This contains fictional sexual content involving persons under the age of thirteen.  Reading or possessing this material may not be legal where you reside. 

I love garages, partly because girls hate them.  And mostly girls are just gross.  Garages are a man's space with cars and parts of cars, tools, and lots of dangerous chemicals and other stuff, too.  You can do stuff in garages your mom won't let you do in the house.  My parents' garage even has a drain in the middle, and I love being bad peeing in it.  My mom doesn't know I do that, but it's so much more convenient than going indoors and much more fun, too.  You should try it if you have one.  A drain, that is.

I have a magazine with naked men and women doing all kinds of sex things that I found in the park. It was all swollen and wrinkled by the rain, and even now that it's dried out it's still kinda ruffled and faded in spots.  I keep it hidden under a shelf in the garage.  Sometimes I get out the step stool to sit on and take off my pants but leave my shirt and shoes on while I'm 'reading' my magazine.  I don't really like looking at the girl's bodies because they are all weird shaped and nasty. And, like I said, girls are gross.  I'm not gay or anything.  They just look like whores.  The men all have really giant ding dongs which are really weird, too, but in an interesting way.  Most of them have hair around their wieners, but some don't.  I don't.

I would usually play with my wiener until the sperms shoot out the end.  I just started making them this year on account of me being twelve and all.  I thought it would take another year, but my friend says he can do it already and he's only almost eleven.  So I guess it depends on the person.  It's really cool but it can be really messy, too.  I sometimes shoot them right there on the floor under where my mom parks her car.  She never notices because it's just a little bit anyhow, and it dries up before she gets home.  Besides, the cement already has so many other stains from my dad working on stuff so she'd never know.  Garages are neat like that.

I was in the garage working on my bicycle yesterday.  I had it turned over onto the seat and handlebars.  I tightened the chain and was oiling it, slowly cranking the pedal to let the oil soak in.  Sometimes, the garage door was closed and I would work on my bike naked.  Or other stuff.

But this time the door was open, which was ok because  I wasn't doing anything private except that I wasn't wearing any underwears.  That's really private, I guess, but I'm not counting that.  I just had shorts and socks and shoes on.  Sometimes it feels really sexy to wear just my shorts and no underwears.  I looked for a long time in the mirror once and sometimes you could tell I'm not wearing any, like if I get an erection.  That means a boner.  But if I didn't have one, an erection, you can't really tell unless somehow you looked up the leg of my shorts.  Then you might just see something you're not supposed to.

Anyways, I was working there on my bike and sitting on the step stool like I always do when I'm oiling my chain.  My neighbor Jimmy came over to see what I was doing.  Sometimes he bugs me because he's only seven.  Little kids can be so annoying.  But he's a cute kid, all blond haired and blue eyed and everything.  I wish I had blond hair like that.

But like me, he usually doesn't wear a shirt on when he's outside, but he does it more than me.  Plus, he rarely wears any shoes or socks. But I almost always do because one time I stepped on a piece of glass and blood flowed out of me like in one of those scary movies.  It was horrible.  It didn't really hurt that I remember, but all that blood made me pass out until the neighbor saw me and helped me. 
Don't laugh, because I'm not a sissy.  You probably would've passed out, too, because it was a lot of freaking blood.  But whatever, that's not what I wanted to tell you about.

Like I was saying, Jimmy kept bugging me by asking me what I was doing and that kind of thing.  It's not like he hasn't seen me doing this like a hundred times or maybe even more.  Maybe he's retarded, but he doesn't seem like it. Maybe he just doesn't remember stuff too well.  I don't remember what I couldn't remember when I was seven, so that's probably it.  That was forever ago.

He kept pinching his wiener the whole time through his shorts.  I couldn't really see his thing, but it was probably small like most seven years olds I guess.  I asked him if he had to pee, and he said he did on account of all the juice he just drank at home.  That gave me an idea, and I closed the garage door.

He asked why I closed the garage and I told him so he could try something fun.  He looked up at me like he was excited, but he kept squeezing on his penis.  I pointed at the drain and told him he could just pee in there.  The drain is like maybe four or five inches acrossed, I'm not sure, but it's not that hard a target to hit.  He looked at me like I was crazy at first, but when I told him I was serious, he kinda grinned at me.  He knew that would be fun.

Jimmy said he would do it, but only if I did it first.  I thought about that, but then realized I didn't have to go.  Besides, my weenie was starting to get a little hard for some reason, probably because I was curious to see what his looked like. That's just normal, so don't think I'm gay or anything.  He said he didn't know, maybe he would just run home real quick.  I told him that if he went home, I would just close the garage door again and he'd have to find someone else to play with.

