Aaron – 17, in a relationship with Kevin, not been described as of yet.  Not related to any characters. Has no parents.


Joseph Bradley Collins – 19, in a relationship with Chris, a bit over 6 foot tall, dark brown hair, broad shoulders, a sporty person. Was legally emancipated at age 15. Shot once in the spinal cord, made a full recovery.


Christopher Matthew Collins (formerly Maxwell) – 18 almost 19, in a relationship with Joe, 6 foot tall. Was adopted by the Collins at age 7, after stealing food from a local grocery for Mike, he was caught by Matt his now brother.

Linda Anne Smith– Josh, Joe, and Cody's mother, wasn't described, biological.

Robert Matthew Smith – Josh, Nick, Cody, and Joe's Biological father.

Kevin Matthew Smith – 19, in a relationship with Aaron, hasn't been described, not related to Josh, Joe, Cody, nick, or Henry. Is the biological son of the Collins'.

Cody Jonathan Brimmer – 10, not a dating character currently, related to Joe and Josh, Father is unnamed, Father is Robert smith, product of cheating on his wife with another woman from his wife's work. Was put up for adoption in Baltimore, Maryland

Nicholas Conner Collins (formerly Madison) – 15, in love with Henry but not dating, related to Cody, Joe, and Josh, was a product of Robert Smith cheating on his wife with a woman at his wife's work, he was put up for adoption in Scotland.

Justin timothy Madison – died age 16, blackmailed Joe into dating him, currently only a background character, undescribed.

Callum Maxwell (middle name unknown) – Biological father of Chris and Michael Collins. Died shortly after he shot Joe.

Michael James Collins (formerly Maxwell) – 14, related to Chris, biological father is

Callum Maxwell. In a relationship with Josh. Adopted by the Collins at age 4.

Henry Adam Collins (formerly Caswell) – 16, related to none of the main characters, in love with Nick, undescribed.

Joshua Robert Collins (formerly Smith) – 14, related to Joe, Cody, and Nick, Dating Michael.

James and Marie Collins – their biological children are: Matt, Paul, Jessica, Samantha, and Kevin. They raised Joe after he was inadvertently switched at birth with Kevin; they had no clue of this until before Joe's 18th birthday.

Matt Collins – 29 when he found Chris, now is almost 40. Related to Jessica, Paul, Samantha, and Kevin. A cop in northeastern Scotland. Has 2 children with his wife Christine, both boys.

Mr. Penny (no first name or middle name given) No children, no family, no spouse. Died the same day Joe was shot. Killed by a bullet to his cars axel shot by Callum.

Madison Gunn – 26, has one child Jamie. He had Jamie when he was 16, received full responsibility for Jamie from his mother who denied Jamie being her child after birth. Is the full time body guard of the Joe's family.

Jamie Thomas Gunn – 10 years old, Son of Thomas Gunn, the families personal body guard. Best friends with Cody.