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If you say so...

Chapter I

Hunter Greenbow stepped out of his shorts and stood in front of his bathroom sink. The stocky 8yr old opened the tap and ran cool water over his toothbrush. As he brushed his teeth, he hummed to the music coming from the radio in his bedroom. He wiggled his plump little tighty white clad butt to the beat as he worked. The well tanned little boy spit out the contents of his freshly cleaned mouth into the sink and grabbed for the cup of water.

The playful little gent held his arms up and flexed his non existent muscles; grrrrr noises emitting from his screwed up face. He then wiggled his chest causing his little boy-tits to bounce. He broke out into a hysterical laughter at the sight.

“Aren't you done yet?” the voice of another boy sarcastically quipped from the doorway.

Heeheehee....yeah! Hunter grinned.

Jon Ingrams, a stunning 10yr old with a beautifully toned athletic body, stood in the doorway with one hand on his hip and the other clutching a plastic baggy holding a toothbrush. He moved from the doorway and came up behind the younger boy, still looking at himself in the mirror. Jon spooned in behind him and rested his chin on Hunter's shoulder. He gave an endearing little boys smile as the two both pretended they were posing for a candid picture. Jon reached down and took hold of the little boy's underwear and gave a crooked smile.

“Don't you dare....OOOOWWWWWIIIIEEEE!!!!” Hunter squealed as Jon yanked up hard on his tight briefs in an unrelenting wedgie.

“Ha ha!!” Jon grinned devilishly.

“You suck!” Hunter laughed as he reached down to fish his cotton drawers out of his ass.

“I've never heard you complain about my sucking before?” he gave a suggestive wink. Both boys began laughing hysterically again.

Jon smacked the boy's plump ass as he moved him out of the way so that he could use the sink. Hunter jumped from the smack, gave an fake glare and then bounded into the bedroom. Jon just shook his head as he prepared his toothbrush and then set to cleaning his own teeth. When he finished, he shut off the bathroom light and stepped back into the bedroom.

Hunter had already climbed into the full size bed and was sitting cross legged against the headboard reading a pamphlet. Jon shed his soccer shorts and lay down next to the boy, his head propped up on his hand.

“So ya really think this camp is gonna be cool?” Hunter looked a little apprehensive as he flashed the brochure at his older friend.

“Two weeks in the Kayatoga Forest without our parents....heck yeah!” Jon's eyes showed his excitement.

“And we're gonna be together right? In the same tent and stuff I mean..” the boy was not as enthusiastic.

“I already told ya a bazillion times dude! My mom and your mom made sure that the people knew that we had to be together. Sheesh man...relax, it's gonna be awesome!!!!” he laughed as he lunged for the plump little boy's body and proceeded to give him a full on tickle assault.

Hunter Greenbow had met Jon Ingram about a year ago when he and his mother had moved into the area, and they started attending the same church. Hunter, a naturally vivacious and friendly child had taken to the older boy immediately. Jon, a sly little devil of a boy, with a seemingly unquenchable thirst for mischief, had been just as smitten with Hunter. The two became close as did their mothers. Both only children, both kids of divorced parents, the pair struck a solid bond that only strengthened with time. They began to have regular sleep overs, which progressed into each boy spending weeks at a time at the other's house. The both attended the same elementary school, so the arrangement worked out well for all. It was during one of their first sleepovers that the boys had made two very important discoveries: late night cable, and sex games.!!!!” Hunter squealed as Jon blanketed him with his smooth body, pretending that he had died and was therefore completely immobile.

cccaaannn't mmmoooveeee....nnoo eeennneerrrggyyy llleeeefffttt!” Jon did his best overly dramatic Hollywood death scene voice, “mmmmuuuussssttt gggeettt eeennneeerrrggyyy...”

“Oh no! JON! You can't die on me....NNNNOOOOO!!!” Hunter joined in the game with his own melodramatic act, “what can I do...tell can I save you? can I get you energy????”

“yyyyooouuu mmmusssttt.....uhhhhhh.” Jon rolled off the boy onto his back, “yyyyooouuu muuust cough cough wheeze ugh! Yyyooouuu mmuuussttt ssssuuuuccckkk mmmyyy wwwweeeiiinnnneeeerrrr!!!!”

Both boys erupted in laughter as Jon pulled down the front of his briefs to reveal an already stiff 4” cut pricklette.

