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If you say so...

Chapter II

Morning came way too early for the boys as they struggled to get out of bed following Todd's barking. The boys sat up in bed and rubbed their tired eyes as Todd checked the room for any signs that the boys had been up to no good.

“Ok boys,” he shouted, “You've to 20 minutes to shit, shower, and shampoo...then I want you out front by the fire for breakfast. We've got a lot of ground to cover today and I wanna get going ASAP!”

“Yes sir,” the boys gave a feeble reply.

Todd left the cabin and the boys could hear him barking the same orders a few moments later to the crew next door.

“He's way too in to this isn't he?” Jon quipped as he rose to his feet.

“He's definitely intense...that's for sure!” Hunter laughed.

Daniel just smiled as the boys all got up and headed into the bathroom. Scottie stumbled into Daniel as the group piled into the shower area. Daniel just laughed and held the small boy steady. Jon turned on the showers and the boys waited for the water to warm up. Scottie just leaned into Daniel as the pair stood under the hot spray. Daniel was a very kind and gentle boy. His quiet nature and his soft manner served him well in this instance. Without prompting, he took the bar of soap and set to washing his young friend. Scottie instinctively raised his arms to allow the older boy to wash his pits and chest. The thick lather rolled over his little belly and encircled his soft little pricklette before streaming to the ground. Hunter and Jon were bathing themselves and smilingly watching the other two care for each other. Daniel pulled the boy into hug so that he could reach around and wash his small back. Scottie just laid his head against Daniel's smooth chest as his body was cleaned. Daniel took the bottle of shampoo from Hunter and squeezed a healthy drop into his hand. Scottie yawned as the older boy massaged the liquid into his hair creating a rich lather of strawberry smelling bubbles. Scottie gave short pecking kisses into Daniel's belly as the boy washed his mop. Daniel giggled as the little man stuck a finger into his navel and tickled around. Scottie looked up and smiled into his new friend's eyes as the pair enjoyed their shower. Daniel laughed as he made spikes out of the young boy's auburn locks. Scottie made a devilish face as he stuck out his tongue pretending to be a rockstar. Hunter and Jon broke into laughter as well. Scottie took the soap from the dish on the wall and began working it over Daniel's chest and stomach. He used a single finger to paint smiley faces in the lather and Daniel giggled and snickered as the little boy's finger glided over his skin. Suddenly Daniel felt something very warm coat his legs. He looked down and saw that Scottie had let go a thin stream of urine, splashing it over him. Daniel cooed as the warm liquid washed over his skin. He had never imagined that it could ever feel good to get pissed on. But he did. His cock was now hard as a rock and sticking up against his body. He bent it down and released his own bladder across Scottie's little chest. Scottie giggled as the thick stream crossed over his smooth skin. Hunter and Jon laughed as they watched the other boys pissing on each other. They now wished that they hadn't already emptied themselves. Scottie and Daniel took turns washing the other's bodies again making sure that the soapy lather removed all traces of their water play.

After the boys had sufficiently bathed, they got dressed, packed up their gear, and headed out to the campfire. Mark and Todd had already prepared breakfast. The boys dined on a pitiful selection of eggs and fire toast.

“This tastes like ass,” Ryan spit the eggs out of his mouth and onto the dirt below.

“Well smart ass,” Todd scowled, “that's what we either eat up...or don't bitch to me later about being hungry. I suggest you boys get your fill....we're outta here in thirty.”

The boys all grabbed for seconds and finished off the remainder of the food. Ryan grimaced through his plate of eggs, glaring nastily at Todd as he did. Boomer belched loudly which set all of the boys to hysterics.

“Nice one fat ass,” Nicholas shook his head.

“That's enough of that Nicholas,” Mark scolded.

“You don't have to be such a dick to him ya know?” Jon shot Nicholas an angry stare.

“Oh I don't fagot?” Nicholas got up and got in Jon's face.

No,” Jon stood his ground , “ya don't”

“What's Jon doing?” Scottie whispered anxiously.

“Just watch...” Hunter grinned.

“What's it to you rich boy?” Nicholas retorted, observing that Mark and Todd had disappeared again into their cabin.

“Just common sense man,” Jon shrugged, “he's not messing with leave him alone.”

“Well fuck him and fuck you too rich boy....” Nicholas gave Jon a shove, the younger boy put a foot back to brace himself and then came right back into his face.

“Don't do that again,” Jon said calmly.

“Or what fagot? You gonna cry to your rich mommy and daddy?” Ryan laughed from his seat at the fire.

Anyway....Just don't touch me it?” Jon's face grew stern.

Oh shit...somebody's about to get fucked up!” Ryan mocked.

“Fuck you...ya little git!” Nicholas shouted, “I'll touch whoever the fuck I wanna touch.”

Nicholas lunged forward. What happened after that was just as much a blur for everyone else as it was for poor Nicholas. But as he stared up from the ground, desperately trying to catch his breath, he saw Jon standing over him. Jon had stepped out of the way long enough to use the older boy's own force against him as he clotheslined him to the ground. Nicholas flipped backwards and landed flat on his back with a resounding THUD!.

