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Invasion of the Room Snatcher


Nathan had never wanted to share his room and had never expected to either. By the time he had been born, both his brother and sister, twins, were entering the last year of high school. He didn't remember exactly when he had figured out he was an accident, but it never really bothered him. When he had asked his mother about it once, she had described him as unplanned but welcomed.

Overall, he had liked it. He received his parents' full attention and although he didn't really know his siblings that well, they sent him money on his birthday. Given how some of his friends got along with their siblings, he figured he had dodged a bullet there. Then the fateful day had come.

His father's cousin which made him some sort of Uncle to Nathan although he had never quite figured out how, was arrested. The details were lost on Nathan, but it somehow involved a chop shop with a half-dozen other charges that got him five years in prison. His wife, who he had married four years ago, died a year ago leaving him with two kids who were now fatherless.

This had been explained to Nathan several times and he still wasn't sure why his parents had to take them in. He could barely accept that his father's cousin was family let alone some kids that had come with his wife. His objections had been overruled and from his point of view, the situation had gone downhill.

Having two new kids in the house would've been bad enough, but the girl was 13, a year older than him. The other was a boy of nine. If they had both been given the guestroom, he probably would've been able to handle it better, but the boy was moving in with him. To his parents' credit, they had tried to make the situation easier on him by giving him a bunk bed, which was something he had asked for when he was younger. Nathan had pretended he didn't remember asking for it.

The fateful day when his two relatives of some sort moved in happened all too fast for Nathan. At first, he had a sort of insane notion to drive the intruders out, but that had proven difficult. The girl, Michelle, took an immediate liking to his mother. Apparently, his older sister had spent most of her life being a tomboy and his mother had a bunch of pent-up female bonding feelings. As for the younger boy, Ben, he was just there.

After three weeks Nathan had finally resigned himself to their presence and it wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for Ben. The boy had taken to spending as much time in Nathan's shadow as he could. It wasn't so bad when he was watching TV or playing video games, but it was annoying when he wanted to tag along with Nathan and his friends.

That had come to a head one day. Nathan's friends were waiting for him at the end of the driveway. Ben had been in the garage with Nathan's father, who was showing him how to change the oil on the lawnmower. Nathan had left the house through the side door in the garage and unnoticed by him had attracted Ben to him like an iron filing to a magnet. Nathan had reached the bottom of the driveway when he noticed both of his friends were grinning at each other. He frowned as he stared at them for a second not comprehending and then spun around to see Ben standing a step behind him.

Weeks of pent-up annoyance came to a boil in Nathan. He shouted, "Get lost you little bastard!"

For a second he felt a rush of relief, but it was immediately squashed as Ben's face twisted and he burst into tears before running back to the house. He was still staring after the boy when he heard his father shout, "Nathan, come here now!"

Nathan shrunk away from the raised voice of his father. His father rarely raised it, but whenever he did, it meant trouble. Nathan's friends scurried away faster than a cruise captain from his sinking ship. He very much wanted to do the same thing as he started to slouch his way back up the driveway, which now seemed a mile-long.

His father was leaning against the tractor with his arms crossed. "What did you say to Ben?"

"I told him something like, I didn't want him following me."As nervous as Nathan was, he still knew to put the qualifier in there.

"You said and I heard you all the way from here, get lost you little bastard."

Nathan looked down at the floor. "Yeah."

"Why did you yell at him?"

"He's always following me around. It's annoying."

"I noticed, but when you ask him to leave you alone, he does."

Nathan had to admit that was sort of right. When he told Ben he wanted to be alone or not to follow him, the boy did listen for a little. Still, it wasn't fair. "Why does he like following me around anyways?"

"Because, he likes you. Ben talks about you a lot."

That surprised Nathan. Aside from playing video games and watching TV together, they didn't really do much. They talked a little, but he didn't see anything special in that. "I didn't ask for him to come here, you know?"

"We don't always get what we want." Nathan's father moved to check on the oil. "I'm sure Ben didn't want his father to leave. I'm sure Ben didn't want his mother to die of cancer. I'm sure he didn't want his stepfather going to prison."

