In Darkness Love Will save Us Part 8


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Well guys this part will finally have some action in it.  I know some people have been waiting for it, and, well it's time.  I won't say who it involves you'll have to read to find out. J


ˇ               Where we left off – part 6 ( The Collins side )


Kevin hung up happy.  For the first time in awhile, he's getting his brother back, gaining another little brother, and apparently moving in with Joe.  Joe's final comment didn't register with Kevin very much.  He thought it was just a new jet (nothing special), and left it at that. He returned to his seat where he began watching Cody figuring out how to play Xbox. 


Cody had never played an Xbox or a Play station, because he had been in foster care his entire life.  Kevin decided it was his brotherly duty to help Cody and began to teach him how to play.  At first Cody was hesitant as he'd never had someone being nice to him without wanting something, especially someone Kevin's age.  But soon Cody was slowly becoming more relaxed around Kevin as he explained how to play and what to do, only helping whenever Cody needed it. 


The plane began taxiing shortly after given the order from Gunn.  The jet's engines began to roar as the plane started down the runway.  Quickly gaining speed, the Apaches could be seen out the windows flying at full speed alongside the jet until it was too fast for the choppers to keep up with.  Kevin was allowed to watch the take off out the window.  It seemed a lot faster than any other jet he'd been on.  The G-force was intense for Cody; he had never flown before, but his guard Mr. Penny, told him it was ok and that this Jet was meant to be this fast. 


Kevin – It is just me or are we going a lot faster than normal here?


Gunn – This is a specially redesigned SST.* The plans were for a Concorde,* but the first designs were in need of some revamping, shall we say allowing it greater speed and more room.  It'll make this journey a lot faster.  Normally we'd have escorts with the plane but because of the planes maximum speed not many jets could keep up with it.


Kevin – wow! So this is what Joe meant about the new jet?


Gunn – Yes actually you're probably the first of the Collins to fly on it.  It was just finished and the long set of trial tests that the Collins' insisted on were just finished.  Don't worry though Mr. Penny and I flew over on this baby and it's a beauty no problems at all.  Now have some fun we'll be in Dubai in 5-6 hours.


ˇ      Beginning of   Part 8


The flight was uneventful, and after they took off Cody fell asleep. Cody often glanced at Kevin, making an odd face like he knew him from somewhere. Kevin was switching between watching TV, playing Xbox, and sleeping.  They arrived in Dubai at 1PM local time.  The SST slowly came to a halt on the extremely long runway designed specially for this jet.  The plane taxied to the new hanger where it will be locked away until needed again; then they disembarked and were met by 4 hummers all painted the same, all with tinted windows, and matching license plates. 


"WOW!!! Cool!!!"  Was all Cody had to say, while Kevin was noticing the details of the Hummers, like being exact matches right down to the color of the carpet of the vehicle.   


"Why are they all the exact same"? Kevin asked.


"Three are decoys; one is the vehicle we will take.  None of the drivers know which will be the chosen vehicle.  They have all been told they're a decoy.  This way if anyone had an idea of hurting you, the chances of getting you in their car would only be 25%.  In this case, it would be just down right stupid to attempt since each car has a different set of agents in it.  If there was a group that had infiltrated our agency they would be split up."  Mr. Penny said.


"Yup, it took us ages to get the details sorted like this, but because of it, we are always one step ahead of everyone else.  We've never had anyone attempt to harm the Collins family."  Gunn said, agreeing with Penny.


"That makes sense.  But Joe said there was a time 2 years ago when someone made good on a threat?"  Kevin said.


"Kevin no offense, but that event is never to be spoken of again as agreed on by the Collins.  The only reason you know about is the pain it caused Joe.  So I'd appreciate it if you'd never speak of that incident again," Gunn said not in an angered tone but in one of concern.  Stressing the word incident instead of   accident Kevin noticed. 


 "Oh ok! I am sorry if I said something to offend you, it's just that Joe said it so I thought talking about it was ok!"  Kevin said worried he had hurt the man who'd been so kind to him over the past day.


"You did nothing wrong Kevin, you don't need to apologize.  It is just that Joe has barely just recovered from that day, and we all don't want him to sink back into that state again.  In addition, I don't want Cody hearing about this until he's ready to know what Joe's been through.  We're one big family here.  Gunn and I grew up protecting Joseph.  He was about 4 years younger than Josh when we started protecting him."  Mr. Penny said.


Cody's body tensed at the name Josh.  All at once his fears became real. He remembered where he knew Kevin from now and it wasn't a good memory.


"You ok little buddy?"  Kevin said noticing Cody's sudden change in demeanor.


"Yes I'm fine, I'm just a bit tired still," Cody replied obviously lying; they all noticed it.


"Ok dude, but I am here if you need me."  Kevin said smiling down at Cody.


Cody just nodded and Kevin lifted him up into the Humvee.  Cody scooted over and Kevin got in beside him putting his arm around and said, "If you wanna take a nap, go ahead, you can use me as a pillow it's cool."  Cody smiled up to Kevin, laid his head against Kevin's arm, and drifted off to sleep.  Even though he'd lied about why he was tense, he was actually tired still.  It had been a long 2 days; he'd been staying with Mrs. Royal while she contacted Joe.


ˇ      Back at Joe and Chris's house


"Ok guy's I just got a call from Gunn, he says they are on the way," Joe stated.


