Jeff and Victor

 A story by

Seymour Dixx


Jeff is 15, tall (6’1”) and lean (145 lbs), with short brown hair, grey eyes, a slightly large, rounded nose, an 8” uncut penis of fairly substantial girth, and he is well into puberty.

Victor is 14, short (5’6”), solid (130 lbs), with longer black hair, brown eyes, slightly dark skin, and an average sized, uncut penis. He is only a few months into puberty.


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       I’d noticed Victor the first day of my sophomore year. He was in my French class, and his beautiful brown eyes and warm smile struck me. I was also drawn to his head of thick, black hair. He had a very nice demeanor, and if you ask me, was quite cute. I was also fairly certain that he was gay as well. After a few weeks, we started to get to know each other, and we often worked on our French lessons together. On this particular day in early spring, we came over to my house to do homework. After about half an hour, we started to get bored and Victor decided to start wrestling with me.


Now, I wasn’t really trying too hard to challenge him, and was actually letting him get the best of me. Of course, wrestling with this cute guy gave me a boner, and I could feel that he was hard as well. Finally, he pinned me, and we were face-to-face. He then put his lips on mine and kissed me. After he did this, he looked a little surprised, and said “umm… I’m sorry…”, and started to separate from me, obviously thinking that he’d gone too far.


Instinctually, I grabbed ahold of him and pulled him back. I looked into his deep brown eyes, then I planted my lips firmly on his lips, closed my eyes and squeezed his warm, solid body close against mine. I could hear him moan a little as I continued the most passionate kiss I could muster. After a couple of minutes, we pulled our lips apart, and Victor said to me, “Wow, that was hot. Umm…sorry about the way I did that, it’s just……umm….I kinda thought you’d like it.”


I look him straight into his beautiful brown eyes and say “Vic, I’ve been hoping you’d make a move for weeks. You don’t know how glad I am you did. I’ve been lusting after you since the first day we met.”


Vic responds-“Gee, I never knew. You’ve been lusting after me?? Gee, I’m flattered, especially coming from somebody as hot as you are. I……I wasn’t sure if you’d be interested. Y…You know, I’ve….umm…..jerked off thinking about you….”


“Me? Hot??”, I ask, “I never thought anybody would think of me as being hot. I mean, I’ve got kinda mousy hair and a nose that’s too big. You, on the other hand, have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen! And your smile….gee…I love your smile.”


“Jeff,” Vic answers, “maybe you aren’t a supermodel, but I just love your personality, and I really like tall, skinny guys. I even think your nose is cute”.


“well, Vic, umm…..maybe you’d like to…ummm…fool around a bit together?” I ask him. He smiles, looks down, then looks up and says “Well, Jeff, I haven’t showered yet today, so I may be a bit….ahhh…ripe.”


“Hey, that’s no problem-we can go soak in the Jacuzzi first, that way you can wash the stink off of your body.” Vic smiles and says “Well….that sounds nice, but I didn’t bring any swimsuit with me.”


I’m not shy, being Dutch and all, so I was a bit surprised by this. Still, I guess there are some people who actually wear a swimsuit in a Jacuzzi, so I tell him “Vic, we don’t wear any clothing here in our Jacuzzi.”


Vic’s eyes light up. “Hey, that sounds super. Soo….where you wanna get naked?”  I remove my belt and start unbuttoning my shirt. “Right here”, I say.


I’ve already removed my polo shirt, and Vic is unbuttoning his shirt, so I help him by getting the last few buttons undone and sliding the shirt off his shoulders. He has a nice, firm but not overly muscular chest and abdomen. I put my hands on his bare shoulders and he strokes my pecs. “Jeff, you have a really nice chest”, he says, as he runs his fingers down my chest then along my abdomen, stopping at my belt. Next, he undoes my belt, unbuttons my jeans, and unzips my fly, letting my jeans fall to the floor.


I step out of my jeans, and look into his eyes. “Well, I see somebody is getting horny here”, I say to him as I fumble with his belt. Finally releasing the clasp, I unbutton his pants, unzip his zipper, then hook my thumbs around both his pants and his boxers, pulling them downward in one single motion. As I do so, his penis catches the elastic band and slaps upward against his abdomen.


