In Darkness Love Will save Us part 6

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Josh lies in a deep drug induced coma; his mind is reliving previously violent moments too overwhelming to view while in a conscious state. His life seemed to change with each dream. Every moment he'd forgotten came flooding back at once and he began to change. His mind's old memories had disappeared and he became a new person in his sleep. The old Josh's lone-wolf style of life had died. His views, his loves, his hatreds, even his memory of the past week had almost all been forgotten.

As Josh lies there dreaming, doctors and nurses stood over him in a panic because his blood pressure, body temperature, and heart rate had spiked. His brain activity was overwhelming. A machine had paged all the nurses; electrodes all over Josh's body were connected to it. The nurses all thought this mass paging of them was not normal. The machine normally only calls one or two nurses at the most. The only time it calls every nurse, is when a patient has gone critical. They ran to Josh's room the second they heard the alarm and saw his heart rate spiking on the monitor.

A nurse rushed for the emergency button by the door. Hitting the critical emergency button in this hospital set off a chain of events: One - An emergency page went out to his diagnosing doctor to inform him of his patient's state. Two - An emergency siren went off in all of the halls, telling all doctors to prepare for the worst. Three – The automated call, "Patient room 11- Patient has gone critical, prepare for revival," was sent throughout the hospital. The patient's family's rooms were also included as this call was sung throughout the halls by the cold automated voice. Four - a crash cart was automatically released from a wall panel near the patient's door; the defibrillator charged and ready if needed.

Now in a normal hospital, all this wouldn't happen, but in this private hospital built for the people who have deep pockets and deserve the highest level of care, it does. The reason every doctor responded to this particular alarm, is that the last time it was tripped a patient had died. In 10 years of the hospital being on the cutting edge of technology, only once had this alarm been tripped where it ended in a man dying. He died because all the nurses did not respond to the call, leaving the staff who did respond, shorthanded. In the end, every nurse and doctor paid the price for this death, they all were fired and have never touched the medical field since. The closest they may have gotten to medicine was loading it onto a truck.

Doctor Brady had the most worrisome part of the ordeal, because he had diagnosed Josh with severe exhaustion. If it turned out he miss-diagnosed and Josh's severe exhaustion was actually something more serious, like diabetes, an infection, or worse, Doctor Brady would most likely be fired like his predecessor, without even the chance to explain his story.

Doctor Brady ran at full speed to the Josh's room and was followed by a team of highly trained nurses and other doctors who were called by the same page. They were running, because the heart rate spike was high enough to cause a heart attack.

Everyone streamed into the room pushing Chris and Mike aside. They were perplexed by what was happening because Josh was just labeled as exhausted by his doctor. Dr. Brady yelled "cover him with ice quickly; his body is getting too hot!" Not understanding what was happening to Josh, Mike was breaking down. He saw the doctor checking Josh over and repeating "This makes no sense – this makes no sense." The doctor then ordered a cat scan, full blood work up, and a urine sample. Everyone rushed to figure out why Josh's brain activity and neural chemistry had started to drastically shift, causing his body to go into a wild set of internal changes.

One moment his heart was racing like he was being frightened to death and thirty seconds later his heart rate was dropping dangerously low. It made no sense to anyone except a nurse who was an avid believer in emotional change causing physical changes. She noticed his eyes moving rapidly, a sign of intense dreaming. The odd part wasn't the dreaming, but the fact that he was in a continuous state of shifting dreams. This almost never happens without cause.

The average person will have, at the most, 1-2 dreams in a series. Anymore than this, indicates a serious problem such as a tumor pressing the limbic system, which can also cause convulsions. As the neurologist was about to leave to try and set up as many tests as possible as quick as possible, the nurse stopped him by grabbing his arm. "Dr Stevens, look at his eyes; he is in an intense dream state. Considering his entire body is reacting in an odd manor, it is my professional view that he had sunken into a severe dream state" the nurse said. "Now that you say that, thinking back, his body was showing signs of a dream state. The only problem is he's been in convulsions for almost 5 minutes now. Considering that a dream lasts at most 22 seconds each. It would mean his brain is being stimulated into this by a reaction to a drug. Nurse Eshma, if we are correct, this could be critical. Go back into his room and inform the rest of the team."

The nurse immediately ran into the room and informed the others of their discovery. They began the process of administering the correct dosage to put Josh into a comatose state where his brain could start recovering. They were about to inject it when his heart rate stabilized and brain activity dropped within normal levels. Everyone was stunned. They didn't know what had changed but it made all the difference. What nobody noticed was that Mike had pushed his way back in and grabbed Josh's hand.

