In Darkness Love Will Save Us II Part 2


Hey guys, I've gotten some emails that I've liked a lot. It's really nice what people have said, but someone asked to restate all of the characters ages and stuff a few parts ago. I genuinely meant to but forget, sorry for that, but I am adding a character reference page it has all of the current characters: looks, height, relationship with or to someone else, and their age.


This is a work of fiction some events are of my own history.  Any characters with similarities to people are purely coincidental.


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Well guys this part will finally have some action in it.  I know some people have been waiting for it, and, well it's time.  I won't say who it involves you'll have to read to find out.



Where we left off:


Visiting hours had ended about 20 minutes ago and Chris had to go.  After he left I hit the call button for the nurse that had been assigned to me.  I wrote down everything I wanted done for Chris so that he could recover from the nightmare I had left him in.  As I drifted off to sleep that night... I felt peace, I felt love, but most of all I felt sorrow for my family.


Lets begin! Joes is the narrator.


It had been a week since I had woken up, things moved pretty quickly after.  Nick, Henry, Josh, Mike, and Cody all were enrolled in middle school, while Kevin began the process to return to school finishing his final year in high school than going onto university. 

After I woke up everyone seemed to begin to live again, their old habits and laughter returned.  Mike and Josh started to further there relationship, although they weren't going to come out to their school, they weren't going to date anyone else they were 100% committed to each other and weren't going to date girls as a cover. They both became friends with all of Nick and Henry's friends and joined their group on the majority of their outings. 

Cody and Gunn's son Jamie became fast friends never leaving each others side, to the point of them now sharing a room considering Gunn lived with us.  As Josh promised nobody was allowed to pick on Cody or his new friend, Josh acted as a guardian in and out of school, it was quickly spread around school that Cody and Jamie were off limits. 

Henry and Nick returned to school and their old lives. But the new Henry and Nick were loaded but didn't tell anyone at school the extent, that was until a kid tried to pick on Cody and Josh wasn't around.  Nick was turning the corner of the hall to see a little Cody being pushed around by seniors.  Nick's first instinct was to beat them up seeing as they may have been older but were scrawny and overly cocky.  But he remembered that two of the kid's parents actually worked for me so he decided to threaten them.  At first that didn't work but Nick pulled out his phone and rung me, telling me the situation than hanging up.  Two minutes later both of the kids parents were calling them telling them how deep of shit they were in.  Cody and Nick walked off unharmed physically but now the word was out, Nick and Henry were rich beyond everyone's imagination. 

Henry was still soul crushingly in love with Nick, Nick was as well but seemed to have pushed it aside to take care of Me, Henry was and still is depressed, he talks to me and Chris about it almost every night. I've tried to feel around to see if Nick was gay or not but couldn't get an idea. I've tried to prepare Henry for Nick not being gay, but I don't have the heart to break his.  But I have notice one of their friends being heavily attracted to Henry; he seems to watch him non-stop.  I think Henry and Nick believe he's just a friend, but it's quite obvious he's in love with Henry.

Kevin and Aaron were having trouble, Kevin wasn't sure that Aaron was being completely faithful.  Which broke Kevin's heart even though he loved Aaron he wouldn't be used, slowly he pushed Aaron away trying to prepare for the chance he was right and Aaron was cheating.  Aaron was clueless to what was happening and thought everything was going great, he loved Kevin but was getting frustrated that they hadn't had sex yet.

Chris and My relationship blossomed since I woke back up. Chris gained back his joy and energy; we quickly started our sexual relationship again. Reminding me how much I love Chris, he is my angel. He was also completely clueless to my plan for the next month or new years day...     

After a ten-minute call with Gunn and my personal assistant my plans for Chris were taking off.  I wanted to do something to totally relax Chris so where better than to take him to my favorite place in the world. I was going to take everyone to Antigua, a relatively island in the Caribbean.  I spend whatever time I can there.  Between the people and sights it is heaven on earth, the hotel I visit on lunar bay is the most beautiful place in the world. Because the zip lining through the rain forest and the Jet Ski's it is by far my favorite place to go on vacation.

The plane has been loaded and prepared for the flight tomorrow I am taking everyone including my staff, I figured since Cody and Gunn's son Jamie had become best friends it would be great to bring him along. Also after the risk they all took on helping me get Nick back I figured it would be only far to treat them all, just like family.

Seeing as Chris judged we might as well stay in Scotland after my being hospitalized we were leaving out of Aberdeen airport in northeastern UK. The airport was pretty small in most standards there runway wasn't equipped to allow me Concorde to take off so we had to fly down to Edinburgh airport and use there's. But with all of the snow the plans were looking grim, I wanted to be in Antigua for new years but we weren't sure if the airport would be open.  It seems like after this happening almost every year since the bloody thing opened they'd have some sort of backup plan here, but no apparently not.

But I wasn't as sad for myself as everyone else in the airport, my plane would take off no matter what but all of the commercial airlines were being pushed to the bottom of the list or all together cancelled, which happened to my sisters flight coming from Edinburgh to Aberdeen to spend Christmas with my parents.

But I couldn't do anything for them so I tried to not think of the issue, it was selfish but it was useless worrying over what I don't have control over.  Our flight was planned and had to leave on, it or it'd ruin our week their.

To be continued...

For anyone out there wondering if the snowstorms in the UK were as bad as the news and radio said they were, they weren't. Once again can't trust the fuckin media. I flew from Dubai to London but was redirected mid-air to Glasgow airport where we sat for 3 hours because London airport had been closed even though it hadn't snowed in a day! To prove it wasn't that bad once the airline let us off I got into a private car and drove from Glasgow to Aberdeen, and than to my house, without issue. But I figured if I said it wasn't that bad in the story I'd get people complaining about how awful it really was. Although a lot of people did get stuck in airports that was bad but only because of stupidity on the airports side, and it was really bad in New York during new years.

Thanks for reading, I know this bit it short it's meant to be only some more information on the situation the story will properly begin next part, and boy will a lot happen J

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Oh and Antigua is one of the most beautiful places in the world, although I have a feeling I got the name of the Bay wrong, I can never remember it when I need to -.- so forgive me if it is wrong.