat groin to groin, our dicks touching as our legs straddled each other's waist. He pulled on my dick and I pulled on his until we both were exhausted. The one good thing about orgasm, pre-ejaculation, was that you didn't have to wait for the cum to build back up. As soon as we finished one orgasm, we'd head for another.

Phillip was really great and obviously as horny as I was. When he and his family moved away after that summer, I was heartbroken. I wasn't going to find another Phillip anytime soon, and I lamented loosing my first sex buddy.

Wow! Thinking about me and Phillip was really hot. My dick was really oozing as I recalled those hot days spent in that old box. You see, that's the whole game. I lay here and keep thinking about old times or fantasies until I can't take it anymore. Then I stroke my dick until it cums and start all over again. I'm getting real close to shooting this time, so I think I'll go ahead and play with it a little.

Aaaah!… My hand feels so good on my dick….I like the way the sheets feel on my body. I can feel them on my ass, my back, my legs….Getting close… I'm playing with my balls to prolong the feelings. Ooh! They're so tight now… Aaaah!… Between my legs… Ssss!…back over my balls…Damn! That feels good when I stroke my asshole!

I'm gripping my dick at the base now and dragging the leaking head across the tight sheet…Aaaah… there's that tingling feeling in my balls…Scrape, scrape, scrape…there's a trail of juice on the sheets now….Let me see if I can…Dragging it across the sheets again…Mmmmm!… Toes curling… Here it cums!!! AAAAAHHHH!

What a mess! Sure shoot a lot that first time. I like to play with my cum. My face is sort of pimply and I've heard that if you're getting sex, your face clears up, so I like to…

Scooping some up… A little here... Some here… Taste a little of it... Rub it into my body like a lotion…

My friends are always talking about how they don't jack off. I don't believe them. A boy has got to release his juices and if he ain't getting laid, he's going to jack off, it's just a fact. I tried sneaking it into a conversation with Isoke one day.

We were out on the quad talking about girls and I was hard as usual. In order to hide my erection, I'd turned onto my stomach. Isoke was so damn good looking, girls were always hitting on him. He never said anything about fucking them, though, which only added to my suspicion he's gay.

He kept talking about some girl and how he'd like to fuck her and I wanted to ask him if he jacked off so bad, but couldn't. Desperate to hear him talk about his dick, I changed the scenario and inquired what he would do if he was ever in prison. It took him a while to catch up to my segue, but he eventually informed me that if he was in jail, he'd never let any fool suck his dick.

"So what would you do when you got hot?" I insisted.

"Ain't gon' get hot," he stated.

"That's impossible. You think you can stay in prison for four years and never get hot?" Isoke considered my idea for a few minutes finally insisting that he wouldn't get hot. Not wanting to appear fixated on his sexual practices, I dropped it after that. He's insane, though. There's no way he could stay in a prison for four years and never touch his dick.

I'm so obsessed with jacking off, I look for opportunities to talk about it all the time. One time my friend Jake was over and it had gotten real late. We'd had a couple of beers and we were both a little buzzed. Naturally, like any red-blooded, teenage boys, we started talking about sex.

Jake is a year younger than me (I was 15 at the time) and slightly chubby, but not real noticeable. His face is round and his cheeks always look like he's got something hidden in them. He's not really my type but I guess the liquor was diminishing his bad points that night. It wasn't long before my dick had gotten hard and I became interested in seeing his.

I kept talking to him about sex until the conversation finally led to jacking off. Hoping to provoke him, I told him that I probably jacked off three times as much as he did. He wasn't about to be outdone so I asked him how many times he did it a day. He kept trying to get me to tell him how many times I did it, but I wouldn't give. Eventually he told me he did it about three times a day.

I laughed at that and told him I did it at least six times a day and sometimes ten. He accused me of lying and that gave me an idea. Further provoking him, I insisted that I could cum faster, too. He really protested that idea and before long, I'd talked him into racing me.