"Joe I know it's a little late for this, and all, but what is our other brothers name?  Nobody ever told me."  Josh said, his head resting on Mike as they lazily sat in the games room.


"Is full name is Cody Jonathan Brimmer," Chris said, picking up the question for Joe who was in a frenzy making sure everything was ready for Cody.


"Um!  What did you just say?"  Josh said, shooting up knocking Mike onto the floor.


"Dude what the hell?"  Mike said, getting up and rubbing his butt that landed directly onto the marble floor.


"What's up Josh?  Something wrong," Chris said, also a bit confused about Josh's reaction.


"Please say you mixed that name up or you're joking?"  Josh said, fearful that he was about to find out he had made his little brother's life a living hell.


"No that's the name I was told by the social worker.  She said you two went to the same school in Baltimore, so I am guessing you must've met him before?"  Joe said, picking it up after Chris, who was still confused about what was going on.


"Guys when they get here could you let me take Cody aside?  We need to talk about some things before we jet off to something else."  Josh said, knowing that now was the time to make amends for what he had done.


"Ya, I guess that's no problem, but what exactly do you need to talk about?"  Joe asked, now just as confused as Chris.


"If Cody wants to tell you it's up to him, but if he doesn't, then it's his decision.  I am just going to say that what I've done to him is something that I was planning on changing when I got back to Baltimore anyway."  Josh replied.


"Well Josh, if you're sure, than we support you," Chris said, playing the motherly role.


"Yup, Chris is right, we will support you no matter what," Joe said, having some idea of what had happened, having read Josh's school records.


"Thanks guys.  Are you ok Baby?  I'm sorry I pushed you off me it was just a bit of a shock, I am so sorry," Josh said, pulling Mike back onto his lap and kissing him like never before.  This was actually Josh's first kiss since he had lost his memory of Mike.


"Wow definitely worth it after that kiss," Mike said, smiling ear to ear after the very loving kiss.


Beep - Beep – Beep, they heard coming from the wall.


"That's the gate alarm, they're here everyone," Joe said rushing to the door with Chris in tow, Mike and Josh right behind them.


"Sir your security officers and brothers are here," the maid said to Joe.  He thanked her, as they continued to run to the door.


ˇ      On the road outside the Collins home.


"Wow!"  Cody and Kevin said in unison, staring at the house they were pulling up to. 


"This can't be just one house, can it?  Cody asked, stunned at what was called his new home.


"No, it's just one house.  It has about 94 rooms, 5 floors, 4 kitchens, 8 game rooms each for a different sport.  It has2 fully stocked gyms, an Olympic size pool, both indoor and outdoor.  The house is built on 1,200 acres, and it has a car safe that holds about 40 different vehicles and a helicopter pad in the back.  A large runway is now being constructed in the back to allow the Jet we just arrived on land directly here."  Gunn said, in a mundane tone as if it was a normal everyday thing. 


"And, we're going to live here?"  Cody said still stunned at the size of this house.


"Oh lord, no nobody but James, Marie, Chris, and Michael live here.  This is their house; Joe's is up the road more.  And no, you're not living their either; you're all flying back to Baltimore tomorrow morning."  Mr. Penny said.  He was looking in the rearview mirror watching a black Cadillac 4v4 that was following their car.  He hit a small keychain button in his pocket that linked him to Gunn and the other agents in the escort.


Gunn, Mr. Penny, and the other agents who weren't driving or manning a gun pulled out a small pad and they all began furiously typing on to it.  Almost immediately, the cars all began to gain speed up while Gunn sent a warning to the house security to have snipers trained on the car immediately behind the Humvee.   


The cars didn't slow down as they approached the 15 foot steel reinforced gate that suddenly dropped through the ground.  The Humvee sped over it, and the moment it had hit the pressure sensor on the other side of the gate, it quickly began to ascend from the ground, blocking the pursuing car. 


Something the Cadillac driver may not have noticed, was a sign 300 yards back on the road the stated any unauthorized personnel entering the compound would be shot without warning.


The doors on the Cadillac did not open but it was too late the second the car was noticed by Mr. Penny.  The snipers locked onto the 4v4 and prepared to shoot it to pieces the moment the convoy reached the garage and the Cadillac  passed into the perimeter.   


The men in the Cadillac reacted too slowly.  By the time the driver shifted into reverse, the snipers open fire on the car, tearing it open with high impact rounds.  Ten snipers scattered around the wall and surrounding area shot five bursts from each of their guns reducing the vehicle to Swiss cheese in less than 10 seconds.


Gunn and Mr. Penny got out the car without Kevin and Cody even knowing what had happened.  The titanium and concrete garage made the garage into a bunker of sorts.  This bunker keeps any sound from penetrating from outside making this incident completely unknown to any of the Collins.  No gun shots were heard.  This kind of attack happened more often than any of the family knew, since that first attack 2 years ago.  Gunn and Penny made sure the family would never have to deal with that sort of thing again; thus making their security virtually impenetrable.


ˇ      In the foyer of the Collins home.


Cody and Kevin were escorted to the foyer where they waited and heard three or four people running toward them.  Kevin was standing next Cody who was instinctively hiding behind Kevin.  A figure turned the corner into the foyer: He was tall with brown hair kinda dark in a short Mohawk style.  He had broad big shoulders exactly like Josh, but he was a lot more muscular.  His face was rugged and he looked like a model.  He was wearing a white shirt with black writing that said "Murray Field" * and was also wearing a pair of fitted D&G blue jeans, with a white belt with a purple eagle on it.  Then another figured came around the corner running as well.  He had jet black hair was nearly the same height as the first man but maybe an inch or two shorter.  His eyes were dark green.  His skin was perfectly tanned, he wasn't overly muscular, but he had a swimmers body.  Then a third person came running.  .This boy was about 5-foot 3 inches tall, and mirrored the previous boy "they must be brothers,"  Kevin thought. 