Nathan flinched internally. He had been told all of that, but it had never been laid out. "I don't mind him all the time, I just don't want him tagging along with my friends."

Nathan's father grunted as he opened a new oil bottle. "So, what do you think you should do?"

He really tried not to let out a sigh. This was his parent's favorite trek. Pretend to give him an option, like they really would let him walk away without apologizing. "I'll apologize."

"If you think that's the right thing to do."


Ben was in Nathan's room, a blue bin next to him filled with Legos. The boy was concentrating intently on something and didn't even register Nathan when he entered the room. He stood over the boy for the moment, watching his small-brown hands place block after block.

"Ben, I'm sorry for shouting at you." The boy made no response and Nathan dropped to one knee, he was about to try a different apology when he noticed the tears still going down his cheeks. Nathan pushed on. "I didn't mean to call you a bad name. Do you forgive me?" There was still no response and Nathan sat on his butt with his legs crossed. He watched Ben build for a few seconds. "That's going to fall apart."

This stopped Ben's hands and Nathan jumped at the opportunity, leaning forward and pointing. "You see this line here? When you are building something you don't want to have a line like that. You have to try to alternate the blocks. Can I show you?"

The pyramid was handed to Nathan and he quickly deconstructed part of it explaining how to avoid that situation. He wasn't sure if Ben understood what he was saying or even if he was making any sense, but when he handed it back, Ben seemed to understand.

They sat in silence for a few minutes watching as another level was added to the pyramid. Then Ben spoke. "Why?"

"Why, what?"

"Why can't I play with your friends?"

"Like sex?" Ben questioned.

"Exactly," Nathan said. He wasn't surprised that Ben had heard about sex, he had always sort of known about it, but the details were fuzzy.

"I know all about it," Ben said looking over at him. "A guy's cock gets hard and then he sticks it in a girl's wet pussy."

"Who told you that?"

Ben shrugged. "Robert mostly."

"Who's Robert?" Nathan asked.

"He lived across the street. He was 15 and let me hang out with him."

"What else did he tell you?" Nathan asked.

Ben shrugged. "Stuff."

Nathan tried several more times to get more information out of the younger boy, but got nowhere. Eventually the conversation moved on, drifting from topic to topic. It was the first real conversation the two of them had shared. They also managed to build a pretty impressive pyramid that came up to Ben's waist. It based was a little wider then Ben and he wanted to see if he could sit under it. When he tried to lift it up, the pyramid dissolved into hundreds of little pieces.

The next day was Sunday. Nathan's father had to work and his mother was driving Michelle to a drama club activity. They were building sets and she had agreed to oversee it. This left Nathan and Ben home alone for the first time.

Sunday morning, Nathan had no desire to do much of anything. He rolled out of bed only to slide onto the couch, not bothering to change out of his pajama bottoms or put on a shirt. Twenty minutes after his mom left, he was fairly engrossed by the show on TV and had rebuffed Ben several times when he had asked to play. Eventually, the boy just sat on the couch and watched with him.

Nathan's eyes were glued to the TV. When a hand landed on Nathan's crotch and fished out his dick, his brain seemed to have a delayed reaction. It was only when Ben's lips wrapped around his member that he reacted.

Jerking upright Nathan knocked Ben off the couch and shouted, "What the hell!?"

Ben looked up from the floor. "I want to give you a blow job."


Ben shrugged. "It would put you in a better mood."

Nathan's mind seized up for a minute. "What?"

"Robert. It always worked with him."

"You sucked off Robert? Didn't you tell me he was like 15?"

Ben nodded.

"Did he give you a blow job in return?"

Ben shook his head smiling and said in a condescending tone. "It doesn't feel good until your 12. He said he would do it then."

"That's crap. I've been jerking off since well, I was younger than you." Nathan really didn't know when he learned that touching his penis felt good. He used to have a friend he messed around with, but he had moved away when he was 10.

Ben frowned. "Guess Robert didn't know that."

