This story is about how Bobby helped Freddy teach me cool stuff to do with our dicks. Your not sposed to read it if your too young, like under 18 so don't, and if you hate this stuff don't read it either. This story is copyright 2000 but the fun part isn't so why not try it with your friend?

In Bed With Fred

Thanks To Bobby

This weekend at Fred's was totally kewl! They invited me to come to their cabin with them and I did.

When we got there I found out they built a new one and Fred got to use the old one for him self. Fred's dad Mike is a fireman and I know Fred from scouts. Fred is 11 and I just turned 13. We swam in the river and played and then ran back to the cabin.

That's where the fun started.

Fred is a real cute kid! He still has a lot of baby fat and strawberry hair and blue eyes and no hair on his dick. I have some but not much and it matches my brown hair but I have the same color eyes as Fred.

Fred rips his trunks off and stands up with his giant pink boner sticking out. All I could do was stare and I was getting one too. Fred could see and he said you wanna play with our dicks? Bobby and me do it all the time. Come on let's see your boner.

So I took off my trunks and my boner came up and smacked me in the tummy "whack!" and we both laughed.

And then Freddy came over and put his hand on my boner and bent it to the side and the feeling in there was real, real good and real strong for a second. Then he said "Go ahead and put your hand around my dick, Bobby does it all the time," and so I did and it felt nice and I bent him too. Fred started stroking my dick and so I did his too and I thought my dick would fall off, it felt so great!

Pretty soon Fred pointed over to the bunk and said, "Let's try something Bobby showed me. It feels even better." So he had me lie down and we sucked each other's dick. Freddy's mouth felt so good and his big boner was pretty fun to play with. It tasted good and he has nice balls, too and no hair.

That was the best feeling I ever had, especially the cumming part. It was so strong it made my mouth water and Fred came too, but he didn't have much juice.

We did that all weekend, and now I think I want to do it every day with Fred!

Then I found out from Fred's sister that Bobby was his imaginary friend...

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