Jake kind of sat there, suddenly aware that his mouth had talked him into something the rest of him wasn't quite ready to accept. I kept egging him on though, and finally we both had our dicks out. Damn! I'm getting hot again!

Jake's dick was surprisingly long for a fourteen year old. It shot from his groin almost 6 inches long. My eyes bugged out when he fished it out of his pants and he smiled, proud of his length. Instantly, my dick was dripping and raring to shoot. This was a totally unexpected delight.

Giving us an informal countdown, I started stroking my dick in earnest, my eyes fastened on his pole. Jake slid his hand up and down his leaking rod, determined to bring his off first. Amazingly, his eyes were fastened on my dick, too. They never wavered the entire time and that just made me hotter. Jake Solomon was staring at my dick as he stroked his!

He popped off first, strings of cum leaping from the angry head of his dick as he hissed. The sight of his dick spurting its juices was all I needed to join him. Groaning loudly, I felt my own dick swell in my hand, it's liquids squirting out the pee-slit and onto my T-shirt.

Jake quickly zipped up after that and left. I hadn't even zipped my pants as he flung the door to my room open, washing my deflating dick in the light from the back porch. Thank God I've got that exit from my room straight to the back yard, my folks would've gotten an eyeful if he'd opened the door that leads to the house!

If Only In My Dreams Pt. II

By Chris Carr


Guess what? My dick is hard again. Jake's dick! I couldn't believe it. It was so hard. So long. And it shot off like a cannon. My dick isn't aching to shoot so bad this time, though. It's just real hard and dripping again. Maybe if I think about Jake's dick again…Yeah! It's getting real hard, now.

It would've been great to suck that baby. Feel its hardness in my mouth…Whip my tongue around that fat head… Hear him moaning… Begging me to make him shoot…Shit! My dick is really dripping now…I'm rubbing the slickness around the head…. Aaaah….Fuck my mouth, Jake!…Such a hard dick…Stroking mine…Juices running out…

Hey! I've got an idea!!

Oh yeah, I'm really hot now. Had to dig through the closet and find this picture. I stole it from this girl I know. It's a picture of some guy's dick. Homeboy's dick is HARD! It's like stone, man. Damn! That's what Jake's dick looked like. Like rich, brown chocolate. A long hard shaft and a fat, round, head just made for sucking.

I'm back under the covers now. Stroking my dick… The dick in the picture has two tight balls, a little darker than his dick. I think this guy was about to shoot when they took the picture. Jake's dick got real hard like this when he was about to shoot.

Oooh… juices starting to run out my dick now…

Licking around the head of Jake's dick…

Can feel that tingling in my balls…

Jake's stomach quivered when he shot…

I'm jerking my hand around my dick so fast, it's shaking the bed…

Aww SHIT!! I hate when this happens!


(It's my homeboy, Jaime. (Hi-mee) We went to school together. Guess if I had to be interrupted, this was a good reason. He's this real cute 17 year old from El Salvador. Creamy bronze skin, curly hair, big juicy lips and a nice sized dick, about 6 inches, I'd guess. I only saw it soft in the showers.)

"Naw, I ain't doin' nothing." (His dick is uncircumcised. Really used to trip on how that skin hung over the head of his dick.)

"Huh? No. Haven't played it yet. (He's asking me about that new video game "X-Wing Fighter.")

"Huh? Fuck you, jerk. You're the puto." (He caught me drifting and just assumed I was jacking off. If only he knew!)

"Go to hell, Jaime. That's all you think about is sex." (He's talking about puto, pussy. He say's I've got a fake pussy that I jerk off in.)

"You just wish you could afford a fake pussy, man. Shit, always sticking your dick in the peanut butter jar." (He's laughing at that one.)

"I wouldn't eat a peanut butter sandwich in your house if you paid, me, fool!" (He's really laughing now. Jeez! This shit is making me hot!)

"Always bouncing yo' dick on the bed. Sheets all stained with yo' cum. Wouldn't sleep there either." (I know he's trying to think of a comeback, but he's laughing too hard. Jaime is such a pushover.)