Then finally, Josh rounded the corner.  He didn't look like his old self.  He seemed confident, loving, and secure.  His hair had been cut properly and was even, his cloths were all new and fitted specially for him alone, and his eyes! His eyes held love in them something that they had never done before.


Josh ran up to Kevin and hugged him with all his might.  This hug showed a new side of Josh to Kevin.  Josh had never been very loving toward Kevin in the past.  Josh was always distant to Kevin, most likely because Kevin was more fatherly to Josh than brotherly.  "I missed you so much Josh."  Kevin whispered into Josh's ear while hugging him intensely. 


Cody just like Josh had ran up, but he jumped into Joe's arms.  Something about him made Cody feel safe; this was a miracle to Cody since he could remember he had never felt safe.  In the past he felt like his life had been held in someone's hand and that hand could let go of him at any time.  However, with Joe he was safe, secure, and loved just like Josh.


Josh broke the hug with Kevin after whispering into his ear   I need to talk to Cody, I'll explain later I just need to talk to him.  Kevin reluctantly let go of Josh.  Josh walked up to Joe and nodded to him.  Joe set Cody down and Josh picked him up.  "Cody we need to talk just you and me," Josh said.  Cody was thinking of asking Joe not to let Josh talk to him.  However, something about Josh seemed different than when they were in school.  He nodded and Josh carried him into the kitchen and sat him down on the counter. 


"Cody I am gonna be honest here, I don't expect you to like me again so soon after all I did to you in school.  But I promise you, I've changed and when we get back home I am your full time bodyguard.  I won't let your life be what it used to be.  The entire school will know your untouchable."  Josh said in a genuinely caring tone. 


"Are you just doing this cause it turns out we're related or do you actually care now?"  Cody said sounding wiser than his years. 


"I don't wanna be what I use to be Cody.  I made your life a living hell and you weren't the only one.  When I get back to school I am gonna make sure that this stops for all the kids getting bullied.  I never should've bullied anyone.  I let out all my anger on people smaller than me and that's not a person I ever want to be again.  So please I don't expect you to forgive me but I need you to know that I'll never be that man again and you can be safe with me."  Josh said to Cody as he tried to scan his face see if what he was saying was being understood. 


"I believe you and I already had forgiven you.  I knew about your family and what was happening; we all did.  Nobody could blame you for being a bully."  Cody said and pulled Josh in for a hug.  Cody's reactions brought a tear to Josh's eyes as he hugged Cody back. 


Once he had composed himself he said.  "Well little bro, now that that's settled lets go back to the rest of our family."


Cody smiled and hugged Josh tighter signaling he wanted to be carried back. "Yea!"  Cody said, giving Josh a smile from ear to ear.  Josh smiled back and complied with Cody's signal holding him and walking back in the foyer where they found nobody but Mike standing there.


ˇ      In the foyer while Josh was apologizing to Cody.


"Hey I'm Joe," the first guy to round the corner said.  "And this is Chris and that's his little brother Mike."  Kevin looked like you'd just shot someone in front of him when he found out Chris was a guy.  He'd assumed it was short for Chrisondria or Christina.  Joe didn't give off the vibe of being gay at all.  The way he holds himself and the way he speaks is in such a manly way that he seemed totally straight. 


"I am sorry I must look so weird, I just assumed Chris  was a girl.` Kevin said. 


"No he's all man the last time I checked," Joe said, and grabbed Chris's crotch giving him a little squeeze. 


"Ya I noticed!"  Kevin said, drooling over the two hot men in front of him.  A brief image of Aaron flashed in his mind, reminding him of needing to speak to Joe about that.  

"Well mike, no offense but we need to sort some stuff out.  How about you wait here for Josh, we'll be in the living room once he's back with Cody."   


Mike agreed and sat down on the couch by the stairway and flipped on the TV mounted on the wall adjacent to him.


Joe led Kevin and Chris into the living room where they all sat down.  They sat at a small table that had 4 chairs, one chair was already taken by a briefcase.  Joe sat right next to the briefcase and flipped it open, pulling out his laptop.  He switched the laptop on, then a panel in the middle of the table opened, and a touch screen raised into the table.  Joe a touch the screen and it displayed "Downloading content" for a few seconds until it said "Finished" Then it started displaying images that from Kevin's angle, looked like houses.


"Ok Kevin this is our house in Baltimore," Joe said.  He turned a knob and the touch screen turned towards Kevin.  It started a slide show of images that showed the entire house.  From the pictures, it looked massive.  The slide show ended and then Joe handed Kevin a couple of pieces of paper summarizing the houses attributes. 


Joe started talking after handing Kevin the pages.  "The garage was too small for my cars so I had it torn out and with the one I have here.  There was originally only one master bedroom, but we upgraded it so each room was identical.  We will get to Baltimore tomorrow and we will have the basic furniture for your rooms. Chris and I already picked out style.  You and Aaron will get to decided yours."  Kevin looked up once again shocked.


"How do you know about Aaron?"  Kevin said, stunned that Joe knew about his secret boyfriend. 