“Holy crap!” Scottie exclaimed.

“Yeah....he's been in Tae Kwon Do since he was your age. Never makes a big deal of it....but ya don't wanna piss him off” Hunter gave a sarcastic laugh as he rose to his feet and collected his and Scottie's plates. Ryan was on the ground laughing as Nicholas struggled to get back to his feet.

“Shut up Ryan!” Nicholas barked, his chest still stinging.

“Aw don't get pissy with me man just cause you got suckered!” Ryan chuckled as he got up to take his plate over to the wash pan.

“Fuck you Hicks...” the older boy snapped, “so he got me...guess I'm not as fast as you, ya little bitch-boy. “course I haven't had nearly as much practice getting my ass kicked as you have...huh?”

Ryan let out a blood curdling YOU MUTHA FUCKER!!! as he through his plate down and charged Nicholas. Ryan tackled the boy and set to pummeling him before Jon and Jared could get him off. Todd and Mark came flying out of their cabin and grabbed the two boys. Ryan was in a total rage as Todd fought to control him. Mark had an easier time with Nicholas who was only pretending to be resisting. Todd wrestled Ryan into the cabin and kicked the door closed behind them.

Mark told Nicholas to go and sit in his cabin until he was called. He faked some more bravado before storming into the shelter, slamming the door.

About thirty minutes later, Todd and Ryan reappeared. Ryan was calm now and looked like he had been crying. Mark went in and got Nicholas. Todd assembled the group around the fire.

“Well that's the last time any shit like that's gonna that understood?”

“Yes sir,” they all responded.


“Yes sir!” they shouted back.

The group said their silent goodbye's to the camp grounds as they headed off into the forest. Each carried his own pack full of supplies and such; Scottie struggled under the weight of his, but his bounding energy kept him going without fail. Todd took breaks every once in awhile, pointing out wildlife and giving little tidbits of conservationist information. Nicholas made snide remarks, Jared stared off into space, Scottie just kept humming along, but Hunter, Jon and Daniel listened intently.

As the group made its way over the uneven terrain of the woodland path, Hunter couldn't help but notice Ryan's intense silence. He didn't look angry, he didn't look particularly happy either, he didn't even look sad...he just looked like nothing. Hunter, who had always been a very sweet and empathetic child, wondered what had made Ryan the way that he was. He had heard the mention of the term Foster Kid, but he didn't really know what that entailed. Although he felt that it probably wasn't going to be a good idea, he approached the empty child anyway.

“Hey...” he spoke softly so the others wouldn't hear him, “don't get mad at me or anything...but...are you ok?”

“I'm fine...” he didn't yell, he didn't show disgust, he just kept walking.

“Oh...” Hunter paused, “...ok...I just was wandering, I's none of my business or anything I know....but I just wanted to see if you were alright.”

“Thanks...I'm fine,” Ryan gave a feeble smile.

“Ok,” Hunter took another chance, “That wasn't very nice what Nicholas said. He can be a real jerk.”

“Doesn't matter,” Ryan stepped over a broken tree limb, “doesn't bother me any...”

“Oh...that's cool I guess,” what do I say now? He thought, “well your tougher than me then...cuz he really bothers me.”

“Whatever...” Ryan threw a piece of bark out into the trees, “you shouldn't let anybody fuck with you. He crosses me again and it's on!”

“So where do you live?” Hunter thought about this after he said it.

“In a shelter...” he threw another piece of bark..this time harder, “doesn't matter. Cuz I'm gonna be leavin' soon.”

“Where are you going?”

“Wherever I want...” he smirked.

“ mean runaway?”

“Yeah...gonna just fuckin' go...sick of it all ya know?” He looked off into the dense foliage.

“Oh...well how are you gonna eat and stuff?” Hunter was rather naive.

“I'll do what I have to do...alright? Shit...stop askin' so many fuckin' questions about my life richboy. Worry about your own,” Ryan walked ahead, leaving the younger boy confused.

“What did I do?” Hunter looked at Jon.

“Dude...he's a foster kid...don't be so nosy and shit,” Jon sighed.

“But...but...I wasn't trying to be a pest..”

“I know pal,” Jon put his arm around his friend, “but he's not like you and me. Who knows what he's been through...he prolly doesn't wanna talk about it is all. Just give him lots of space man...I don't want him clippin' on you like he did Nicholas...kid's prolly crazy or somethin'.”

“That's not nice Jon,” Hunter gave a scowl, “he's not crazy...he's just..mad?”

“Ok pal,” Jon smiled as he squeezed the boy's fleshy arm, “Just do me a solid and steer clear of him if I'm not around...k?”


The group made camp for the night at dusk. Mark started the fire as Todd supervised the boy's awkward adventures in tent erecting. Hunter's group had some difficulty, but nothing compared to the horrors that plagued the others. Nicholas, still edgy from Ryan's go at him earlier in the day, did little but offer less than constructive criticism as Jared fumbled over tent stakes and Boomer kept getting tangled in the lines. Ryan didn't say much at all. He did however spew a tasty slew of profanities at the inanimate tent when he tripped over a line and landed in the middle of the material, causing what little progress they had made to be for naught. In the end, Todd sent them to sit on a dead tree trunk while he set it up for them.