"Uh huh, that's your fantasy, puto." (He says I don't have a fake pussy. He says I stick my dick in a sock and jerk off. Wonder what that'd be like?)

"How would you know? You been doing something like that?" (Denial, denial, denial! Sounds a little suspicious. Now I'm curious.)

"So where'd you hear about that, then?" (Ah ha! He's all quiet now. As I suspected!)

"Don't trip, fool. You might as well tell me about it now." (Protesting again.)

"Com'on, Jaime. Tell me." (Did that sound desperate?) "You tell me about that and I'll keep our little secret a secret." (He's quiet again. Told you, such a pushover. Doesn't he know if I tell that we've had phone sex before, I'll be ratting myself out, too? Moron!)

"So we got a deal?" (It worked! He's telling me about it…….

Says you take a sock… Gym socks work better… Roll it down… Put a sandwich bag in it…)

"A sandwich bag!" (Says any kind of plastic bag will do but sandwich bags work best.)

"Why?" (Go figure. I knew he was doing this shit. He says a sandwich bag works best because it's a softer plastic. Damn! Now I'm thinking about Jaime doing this. My dick is getting hard again.)

"Uh, huh." (You're supposed to put the sandwich bag inside the sock… Then you roll the sock down over your dick. Oh shit, that's hot! Then you lie on your stomach and hump the sock. Jaime says it feels just like a pussy.)

"Yeah? Ever did it yourself?" (Of course!)

"A lot?" (All the time, he says. Damn, what I wouldn't give to see that!)

"Damn, Jaime, this is making me hot." (Silence. Jaime always leaves it up to me to start the freaky shit.)

"Your dick hard?" (I can hear him breathing.)

"Yeah, mine is too. So take it out…" (That's all it takes. Clothes rustling… He's telling me to take mine out now. I'll just fake it…)

"Ok, it's out." (I just threw the covers back. Laying here butt naked. Dick's all hard, dripping. Real excited. I'm about to have phone sex with Jaime again!)

"You stroking it?" (He says yes, except, it comes out all raspy 'cause he's already hot. If I don't slow him down, he'll be through in a minute. First time we did this, he'd just taken it out and the next thing I know, he's all moaning and shit, blowing his wad.)

"What're you wearing?" (Jeans… T-shirt… socks and shoes.)

"So why don't you take off your shoes, dude, get comfortable?" (He's complaining. He says I always make him take off his clothes.)

"Yeah, but you like it when I do, don't you?" (Silence again. Ok, now he's whining, y-e-a-h. Such a wuss. He whines and complains and then he blows a fucking river all over himself.)

"So take 'em off. Hell, might as well take the socks off too." (I'm waiting, he's put the phone down. Thought he was gonna bail there for a min…)

"Yeah, got those big toes loose? Where're you at?" (Says he's on his bed, laying down.)

"So can you see your feet? Huh? I ain't got no shoes on, man. No, I'm not wearing anything." (Oh shit, must've really got 'em hot, I can hear him flailing his meat.)

"So why don't you get naked, man?" (The slapping's stopped…. He's putting the phone down again….

As many times as Jaime and me have done this, I can never get him to do anything else. He's been over here a hundred times, but he always resists doing anything, face to face. Pushes my hand away when I try groping him and calls me a fag. The couple of times I've been successful, copping a feel on his dick, it was always hard. Still…)

"Yo, slow down, man. Let me catch up with you." (I jack off so much, my friends are always beating me to the finish line. I'm rubbing my juices around the head of my dick… It's been hard all this time… Starting to fist this baby…)

"You didn't tell me if you could see your feet." (Good! Made 'em stop again….. He says yes. I've only seen his feet one time and they looked nice. He's got nice long, suckable toes, and the bottoms of his feet are so soft looking. Who me, a foot freak? You got the wrong dude, man.)

"Wanna get freaky?" (Husky yes. He likes it when I make 'em do freaky things.)