Joe smiled showing his perfect white teeth and said, "We know all about you Kevin, except the things that are personnel for you.  After I knew about your boyfriend and your rap sheet and such I left the rest I didn't wanna out step my boundaries."


"I don't really care if you know about the rest of me or not, my life's not some big secret.  I just didn't know how Josh would take it."  Kevin said


"Oh, Josh knows none of this, and as far as he knows Aaron's just your friend who's gonna live with us.  I will say he'll pick up on it quickly, so I'd suggest telling him soon.  But that's up to you."  Chris said.


"That's for later Kevin, we need to sort everything else out," Joe said squeezing Chris' hand under the table.


"What else do we need to talk about," Kevin asked.


"Well, once we're back home, we need to talk you car shopping.  Cody and you could probably use some new cloths so we'll have my tailors at CK and D&G come over and set you up fully.  I know you didn't finish school Kevin, so if you'd like to go back, we'd gladly support you finishing your education."


Kevin looked at Joe as if he was crazy "I don't need a car, I already have one back home.  And for cloths I have those too."


"Kevin you have cloths and you have a car, and both are beaten up and old.  I am not saying there is anything wrong with that, but in this family, we treat each other with love and respect.  Theirs no chance we'd not give you everything we also have as a member of this family.  We won't take no for an answer, so whatever your dream car is we're getting it tomorrow, along with the nicest cloths we can find for you."  Joe said.


"He's right Kevin, don't fight it, you're a Collins now, or Smith whatever name you want to have.  Either way, you're a multi-billionaire now.  Use it to your advantage.  If you don't, it would be the worst choice of your life."  Chris said, knowing that Kevin felt like his life was being turned up side down.  The Collins' had supported Chris for so long he could barely remember when it began.


"I know it's just going so fast!  I am not use to stuff like this, Josh and I have always been fending for ourselves.  I am surprised Josh is so comfortable around here.  I have to admit though, it's just a vibe you give off, it makes me comfortable."  Kevin said being honest for once in a long time.


"I know right!  I remember when I met Joe, I was seven.  I fell in love with him instantly."  Chris said going into flash back mode remember every moment and smell of the boy he loved.


"Ya, I remember that day as well," Joe said, going into flash back mode as well.


"Want me to give you guys some space?"  Kevin said laughing.


"No, we'll do that tonight," Joe said, as he grabbed Chris' crotch.  Chris; eyes shot open and he looked at Joe who was staring right back at him confirming what he'd just said.  Tonight they are going to make love.  Chris leaned in and kissed Joe right on the lips as Cody walked in with Mike and Josh in tow.  Kevin tried to stop them but was too late Cody had seen them.


Cody stood there stunned, not moving an inch, looking at his older brother kissing another guy.  His body filled with rage and he jumped up and started punching Chris's chest.  Joe grabbed him and held him up against his chest effectively restraining him as Chris recovered from Cody's little outburst against him.  Joe got up with Cody still in his arms and told the others "Wait here, I am gonna talk to him and see what that was about."  As Joe walked away Cody gave Chris a stare that could kill a man. 


Joe took Cody into the kitchen and sat him up on the counter.  He then began to question him about his outburst moments before.  Joe was tentative and loving, he didn't know why Cody had attacked Chris like that, but he knew it wasn't just some random occurrence. 


"Cody you need to talk to me, why did you try and hurt Chris like that?"  Joe asked.


"He was hurting you!  I didn't want him to hurt you so I tried to help you get him off you."  Cody said defensively. 


"Hurt me?  Cody, Chris wasn't hurting me, he was kissing me?"   Joe said. 


"That's what the others did before they hurt me!"  Cody said in tears. 


"What others what do you mean?  Did someone assault you Cody?"  Joe asked in a panic.  "This was an innocent child and if someone had taken that from him unwillingly, that person was going to pay for it with his or her life."  Joe thought.


"That's what the police always asked!  Then they asked if they had made me do stuff to them."  Cody said; remember a time not long ago at his last foster home. 


"Did they do stuff' to you Cody?"  Joe asked again, in a mixture of panic and pure rage.  This wasn't sounding good at all. 


"No they never got the chance.  The men all tried, but either they were stopped or I got away."  Cody replied in tears, remembering a night 4 weeks ago when he had gotten away, just barely. 


"And when I saw Chris kissing you I thought he was gonna try and hurt you too!."  Cody continued.  Joe picked Cody up and wrapped him in a hug and whispered into his ear


"No Cody Chris is my fiancé; do you know what that means?"  Joe asked, thanking god that the baby of the family still had his innocence.


"No..." Cody said, sniffling into Joe's shoulder. 


"It means that Chris and I are in love.  When he and I kiss each other, it's something we both want.  He'd never hurt me, just like how I'll never let that happen to you again."  Joe told Cody in his soothing voice, while holding Cody in his arms trying to make him feel safe. 


"So you and Chris are boyfriends?"  Cody asked.  He recovered as soon as he heard that Chris wasn't hurting the man and that Cody felt so much love for. 


"Yes Cody, exactly.  Chris and I love each other dearly.  When we kiss, hug, or hold hands, it is out of love exactly how when I hug you it is out of love.  Not the same love because I love you as a brother or a son."  Cody's eyes began to tear again as Joe spoke. 


"What's wrong now little guy?"  Joe asked, wondering if he had said something wrong. 


