This story is about how Me and Freddy tried stuff with our butts. Your not sposed to read it if your too young, like under 18 so don't, and if you hate this stuff don't read it either. This story is copyright 2000 but the fun part isn't so why not try it with your friend?

In Bed With Fred

Cool After School

The day after Freddy and me sucked at his cabin was a Monday and I was tortured in my pants all day. Lucky we didn't have P.E. cuz my boner just wouldn't quit. I had the clear stuff all in my shorts and it made the head slide and that made it even worse but I have to admit it sure felt good, too, especially when I pushed it on the edge of the desk.

I think Becky Sharpton saw me, too, cuz she sorta stared at it and then looked at me and rolled her eyes. After the longest school day in the universe, I got home and told Mom I was going to Freddy's and she said be back for dinner at 7.

Freddy didn't have any homework either, so we played some Mario and squeezed each other's boner before we locked the door and settled in for a good long suck. Pretty soon Freddy said he wanted me to try to put my dick in his butt and we tried but it hurt too much, so we just sucked again and played with lighter fluid and I went home for dinner.

Tuesday wasn't much better in the boner department but luckily the P.E teacher still had the flu so I didn't get caught. After school, Freddy and me got on the net and looked up some sex stuff and decided to try some stuff with our butts again. So he got this enema bag out of the closet and we filled it and he showed me how to check the temperature on your wrist like a bottle and he put it in me first and let the water go in and it felt real good but then I had to run to the toilet and go real bad. But the second time was even better and my boner was super hard, even before Freddy touched it and made me cum instantly.

So I did Freddy with the bag and the same thing happened to him the first time, but then he really wanted to try to get me in his butt, so we did what it said on the net.

I had Freddy try real hard to hold his butt shut and not let me in, like his life depended on it. And when his butt gave up and let go, I put a wad of vaseline in the hole and Freddy went Uhhhh! And his boner got harder than steel! After the third or fourth time we did that, I had 3 fingers in his butt and a big wad of vasoline on my dick and I put it up to his hole and he said Yes! slide it in and I did and he made me hold still and then start slowly, but it was the greatest feeling a guy's dick can ever have.

After a few minutes, I pulled out and let Freddy do the same to me. I loved it when I felt his dick touch me and get ready to go in and it was fun watching him slide and slide into my butt. I was making the clear stuff like crazy and Freddy's face was so cute when he came and he made that sound he makes. Then it was my turn to cum and we did it all over again and I got to cum deep inside his cute butt and it was terriffic.

Then I had to go home and mow the lawn and that sucked, but Fred and I are gonna go camping with our troop this weekend and we are gonna try and share a tent.

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