"Rub the phone on your feet, man." (Hesitation… Now I'm hearing a rubbing sound on the receiver… Damn… This is hot! My dick is really heating up now.)

(He's back, huffing in my ear.)

"Yeah, that was hot, man. You like that?" (Gruff yes.)

"No dude. You close?… So slow down, man… Put the phone down by your dick so I can hear your foreskin." (He readily does this…. Squish, squish, squish….. I just wish I could see that sucker hard! I'm getting close now.)

"Yeah, man, I'm getting real hot." (He's really huffing now.) "Jaime? Stick your finger in your ass, man. Get real freaky with it." (He's complaining again. Wuss!)

"Aw, com'on, man, you know you blow an extra big load when you do that… Yeah, just go get that lube I bought you, it won't hurt so bad, then." (Quiet… Ok, he whines. Ain't this the weirdest? As long as he doesn't do this with me in person, he feels ok. On the phone, he gets real freaky with it, but only on the phone. I want to see if I can get him to…)

"Yeah, rub it around your asshole real good, man. You're making me hot, Jaime. You should see my dick. It's about to split open!" (He's almost wheezing, now. Weird shit, man!)

"You sticking it up your asshole?… Aw, shit man, wish I could see that." (He's telling me what it looks like…. Says he can see himself in the mirror. Got his legs all spread, and his feet planted on the bed…… Grunting a little as he shoves his finger in….. Says he can see his asshole….. It's snapped tight around his finger. He's panting, now…)

"Getting close, Jaime…" (He's breathing real heavy…….. Loud groan……… Shit! He's calling out my name! So hot!)

"Ride that finger, Jaime! Blow your load, man!" (Yelling….. Squishing sounds….. He's moaning, now…. Shit! I'm blasting my load!!)

"C-U-M-M-I-N-G!!!" (We're cumming together!!! Oh Jaime, baby! Splat! Split! Splat! Cum flying all over the place!)

Damn!! That shit was the bomb! I just wish we could do that in person. His ass made me cum buckets, man! Soon as he blows his wad, he hangs up. Guess he can't stomach talking about it.

Sometimes I get so sick of all the games. Why are guys so uptight about doing shit with each other? Jake hasn't done not one thing since that one time we jerked off together. And his actions tell me he'd rather I never bring up that incident, either. Then there's Jaime. Goes freak-nasty on the phone, but won't let me within a mile of him in person.

And don't even mention Isoke. Acting all hard all the time. We were in the bathroom one time and I swear I saw that joker's eyes glancing at my dick! I was trying real hard to keep my eyes front and center, 'cause guy's really freak out in the bathroom. You know, you go see a movie with your buddies and afterwards you gotta pee like a mutha. You go to the urinals and all the guy's eyes are like burning holes in the wall directly in front of them. Better not flash your eyes at the dude's dick next to you. Suicide! But I saw Isoke jerk his eyes real fast at my dick out the corner of my eye. He thinks he got away with it, but I caught his ass.

That's just like that time I was at the "Y" showering. The $25 membership fee thins out the riffraff so it's kind of quiet there. That's why I like it, I hate crowds.

They've got a nice indoor pool and it's heated, which is perfect. My delicate skin can't take that cold ass shit at the neighborhood pool, man. Anyway, I'd gone up there to take a swim, a rare occasion. But then I don't have to tell you that, 'cause you know what I'm usually doing. So after I'd lazed around in the water half the day, I get out and go to the showers.

This was like two years ago, so I must've been 'bout 16. I'm in there, minding my own business, my head under the water and, I get this feeling I'm not alone. So I wipe the water from my eyes, and sure enough, there's this dude sitting on one of the benches out there by the lockers. It's a little hard to see him because the row he's on doesn’t line up directly with the showers. He looks about 19, he's white and he's real good looking. His hair is black and he's got this cute pug nose, real soft features, pinkish-red lips. Guy's real cute, from what I can see.

