In Darkness Love Will Save Us B2 Part 1



Hey guys this is the second book of my story. I know I ended the last part on a fairly sad ending. I hope you can forgive me it had to happen. I hope you enjoy the story don't worry every things not as it seems. Warning: I get slightly religious here. if you email me after and It is anything about religion I will delete it right off. I believe what I believe and that's the end of the story. Don't get me wrong nothing negative but I do believe in a higher power.


Where we left off:


"Lets go now!"  With Henry thrown over my shoulder I ran to the car.  Once out the door Gunn covered Nick with himself and rushed him to the passenger door of my Audi R8 Spyder.  I moved to the other side to get in when another shot rang out...


The world began turned into a blur I heard people yelling things like "Mr. COLLINS BEEN SHOT!" and "Get him into the car now!" that was it.  My time had come this was the end for me.  In my last moments I prayed for one thing.  Happiness for my family I would die again and again if I could ensure they would be happy, healthy, and well taken care of.


Lets begin! Lets see if you can figure out the narrator. A year later...


The last moments of my time in my body were those of a happy man. I always have known that people aren't afraid of death as much as afraid of losing chances. I lived a good life I helped who I could and prayed for those I couldn't. Life was great but things needed to happen before I could continue my life. Moments after I was shot I saw my life over and over again and was confirmed in my beliefs that I did right where I could and learned from what I did wrong. Which is all a human being can do.


When I "died" I wasn't sent to the pearly gates or cast down to hell. A sort of warmth came over me, I was dying but I wasn't feeling sad, I wasn't feeling angry, I felt... loved. Even as I died from hatred I felt love pour over me and shade me from the evil that Callum's bullet carried. But that's not what I came back for. Things have happened in my families life that I was sent to correct. You see I never died, not yet at least my body is a shell I am not in it, but nor am I dead. My family was falling apart at the edges without my guidance and love, don't get me wrong my mother, father, and sisters were all destrot at my sudden death but they are recovering. No my real family, the man I love and the brothers I couldn't live without.


I was told this would happen shortly after my conscious mind left my body. It was sort of a one way mirror effect I was in my body I could see around me, the room was pure white (how original of this hospital) the lights were dim, Chris was sitting beside my bed looking like hell, Mike and Josh were on the other side of me reading a book together, God nothing could break them up and that was just one of the reasons for this happening. My observations were stopped when the voice that had guided me returned.


"It is time my child, they need a sign. They love you with all there heart but there hope is fleeting they need a sign, and you're here to give them it."


I was given some control over my body again nothing huge just my fingers. I began tapping my finger on Josh and Mike's side as Chris had gone to get a drink.


Josh look up for a second than back at the book until realization hit him.


"MIKE LOOK AT HIS FINGERS!" Josh jumped up and yelled.


"HOLY SHIT, HE'S BACK!!!" they both sad in unison and ran into the hall.


"CHRIS, CHRIS!!! JOES WAKING UP!!" they yelled again.


Chris being the love of my life reacted how I'd expected and love him for. He ran back into the room and watched my small movement with tears in his eyes. The smallest sign gave him back hope and he wasn't going to let me go.


"Get the doctors guys quick!" Josh and Mike split up and searched for a doctor each.


The doctor came in and was also stunned. I would later found out the doctor had told them I would be paralyzed from the neck down if I ever woke up, which was also unlikely.


Through all of this I was waiting until my son, Cody that is would come. I love my brothers all the same but I felt most protective of him. I had watched Chris raise him for the past year. It was obvious Chris was unhappy but he loved that boy like nothing was wrong, and for that I was told that I was being returned as a reward/protector. Every night before Chris would fall asleep he would talk to a picture of me and tell me about the day and how much he missed me. I was told that Chris would never have looked for a new partner, even if I never awoke from my severe coma.