"I've never had a dad!  I always wanted one, but it never happened."  Cody said, hoping Joe would be that dad even though he was his brother. 


"Well Cody, Chris and I were actually hoping we could be that dad for you!"  Joe said, also hoping that Cody would look at Chris and himself as parents.  Unbeknownst to both of them; they each wished for the same thing, even though Cody thought only Joe loved him like that.  He wasn't sure about Chris but if Joe loved him he must be special. 


"I'd like that a lot."  Cody said, hugging Joe tighter than before. 


"Well then son, let's go back and tell Chris that he's got a son too."  Joe replied.  He was on top of the world, even though when we said "Son," to Cody, it felt weird.  It was a good weird, but weird.  Even though he had just turned 18, he wanted to be a father.  He had never told anyone but Chris about that, but he wanted a son that he could raise and call his own. It was a good weird and to Joe those are few and far between.


Cody and Joe returned to the living room where Cody jumped up in Chris's lap and hugged him.  "I'm sorry dad, I thought you were hurting Joe and I know that sounds confusing.  It's just that where I lived, when a man kissed another man it almost always led to one of them getting hurt."  Cody said to Chris.  Chris sat in shock having just been called "dad."  This was what he wanted, but expected Cody to find it stupid.  "Its ok little man I'd never hurt Joe, he's my everything, along with Mike, Josh, and now you."  Mike said.  "I know that now, but if your ok with it could you call me "son" too, Its' just that I've never had parents, like proper parents, and Joe said you and he thought of me as a son?"  Cody said.


"Well, I had my hopes, but if that's what you want also I'd be extremely happy to call you my son."  Chris said with tears in his eyes.


"Well guys Chris and I wanted to take Kevin and Cody shopping before we left Dubai like I did with you josh."  Joe said, trying to change the subject.":I don't need anything," Cody and Kevin said almost in unison.  "Ya, Josh sounded about the same; he fought me the whole way through the shopping process.  However, we got him a completely new wardrobe just as we will with you.  Also, Kevin, we're gonna drop by a few car dealerships and you can look at cars you might like.  We'll get one ready for you in Baltimore."  Joe said, remembering that no mention was made about where Josh fought Joe tooth and nail while in the D&G store.  Everything he picked took 10 minutes of convincing to get him to agree to.


"I can't afford a new car Joe, and I don't need one anyway.  I just walk to and from work it's easier."  Kevin said ashamed of his lifestyle


"Ye, Kevin, you won't have money troubles ever again.  As I said before, you're a part of our family, your credit cards and bank cards are being handed to you later today.  Once you have them you'll have full access to our bank account.  Speaking of work, later I want to talk to you about that."  Joe said leaning on the fact that Kevin was working instead of going to school.


"I don't want to be supported Joe, I wouldn't feel right spending your families money."  Kevin said sincerely.  He was alpha male in his head and he did not want have someone support him.  He would rather be the one who handled everything.


"No ones support you Kevin, fact is, it's your family actually.  I am not related to anyone in our family except Josh and Cody here.  In addition, it is not my family's money; your cards are linked to my bank account.  I don't have to work much but I pull in a lot of money from companies our dad handed me.


"But your only 18, aren't you in school?"  Kevin asked, confused as to how Joe made his own money.


"Hah!"  Mike let slip and Chris gave him an ice-cold stare.  "I'll explain that later Kevin."  Joe said


Chris sat up, kissed Joe on the cheek, and said, "I'll go bring the car around."


"Ok babe, we'll be out in like 5 minutes.  Make sure the AC is on, it's hot as hell outside."


"And that's different than normal how?"  Chris said smirking.


"True, true, but Cody and Kevin probably aren't use to 100+ heat, neither is Josh really."


"Did you say 100?"  Cody said stunned.


Well it's 113F outside right now and 63% humidity, so it's already a hot day!"  Chris said, while walking to the door.  [In Dubai, we scale temperature on the humidity.  110 isn't that hot to a person who has lived here but if there is 60% or higher humidity it is unbearable].


"That isn't unusual Cody; just count yourself lucky we're leaving tomorrow morning.  You won't have to worry about it like Chris, Mike and I have for the past 2 years."  Joe said, thinking about how long those 2 years have been with his secrets eating him alive.  However, like every secret, there is a time when it has to come out and that time will be tonight.


Joe, Josh, Mike, Cody, and Kevin, all proceeded to the garage where Chris had the car ready.  It was a white Jeep Wrangler that had been specially redesigned by Joe and Chris for increased airflow.  (In Dubai, the Jeep Wrangler cannot handle the heat levels because the AC is too weak to cool down the car without having to waiting 30-40 minutes average after it gets started.)  The Jeep has double one-way darkly tinted windows, reinforced doors, roll bars, and a brush guard on the front. 


"Ok Joe your driving, I'll sit in the back right, Cody your in the middle, Kevin your in the front seat, Josh and Mike, you guys can take the very back if you want or one in the middle 1 in the back - you decide."


Mike and Josh looked at each other as if they were talking in their heads.  Both in complete unison said, "We'll take the very back."  "Cool, ok, all in and lets go, security is going to be on our right and in the rear.  "By the way Joe, what mall are we going to?"


Joe thought about it for a second and then said.  "Dubai Mall, I bet Cody would like to see the aquarium and the underwater zoo they have there.  Plus, it'll be easier to fully set Kevin and Cody up with everything they'll need that way.  We could also go up the Burj Khalifa*.  Cody's eyes lit up at the prospect of having a little adventure before they left in the morning.


