In Darkness Love Will Save Us part 9



Hi Guys, this is Nick's side of the story it occurs the day before the incident with Henry.  Now unlike the previous part including Nick and Henry this isn't real.  But the things that happen throughout the story are personal experiences of mine, the drinking, "mid-part," etc.  I'll explain it all so you're all not totally lost in the world I was immersed into at a very young age.


This is a work of fiction some events are of my own history.  Any characters with similarities to people are purely coincidental


This story features sexually explicit material of consenting underage teenagers.


This story is for people of legal age to view such material. If you are under the age of consent in your country, please leave now. What you choose to do is up to you and in no way am I, or this site, held accountable for your actions before or after reading this story.


This story is my property and shall not be posted anywhere else without written consent from myself (I most likely give it, I just want credit).




Words you'll need to know:


These terms won't all be used in this part but it'd be easier for me if you knew them now instead of restating them each and every part.  And considering this side of the story is going to last awhile and involve a lot of this kind of talk I'd suggest if you like my stories to try and remember any terms with a * besides: that means I use it A LOT. Some of these terms are common and are international but in Scotland have a different meaning:


Chuffed - happy


Oi = Many will know this, some won't, it just means like "Hey" but it's more aggressive.


Savage = awesome


Knackered = extremely tired.


*Twat = a woman's pussy.  But we use it more like "moron".


*Ace = also meaning awesome but more often used


*Chav = a guy/girl who dresses in Burberry, they are assholes who wish they were a gang but are often just tiny weaklings who will jump you if you're alone.  (Never personally happened to me but has happened to friends one of them is blind in one eye from a group of them).  They don't all follow this stereotype but they are always assholes, often on drugs.


Cruisers = In Scotland, this is a group of guys who soup up Pinto style cars with neon and travel the town in a circuit showing off their piece of shit car.
{ editor's note (in USA):  LMAO }


Ta = means like thank you.


*Cunt = one of our most used swear words.  It means pussy by definition but we more use it to mean like asshole.


Fag = Isn't an insult in the Scotland it means a cigarette (yes odd I know but nobody means it in an insult unless they are not Scottish)


Pub = obvious one the local bars (short for Public House)


Dogging = some people will know this a lot won't. It's when you have sex in your car.  { editor's note:  had to Wikipedia that one just cuz – slang for sex in public – learn something all the time. }


*Bugger = I personally use it like shit.  But it actually means someone who has anal sex (gay guy ofc) 


See you next Tuesday = this is a double meaning when you say it, it comes out like C U Next Tuesday which is the way of saying Cunt without someone realizing it.  Often works sometimes doesn't.


Telly = TV


Prozzies = prostitutes. Ok don't get me wrong they aren't like super abundant in Scotland but theirs a game we play when we drive back from the cinema in the city and to get back from it you have to drive down by the harbor.  We bet how many we'll see its usual 2-3 tops often none.  (Yes it is a harsh game but to my sisters, my brothers, and me it's good for a laugh.


**Mate = mostly used as a way to talk to someone without using names (my usage at least.  "Hey mate" basically like "hey dude"


Mid-part = This isn't a Scottish term it's a word we made up for Mid-night party walks.  It's something they do in Scotland 10-20 of my m8s and I would get a load of booze each take a backpack full and as a massive group walk up a mountain (Theirs hundreds in Scotland one basically to every town)


Head Master or HM = This isn't some kind've porn thing a Head Master is the principal of a school or orphanage.


Ok that's all the terms you'll need to know that I can think of.




Now for some things about Scotland or you'll be a bit confused.


First off, Scotland is split into "Shires", at least that's what I understand.  The story is set in Aberdeen Shire; Aberdeen is the major city the surrounding area is called shire hence "Aberdeen shire."


Also when we need stuff like fake IDs, drugs, etc we go to either the triads (Asian gangs), the Russian mobs, or an American gang (which are few and far between).  The Triads are the central gang in Aberdeen and control the main streets and the underground markets.


From my life experience in Scotland Gay people aren't hated for religious reasons it's just because of gangs being different.  In Scotland, we don't come out because of physical violence.  More than often my group had to save a couple of Gay people from getting badly hurt mainly by chavs or even the cops themselves.  The cops in Scotland are often the chavs, just physically grown up but still have the mind of a drugged up, STD ridden, cunt. 


Parks at night are probably some of the most dangerous places in Scotland.  But there is a code of conduct.  If you're on the phone you'll usually be left alone.  However, you'll pass a shit loada druggies and Prozzies.


As teens in Scotland (these characters are based on friends of mine) we don't go to the movies, mall, and stuff like that.  Don't judge, but we got drunk off our asses in a large group and had parties in the skate park in our village (Village is used lightly, there were like 10 thousand people).  We were obviously very underage.  I know what the majority of people were thinking where were our parents?  Well the honest to god truth is we are exceptional liars.  The reason I tell you this is that it's how we lived.  Like my character "Joe" in this story. my family is very well off.  We were expected to act a certain way in public during the day, but at night, we all broke loose, and in the end I was nearly arrested over 30 times.  The only reason and none my friends and myself, (the friends in this story) weren't caught is because Scotland also has vast forests that surround a lot areas (awesome hiding areas.)


That's about all you'll need to know to follow this part of the story, except a few small things.  Some of you may notice my odd type of speech between characters.  To me, my friends, and even my teachers it's normal also we swear at each other A LOT.  It's not meant to be mean, it's just how we talk amongst friends.  It's just how Scottish people talk except now I'll be using the slang words so it won't seem too weird for me :) And remember this is Nick's point of view, the beginning is the day before.