“OK! I'll save you buddy....don't you give up on me maaaannnn!!!” Hunter pounced on the boy and grabbed at the waistband of his briefs, then yanked them down. Jon lifted his butt so that the cotton briefs could slide off with ease. Jon opened his legs and lay out prone for his young friend. Hunter got between his legs and grabbed his rigid meat.

“You're gonna make it pal! I've got you now!!” Hunter dove on the boy's tool, “num num num num num,” he made silly noises as he imitated eating the boy's cock.

Jon let out a succession of sweet moans as Hunter gave up his pretending and set out to suck the boy's hot flesh. He bathed the shaft with his tongue as he rolled Jon's small sac in his hand. Hunter smiled up at Jon as he kissed the spongy cockhead. Jon closed his eyes and sunk into the pillow as Hunter lowered his mouth onto the prick and started sucking. Jon rolled his hips under the intense pressure on his sensitive meat. He grabbed the back of Hunter's head and massaged the young boy's hair through his fingers as he enjoyed the wet feel of Hunter's hot mouth. A tiny stream of spit leaked out of the seal around Jon's throbbing dick and pooled on his hairless crotch. Jon lost himself in the slurping sounds coming from the action happening down at his groin. Hunter pulled off the prick and moved down to Jon's small sac; licking and sucking on the wrinkled pouch. Jon's hard tool rubbed alongside Hunters small nose as the young boy feasted on his smooth ball bag.

“mmmm...wait...stop man...” Jon grunted, “I'm getting close to that feeling...I don't want it yet...”

“Ok,” Hunter slurped, “do me for awhile.”

Hunter flipped onto his back next to his friend as the older boy fought back his rapidly approaching dry orgasm. Once he had caught his breath, Jon got up and knelt next to him. Hunter wasted no time in raising his own butt off the bed to allow Jon to remove his underwear. Hunter rested his thick legs back down on the bed, slightly opened, and waited for his friend to begin working on his own stiffy. Jon eyed the stocky little tykes hard 3 inches as he gave a couple tugs on his own still engorged rod.

“Mmmmmmmm...” Hunter cooed as the older boy took his pricklette into his slippery mouth.

Jon kneaded the boy's smooth thighs as he worked on his boymeat. Hunter had often expressed that he was embarrassed by the fact that he was slightly chubby, but Jon loved it. He loved the feeling of Hunter's cuddly body when they slept together and he especially loved the way it felt when they were playing their sex games. Jon's favorite activity would be coming up shortly when the young boy would lay on top of him and the pair would grind their cocks into one another as they rode to their dry cums. For now, however, he savored the taste of Hunter's meat in his hungry mouth.

“ooohhhh....JJJJJooooonnnn.....stop...stop....” Hunter pulled the older boy's head up and off of his cocklette.

Jon rolled back onto his the bed and Hunter instinctively climbed on top of him. Hunter positioned their cocks together and then lowered his body down so that they were hugged tightly together. Hunter lay his head across Jon's chest as they began humping into one another. Jon got his favorite wish as he grabbed a plump cheek in each hand as they simulated fucking. They had talked about Jon putting his dick in Hunter's tight ass, but they had not ventured it yet. The pair fucked together and their bodies ached with the electric feelings coursing through them. Jon began to pull apart Hunter's ass, exposing his tight pink hole to the cool air of the room. Hunter let out a sharp gasp as the new feeling on his most private area sent shivers up his young form. Hearing this sent Jon over the edge as he began to buck underneath his young friend. Hunter wasn't far behind and soon both boys were jerking and shaking under the intense power of their pre-adolescent climax.

When they had come back to Earth from their heavenly journey, the pair laughed and smiled at each other. Hunter looked up into his friends eyes and just continued to grin from ear to ear.

“I guess we won't get to do that for awhile huh?” he gave a slight frown and then rolled off onto the bed.

“Screw that man!” Jon scoffed, “we'll find a way!”

“Cool...” Hunter grinned again, “so we're definitely gonna be in the same tent and everything right??”

“YES! Hunter...” Jon growled playfully, “ turn the light off and let's try to get some sleep”

“ otay!”

“Ok boys,” Todd Meyers called out as he scanned over the names on his clip board, “I need you to all line up here at the van so we can get some ground rules out of the way before we head out.”