“That's the first and only time I'm gonna do that for you all...tomorrow night..if it's not up by your sleep outside.”

Ryan gave a mumbled hissing while Nicholas just shrugged it off. Boomer and Jared tried hard to follow what Todd had done to set the tent up...but were just as lost as they were before.

“Ok boys,” Mark called, “dinner's ready!”

The boys gathered around the fire and enjoyed another helping of hot dogs and hamburgers. Todd took the bag of now melted ice that the meat had been stored in and dumped it out onto the ground behind Boomer, causing a cold splashing to spray his back. The big boy shrieked as the icy water made contact with his skin.

“Pussy,” Nicholas hissed.

“That's the last of the meat boys,” Todd stated proudly, “from now on out we eat only what we provide with our own hands.”

Great...” Ryan sighed.

The boys sat in the fire circle while Todd told them stories of the woods. The flames crackled in the still night air as tales of great Indian Tribes and warrior chiefs swirled upwards with the smoke. The boys seemed to really get into the stories; even Nicholas.

Hunter looked across the circle through the dancing flames and noticed a very quiet, and very anxious Ryan teetering back in forth on the fallen log. He looked visible bothered by the whole thing. Hunter, being the boy he was, got up and went over to the edge of the woods, and took a piss. When he had finished, he shook the last drops from his little pricklette and pulled the front of his shorts back up. He walked back over to the fire circle and sat down next to Ryan.

“Hey..” he didn't make eye contact with the boy.

“Hey..” Ryan said flatly.

“Look...I know you don't like me,” he began slowly, “and you can just tell me to go, but you look like upset.”

“I never said I didn't like you,” Ryan whispered, still rocking on the log.

“Oh...ok,” Hunter smiled slightly, “ I just noticed that you looked like you were not having a good time.”

“It's nothing...I'm fine,” Ryan looked around, darting his eyes with the sounds of the dark woods.

“ want me to go,” Hunter looked at his feet, “or can I sit here with you?”

“I don't own the log dude,” Ryan played nervously with a stick in his hand.

“,” Hunter smiled.

The boys sat in silence as Todd rambled on. Hunter occasionally looked over at the nervous boy sitting next to him as the group enjoyed the fire. Ryan never spoke, but Hunter did catch him glance over every once in a while. When the fire began to die out, Todd directed the boys to their respective tents and told them to get to sleep.

“Can I sleep with you Daniel?” Scottie asked nervously, the woods and the darkness obviously getting to the small boy.

“Sure!” he smiled.

Hunter and Jon followed suit and cuddled up together in Jon's sleeping bag. Hunter spooned his plump ass into his friend and could instantly feel his stiff bone. Jon reached over Hunter and squeezed the bulge between his young legs. Hunter gave a soft moan as his prick sprung to life. Daniel and Scottie giggled quietly on the other side of the tent as they watched the two friends play underneath their covering. Daniel took their cue and began rubbing Scottie's sweet little ass. Scottie giggled more as Daniel worked his hand underneath his tighty whities and massaged his firm little buns. Scottie instinctively opened his legs and allowed Daniel's searching fingers to find his tender boyhole. Scottie gave a sharp gasp as Daniel located his target and rubbed the wrinkled flesh of his most private opening.

Hunter ground his plump boyass into Jon's rigid meat ass the older boy continued to work at his little pricklette. Jon stopped for a moment and took off his own underwear. Hunter followed his lead and the boys soon lay closely together in their nakedness. Jon stuck his hard tool between Hunter's thick, sweaty ass cheeks, poking the head of his cocklette at the door to the young boy's ass. He massaged the opening a little before resting his cock in the boy's crack. Hunter's prick back in his hands, Jon began jacking the boy as he slid his dick back and forth. Jon kissed at Hunter's neck and back as the two fucked.

Scottie rolled over onto his back and Daniel disappeared under the covers, quickly taking the boy into his hot mouth. Scottie grabbed his head as Daniel sucked him with an intense heat. Scottie leaned over and took Daniel's cock in his little hands. Daniel fucked into his grip as he continued to roll his tongue all over the little tool.

Hunter had begun to shake as Jon pumped into his crack. Hunter let out a stifled groan as Jon quickly covered the young boy's mouth as not to alert the others. Hunter writhed in pleasure as his dry orgasm overtook his plump form. Jon quickly joined his friend as his cock spasmed between the slick flesh of Hunter's sweet ass.

Scottie had wrapped his small lips around Daniel's meat just in time to feel it jerk under the pressure of his climax. Daniel let out several deep moans as his dry cum coursed through his body. When he had finished, he went back to his prior focus on tongue bathing Scottie's pole. He fingered at the boy's ass again as he sucked with earnest. Scottie soon gave into the ministrations as he began to thrash back and forth in the sleeping bag. He let out a high pitched squeal followed by a series of grunts and moans.

After all of the boys had recovered from their sexual play, they repositioned their bags to form one giant bed, and quickly feel asleep in each other's arms.

To be continued...

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