Eventually, he said ok, he would do it.  My penis was all the way hard at that point, but Jimmy didn't notice because he wasn't looking there, he was looking at the drain.  After asking if I was sure again, I told him not to be a baby.  So he shrugged his shoulders and pulled his shorts and his underwears down all the way to his ankles.  Little kids sometimes do that when they need to pee on account of not wanting to get pee on their pants I think. I don't remember if I did that when I was seven, but probably.

His little pee pee was very small, maybe only like an inch long or something but, like I said, I'm not really good at guessing things like that.  But it was like half as big as mine, at least when it isn't hard.  I noticed I was squeezing mine then, too, like I had to pee, but I couldn't really tell then if I needed to or not. 

I could see his undies were like some sort of cartoon type like little kids wear. But since they were inside out I couldn't tell what kind of cartoon it was.  I wished I could still wear those kinds of underpants, but my mom wouldn't let me.  I got stupid white ones which was part of the reason I wasn't wearing them then.  But only part of the reason.

One thing I noticed about his weenie was that it had skin coming up over the end.  It wasn't gross, I'm just saying that I noticed it.  I thought about mine and wondered if mine was like that when I was his age.  Probably he just needed extra skin to grow into or something, but it looked really neat the more I thought about it.

He pointed his weenie at the drain like he was aiming really hard, but nothing was coming out.  I told him just to do it but he told me he needed to get closer and then bent his legs so he had less distance.  Not like it really made a difference, he was already pretty close to the floor anyways.  I saw the muscles in his thighs kinda popping out as he did that, which was funny because they were like invisible until then.  I don't mean his legs were invisible, just that you couldn't see any muscles sticking out.

Just then, I saw the pee coming out the end of his penis and it sort of splattered around the edge of the drain, but he changed his angle and then it was hitting the grate on the drain.  Some still splashed out, but I knew it would dry. It did that when I peed in there, too, so I knew that.  What was strange is that he didn't pull all that extra skin back before he peed.  It just sort of came out, not in a spray like you'd expect, but in a stream like mine.  I don't know how that happened, but it did.

Jimmy was giggling as he peed.  And boy, that little kid could pee.  His whole body must have been full of juice.  He told me to do it, too, and I figured I would at least try.  I think he just wanted to see my wiener and I kinda wanted to show him but a big one looked like.

I scooted closer to him and he stared at my shorts. I think he could see my boner sticking up in there, well I hoped he could.  I pulled my shorts down and my wiener was sticking up there almost up against my tummy.  When it's really hard it does that and you can see my ball sack and everything on account of my penis not being in the way. Jimmy laughed and I did, too.

I told him that's what a big kid's pee pee looked like.  He told me I had a hard on, but it's not like I didn't know.  I think he was showing off because he didn't seem like he was scared or anything.  I thought he might be but I was really glad he wasn't.

I tried to pee, but I couldn't on account of my weenie being all hard.  You can't pee like that, at least I don't think you can.  I tried it a couple times and it didn't work.  I told him that and he nodded, so he must've known that, too, but I don't really know how.  So I stepped out of my shorts and sat down on the stool, but he said he didn't have anywhere to sit.  He started to pull up his cartoon underwears and I told him he shouldn't do that, he should just take them off and enjoy walking around naked.  He didn't come over with socks or shoes or a shirt, so that meant he would be all the way naked.  He smiled a naughty smile and asked if I would tell his mom. I said not if he didn't tell her about me and my big pee pee.  He said ok to that.

Jimmy slid his underpants back down and kicked them and his shorts off.  It was funny because they kinda flew in the air.  Ok, maybe you had to be there, but trust me-- it was funny.  Now that he was all the way naked, his weenie just like instantly stood up.  It didn't take really any time at all, but I figured that's because it was so small and all.  Once it was hard, it didn't grow at all like mine did, it just got harder and just pointed upward like mine and that skin was still sticking up over the top of his penis.  I told him he could sit on my lap like I was his big brother or something, but he said he didn't have a brother.  I told him ok, then, just pretend I'm your dad, but he said his dad didn't have him sit on his lap naked.  I said then don't pretend anything, just sit on my lap.  That made him smile and he moved over toward me, turned around, and plopped right down on my lap.

When he did, I was kinda afraid he might bend my penis.  I've tried to do that, and that doesn't feel good at all, but my penis didn't get bent.  It just sorta moved up between his butt cheeks and that didn't hurt. Not at all.  It actually felt really pretty good.

I looked down over his shoulder because he's a lot smaller than me and I could see right down into his lap where his pee pee was still hard.  I reached my arms around his waist and with my one hand I started to pinch on that skin at the top of his weenie.  No, I'm not gay, I was just feeling it to see if I could pull it back and.  I could.  It was a lot of extra skin so I figured he would probably grow a really large penis like those guys in that magazine when he got bigger which made me kinda jealous because  I don't have much more room to grow on account of my skin being mostly used up already.  But at least neither of us had that weird hair down there.  Anyways, the top part of his penis, that knobby part, looked kinda bluish.  It was really weird.  Mine isn't blue!