8 young boys of varying ages wandered over to the large white van and waited for instructions through a clamoring of giggles and taunts and general boy speak.

“ all know me from the informational meetings I had with you and your parents in your homes last week. I want to introduce you to your other camp guide, Mark Simmons.”

“Hey guys!” Mark was way too chipper for 7am...a chattering of hi's and wassup's was returned.

“Ok..” Todd continued, “when I call out your names I want you say 'here' and then go to Mark and he'll put you with your tent group. We've got 8 of you so that's two groups of four. OK...”

“Daniel Burroughs?...”

“here..” a voice barely broke through the sound of the wind.


“ummm sorry...HERE” the shy 9yr old walked over to Mark and then was placed to the left.

“Ok...everybody wake up now....Jon Ingrams?”

“HERE” Jon stepped forward and was also placed to the left.

“Better...Ryan Hicks?”

“ wassup hoss?” the scrappy looking 10yr old strolled up too Mark and was sent to the right side.

“The response is...HERE...Ryan”

“whatever man...HERE”

“Better...Scott Carver?”

“Scottie sir...and HERE” the vivacious 6yr old shot his hand up to his brow in a full salute as he bounded towards Mark. He was greeted and then placed to the left.

“hehe...nice Scottie....Jared Maynard?”

“Jared? Jared!?”

“Oh...ah sorry sir...HERE” the absent minded 12yr old was jerked back from his staring off into space. He went to Mark and was directed to the right side.

“Hunter Greenbow?”

“HERE” Hunter looked nervously at Jon as he walked towards Mark. He gave a look of horror as Mark motioned for him to step to the right, then sighed relief when the adult corrected himself and sent him to the left.

“Nicholas Hayes?”

“HERE” the slick looking 12 yr old tipped his sunglasses and strolled over to Mark, taking the directed spot on the right.

“Which leaves us with Edward Clarkson...or wait it says here you go by...Boomer?”

“Yes sir I do, HERE” the chubby 11yr old grinned and took the remaining slot on the right side.

“Ok boys...the rules for the van ride to the forest are fairly simple: no horseplay, I control the radio, and we stop when I say we stop....sound good?,,,,good”

“Ok everybody! Climb on in,” Mark was less of a dick the Todd.

The boys filed into the van. Boomer fell over his own feet and crashed backwards into Nicholas.

“Jesus lard ass...” he growled, “fuckin' learn ta walk.”

“S.Sorry man,” the large boy blushed as he reattempted entering the van.

“Ugghhh,” Nicholas shoved the boy into the seat in front of him and took a seat next to Ryan.

Hunter and Jon watched as the big boy just shook it off and sat quietly staring out the window. The van rolled out of the school parking lot where the boys had been dropped off and set out for the highway. Todd set the radio to a Country music station which brought about a chorus of 'aw come on's ' from the kids in the van. Too bad was the man's response as he laughed and turned up the volume. Ryan and Nicholas quickly put on headphones as the rest of the crew did their best to ignore it.

Hunter and Jon spent the next three hours getting to know their tent-mates. Daniel, the red headed 9yr old with a medium build and soft white skin, was a soft spoken boy who went to a private school on the other side of town. He lived with his parents in the Cotter's Bay Estates area. This of course meant that his family had serious money. Although he didn't say much, the boys took to him immediately as he was very kind and well mannered. Scottie, the somewhat hyper 6yr old, had brown hair, cut into a nice bowl shape. He was a small boy, but the other's could tell that he could most assuredly hold his own by the way he carried himself. Scottie lived with his parents in a subdivision close to Hunter's house, but did not attend the same school as he was taught at home by his mother. For Scottie, interaction with others was pretty limited, so he relished in the idea of spending two weeks in the woods with a bunch of other boys.

Boomer joined their little meet and greet session soon after. He was a large boy of 11. Not obese, but certainly chunky, Boomer had a loud laugh and a 'big dumb oaf' quality to him that the others found endearing. He lived with his father in the next town over. His mother had passed away a few years earlier and his father worked a lot, so Boomer was often left to fend for himself.

Jared spoke a little, but spent most of the van ride staring blankly out the window. The boys commented that he seemed a little 'out there' but that he was nice enough.

Ryan and Nicholas never spoke to the others during the entire trip to the campgrounds.