Now on to the story!



"YOU SON OF A BITCH!"  I yelled at James, my ex-friend, who I'd just thrown through a plastic bathroom door.  However, I wasn't done there.  His beating was long overdo and well earned after what he'd just told me.


Normally I'd of let it slide.  With James, he's always been a cunt, but today he'd threatened me.  What he didn't know was that today was the wrong day to push me what with the situation I was having as it is with Henry. 


"Ugh!" James managed to grunt out after having been thrown through a plastic door! A DOOR!  I just realized I threw a guy through a door!  Funny enough with what James had said.  I'm not even surprised how angry I became.



2 minutes beforehand.


"You heard me!  You're gonna be my little bitch or the whole school including Henry will know about you're little secret!"  James said to me in a mocking tone.  That was the final straw; James had gone to far now.  Nobody takes advantage of Henry or me.  In this case, he was going to take away one of the two things I felt extremely protective of.  One of these was my friendship with Henry, and the other is my Virginity.


Fast forward 1 minute.  James flies through a plastic door and I begin to wail on him with everything I had.  Nobody was going to take my friendship with Henry or the virginity I'm also saving for him in the hopes that one day I'll have the guts to tell him how I really feel.


Another 30 seconds James is blacked out in a pool of his own blood in the floor of our closed schools bathrooms.  James had blackmailed me into helping him break in to the school and get a stash of heroin he'd put into a locker in the schools basement.  But it went bad when James tried to push Nick too far and turn him into his sex slave.


I had to get out and get ready for the worst.  So I rang up my only girl friend who's my rock.  She's the only person who knows the full extent of my feelings for Henry.  And tomorrow I am going to tell him how I really feel.  Gemma agreed to come along.  I was going to tell him earlier in the week but without Gemma's help I don't think I could.  In honesty, it was a fear thing if Henry didn't feel that way about me I don't think I could survive.


After talking with Gemma for an hour or so I decided it was time to meet up with Henry and go back to the orphanage to get some sleep for the party tomorrow night.  If all goes as I hope, tomorrow will be the best day of life.  But enough of that now.  I've gotta hide just for a bit longer from Henry.  All week I've slowly been taking his temperature on how he feels, I wake up, and hug him most of the time sneaking a smell of his amazing skin.


The night went on as usual me and Henry were at a Skyler's house.  Skyler's dad is absolutely loaded and gives Skyler anything he wants so his room is like every teenagers fantasy.  He has this big ass double king size bed that we all sit on and watch movies on his 60 inch flat screen.  But unlike most nights I snuggled up to Henry once again testing the water.  He didn't pull away at all, in fact he relaxed into me.


Shit!!! I am getting hard!  fuck!  His scent!  It just makes me dizzy with lust.  His soft skin, his beautiful eyes, and his dimpled cheeks all led to make it impossible to hide any longer.  "Tomorrow. no matter what, I'm to tell him!"  We finished the movie with him in my arms his head nestled into my shoulder.


"He's out like a light Sky!"  I said to Skyler.


"Heh ye!  you can bunk here if you want?"  Skyler asked me.


"Nah, we can't, sorry we've got plans for tomorrow.  We just have to wake him up and I'll give him a piggy back ride to our room."  I said.


"Ok" Skyler replied simply.


"Henry mate, wake up!"  I whispered into his ear a few times until he budged.  


"eh!"  He grunted at me.


"I know your tired, look, just get up enough to climb onto my back and ill carry you back ok?"  I asked trying to not sound absolutely overflowing with excitement.  Sure, he'd be heavy but I get to hold him!


"k" was all he said as he got up, I followed and he climbed onto my back.  Skyler walked us to the door and waved us off.  The walk wasn't to long.  But Henry had a stiffie that was lying on my back!  it was all I could do not to drop him and try and get a look at it.  But Henry was always super shy about stuff like that.  SO even though we'd shared a room for the past 2 years we never saw one another in the nude.


The walk was torture with his cock resting on my back.  Not poking, but just lightly touching me.  I picked up speed lest I lose control of myself and attack Henry in his semi-conscious state.  By the time we'd reached the orphanage, I was basically running.  After getting inside, I walked to our room and slowly laid Henry down on his bed wishing he would sleep in mine.  But that dream might not be too far away.


If he doesn't feel how I do I don't think I'll be able to live anymore!  In truth the only thing that's kept me alive these two long years has been Henry at my side.  Without him I'd of gone insane long ago from the lack of memory.  But like the amazing friend he is, the smallest memory of my family also had him exploding with excitement.


I feel asleep thinking of Henry like every night since I had first met him.  I slept like a log completely dead to the world.  It was one of the best nights of my life.  Dreams were scattered throughout dreams of my life with Henry.  Oddly enough, small memories were flickered in-between. Only god knew at that point, how much I was going to need those memories and that rest for the following days!



To Be Continued!


Well guys this is the beginning of the end for three of my characters!  I'm still wondering if anyone has found all the clues and knows who's going to die!  If not just wait a once we reach Joe's point of view of this situation all will be reveal!


I'd like to thank my editor Dave who do a fantastic job once again J so thanks


Emails are appreciated I'd love to know what everyone thinks of the story thus far  If you're wondering why this part was so short it's because it's 2/4 of a section of the story.  The first was Henry, the second is Nick, the third will be Chris, and the forth will be Joe.