- An airplane hanger in Baltimore, Maryland

Kevin sat in the hanger contemplating his next move, planning for the unknown future. He would have to support Josh, himself, and maybe Aaron as well. That is if he can even get Josh back; it was becoming increasingly complicated. Aaron had messed up and not gotten to Josh in time. "If I can't get him back, I don't think I'll ever forgive Aaron." Kevin thought.

He was so deep in thought that he didn't notice the jet taxiing toward the hanger. It was sea-shell white, had 4 engines, 2 on each side, packed closely together, and was about the size of a Boeing 747. It had a more needle shaped fuselage than the average passenger jet. The plane was accompanied by two military plated Humvee's with Laser Avengers mounted on the weapons bracket and an AH-64 Apache chopper was flying overhead.

To Kevin seeing all this increased his fears of not getting Josh back. The plane entered the hanger where it unloaded its cargo, including a black corvette, 1998 Kevin guessed. Also unloaded were a pure black a Ferrari Enzo, a Buggati Veyron 16.4 painted a glossy purple with white lines, an Audi Spyder painted in the classic black with silver rims, and a Shelby GT 500 in perfect mint condition, painted black and white with a red interior.

"What's all that for?" Kevin asked. "Mr. Collins is moving to Baltimore with your brother in a week or two. The move was planned to be starting now but when Josh collapsed, Joseph said he would not even think about putting Josh onto the plane until he could say to himself that he was ready." Gunn replied. "What move? Nobody told me anything about a move. I assumed they were going to live in Dubai." Kevin said, stunned at this turn of events.

"Wow your gonna be surprised to meet Mr. Collins then, he'd never do something like that. The second he found out about you, he was planning to ask you himself to move in with Josh, Mike, Chris, and himself." Gunn said stunned that someone thought of Joe like that. "Wait, who's Chris and mike?" Kevin asked, wondering what he'd be getting into. Gunn says while listening to his radio: "Chris is Joseph's fiancι, and mike is Chris's little brother. He and Josh hit it off and they all have been at Mr. Collins' house for the past week." Kevin fell silent, this was the first time he had thought about Josh not wanting to return with him. After all what could he give Josh with this billionaire supporting him, he thought.

- Across the Pacific in Dubai

Josh was slowly being revived; his heart rate and temperature were at stable levels as long as Mike was nearby. But the second he left Josh's side, all of his vitals would spike and he would begin to crash. The logical choice was to get Josh awake and hopefully these events would stop. So Josh was taken off all of his drugs and they watched as his breathing and heart rate began to increase to the normal level of a conscious human male. Doctors and nurses eagerly watched as Josh began to awaken from the slumber that was a real world enigma to them all.

The ramifications of this case sent the medical discussion in the hospital into a state of constant change. No one idea was ever settled on. Who was this teen that would CODE if his friend left his side? They were all mystified. To say the least, it was like some kind of dreamed up story <wink>. It struck a note with some nurses who always told each other that love was the greatest cure.

In a sense this was true but at the same time it was idiotic at best. While love isn't a cure, it is the cause of a cure. The majority of the greatest cures known to man were made only possible from the love of the researcher. But at the same time, in another sense, love has killed more than it has saved. The moment a love one is lost, 3 people die: One - the person who passed away, Two - the person who loved deceased, and Three - the person who was born from love. This isn't just a feeling; it is a spiritual bond that creates a new person, a joint person. " It may sound cheesy and stupid but it's what I've believed since Justin passed," Joe thought.

But the time for thought was over. Josh's body was alive and his eyes were open staring at Mike. "Who are you?" Josh asked confused where he was. "It's me Josh, it's Mike," Mike replied. I do not know you? And who is that guy holding your hand Joe?" Josh asked wondering what was going on. "What? Josh this is Mike and Chris. Chris is my fiancι remember, and Mike is your boyfriend?" Joe said hoping this wasn't a joke. "I've never met either of these 2, and Mike right? Could you let go of my hand please." Josh said pulling his head away from Mike.

"Doctor what is going on? Why does Josh not remember us?" Mike asked doctor Stevens the neurologist. "Unfortunately this isn't surprising after all he's been through. He's gotten a case of long term memory loss but considering he knows you Joe this means it's only been since... When did he meet Mike and Chris?" Dr. Stevens asked. "Uhh the same day he met me? How's that possible doctor?" Joe replied.