The giant white van pulled in to the Bear Claw Lodge Campgrounds, located at the entrance to the Kayatoga National Forest, around 6pm. The summer sun, although hanging, still shone brightly in the summer sky. The boys waited with Mark in the van while Todd went in to the main lodge to check in. A few minutes later, the 30 something year old guide jumped back into the van and headed for the cabins.

They followed the winding dirt road to another one, took a quick turn, and then proceeded a ways back into the woods before ending up at a trio of small log shelters. Todd told the boys to debark and grab their gear. The two groups of four were pointed to separate cabins and told to stow their belongings. Todd and Mark headed towards the third cabin.

“You're not stayin' wit us?” Scottie asked nervously.

ooooh...” Ryan mocked, “is da widdle baby scared?”

“Shut it Ryan,” Todd barked, “you'll be spending the next two weeks with only your tentmates Scottie...get used to 'em now.”

fuckin' sissy...” Ryan mumbled to Nicholas inciting a muffled snicker from the older boy.

The boys split into their groups and headed into their assigned quarters. In Cabin 12, the pecking order was established quickly.

“Oh hell no fat ass..” Nicholas pushed Boomer down from the bunk bed ladder, “I got way I'm getting' crushed by you in the middle of the night.”

Ryan laughed as he threw his own belongings on the top bunk of the other set across the room. Jared paid no mind and just set about unpacking a few things from his duffel bag, seemingly oblivious to the goings on around him. Boomer just sighed as he set up shop on the bunk below Nicholas. He laid down on his back, drew his legs up, and opened a comic book.

“That Todd's a real fuckin' prick ain't 'e ?” Ryan broke the silence as he rummaged through his things.

“Fuck yeah...and Mark's a total fag man...I can just tell.” Nicholas took off his shirt and stretched his arms behind his back.

“Hey Nick,” Ryan motioned the boy over to him, “wanna get high later? I brought some really good shit..”

“Too fuckin' sweet dude...” Nicholas eyed the small baggy of dope in Ryan's pack, “let's wait till after dinner and we'll sneak out.”

“Cool,” Ryan glanced over to Jared, still oblivious to the rest of the world, and then to Boomer, lost in his comic, “just have to lose the space head and the fat boy.”

“No prob there dude,” Nicholas cracked his knuckles.

Things were going decidedly smoother in Cabin 11. Hunter and Jon had taken the bunk beds to the left side of the room while Daniel had quietly agreed to bunk with a still nervous Scottie.

Man...” Hunter grimaced, “that Ryan's a real jerk!”

“Yeah..” Jon agreed, “we're gonna need to steer clear of him and Nicholas I think.”

“I heard Todd tell Mark at the gas station not to worry about them,” Hunter continued, “he said that he knew just how to handle those 'Foster Kids'. Do you think that they'll try and mess with us Jon?”

“We'll be fine Hunter,” Jon calmed his young friend, “just stick close to me and we should be alright. Their prolly not all that bad anyway...just showin' off is all.”

“Well I think that Ryan's a real butthead!” Scottie growled.

“Don't sweat it lil' dude,” it was Hunter's turn to be the older, comforting boy.

The cabins consisted of two rooms: the sleeping area, and the bathroom. The bathroom had one toilette, a sink with mirror, and a standing urinal. Off to the left of the sink was a shower area made up of a tiled floor and wall with 4 shower heads. There were no dividers of any kind.

The boys all joined Mark and Todd around a campfire to sample the hot dogs and hamburgers prepared by the guides. The group chatted away as the sun set and the night air filled with the sounds of the outdoors. Dinner was for the most part uneventful save a handful of corrections and nasty glares from Todd as he dealt with the antics of Ryan and Nicholas. Todd gave the boys an overview of the next two weeks. The group would be hiking up the Bear Claw River Trail, through the valley and up Devil's Peak. The boys listened eagerly as Todd detailed the perils of the journey and went over the safety measures that would have to be followed...or else. Ryan and Nicholas just mockingly laughed as Todd stressed the importance of team work.

After dinner, around 9pm, the boys were sent to their cabins and told to get as much sleep as possible for the they would need it in the morning. The group would be heading out after breakfast at 7am. Hunter and Jon headed into their cabin and grabbed a couple of towels from the pile on the chair near the bathroom.

“What you guy's doin'” Scottie question.

“Takin' a shower lil' dude,” Jon smiled.