And what a sight it is. His penis is about 4 1/2” hard, and it curves upward at roughly a 45 degree angle. His foreskin remains partly over his head, and it looks to still be rather tight. There are veins along the side of his penis, and his balls are average-sized. A small patch of thick black pubic hair surrounds the whole thing. I stroke it, and it is as hard as steel.


“Hey, no fair!”, he exclaims, “You jumped a step!” He reaches over to my waistband, and I step back. “You gotta work for it!”, I tease him, cupping my pouch in my hands and wiggling my hips suggestively. Vic kicks off his pants, then pounces on me like a tiger.


We fall onto the bed, Vic clasping me from behind, his rock-hard penis poking into my back. “Damn, your dick is hard as iron!” I squeal as we wrestle on the bed. Vic is stronger than I had expected, and he finally manages to get his hands into my boxer-briefs. I stop struggling as he gently gropes my erect penis.


“Dude, you’re fucking huge!” he says as he grasps his hand around the girth of my penis. Slowly, I peel my shorts down with my free hand, and he strokes my balls with his other hand as he kisses my shoulder. After a minute, he lets go, and rolls me onto my back.


I pull my briefs the rest of the way down and throw them onto the floor. Vic straddles me with his knees and slides up so that his penis is touching mine. He holds our 2 dicks together, then says “Damn, you’re nearly twice as big as me. I figured you had a big one, but this is awesome.” He looks me in the eyes and says “Jeff, you’re really beautiful, no matter how big you are.”


I put my hand on his average but really hard penis and slide his tight skin back over the ridge of the crown. “Hey, I’ve seen bigger than mine. Besides, I’d rather have a more manageable penis that gets super-hard, like yours”, I tell him. “Gee, Jeff, it must be difficult finding swimwear that you can fit that dick of yours into, huh?, Vic asks, adding, “I bet you couldn’t wear a skimpy speedo, can you?”


“Well, Vic,”, I respond, “when we go back to Holland to visit family in the summertime, most boys don’t wear anything when they swim. I remember when I was 8, my 16 year old cousin noticed that I was bigger than he was. I guess that’s when I first started paying attention to boy’s dicks.” Vic listened with his mouth agape. “You mean you go swimming nude in public?” “Sure”, I respond, “it’s very common over there”. “Do you go nude in front of girls, too?”, he asks, surprised. “Girls, men, old women, my mom, my aunt, my cousins, my grandparents, sure, it’s no big deal.”, I tell him. “We Dutch are not shy people”.


“Well, I’m not shy myself,” Vic says, “but I’m not gonna go nude in front of my mom and my sis. Not that there’s anything wrong with it….” I pull him closer to me and run my hand down his firm buttocks. They are nice and taught-not an ounce of fat on them. “Why not”, I ask, “you have a really sexy body-I’m sure all the ladies would love looking at your nubile form. They just won’t get what I’m getting from it” I kiss him again, this one lasting a minute or more.


“So, did you boys ever fool around back in the motherland?”, Vic asks in an inquisitive tone. “Yes, as a matter of fact we did. I used to have mutual jerkoff sessions with one of my cousins and his friend, and then last year, I met a 23 year old guy who I had some oral fun with. I couldn’t believe that he could take my entire penis into his mouth, either.” Vic looks at me then says “You’re joking, aren’t you? A 23 year old man? No way!”   “Waaay”, I retort in a girlish voice,” It’s not that uncommon over there. Besides, he was pretty hot. I really wanted to fuck, but he said that I wasn’t ready for that yet. Besides, he was too old for me-at least that’s what he said”.


“Well, Jeff” Vic starts telling me, looking downward a bit, “I’m not a virgin. Last year I met a guy who was 17, just going into his senior year. It was the first time I was with a guy, and I was really infatuated with him. I did anything he wanted, and we fucked 6 or 7 times, always with me on the bottom. His dick was pretty big, too, but he went slow and I managed. We always used condoms, in case you were wondering.” Vic looks at me in the eyes and continues “He said he loved me, but shortly after school started, he met a guy closer to his age and he dumped me.”