I keep sneaking peeks at him out the corner of my eye and I'm hoping I don't get a hardon. He's got a towel wrapped around his waist and he's just sitting there. I'm real careful to not look more than a millisecond when I glance at him, because, like I said, guys get all stupid when it involves looking at their shit.

After a while, I get suspicious. Why is he just sitting there? Is he looking at me? I can't tell, because I'm only snatching fast glimpses, but it starts getting me hot. I betcha he's looking at me, I assume. This doesn't help, because I'm already seconds away from getting hard. Turn your back on him and see if he stays. Turning slowly, I face away from him. This is really making me crazy, though. I keep wondering why he's just sitting there and, even worse, if he'll leave.

When I turn back to face the water, it appears he's gone. Leaning forward just a bit, I see he's standing in front of his locker. I can't believe it, he's still there! What's he doing? He's rummaging around in his locker, a gorgeous headless body now. Nice, well-defined legs, big meaty feet, cute round butt, skin as smooth as a baby's bottom.

He slams his locker shut, and I jerk my eyes away. This is murder! I should get the fuck outta here, but I can't pry myself away. This is what I'm talking about! He's lingering around the showers, sneaking quick looks at me, running me up the wall, but I'm not supposed to acknowledge it. I'm the fucking freak if I do! I'm pissed, but not enough to leave.

On the next quick glance, I see he's still standing at his locker. He's got his deodorant out and, apparently, its contents contain the cure for cancer because he's all absorbed in what's written on the container. I gaze at him for a few seconds, satisfied he's momentarily distracted. He's got the sweetest bod, man. Cherry red nipples, baby smooth chest, nice round pecs.

Wait a minute! Am I noticing a slight rise under his towel? Yeah, his towel is definitely being elevated and guess what the hydraulic is!

Cutie opens his locker again, and sticks his head inside. I'm left with the gorgeous headless body again and I can't prevent my dick from rising. In minutes it's at full staff, beaming! My man pretends to be lost in his locker, but his dick is steady rising. There's some slats in the door of the locker and I'm wondering if good-looking is staring at me through them. I'm too far away to tell, but I content myself with the idea he is. I mean, his dick is up so hard, it's like saluting.

Cutie starts leaning forward until his dick is mashed between his body and the bottom locker. It's real hot the way his waist is covered with this towel, a noticeable bulge right in the front. I throw all caution to the wind and I'm soaping my dick up.

He's pushing his dick against the locker, rubbing it off! Hell, if dude is that bold, I don't give a fuck about fisting my own pole! Water is running between my toes, making a lot of noise, and I'm pulling my dick through my hand at that point. It's a race for the finish and I'm determined to at least get in the finals this time.

Gorgeous is really rubbing his dick on the locker now, all inhibitions out the window. I'm wishing I could run across the floor to him and play with that big dick of his. He bumps it over and over in its towel-clad-sheath against the locker.

I'm jerking fast, trying to keep up and then… My man bumps his dick a couple of times and, to my total shock, cum starts falling from under the towel! I mean it's Niagara falls under his towel, man! It's running off the towel onto the floor, down his legs, dripping on his long toes, on his feet.

That's all it took for me. My dick swelled so big, I was afraid it'd burst. Cum leaped from my dick into the water and across the floor. I was moaning and panting like a hunted boar. I couldn't take my eyes off of dude's spurting towel, man! He wet that sucker up like he was in the shower with me. I ain't never seen a dude shoot off like that! You should've seen it.

After he finished twitching through his silent orgasm, he composed himself, wiped up his mess and started getting dressed. In ten seconds flat, he was dressed and practically running out of there. He never looked back. Never gave me the satisfaction of knowing we'd shared something.

Now what do you think would've happened if I'd have run into to homes later? Think he'd be cool with what he did? Hell no! Probably'd knock my teeth out if I even hinted he nutted up on himself looking at me. What's up with that?

I'm turning on the TV, I need a break! Besides, it's time for my favorite show, Judge Judy. That bitch cracks me up when she goes off on…..

Aww Shit! Look at this cute ass boy!