He giggled at first when I touched his thing, but then he stopped and breathed in real deep.  I asked him if that hurt but he said it actually felt really good and that I should keep doing it.  I did because he asked me to plus I knew that felt good when I did it.

Sitting so close to me, he kinda stank.  Not really bad, but I think I could smell his butt.  Sometimes I can smell my own if I'm naked and I put my face between my legs down there.  It's not like smelling poop, just a butt smell so I didn't get mad at him for smelling like that.  He couldn't help it.  He's only seven, after all.

When I let go of his little wiener, that skin just flopped right back in place.  That was really cool but now I was sorta mad I'd already grown into mine and didn't even remember ever having it!  He asked me if I liked his for skin, which I guess means skin for growing.  I'd never heard that before because my parents don't talk about that kind of stuff on account of us being Christians and all.  I told him it was cool, but I'd already grown into mine.  He just nodded.

Jimmy told me he felt my willy in his butt, but I told him it's really called a wiener or weenie or he could also say pee pee since he was little.  I had to teach him that because obviously his friends hadn't told him.  He nodded and told me he still felt my wiener between his butt cheeks.  I told him it felt really good and he turned his head toward me and just smiled. 

I started rubbing my penis between his cheeks but after a minute it didn't feel so great, but I had a good idea.  I told him to get off my lap and get on his hands and knees.   I picked up the oil can I had been using to work on my bike and put four drops of oil at the top of his crack. He giggled and shivered when I did that, but it wasn't cold.  He's a weird little kid.  I got down on my knees behind him and stuck my weenie between his butt cheeks and rocked up and down.  That felt so much better.

When he asked what I was doing, I told him I was just trying something.  He just said ok and I kept doing it.  I kept doing it until I started to get the feeling inside me.  I knew what was coming since I felt it before.  I looked down at his butt cheeks and pushed them together from the sides. It was really cool watching my wiener pop out the top and then disappear.  When I felt I couldn't go any more I just pushed hard and then my sperms shot out and up onto his back just above his butt.

Right after I did that, he stood up and turned around.  He looked a little mad at me.  He asked what I did and I felt kinda guilty.  He was wiping at his lower back with his hand as I sat back on the stool.  He pulled his hand up in front of him and made a gross face because he saw my sperms.  I just told him it was oil and he picked up my shorts and wiped his butt and back with them, getting oil and my sperms all over them.  That made me kinda angry, but he was just a little kid so he probably didn't know any better.  Plus I had put both of them on him without asking him first so I didn't think I should complain too much.  Even though I was older which makes me the boss of him.

But I was feeling guilty, so I thought maybe I should try to give him the feeling, too.  I didn't know if he could do that on account of him being only seven and everything, but I figured I should at least try to. It's only fair.  But his pee pee was soft now, so I really didn't know if I could do it.

I reached out and took his pee pee in my hand.  It felt like a soggy noodle.  Well, it was a lot bigger than a noodle, but it did sorta feel like one.  He pulled back a little, but I told him I wasn't going to put any more oil on him unless he wanted me to.  You never know.  I was just trying to be polite.  I tried pulling his skin back out of my way, but now that it was all soft I couldn't seem to do it.

Now, like I said, I'm not gay, but I decided since I owed him the feeling, I leaned forward all the way and sucked up his soft pee pee into my mouth, pulling him forward by his butt to keep him from backing up, which it felt like he was trying to do.  At least at first.  After a second or two, I felt his weenie get hard in my mouth and he actually pushed forward, pushing it into my mouth even more.  I'm glad he hadn't grown into his skin like me or it might have gone in my throat!

Since he was hard now, I pulled it out of my mouth.  With my thumbs, I pushed all that skin back and the blue tip of his weeny was right in my face.  I could see his heartbeat in his penis.  I popped it back in my mouth and began to lick it all over, running my tongue around the top, sides, and bottom.  I felt his tummy pressing against my nose and I wondered what he was doing.  I felt something warm squirt into my mouth, and now I was really jealous because he could make sperms and he was only seven years old.  And it was more than I made.

He laughed and told me he peed in my mouth and then I realized it wasn't sperms but pee!  I spit it out toward the drain and stood up.  I put my dirty shorts on and  opened the garage door.  He was all the way naked with the door all the way open!  I pushed him out through the door and he was trying to hold on to me but I was stronger.  He was standing there in the driveway and I shut the door.  As it closed he was crying.    I felt guilty when I saw his nice underwears and his shorts inside the garage with me and he was out there without any clothes on.  I opened the garage door again, but he was gone.

Now I'm worried his mom will get mad and he'll tell her what we did in the garage.  And I'm kinda sad because I wish we could do that again.