“Together?” the young boy raised an eye brow.

“Sure,” Hunter laughed, “we're best friends...we spend the night at each other's houses all the time and shower together whenever we have to...saves water ya know?”

“Oh...ok,” Scottie smiled and bounded over to his bunk.

Daniel just smiled at the pair as they disappeared into the bathroom and closed the door. The quiet boy took his shirt and shorts off and walked across the room to the window, staring out into the night sky. Scottie stared at the older boy, standing in only his boxer's in the moonlight.

No sooner had they gotten under the hot spray of the shower heads, then the pair were at each other's bodies. Hunter grabbed at Jon's tight buns as the pair shared a long, wet kiss. Jon tweaked the plump boy's hardening nipples between his fingertips causing him to moan loudly.

“Shhhh Hunter...damn,” Jon broke the kiss, “their gonna hear.”

“Sorry...but you know that makes me freak dude!” Hunter smiled.

Hunter decided that he'd make up for his slip by dropping to his knees and taking his older friend's stiff prick into his hot mouth. Jon stifled his own pleasurable moan as the young boy sucked on his meat. He grabbed Hunter's head and fucked the boy's sweet face. Hunter gripped his ass, spreading his firm cheeks apart allowing the hot water to stream over his exposed boyhole. Jon bucked at the searing sensation on his tender opening.

“They've been in there a long time,” Scottie hung his head over the side of the bed at Daniel who had come back over to the bunk and laid down.

“Hmmm,” Daniel smiled.

“Whatta think they're doin?” Scottie smirked.

“I dunno,” Daniel answered, “if you wanna know so bad...go and see!”

“You come with me,”


The pair got out of bed and crept over to the bathroom door. Daniel leaned over Scottie as the two boys slowly opened the door. They quickly shut it...somehow unsure of what they had just seen.

“What's he doing to him?” Scottie looked baffled, shocked, and excited all at the same time.

“He's giving him a BJ,” Daniel stated, quite matter of factly.

“What's a BJ?” Scottie looked lost.

“A blow job,” Daniel smiled.

“Why's he doin' that?”

“Cuz it feels really good!” Daniel smiled wider.

“Have you ever gotten one?”

“Sure....” Daniel pushed open the door again to get another glance, “my neighbor and I do it sometimes.”

“Oh...” Scottie was still a little baffled, “why do ya do it?”

“So you can get the feeling,” Daniel grabbed at his crotch, squeezing the rising prick inside.

“What feeling?”

The feeling,” Daniel rubbed at his cock through the thin fabric of his boxers, “it feels really cool down there while it's happening, then you feel like you're gonna pee, then you just start shakin''s awesome.”

“Hey!” Scottie pointed at Daniel's crotch, “your weenie's pokin' out.

“Yeah,” the older boy laughed, “I gotta really hard boner.”

“What's a boner?”

“You know...when your dick gets hard?”

“Oh...mine does that in the morning when I wake up...but then I go pee and it goes away.”

“Haven't you ever played with your dick before when it gets hard?”

“No...should I?”

“Yeah...” Daniel stroked the 3 inches of uncut hardness jutting out of the hole in his boxers, “it feels really cool.”

“You gotta cool lookin' weenie,” the young boy stared as Daniel worked the hood back revealing the shiny knob, “hey! My weenie's getting stiff!”

“Cool...whip it out lil' man!”


Scottie pulled down the front of his Harry Potter briefs revealing a stiff, uncut 2 incher. His foreskin was still closed over his cockhead allowing only the tip to be seen. Daniel reached out and took hold of the boy's straining boytool. Scottie did not resist as Daniel stroked his tiny prick. Daniel was able to work the boy's tight skin back a little further allowing his shiny head to pop out.

“That does feel good,” Scottie giggled, “can I touch your's?”


Scottie reached out and grasped Daniel's hard member. The older boy let out a soft moan as Scottie mimicked his movements. Daniel put his hand on Scottie's chest and caressed his small brown nipples. The little child moaned as Daniel massaged his flesh. Both boys had stepped out of their underwear and were no standing at the door fully naked.

“This feels cool...but kinda weird and stuff,” Scottie grinned.

“It's cool...I felt really weird after the first time I hooked up with my neighbor..but he told me that it was normal and all too.”


“ wanna join 'em in there?”


