In darkness Love Will Save us part 11



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        Where we left off:


"Yea, I guess, I can't remember his name though.  Didn't he, wasn't he also killed in the accident?"


"His name was Nick and it wasn't an accident.  Chris, your dad killed Justin and tried to kill Nick but when they checked the collapsed house, they couldn't find his body.  I told them to tell the press the entire family had been found dead and I began looking for him.  Chris, Nick's mother died 4 weeks ago, her name was Linda Anne Smith she was Josh's and my biological mother,"


Quiet enveloped the room as realization struck me.

        Lets begin! Joe is our narrator for this part.

It was silent for a while after I told Chris about Nick being my little brother. I'm not sure which stunned him the most: Nick being my brother, or that Chris and Mike's father was the one who killed Justin and his parents. Ever since Chris' dad killed them, he has been in the shadows, occasionally he sets off some of my agents who are searching for him, and we get a snag on his location. But it always ends the same: my guards dead, Chris and Mike being ushered out of whatever country we were in, and the Nick's trail getting colder, but no more.

Chris' movements and his asking me "How...?" broke my thoughts and the silence.

"How what?" I asked.

"How is Nick you're brother, and if Nick is related to you... wasn't Justin...?" Chris asked me.

"No, Justin's parents were infertile. Justin and Nick were both adopted at the same time. Quite honestly, Justin hated nick with a passion, because Nick was younger, smarter, faster, and all around better than Justin at everything," I said, rather proud of my lost little brother.

Chris obviously picked up on this and left it there. "Ok I understand where they came from and he's not related to you... but how are you related?"

"Memories going already I see." I said smiling, "My father cheated on my mother with a girl from my mothers work."

"Ouch..." Chris replied.

"Exactly, well the woman got pregnant but her husband figured it out after birth when the boy had those purplish eyes like Josh's. The father had brown eyes and so did the mother so it was impossible with their family history. They were in Scotland and gave the child up for adoption, then he and Justin were adopted and that's the rest is history." I told Chris.

"Wow..." was all Chris could get out.

"I only found out about him 2 years ago, but by then he was loved by his parents. When I told them, they were defensive, thinking I wanted to take him away. I didn't of course, I loved him but he loved his parents. That was until we found out he had been behind the door and heard it all. The next day he begged me to let him come live with me, he said Justin made his life a living hell."

"Wait wait wait... you said 2 years? But that meant you knew James and Marie weren't you're real parents?"

I sighed, this was the one question I didn't want to answer. "I've known for 5 years Chris, but I couldn't do that to my parents, I had to wait until someone else found out. The day Rebecca called was the first day I'd spoken to anyone about it."

"I guess I understand." Chris said, which in all honesty was the best I could have ever hoped for. "When does our flight leave?"

"In 2 hours, the bags are in the car. I'll just tell them to take our stuff to the U.S and put it in our house for us to move around."

"Good." was all Chris said again, and that was the end of the subject. The day went by quickly for everyone except me. Along with meeting Nick for the first time in so many years, the headmaster said I'd need to meet his roommate Henry as well. Apparently, they were inseparable, which seemed like a trait all the guys of our family carried.

Chris woke Kevin up while I went to wake up Josh, Cody, and Mike. I opened their door to find Mike and Josh holding each other with a small Cody in between, "So cute...!" was the first thought in my mind. Don't judge. It's instinct to think that! They were a bit confused about it all but agreed they all wanted to come. That is, except Mike who was nervous. He remembered all the tragedy that followed in our wake. But that was before Gunn joined our little army, he was the best of the best and even ranked higher than Chris's dad.

Gunn was a high sought after "protector" shall we say. It was by pure luck that he was with us, that and he wanted a stable environment for his son Jamie who was just a bit older than Cody was. Jamie lives at my house in Dubai with his dad nearby at all times. Once we move to the US, he'll be in the same house as us, which I guess for Cody will be fun having a new playmate... hopefully not in that way... It's not that I am self-hating but I don't want that issue for him, it's already hard enough at my age, but his age?

Cody jumping into my lap and smiling up at me interrupting my heavy amount of procrastination.

"Hey little man, what's up?" I asked my favorite little man.

"Nothing," he said with a grin.

"Ok, what's going on?" I asked, giving him a questioning look.

"Nothing, Josh and Mike said you looked sad, they said I could cheer you up," he said smiling again.

I looked at Josh he had this knowing smirk on his face, but he was right, just Cody's smile made me happier.

"Well little man he was right, I love you very much Cody." I told him.

Cody cuddled up to me and took a short nap, kids are beautiful when they sleep, it's like a natural aspect of childhood. We stayed like that the entire flight, Cody in my lap every so often waking up and than falling back to sleep. That was until Gunn caught my eye and motioned for me to come quickly.

"Mr. Collins he's been spotted outside the town Nick is in. How should we proceed?" Gunn asked me

"Change our flight plan; we'll go to the other airport that's further from the town to land. Unload 3 of my cars, it'll be faster if we just take a small group." I told him.

