This story is about the scout trip and how you better be careful. Your not sposed to read it if your too young, like under 18 so don't, and if you hate this stuff don't read it either. This story is copyright 2000 but the fun part isn't so why not try it with your friend?

In Bed With Fred

Bent In The Tent

Our troop went camping at the lake on Saturday with the other troop. It was wet and the ground had lots of rocks and Freddy and me both got the same tent and we zipped our bags together when we went to bed. Freddy asked me if I wanted to play with our boners and I said of course duh what did he think. He jacked me some and bent me while I squeezed his fat boner and the head got fat and his little balls got real tight. Then we tried some stuff with our butts.

I put my boner in Freddy's butt first and my dick felt real tight and hot in him all the way. I pushed it in and out a bunch of times and then it was Freddy's turn to do it. I had him put the tip of his boner on me like he was just about to go in and then wait a minute cuz it feels so good expecting to get fucked.

Then we heard a whole bunch of laughing. Freddy's lantern made a shadow on the tent and it showed Freddy's dick on my butt and when the scouts in the next tent came out to take a piss they saw it and started to laugh. Freddy saw them out the window and then he saw his shadow move and he yelled "Ahhh!" and knocked the lantern over and it went out and they all laughed a lot more and ran away. Freddy said no more butt stuff in the tent and our dicks were all dirty from our butts so now we could not even suck.

In the morning we didn't know who saw it and we both felt real bad so we did not have that much fun camping. I had a boner for Fred in my uniform and the clear stuff all day long and it sucked. It was lucky the scouts that saw were from the other troop and they had to leave early cuz of the rain and besides they probly did not rekinize us.

It started to rain real hard and made it all mud so we came home one day early and I stayed over at Freddy's that night so we got clean and sucked some more. I played with Freddy's big pink boner and tickled his little tight bag and then he did the same to me. Then we did it at the same time and licked the head and the bag and next to the bag and bent each other real good and sucked our boners and both cummed in the other guys mouth real hard a few times.

I was tired so I fell asleep and when I woke up Freddy had my balls and my dick in his mouth and was humming that wake up bugle song on me real loud. It tickled and I thought it was real funny and asked him what other songs does he know. I did the same thing and he wanted Mary Had a Little Lamb but he wanted me to keep doing the Lit Tull Lamb part about a hundred times real loud.

Then Freddy wanted to see what he looked like with hair so he had me draw some on him with a marker and it looked kinda real except all we had was blue water proof. Now Freddy is worried that the P.E. teacher will be back from the flu while his dick is blue and make him take a shower and he'll get called blue dick.

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