"Hmm well this may go deeper. His brain is trying to forget certain objects. Seeing as he would otherwise remember Michael and Christopher because short term memory is converted while we sleep, he would have forgotten you as well if it was just memory lose." Dr. Stevens said. "Well what is going to happen to him?" Chris asked. "Not much, I'll be blunt, it will mostly like all come back very soon but we cannot say for sure. If he returns to normal life, same bed, same friends, and the same home his brain will figure it's safe and open up slowly. But just to get Josh to feel comfortable about all this, I think it's best you all have a small chat. And don't forget the situation while he was asleep; that was a pretty remarkable moment," Dr. Stevens said and walked out of the room.

Joe – "Well I'll go first I guess, since you remember me, Josh. First off Josh, I think we best catch you up on a few things otherwise they'll just make it all worse. Well basically Mike and you are dating, and I'm marrying his brother Chris." Joe said fairly bluntly.

Josh – "Wait, you're gay? You know I'm gay, and you're not mad at all?" This was news to Josh seeing as he'd apparently already come out without remembering it.

Joe – "Of course, we caught you and Mike making out pretty passionately. Actually it was so cute. But as far as you being gay, it just makes all this easier. It might have been difficult if you were a gay hater."

Josh – "So wait, you're my boyfriend?" Josh said to Mike.

Mike – "Well I'm going to be honest Josh that's up to you now. I did something fairly bad 2 days ago. You gave yourself to me and I was pretty much a dickhead and wrote it off as nothing. I'm telling you this because I never want to hurt you again I'm so sorry about what I did. But if you're not ready or don't want me I understand," Mike said in tears.

Josh grabbed Mikes hand and said "We all make mistakes and the fact that you didn't try and take advantage of me not remembering shows me you are a guy I'd be glad to be my boy friend," Josh said. "Josh would you mind if I uhh... got into bed with you and I held you? It's just that I've missed you so much and been so worried..." Mike rushed through the last part trying to explain. "That sounds great" Josh said through a smile. Mike took his shoes off and got onto the bed scooting over to Josh and wrapped his arms around him. Mike slowly slipped into a deep sleep after being up for the past two days worrying about Josh. While Josh laid in Mike's arms he felt better than he had ever in his life feeling secure in his boyfriends arms.

- Aboard one of the Collins private jets

Kevin was seated next to Mr. Gunn while every other seat near and around except the one directly next to him, was taken by a bodyguard. They guessed this was just to give him some space while keeping him guarded. That is until Mr. Gunn's radio began bleeping and a voice over the COM was heard, "2nd package is safe and advancing to the plane." "Are we taking something with us?" Kevin asked Gunn. Gunn looking up from his radio said "Something like that. Don't worry kid it'll only be a few more minutes once the package is here we can taxi and take off."

Gunn to Com – "Package is nearing the aircraft, all snipers stay frosty, apache, and all vehicles prepare for taxiing."

"Alpha reads you loud and clear FALCON, apache is prepped weapons online."

"Bravo reads you loud and clear FALCON, all snipers are locked and loaded,"

"Delta reads you loud and clear FALCON, all vehicles' weapons are charged and are ready for escort."

"This is FALCON, we're going silent over and out," Gunn said into the radio.

Kevin heard a vehicle approaching but couldn't see because all the windows were either covered or a guard had that seat. The large steel shutter on the entrance to the cabin Kevin was in began to retract and open and I heard the tell tale sound of a vehicle engine roaring up and stopping.

Five people came through the door. First 2 tall men entered, than a small boy, and then two more guards. The guards escorted the kid to the seat beside Kevin and the boy sat there beside Kevin. A guard came up to the boy, knelt down in front of him, and started talking to him. "Hey little guy, I know this is all a lot to handle but we're going to keep you as safe as we possibly can. There a TV that pops up from the floor in front of you, it has an Xbox 360 and a PS3. If you need anything just hit the button right here <points to the armrest> and the stewardess will come immediately. We'll arrive soon." Then he turns to Kevin, "Kevin, Mr. Collins is on the phone for you in the conference room, he'll explain all of this." the guard said.

Kevin thought about it and realizing this would be the first time he'd hear Joe's voice said, "Uh ok thanks." Kevin and Gunn got up "you're coming?" Kevin asked Gunn. "Ya kid, I'm your assigned guard. Mr. Collins made sure you and Cody here have the best security. Not to sound pompous, but between me and Mr. Penny here <Pointing towards Cody's guard> we are the highest paid guards in the entire world. We both have more combat experience than any other security detail. But that's for another time. If Mr. Collins is calling you directly now than it's important." Gunn rushed Kevin off before he could reply and took him back to the conference room. The locked steel shutter, opened and revealed a large room in the rear of the jet with an oval table and a large set of highly equipped computers and a fancy telephone. "He's on the line just pick it up and your connected." Gunn said.