`Yeah right,' Nathan thought to himself, then said out loud, "No, age doesn't matter."

"But I thought when you shoot your load is what makes you feel good?"

Nathan thought back to their talk yesterday and realized the subjects they hadn't touched on. He didn't know much about girls, but when it came to masturbating, he was an expert. As he talked, though, he wondered what a blow job would feel like. When he messed around with his friend, it had only been touching.

Ben listened intently, but didn't stop to ask any questions until the very end. "So does an `or-ga-sm' feel different when you do it yourself instead of with someone?"

"I don't think so. I've never done it like that before," Nathan said.

Ben perked up. "You want to try?"

Nathan hesitated for a second. "Sure, but you have to let me give you one too. That way you can masturbate later and see which one you think is better." That sounded fair enough to him.

Swinging his legs over the side of the couch Nathan stood and dropped his pants. Stepping out of them, completely naked, he took a seat on the edge of the couch. Ben crawled between his legs.

The first thing Ben did was run a single finger through Nathan's sparse pubic hair before running it down the side of his sack. Ben's finger moved to the back of Nathan's sack making small circles brushed against the smooth bottom. His touch was light, but he clearly knew what he was doing.

All of this attention to Nathan's genitals had the inevitable effect on the older boy. His hands were resting on his knees and with every passing second, his fingers dug into his skin as he tried not to finish the job prematurely.

Ben stuck out his tongue and leaned forward and slowly licked from the base of Nathan's shaft to the top. He went back and did it again, raising up on his knees and settling back down on his heels. His left hand continued to play with Nathan's balls while his right came to rest on his thigh.

After several licks Ben continued up and swirled his tongue around the top of the shaft before going down, taking it in his mouth. Nathan could feel his shaft surrounded by warmth as Ben took half of it in his mouth before pulling back and going down again. Ben's tongue slid up and down his shaft pushing it against the pallet of his mouth. Nathan could feel Ben's teeth covered by lips as a tighter ring around his shaft.

To Nathan, this went on for a minute or an hour, he couldn't tell. Then he felt something deep down in his balls and tried to say that he was about to cum, but speech seemed to be beyond him as he squirted his first load.

Ben pulled back, but not off. His tongue swirled around the tip of his dick lapping up everything that came out. He slipped his tongue through Nathan's little pee slit before looking up and smiling. Ben had a little cum on his lips, but before Nathan could say anything, Ben's tongue shot out, licking it up and smacking his lips.

"You like?"

It took Nathan a second to catch his breath and nodded. Then without warning, he pushed Ben over onto his back. Lifting Ben's shirt Nathan pulled his pajama bottoms down. Ben's stuff looked like a miniature version of Nathan's only without hair. Before he could lose his nerve, he leaned down and licked the boy's balls.

Nathan didn't taste anything, it was like licking his hand, but there was a smell. It was faint and not unpleasant, it was just sort of there. Maybe it was a sweaty smell. Ben hadn't taken a shower since Thursday night.

Nathan's second lick was on the soft penis. Only an inch or so long, his trip from shaft tip was short. He lapped at it almost like a dog would drink water. Ben giggled at this and squirmed a little. Ben's little dick became hard and Nathan tried to suck on it like Ben had, but had less success. After a few minutes Ben started to squirm and then stopped. The erection became soft in Nathan's mouth and he looked up.

Ben's cheeks were flushed and he had a little smile on his face. "That was nice." He said quietly.

Over the next month, Ben and Nathan's relationship changed. They got along better and seemed to strike some sort of equilibrium. Ben still stayed in Nathan's shadow as much as he could, but also let him be and develop his own interests. Nathan didn't mind Ben hanging around him so much anymore and even allowed him to tag along to his airsoft games. Ben was a terrible shot, but he also made a small target.

When Ben first visited his father in prison, it was Nathan he turned to for comfort. It was awkward at first, but Nathan tried. He even sort of liked when Ben would cuddle up with him when everybody was watching a movie. The first time Ben kissed him on the cheek, he was embarrassed and it didn't help that it was done in front of his parents.