The gang got into the Jeep and drove off.  Joe had already sent a text to Gunn about where they were going and why, so security would have the mall gated off along the path that they would take.  He also called ahead and booked private sessions in the KC, D&G stores,

 and Cartier, as well as ordering two new laptops from one of the hundreds of electronic stores in the Dubai Mall.


Their visit to the mall was uneventful except for the priceless reactions of Cody as he saw the aquarium in the center of the mall.  But what really caught Cody's attention was the Candy World store directly behind the aquarium on the ground floor.  To a child, this was the holy land.  [Product placement at it's best.]  Joe succumbed to the store one time a while back.  Shocking for a 9 year old, Cody had been so patient, so Joe took him to the candy store.  Joe, Josh, and Chris, being against candy, stood outside as Mike, Kevin, and Cody wandered the vast Candy World store.  Kevin was also against candy, but was only there to watch Cody.  Mike on the other hand was a candy addict.  He wouldn't be an addict for long if Josh had a say in the matter.


The boys spent a long 3 hours at the looking at clothes, watches, cell phones, and picking up the laptops.  They were on the journey home until Joe pulled off the road close to a large sky-scraper.  Joe hopped out after telling the group to wait.  Two minutes later he came out with a large brown envelop that he handed to Kevin.  After feeling inside Kevin pulled out a few credit cards: VIP Master Card, a Centurion American Express card, and a RBS Card (Royal bank of Scotland a bankcard).  The cards all contained Kevin's name but the last name was Collins instead of Smith.  The envelope also contained 4 more cards, 2 Centurion cards and two Master Cards, one of each for Cody and Josh both also had the last name of Collins on them.


Receiving the cards explained why Cody and Josh were each given finger print wallets.  All those in the Collins family owned finger print wallets.  The wallets would only open if the person assigned to it was matched and accepted.  If the print wasn't that of the owner the machine inside the wallet would active a small chemical reaction that would melt down the cards and anything else in the wallet.  When the chemical was released, it would complete a circuit that sent an emergency page to Gunn and Penny.  This all was contained in a leather bound wallet that was no larger than a normal wallet.


"What are these for?  Cody asked."  They are your credit cards.  There is also an ID card in each wallet.  If there's an emergency or you guys need something you can use the wallet.  Of course, like Mike's card, if you guys try to buy something over a certain amount the store will call me or Joe for confirmation, but other than that they have limitless credit.  This doesn't apply to your cards Kevin yours are unlimited access and you can use them whenever needed."  Chris said


"Why does Mike have one of these?"  Cody asked confused wondering, if he was related to Mike as well as Josh and Joe. " Mike has been a part of this family for a while guys, so has Chris about 10 years now they were both raised by our parents." Joe said.



"What happened to their parents?"  Cody asked.  "That's a story for another time lil man, and I don't want to make Chris or Mike feel like they need to tell it."  Joe said trying to keep Chris or Mike from thinking about there parents again.  Chris's eyes went red while Mike looked un-phased, mainly because he was too young to remember anything of his parents.  He thought that the Collin's were his actual parents until he was 10.


Joe squeezed Chris's hand as Chris was in the front seat now, and Kevin took his place in the middle with Cody, while Josh and Mike remained in the back.  Every few seconds Joe glanced at his rear view mirror and more often than not saw Mike and Josh kissing, not even trying to hide it.  Because Cody was still a "lil man," he couldn't see over the seat to notice Josh and Mike.


The drive home after the credit cards were handed out was normal.  They pulled into the driveway and everyone grabbed a few bags from their shopping spree except Cody.  Chris picked him up and took him inside to grab suitcases for the trip.  After all the bags were in and the family had their suitcases, they began to hand out the items to their owners, slowly packing as a group, to make sure nothing would be left behind.  Joe went outside and put stickers on all the cars that were his and would be taken on the jet in the morning.  Joe realized then that they had forgotten to go to a dealership for Kevin on the ride home.  "We'll do it in Baltimore probably be easier that way," Joe thought.


While they were packing, the chef of the house was preparing a light dinner for the gang.  Every time a Collins was going on a flight the next day, a special meal was served.  It was prepared specially to give them a good night's rest and a good store of energy.  Dinner was a hit Cody, Josh, and Kevin all loved it.  Chris and Joe didn't eat with the rest of the group.  they said they wanted to wait a few hours to eat as they had some business to attend to in their room.


ˇ      In Joe and Chris room


Joe grabbed Chris's hand and led him up the stairs and down the hall to their room.  Chris and Joe stood beside their bed and kissed passionately.  Joe's tongue searched Chris's mouth as if he were trying to find every corner he had ever missed before.  At first, Chris was completely submissive, letting Joe take full control.  He did not even respond to the kiss until his instincts kicked in and he began to tongue wrestle Joe.  Then he moved the match into Joe's mouth they fought for control until Joe won, but Chris was nowhere near disappointed.  He whimpered as Joe continued to kiss him. 


They both broke the kiss and immediately and Joe sought Chris's ears.  He licked round the back of his ear sending Chris into a new level of pleasure.  Joe slowly trailed his licks down to Chris's neck.  While Joe ravished Chris's neck he used his hands to find Chris's shirts end.  He grabbed it and slowly tugged it up inch-by-inch revealing all that was Chris.  His V shaped stomach had a light dusting of black hair that went down to his manhood. 