- Back in Dubai

Joe's and Chris' chests swelled with pride as they saw their two brothers in a loving embrace. "It was so cute!" Chris said. "Wow you sound like a mother now... must be mandatory to say that once or twice" Joe said through giggles even though he too agreed it was so cute! Joe was called back to reality when his Black berry went off.

Joe - Hello Mrs. Royal

Mrs. Royal - Hello Joseph, I think we can skip the formalities just call me Rebecca.

Joe - very well Rebecca, just call me Joe, then added, only my mother calls me Joseph. What can I help you with today?

Rebecca - Well Joe there isn't any easy way to say this so I may as well just come out and say it right off. When we did that relative check my colleague skimmed over a small detail and it ended with a massive mix up or a gift. It's really how you take the news.

Joe was worried at this point, could they have been wrong? And Josh wasn't actually his brother?

Rebecca - it seems that your late father had a 3rd son. He cheated on your mother around 10 years ago with a co-worker of his wife's. The woman became pregnant and was fired by your mother. This woman, Carly to be exact, died 8 and half months later giving birth. The child survived and was going to be put into the adoption system but nobody ever took him... so he's grown up in foster homes and orphanages his entire life.

Joe - Yes Rebecca I will take him. if that was your question. In fact, if he could be ready to leave in the next <checks watch> hour he could fly out with Kevin and my security detail.

Rebecca - oh god Joe you don't know how amazing this is of you. And yes I can have him ready easily, but than what airport am I taking him to?

Joe - I'll have a car take you to our private airstrip. He'll be at your office in 10 minutes with a personal guard for the child. What is his name and age by the way?

Rebecca - well he's 9 years old going on 10 his name is Cody. His birthday is actually very near your own. He'll be 10 in about 5 days. He actually went to the same school as Josh.

Joe - Fantastic we'll have a blast. I'm going to call Kevin in a bit and give him a heads up. Wonder if they've met though. We'll have to see, but if that's all, I need to go. I'm not sure if you've been informed or not, but Josh is in the hospital right now.

Rebecca - oh dear god what happened?

Joe - he fainted from exhaustion. The doctors said his entire body was overwhelmed with the past week and all of the stuff happening. But when he heard about Kevin he collapsed in our kitchen. He's awake now but suffering from some memory loss. But don't worry, he's doing great and everything's normal expect his memory.

Rebecca - ok... if you say so but if this is too much for you I'd understand

Joe - not on your life! I'll get another brother, that's all I care about. Josh would want it that way anyway. I'm just worried about what might happen when I tell him.

Rebecca - Yes well I'll let you go. I must run and get Cody ready now as well. Wait a second, how is it your driver is already here? You haven't stopped talking. How could he know to come here and so far?

Joe - Chris rung him, he's right next to me.

Rebecca - oh ok I won't pry, well thank you so much Joseph this is yet another weight off my shoulders. I will speak to you later bye Joe

Joe - Bye Mrs. Roy... I mean Rebecca sorry force of habit. Bye.

Joe hung up and Chris began the conversation. "Name, age, gender?" Chris said in a happy tone. "Cody Jonathan Brimmer, he's 9 nearly 10, and he's a guy obviously." Joe said glowing; he was so excited about having another brother. "Cool He'll need parents though not brothers, you know that right?" Chris told his partner in a loving tone. "I know, and in fact it makes me more excited. Think about it Chris, this is our chance at being parents, and if I have my way it won't be the last" Joe said hoping Chris agreed. "I was hoping that is what you'd say. I love you Joe," Chris said slowly moving his lips towards Joes. "And I you my love," Joe replied also moving in for a passionate kiss.

Their kiss lasted over a minute. Chris would tenderly suck on Joe's lip which sent Joe into frenzy. His tongue probed its way into Chris's mouth and began to explore every corner he could reach. It felt like Joe was trying to swallow him Chris thought, it was amazing. "Wait Chris, stop, if we go any further we're not going to be able to stop," Joe said catching his breath. "I understand you're not ready yet it's ok," Chris said through his teeth obviously lying. "No that's the thing Chris, I am ready I am ready for sex with you and only you but I don't want it be spontaneous. I want us to be proud of the memory forever," Joe said as he kissed Chris's cheek. "I love you so much Joe. But if you're not ready yet don't push it. I know after Justin's passing you were scarred," Chris said. Joe sighed and said "Chris there's some things about Justin and I that nobody knows and soon I am going to tell you all about us".