"Understood, I'll ride you with, and the other 4 guards will take a car each. I'll call the men to our small armory onboard." Gunn replied.

All of the guards came to our "storage room", which was actually a small armory with all the equipment Gunn requires.

"Everyone listen up, the mission is to protect Mr. Collins at all costs, that includes his family. Mr. Collins, the description the agent gave me is one matching of a very deadly man in this business, I'd like to inform the squad on him if that is ok with you?"

"Of course Gunn," I replied slightly surprised Gunn knew Justin's father.

"The man that we are dealing with is Ex-black ops just like me, he trained as a sniper: He's quick, silent, and deadly. If anyone sees anything out of the ordinary, report to me immediately. His training was in leading a target into the shot not focusing on the target outright. This is not a joke so listen carefully, if you see as much as cigarette drop tell me. Four men total will come with me. Two of you will drive Mr. Collins cars, the police have the red lights timed for us; we do not stop for anything. The remaining 20 of you will guard this plane with you're life." Gunn ordered his troops, after he assigned weapons.

The pilot called over the intercom that we would land in 5 minutes. Chris, Mike, Josh, Cody, and Kevin were all gathered around me in the central room of the plane as I told them the situation.

"Guys, I know this isn't what you all want to hear but I might not come back from this. But I have to try and get Nick back." I told them all.

Cody was trying to be strong but he broke down into tears and jumped into my arms.

"It's ok buddy, everything will work out how it should, but if I don't come back you look out for Chris for me ok?" He nodded up to me. "Good man, I am proud of all of you, and like I said to Cody if I don't make it back you all have to promise me you'll listen to Chris and Kevin ok?" I asked of them. They all nodded but none of them could speak except Chris.

"You'll better come back or I'll kill you myself!" Chris said with moist eyes.

I smiled and kissed him, for the last time for a very long time.

"I love you all and I'll try my hardest to come back with our little brother." They all smiled and nodded.

Two minutes before landing Gunn had all the agents descend to the cargo bay so that the upper area of the plane could be locked down during the entire mission. Each agent was assigned to a car; they were lined up on the cargo bay tail to be unloaded immediately upon the plane stopping. After the touchdown everything moved quickly.: The plane slowed down and stopped, the cargo door opened, the cargo train began to unload, and we sped off into the town. We went straight to the orphanage to pick Nick up and get back to the plane quickly.

"We're a mile out sir; the HM has all of Nick's things ready. But there's a problem." Gunn told me.

"IS NICK OK??" I asked praying to god Callum hadn't found him.

"In a manner, Nick won't leave without his best friend, when the HM told him he said he wouldn't leave without this other boy."

"Take him then." I truly didn't care if it made Nick happy than it was fine.

"Understood." He picked up his radio and told the other car to call the HM and confirm that we would take them both.

"We're a block away sir, the second we're there you and I are going to run in and take them to this car, I radioed in for backup there's snipers covering the building."

"Goo..." BOOM. it all started happening so fast. The car with Mr. Penny in it exploded behind us. After that the only sound that could be heard was the roar of the engine as both my car and the car in front of us as we pushed to the limit.

"Shit, snipers find him, he's here!"

"All squads converge on St. Andrews Street, the red building. He picked up his radio and called the plane "Spin up the engines and turn the plane. We have two men down!" he hollered into the radio.

We reached the orphanage a few seconds later. We ran inside and to Nick's room to pick them up. That's where we were met by a teenager about 15 with brown hair, he was about 5 foot 5 inches I'd say, but it wasn't his features that were shocking, it was that he had passed out shortly after we ran into the room. We also met a boy just a bit taller with lighter brown hair who pushed by me and ran to the first boy's side. I later found out the first boy's name was Henry, and the one who pushed past me was Nick.

"Sir we have to go another shot was fired!" Gunn told me over the radio.

"Understood I'm coming now."

"Nicholas, you have to go now it's not safe here anymore, this man is you're brother he's going to take you with him." The head master told Nick.

"I'm not going anywhere without Henry!" nick yelled.

"Henry's coming with you, don't worry Joe here is going to take good care of both of you."

Nick looked up at me with a stunned look on his face. But there was no time I couldn't tell him all I wanted to, there just wasn't time. Everything was rushed after that. I picked Henry up and threw him over my shoulder.

"Let's go now!" With Henry thrown over my shoulder, I ran to the car. Once out the door Gunn covered Nick with himself and rushed him to the passenger door of my Audi R8 Spyder. I moved to the other side to get in when another shot rang out...

The world began turned into a blur I heard people yelling things like "Mr. COLLIN'S BEEN SHOT!" and "Get him into the car now!" that was it. My time, had come this was the end for me. In my last moments I prayed for one thing. Happiness for my family. I would die again and again if I could ensure they would be happy, healthy, and well taken care of.

To be continued

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