The shirt continued to climb Chris's stomach.  second by second it rose, lightly running along Chris's sensitive skin; sending chills down his spine making his nipples go hard as bricks.  Ever so slowly, the shirt continued to ascend to Chris's chest revealing his 6-pack and chiseled pecs.  Although it wasn't heavily prominent it was perfect for Chris. 


The shirt reached Chris's nipples unleashing two perfect light brown nipples.  Joe reluctantly stopped kissing Chris's neck to continue pulling the shirt up over his head.  Once the shirt made it past his neck Joe restarted his work but this time he slowly moved while kissing his chest.


Joe's right hand dropped down and gently squeezed Chris's bulging package.  Chris moaned as his shaft was being stimulated by Joe's hand.  His underwear was quickly shrinking to accommodate the member that was growing in it.  Joe's head moved down more and reached Chris's collarbone licking and sucking on it.  Chris moaned "shit!"  as Joe began to lick his left nipple  "Oh god, Joe please don't stop!!"


Joe changed to the other nipple and repeated the process.  He soon learned that Chris's right nipple was a lot more sensitive than his left.  Chris's orgasm hit him without realizing it; he was so caught up in Joe's kissing and licking that he didn't notice his impending explosion.  "Oh shhitt! I'm!I'mm cumming!"..  Chris basically screamed as Joe continued to tweak his right nipple while massaging his hard shaft through his jeans.


"Fuck! oh shit faster! faster! please babe do it faster!"  Chris begged as his orgasm took over sending jolts of energy throughout his body.  Joe increased his speed on both the nipple and Chris's massage.  Chris's body was tensing and shaking as his body was taken to the stars and back for the first time of the night.  A large wet spot covered the front of Chris's jeans.  Joe was too turned on to wait anymore he grabbed the front of Chris's jeans and tugged with all his might breaking off the 4 buttons that kept them up.  He dropped to his knees in front of Chris and pressed his nose up to Chris's treasure trail now inhaling all that was Chris. 


He was surprised to find that Chris's naval was wet with cum apparently he never told Joe but he was a "shooter" as it's called.  In addition, some of his cum shot out of his tight underwear and up his chest.  Joe's lips ran over Chris's cum as he began to clean Chris up with his tongue, for the first time tasting Chris; It was extremely sweat due to Chris's fruit habits but at the same time just a tiny bit salty, the taste alone sent Joe into a frenzy, he had to have more.  Once again, with all his might he ripped Chris's underwear open.  Chris's hard shaft popped up and hit Joe on the chin.  Joe began licking down from Chris's belly button.  Slowly cleaning up globs of Chris's cum as he descended towards his prize.  Licking and sucking every bit of hair clean leaving nothing dirty.  He finally reached the prize.  Jutting out from Chris's trimmed crotch hung Chris's hard shaft.  "Oh my god it's beautiful."  Joe said loud enough for Chris to hear.  Chris smiled at his lover knowing that he'd satisfied him in that area.  Joe wasn't going to beat around the bush <wink>.


He immediately began licking Chris's hard shaft clean of it's own cum, leaving it shiny and even harder than when he began.  Joe looked up to find Chris's head tilted back, his eyes closed and his mouth wide open letting out a long groan as Joe licked up and down Chris's shaft while tweaking his nipples.  Chris put both hands on the sides of Joe face and pulled him up for a kiss.  Chris than hugged him and whispered into his ear  "I'm ready for the real thing Joe."  Joe pushed Chris back and looked into his eyes.  They were filled with love and patience.  Joe leaned forward, kissed Chris and replied:  "Undress me and let's get into bed, my love."


Chris didn't waste a second he began pulling Joe's shirt off revealing his heavily muscular abdomen that forced an almost perfect V.  Instead of started from top to bottom Chris began at Joes belly button.  He licked every crevice of Joe's defined abs working his way up to his 6-pack stomach, his stomach, like a stone wall yet soft as a baby's bottom.  His tongue scaling that stone wall, climbing inch by inch.  The shirt reached Joes nipples where Chris spent the remainder of his time while undressing Joe.  Joe raised his arms and pulled the shirt off while Chris fumbled with Joe's belt and his jeans button.  After a lot of work, they both came undone and dropped to the floor leaving Joe in his D&G boxer-briefs.


Joe pushed Chris back onto the bed and climbed on top of him.  "Tonight's going to be the night we are bonded together forever Chris, once we're done I won't ever be able to let you go so if your unsure please say so."  Joe said in a very serious tone.


"I am completely sure Joe, I love you with all my heart, you're my life.  I have loved you since I was 7, and I promise you on my life that I have never been more sure or more in love in my life."  Chris said knowing that he would never break his promise.


"I Love you to Chris, I loved you when I first met you too."  Joe said knowing it was the truth.  Joe leaned in and kissed Chris while searching his nightstand for lube.  "Are you ready baby?"  Joe said.  Chris nodded and Joe began preparing Chris slowly and lovingly.  Joe took off his underwear displaying his pride and joy 8 inch shaft which had a drop of pre-cum on the tip.


Joe lubed his index finger and slowly started working it into a moaning Chris.  Ten minutes later Joe lubed up his middle finger and slowly worked it into Chris as well.  Joe was slightly surprised Chris didn't have any trouble with the added finger.  Little did he know that Chris had been hoping Joe would be ready and had been working his fingers into his asshole for the past 2 weeks. 