“ could be fun”

“I will if you will”


The boys opened the door and walked into the shower area. Hunter slapped Jon's shoulders as he noticed the intruders in their midst. Jon, who had traded places with his young friend , pulled off the boy's plump prick and looked up.

“Can we join you guys?” Daniel grinned.

Hunter looked down at his friend, then back at the other boys, “sure! The more the merrier!”

Jon just turned on his knees as Daniel took up position in front of his face. Jon stared at the uncut flesh poking out in front of him. Jon had only been with Hunter up till now so he had never seen an uncut cock before. He took it into his hand and slid the foreskin back and forth over Daniel's shiny head. He flicked at it with the tip of his tongue causing Daniel to let out a sharp gasp of delight.

Hunter had joined his friend on the floor as he pinched Scottie's boymeat between his thumb and index finger. The little boy giggled and cooed as Hunter jacked his stiff 2 inches. Hunter leaned in and took the small boy into his mouth.

Whoooooaaaaahhhh!” Scottie's giggling turned into a guttural moan as he held onto Hunter's face.

Daniel had joined Jon on the floor as the boys laid in a sweet 69. Daniel dove onto Jon's prick and sucked in into his throat. Jon nipped at the boy's wrinkled sac as he took in the wonderful smell of the unexplored boy. Jon left the boy's balls alone and took in his cock. The pair sucked in unison and lavished each other's meat in their hot young mouths.

Hunter sucked away furiously at Scottie's little prick as the young boy rocked into his face. Scottie cooed and moaned as Hunter's trained tongue bathed his virgin meat. Hunter jacked away intently on his own little pud of a cock as he worked his new friend.

Jon called out to Daniel as he thrust his hips upward, soaring into his young orgasm. Daniel quickly followed suit and collapsed on top of the boy as his body began to shake. The pair just lay there, their young forms tangled into one heap of preteen climax.

“Are you ok Hunter?” Scottie asked as he noticed the boy quickly pull away from his tiny dick and start shivering.

“Ohhhh aaaawwwww yyyeeeeahhhh,” Hunter pounded away at his prick as his dry cum overtook him.

Scottie watched in earnest as Hunter writhed on the tile floor, his orgasm coursing through his plump body. Jon and Daniel crawled over to the other two and helped Hunter to sit up.

“That was awesome!” Hunter grinned from ear to ear.

“Yeah...that was fun!” Scottie joined in.

“Did you get the feelin?” Daniel asked his new young friend.

“Ummm..” Scottie looked embarrassed like he had done something wrong, “no”

“Sorry lil' dude,” Hunter regained his composure, “I thought that I could get you off before I lost it.”

“That's ok,” Scottie cheered, relived that he hadn't done anything wrong.

“No it's not!” Jon corrected, “lay down Scottie...we're gonna take care of you.”


Scottie laid down on the tile and Jon got in between his small legs. Hunter and Daniel took up places on either side of the virgin boy and went to work on his nipples. Scottie began wiggling around on the floor, moaning and cooing as Jon took over the sucking of his fresh prick. Jon bobbed up and down on the rigid 2 inches as Daniel and Hunter continued their tongue bathing of the small boy's upper body. Hunter sucked on his neck while Daniel continued to snack on his perky little nips. Jon took the boy's cock and silky ball sac into his mouth and lathered them with his hot spit. Scottie began thrashing about and Jon knew that his first ever dry orgasm was rapidly approaching. He motioned for the other two to get back and watch as Scottie rode the crest of his first cum.

“Ohhhh...wait Jon....I'm gonna peeeeeeee!”

Scottie grunted several times as Jon felt the boy's little cock spasm and jerk in his mouth. Scottie wrapped his legs tightly around Jon's head and the older boy struggled under the pressure, at first unable to breath. Jon worked himself free and sat back, watching the little dude convulse on the tile floor, retching in his glorious deflowering.

“Ohh....pant pant pant...that was sooooo...pant pant pant.....coooool!!!!!” Scottie gripped his still spasming meat.

“Glad you liked it lil' dude!” Hunter grinned.

“I guess what with us all sharing a tent for the next two weeks...we'll be having a lot more fun than the others!?” Jon laughed as he looked at the other boys.

“Cool...” Hunter smiled.

“Yeah...this is gonna be really fun! We can do it every night if we wanna!” Daniel smirked.

“If you say so....” Scottie cooed.

To be continued...

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