Nathan convinced Ben to join the soccer team and when the season started, they often had games on the same day. They both liked playing, but Nathan admitted to himself that he loved peeling Ben out of his uniform and giving him a blow job. That also became a nightly thing. Blow job before bedtime and whenever else they thought they could get away with it.

That became a part of the problem. Nathan slowly began to realize he liked giving blow jobs. That would've been fine, but when he jerked off in the morning, he found himself thinking of Ben. Not just thinking about how he did in his last soccer game, but thinking about kissing and not like the way Ben liked to kiss him on the cheek. He even thought about putting his hard dick in Ben's butt and even imagined licking it. Worst of all, he wasn't disgusted by it.

Eventually one night Nathan tried to put an end to it. He was sitting on the lower bunk waiting for Ben to finish his shower. His parents had never really believed in bed times. Instead they allowed them to work it out for themselves. They pretty much all went to bed around the same time.

Ben came into the room smiling broadly, his short cropped hair still a little wet. Nathan brought his knees together before the boy came too close. "Ben, I don't think we should do this anymore."

Ben stopped in the middle of the room. "What?"

"I don't think we should give each other blow jobs. It's just not a good idea."

"You don't like me giving one to you?" Ben spoke slowly confused.

Nathan thought of lying and just going with that, but then he thought that Ben might just want to try to do better. "No, it's not that. It's just, I think it's making me want to do other things to you and I don't think you would want me to do them. I think it's just easier if we stop."

"Like what?"

Nathan wished he could reach back in time and slap himself before he said it like that. "Like, I think about kissing you sometimes."

Ben brightened. "I wouldn't mind that."

"Not like you kiss me or your sister. Like they do it on TV and stuff, mouth-to-mouth."

Ben thought for a second before shrugging. "We could try that. They seem to like it."

"Well, there are other things, dirty nasty things. If I told you what they were, you'd think I was gross." Ben looked like he was about to cry and Nathan hastily added. "We'll still be friends. We will practice soccer and you're getting pretty good at airsoft. People want you on their team now."

"Do you want to put it up my butt?" Ben asked looking down and covering his butt.

Nathan hesitated; he didn't want to admit that. "Why do you say that?"

Ben shrugged. "Robert did it."

A flare of irrational anger flashed through Nathan. He tamped it down. "Yeah, stuff like that."

"You can do it." Ben said.

"No!" Nathan stood so fast that he nearly hit his head on the upper bunk. "I don't want to be like Robert. He was never your friend Ben. He used you. He lied to you. I don't want to be like him."

"You're not!" Ben proclaimed loud enough that it had to be heard outside of his door. "You're not like Robert. You're different. You're nicer. You even taste different."

Before Nathan could respond to that there was a knock at the door and his mother's voice. "Are you two okay?"

"Yes, were going to bed now." Nathan started to turn and do just that when he felt arms wrapped around his back.

"Don't leave." Ben's voice was barely audible.

Nathan stopped and slowly turned around. "I'm not leaving. I'm just going to bed."

"No, if we stop you leave. Everybody leaves me. My dad left me. My mom left me. My second dad left me. People only stick around if I do stuff like that for them. I can leave them, but they won't leave me. Not as long as I keep doing it. I don't care if it hurts just don't go."

Nathan had no clue how to answer that. After a moment he just turned around and picked Ben up and they lay on the lower bunk together. Ben gripped him tightly and sobbed. He tried to stroke Ben's back, but it didn't seem to help any. Nathan thought about what Ben had said last and wondered if bringing up his sister as someone who had not left him would be a good idea or not. After a moment he dismissed it. They did seem to get along well enough, but they weren't close.


"Yes." Ben spoke into Nathan's chest."

"We can still do it, but I don't want you to ever do anything you don't want to with me. Do you understand? If you don't want to do something and even if you think I would like it, don't do it. All right?"

Ben looked up at Nathan, his eyes red and nodded. "All right." Then without another word he scooted upwards and pressed his lips against Nathan's.


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