10 minutes later and Joe was working the 3rd and final finger into Chris who still didn't have any trouble with it.  "I'm ready Joe just put it in."  Chris said.  "You sure your ready, my love."  Joe replied not wanting to hurt Chris.  "I am ready.  Please Joe I am ready," Chris pleaded.  "Ok but if it hurts too much tell me I'll stop no matter what.  I love you too much to see you hurting."  Joe grabbed the KY tube working it into his hand and lubed his hard cock up.


Chris was patiently waiting until Joe would enter him for the first time.  "I love you Chris."  Joe said and kissed Chris as he enters him.  At first, Chris's ring wouldn't open enough for Joe to enter him until it relaxed a bit allowing Joe's penis to slide into him.  Chris winced in pain as Joe's head passed through his ring.  Joe stopped and began making out with Chris again waiting for him to adjust.


A few minutes later Chris pushed against Joe signaling him to continue.  Joe Slowly pushed into Chris; he was in a hole <wink> other world as he entered Chris.  It was tight, soft as velvet, and hot as lava.  Seeing as this was both of their first time, neither expected it to last forever, but Joe was committed to pleasing Chris.  Once Joe's pubic bone was right up to Chris's ass he waited a few minutes.  "Are you ready my love?"  Joe asked.  Chris nodded and Joe slowly retracted his shaft from Chris's asshole effectively long dicking him as he reached the point where only his head remained in Chris he pushed back in slowly so to make it last.


Chris was in ecstasy moaning and whimpering at Joe's touch.  His body was on fire as Joe retracted and pushed all the way back in slowly picking up speed.


"Faster!"  Chris yelled in animalistic bliss.  Joe complied and picking up more speed plowing into Chris's ass


"HARDER!"   Chris yelled.  Joe again combined and began ramming into Chris with all his might sending Chris's into asshole into a new world of pleasure.


Joe's cock retracted and smacked back into Chris so fast that Chris only saw Joe's hips blurrily. Chris's prostate was being rubbed each time Joe rammed into him making Chris's whimper as he was being fucked to the stars and back.  Both felt their orgasms approaching more so for Joe who's sweat was dripping onto Chris, cooling off his body as he moaning and grunted in pure bliss. 


"I'm getting close baby."  Chris said through muffled grunts as his body could barely stand the level of pleasure it was receiving.


"Me too Hun, Oh shit you feel amazing baby."  Joe said as he continued to plow Chris's ass into sub-mission.


Chris's insides were on fire his ass was contracting around Joe's cock sending him into a new level of pleasure himself.  His body was responding in ways he didn't know possible.  It was like a switch had been thrown and he suddenly became an animal.  He looked down and watched his shaft going in and out; in and out!  the sight alone sent him over the edge.  "SHIT!!!... Oh gawd! I'm cumming!!!!  Fuck!  Chris I love you so much!"  Joe panted as his cum began to travel up his cock and shoot inside of Chris who was being pushed over the edge by the constant jabbing into his prostate. 


Joe's cum shooting into him; sent Chris over the edge it as it cooled and dowsed the fires inside his ass.  Joe continued to spasm and jerk as his seed was being shot at Chris's   Love button, as Mike use to joke.  Chris' moaning increased and he whimpered as his own cock began shooting his seed all over his face and chest.  The first shot hit his lip, the second on the chin and rest shot all over his 6-pack and nipples, effectively covering him in his own cum.  During all of this Joe was still in the throws of his own earth shattering orgasm.  Eventually his orgasm finished but not before his cum began to seep out of Chris's ass down his shaft and onto his balls.  Oh shit that feels so nice and cool, Joe thought as he was recovering.  Chris on the other hand, was still jerking as his body came down from it's first ever hands free orgasm.  The candles around the room seemed to get brighter until complete darkness surrounded Chris.


Joe kissed an unresponsive Chris; which at first confused him until he retracted his head and noticed Chris had passed out.  For a second he was worried what to do but the voice in his head told him exactly what to do.  Joe slowly pulled his quickly deflating dick out of Chris and went to the bathroom.  Moments later, he returned with a wet washcloth and a dry one to clean Chris up.  He wiped Chris's chest clean and than cleaned up his butt.  While cleaning his butt up he noticed many wet spots under him from where Chris had leaked Joe's seed.  Knowing Chris, Joe decided he had to change them.


One thing Chris hated more than anything in the world was waking up even feeling slightly damp; he couldn't explain it.  He always said it was just something that really annoyed him.  Joe lifted Chris up, put him on the couch by the patio doors, and proceeded to change the sheets and put out the candles.


Once he'd finished with the sheets, he picked Chris back up and put him in bed.  Joe walked around the bed got in after turning the AC up, and pulled the covers over both of them.  Joe then grabbed Chris, pulled him into his arms, and waited for him to wake up.  The voice in his head told him Chris needed to wake up this way; that he needed to be shown love in this way.  Chris never woke up, he was exhausted and needed to sleep. 


His phoned buzzed with a message from one of his executives in Scotland.  The message simply read, "I think I've found him."  Joe's once sleepy eyes darted open then he quickly changed the planes flight plan to fly to Scotland and than on to Baltimore.  He lay back down with Chris in his arms.



Almost 40 minutes passed before Joe drifted off into a blissful sleep without the nightmares that had plagued him for 2 years.  Two years since his secret had been born.  He has a secret that soon he had to unleash lest it ruin him once more.



To Be Continued!


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