It had been some time since I had possessed a body so my sense we're very weak and I couldn't really control my body fully because of it. But that wouldn't last long Chris was being rewarded for his pure heart and soul. It was a test from the powers above of a form, a rather evil test in my mind if I had to put a word to it. They wanted to test him and his commitment. But the time for thought was over. My little man had arrived with his brothers, everyone was here. Time for the grand finale so to speak.


I was in full control of my body again I opened my eyes and look straight at Chris and smiled. That was all it took for his theory of this being a dream to be forgotten. He and everyone else broke down into tears around me. I reached my arm out and motioned Cody to get into my lap. He was hesitant I think he thought I was like glass now and the smallest touch could break me. So I picked him up and pulled him into a hug. The rest soon followed as the doctors stared on with amazement, I had defied all of there diagnosis's.


I tried to speak but realized I had couldn't quite speak just yet my throat was dry and I didn't have much strength I'd use it all to pick Cody up. He'd grown over the last year of my coma. Even though a year had passed life for everyone hadn't changed the slightest except for the families of the men who died... but they were redeemed Callum was killed a traffic accident well accident in his world but in reality it was retribution for his sins. An 18 wheeler hit him head on as he came around a bend in the country, His head lights lost power before he made the turn and the truck hit him full force in the dark of night.


It was interesting it was like time froze when I went into coma not for me but for the people around me. Mike and Josh never moved forward in there relationship they are still virgins, they also never started school in Baltimore because they couldn't function in the real world after my being shot, the slightest issue and they would break down they mostly sat by my bed and read together.


Chris forced Cody to go to school, he never looked at another man in a sexual way and never cheated on me in any form, he didn't go and blow money on drugs or alcohol he just stayed home and raised Cody, Mike, Josh, Nick, and Henry to his best. Because Nick, Henry, Josh, or mike wouldn't go to school in the U.S, Chris decided he would just keep the family in Scotland for the time being.


Nick and Henry never spoke of what happened in the orphanage again nor did they start school either they did schoolwork from home and came to the hospital whenever they could. Nick soon after being taken in regained his memories except the night of his disappearance, which was agreed as the best option. Henry buried his feelings for the time being until I could recover once I did he was going to speak to Nick again and find out


Aaron moved in with Kevin and the rest of my brothers, their relationship blossomed and they fell in love all over again, they helped Chris wherever they could raising the boys.


As one big family they were united and stayed strong for awhile at least, a few months ago they started splintering: Aaron wanted to move out, Kevin didn't, Josh and Mike become more isolated and strayed from the group more and more. Cody only trusted Chris and Josh and was fearful of everyone else, Nick became engrossed in his school work while Henry's sadness returned and slipped into a word of negativity lashing out at anyone and everyone. Chris was the final pillar left before the union would collapse he kept up hope for everyone else and won't let them give in to doubt.


For the rest of the day everyone sat around me and recharged it seemed. Originally they all looked tired and beaten to the brink, but as they talked about everything I'd missed they began to become the brothers I loved and missed. The entire time Chris held my hand and I his. During all this the doctors came in and explained that they were stumped as to how I was able to move my arms and legs, my spinal column had been shattered from the bullet Callum used. All of the damage had healed and unless you'd been there it would have seemed I never was shot.


They also told me I would need to stay a few days to run some final tests and let me get my energy back. The first words out of my mouth were to Chris a day later.


We were sitting alone in my room he was on my bed with my head laying on his chest, I felt good that day good enough to speak final.


"I love you Chris," were the first words I spoke after my coma.


I felt water dripping onto the back of my neck, I looked up to see him staring down at me with more love than I've ever seen in a person's eyes. Also more pain he had been drowning in sorrow the entire time I was in my coma, his will was broken he was a beaten man. Right than I decided he needed time just to himself for a long time, no stress at all.


Visiting hours had ended about 20 minutes ago and Chris had to go. After he left I hit the call button for the nurse that had been assigned to me. I wrote down everything I wanted done for Chris so that he could recover from the nightmare I had left him in. As I drifted off to sleep that night... I felt peace, I felt love, but most of all I felt sorrow for my family.


To be continued...


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