In darkness Love Will Save us part 10



Hi guys, this is Chris's side of the story. I'm sorry it took ages and ages for this next bit but I got really ill after my short vacation in the UK


This is a work of fiction some events are of my own history. Any characters with similarities to people are purely coincidental


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Where we left off:


Joe's phone buzzed with a message from one of his executives in Scotland. The message simply read, "I think I've found him." Joe's once sleepy eyes darted open then he quickly changed the plane's flight plan to fly to Scotland and then on to Baltimore. He lay back down with Chris in his arms.


Almost 40 minutes passed before Joe drifted off into a blissful sleep without the nightmares that had plagued him for 2 years. Two years since his secret had been born. His secret would be released soon lest it ruin him once more.



Lets begin! Chris is the narrator for this entire chapter.


I woke up in a sort of happiness daze. It was one of those mornings where I was awake yet not. I was snuggled into Joe's chest with his head above mine. So many years I had dreamt of this exact moment. Thinking back I couldn't believe it has been 10 years since we met on that faithful day that I was at my lowest.



Flash back - 1998, a police station in northeastern Scotland. The scene: 7 year old Chris and a 29 year old police officer.


"Do you hear me?" The officer asked, "Stealing is a criminal offense young man!" the fat fuck of a police officer said to me.


"Where are you're parents?" The officer asked me. Normally I'd have this question on the tip of my tongue but not anymore, not after what I found out. So my reply was simple.


"I don't have any." And it was the truth in my mind. I had my little brother and that was all.


"Who are you're foster parents then?" The officer asked, sounding more sensitive now.


"Whats a foster parents?" I asked him. I'd never heard those words before.


"Hmm" The officer left slip. As another officer entered the room and walked toward the cop questioning me.


Matt you're dad and little brother are here." The new officer said. The officer called "Matt" apparently he spoke to the other cop for a few minutes. Then Matt got up and said to me "Come on kid, I'll sort it out and get you to the orphanage."


"What about my little brother!" I yelled at him Mike was waiting for me at our little tree house in the forest.


"Excuse me, you have a little brother? Where is he, and how old?" Matt asked me now in a worried tone.


"He's in the forest and he's only 4 I was stealing that food for him." I said in tears. Now I was worried about him he was the greatest brother in the world. All at once, fear was hitting me what if he'd gone to look for me.


"Take us to him quickly we don't want him to get hurt." It all happened pretty fast. We were ushered, not into a police car, but a fancy Black range rover. I didn't realize until a minute later that sitting beside me was the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen. His eyes were a bright green he had shaggy brown hair that was down to his ears and he had a smile on his face that made the sun seem dim.


"Hi I am Joe!" He said toward me then pulled me into a hug. It was weird I was never really a fan of hugs except from Mike because it was the way he showed me he loved me. But when "Joe" rapped his arms around me my entire body went rigid and my stomach had butterflies I'd never felt before.


"I'm... I mean... my name's Chris" I said when he'd retracted from the hug.


"Nice to meet you." Joe said with his bright smile. Then he pointed to Matt and said "that's my older brother Matt and that's my dad driving." And Joe just sat there and we stared at each other for a few minutes it was weird. I felt like I'd known him my entire life but yet he was this huge mystery. My heart had never beaten so fast as when I saw him for the first time.


"Chris," Matt said "Can you tell me what happened to you're parents?" He asked in a softer tone.


That was the question I'd been dreading, my daddy was a bad man, a really bad man. And our mother, just thinking about her made my eyes tear up. Joe was right there for me though, he hugged me close to him as I tried to explain what I found out and why we left.


"Me and my brother were told to leave by our mother. She said our daddy was a bad man and that she couldn't have us there when he came home."


Matt turned around in his seat and stared at me. As I continued through my tear soaked eyes, he looked genuinely worried.


"But he came home too quickly. Our mommy was getting us ready to go but daddy showed up. Mommy told us to hurry out the back door with the backpacks she had made for me to carry for me and Mikey, but we forgot to pick them up. We ran out the back door but when I turned around to grab them I heard yelling,"


I tried to continue but I couldn't, what happened after that still stunned me.


"It's ok Chris don't worry we'll get you're brother and sort all of this out." The man driving said. Matt nodded toward him and we were at the forests edge.


"Do you remember exactly where he is?" Matt asked me after telling Joe and his dad to wait in the car.