- Back aboard the Collin's plane

Kevin - Hello is this Joe?

Joe - Ya it is, hi Kevin. I wanted us to meet face to face but we had to speak about Cody who I am assuming you've met.

Kevin - Yes I sort of met him. He sat right next to me with this big guard guy.

Joe - Yes Mr. Penny is a scary ass dude when you see him. Nicest guy you've ever meet. Just remember it's his job not who he is. Anyway I am guessing you're wondering about Cody?

Kevin – Ya, is he like your brother or something?

Joe - uh yes but he's also Josh's brother. Cody is your dad's kid as well.

Kevin - wait what? Cody is related to Josh?

Joe - Yes we're half brothers, your dad had an affair with his mother 10 years ago. Cody was born 8 and a half months later. His mother died in childbirth.

Kevin – Wow! This is a lot to take in at once. With all of this security I've gotta ask, is Josh ok? He's not in danger or anything right?

Joe – Well, I am going to be honest with you both. There have been a lot of threats against our family over the years. There has only been one time when the threat was real and that was 2 years ago. Since than though we've not had any trouble. It's just so that what happened won't ever happen again. Look Kevin, we need to talk about all of this but first I want to tell you that whatever we decide to do I want you there with us. I'd never think of taking Josh away from you. You're apart of my family now, so when we all move to Baltimore I'd like you to move in with us. I know this isn't the time to talk about it, but I just want you to know that you are in no danger of losing Josh.


Joe - Kevin are you their?

Kevin - <Crying> Thank you Joe I, don't know what I'd do if I lost Josh. He's all I have left really.

Joe - don't worry Kevin, that won't happen. We're brothers now. But we'll talk more later ok. I've gotta get back now. I'll see you in a bit dude, have fun on our family's' plane and could you help Cody out too, he's probably a little confused.

Kevin - Sure no problem. Bye bro.

Joe - he he, ye see ya bro and enjoy your first flight on the new jet.

Kevin hung up happy for the first time in awhile he's getting his brother back, gaining another little brother, and apparently moving in with Joe. Joe's final comment didn't register with Kevin very much. He thought it was just a new jet, nothing special, and left it at that. He returned to his seat where he began watching Cody figuring out how to play Xbox.

Because Cody had been in foster care his entire life, he'd never played an Xbox or a Play station. So Kevin decided it was his brotherly duty to help Cody and began to teach him how to play. At first Cody was hesitant because he'd never had someone being nice to him without wanting something, especially someone Kevin's age. Not too long later, Cody was slowly becoming more relaxed around Kevin as he explained how to play, helping whenever Cody needed it.

The plane began taxiing shortly after given the order from Gunn. The Jet's engines began to roar as the plane started down the runway, quickly gaining speed. Out the windows, the Apache helicopters could be seen flying at full speed along side the jet. I wasn't long before the jet was going too fast for the choppers to keep up.

Kevin was allowed to watch the take off out the window. It seemed a lot faster than any other jet he'd been on. The G-force of the takeoff felt very intense to Cody who had never flown before. His guard Mr. Penny told him it was ok and that this jet was meant to be this fast.

Kevin - It is just me or are we going a lot faster than normal here?

Gunn - This is a specially redesigned SST*. The plans for the jet were for a Concorde,* but the first designs were in need of some revamping shall we say. These designs allowed it greater speed and more room in the cabin. It'll make this journey a lot quicker. Normally we'd have jet escorts with the plane, but because of the plane's maximum speed, not many other jets could keep up with it.

Kevin – wow! So this is what Joe meant about the new jet?

Gunn – Yes, actually, you're probably the first of the Collins to fly on this jet. It was just finished and the long set of trial tests that the Collins insisted on were just completed. Don't worry though, Mr. Penny and I flew over on this baby and its a beauty; no problems at all. Now have some fun we'll be in Dubai in 5-6 hours.

To Be Continued -

*SST - Supersonic transport: to my knowledge there have only been 2 SST's in existence. These were the Concorde and a Boeing 2707, which never saw service. Both planes were scraped because the planes cost way to much to be used commercially. Actually, the Concorde saw service for many years before it was scrapped

*Concorde - a joint country SST. The Concord was originally designed by Aerospatiale and British Aircraft Corporation; after France and Britain signed an Anglo-French government treaty.

Play station is a trademark and copyright of Sony

Xbox 360 is a trademark and copyright of Microsoft.

The Avenger laser is trademark of Boeing.

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