"Ya, I can take us to it easily, we use to come there everyday." And I led him to our tree house. I saw the lantern was on, that meant Mike was still there.


"He's up there." I pointed to the wooden house in the tree. Matt nodded and climbed up. A few seconds later he returned with a sleepy Mike in the one sleeping bag we left in the tree house.


"He's perfectly fine. Lets go back to the station and sort this out." Matt said.


"Not on you're life Matt," Joe's dad said, appearing from no where.


"What dad?" Matt asked looking at me then the man I'd later know as Daddy.


"He's coming home with us, so is his little brother." He said in a matter of fact tone.


"Dad you can't just say that there's protocols." Matt replied.


"Not anymore, I called the local orphanage and spoke to Cory, he's the Head Master remember. Well seeing as we're already cleared as a foster home he can come straight over."


"Thank you daddy." Joe said hugging his dad when we got back to the car.


"Not another word about it. Chris you and Mike are apart of our family now." The man said and that was it. Our history was forever altered. that night Mike woke up from his nap and met Joe. His initial reaction when Joe hugged him was to hug back, and their bond was formed. A week later James or Daddy as we all called him filed for adoption of both Mike and I.


Through the years, my love for Joe only increased and at one point, even though it was in a childish manner we were boy friends. Joe and I were inseparable as kids. That is until Justin showed up,


Justin ruined everything. In my eyes, he stole Joe from me. Even though we were always together as a group, I felt like Joe was miles away. Unfortunately, I just started to think about this, why did Joe choose Justin over me?



Back to the present -


Joe woke me from my dazed state with a kiss on the top of my head.


"Morning baby." He said in his drowsy tone.


"Morning" I replied in a somewhat distraught tone. I couldn't seem to get this out of my head, why did Joe choose Justin over me, and now is this all because Justin is gone?


"What's wrong hun?" Joe asked while tightening his arms around my chest.


"It's nothing," I said trying to sound ok but failing miserably.


"Yes it is I can tell." He replied in his worried tone.


"It's just," I couldn't finish. My brain had started to tell me he didn't want me, he just wanted something instead of nothing. Tears formed in my eyes. I felt used.


"Chris what's wrong baby?" Joe asked trying to turn my face toward him but I wouldn't have it. He had used me last night.


"Joe, why did you choose Justin over me when we were 13, I told you I loved you and then suddenly Justin came into the picture and you slowly pushed me away. Am I just here because Justin is gone and you're lonely?!" I asked in a half hurt half pissed tone.


"I was wondering when you'd ask, Chris. Justin wasn't my boy friend. Nor was he even my friend really. I hated Justin, the reason, the reason I choose him' was because he heard you say you loved me, and before I could reply to you he threatened to tell dad. YOU know our dad, if he found out that we were both gay and in love, I don't know what he would do and honestly that scared me."


"What? But, you said you built that car in you're garage with the love of you life?" I asked, he had to be lying to cover up his true motives, right?


"You forget you helped me build that car Chris. Justin helped some but you and I did the majority of the work. When I said that I hoped you'd understand that I meant you. I always meant you! I couldn't directly tell you I loved you, if I did you'd be confused about Justin like now and I didn't want you knowing what I was doing to keep you safe," Joe said in tears now.


"It hurt so badly Chris, I wanted to kiss you every day, but that monster told me if he even suspected it he'd show our dad the tape of when we kissed after you professed you're love for me. And, that's not all Chris, I've been hiding something from you, mom, dad, Josh, everyone except Mike. Do you remember Justin's little brother?"


"Yea, I guess, I can't remember his name though. Didn't he, wasn't he also killed in the accident?"


"His name was Nick and it wasn't an accident. Chris your dad killed Justin and tried to kill Nick but when they checked the collapsed house, they couldn't find his body. I told them to tell the press the entire family had been found dead and I began looking for him. Chris, Nick's mother died 4 weeks ago, her name was Linda Anne Smith she was Josh's and my biological mother,"


Quiet enveloped the room as realization struck me.


To Be Continued


Sorry but I have to cut it there. The next part will clear up any questions that have been left unanswered.


I am so sorry it took so long. I went on a big birthday weekend in London and when I woke up the next morning I was extremely ill and have been since. So the chapter may be a tiny bit confusing at points that's half because I can't tell you everything now or the story would be ruined and the other is because my brain isn't fully there atm which a lot of you can probably understand J


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