I put my hand on his shoulder. “I’ll never lie to you, Vic”. He smiled and said “Thanks, Jeff. I’ll never lie to you, either”. I bent over and kissed him lightly on the lips. “Well, lets go over to the Jacuzzi, shall we?”


I show him down the hall to the porch where the Jacuzzi is located. I press the button and turn on the jets. Climbing into the basin, Vic joins me, gently resting his body into the foaming water. “Wow, Jeff, this is awesome!” I sit down and Vic comes over and lays his head on my shoulder. I kiss him on the cheek. We stay that way, my hand caressing his firm chest, his hand caressing my thigh. After a few minutes, Vic gets up, turns around, and straddles me with his knees, touching his penis against mine. “Jeff, I think I’m in love with you. I want you, and I trust you. You can do anything you want to me.” I kiss him on the lips, then push his butt upward. “I’d like you to stand up, then”, I tell him. He does, and his erect penis is just a couple of inches in front of my face. His foreskin is retracted except for a bit on the top, covering the flange of his glans. I put each hand on one of his firm, round butt cheeks and move closer.


I run my tongue up his balls, then slowly up the underside of his penis, until I’m right below the tip. I lightly caress this part with the tip of my tongue, causing his penis to jump a bit. Then, I work it around the side, under his foreskin, and retract it the rest of the way, before encircling him member with my lips. Vic makes these low moans of pleasure as I do this, and I slide my lips all the way down his shaft, until my nose is firmly in his pubic hairs. Vic puts his hands on the back of my head and whispers “That feels great-don’t stop”. I slide his penis in and out of my mouth several times, then turn my attention to his balls.


Sucking on one of his testicles, I suck it into my mouth, causing Vic to shudder. I open my moth wider and manage to fit both inside, as I run my left index finger across Vic’s asshole. “Oh, Jeff, slide that finger inside my hole, please?”, he moans. I wet my finger, then slide it in slowly past his hot, tight sphincter. As Vic moans, I go back to sucking his penis, slowly but passionately.


After a couple of minutes of fingering and sucking, Vic says “I’m about to shoot, so be ready!”. I suck his penis even more and sink my finger all the way into his hole. I feel his first spasm and feel his sperm shoot inside my mouth, then a second volley, then a third, forth, and fifth. He shots a weak 6th volley, then I feel his muscles relax. I continue to hold his rigid pole inside my mouth and I leave my finger firmly slid into his hole.


We stay like this for a couple of minutes, his deflating penis in my mouth, until I slowly remove my finger from his now-loose ass. “Oh, Vic, than you so much. That was the best thing I’ve ever felt.” He pulls his dick out from my mouth and says “OK, now, your turn!”


I stand up, and Vic crouches down to lick my balls. He asks me to put one foot on the edge, and I do. Vic then turns around and licks my balls, down my crotch, and continues until he’s licking my asshole. I bend over to give him better access, and he licks and tongues my ass for the next few minutes, making me harder that I’d ever been. What a feeling! Still, I’m not sure if I could do the same for him, but he obviously enjoys doing it.


After a couple of minutes, he turns around again and encircles my penis with his lips. He has a little trouble dealing with the size, but he manages to get about 2/3 of it inside his mouth. He plays with it with his tongue as he sucks me. Caressing my balls as he blows me, I’m soon at the verge of shooting, so I let him know.  He looks up at me, but continues sucking me, until I can take no more. I shoot 3 volleys, and he swallows desperately, trying to keep up with the flow. I shoot so much that it spills out the sides of his mouth, until he can take no more and pulls back. The next shot hits him on his cheek, and the next 2 on his chest. Finally, spent, he pulls me closer to him, my penis against his soft cheek. “Damn, you shoot a lot!!”, he says. I stroke his hair and reply “It’s only because you’re so hot. I don’t usually shoot that much-sorry.” Vic looks up at me and says “Jeff, there’s nothing to be sorry for. I loved it.” He then licks a drop of semen off the end of my penis and says “Besides, I love the way you taste”.


We cuddle with each in the warm water for a few minutes, then we get out and thoroughly dry each other’s bodies. I run my hands over Vic’s firm thighs and buttock, which makes him hard once again. We head back to my room and lay down on my bed, Vic cuddling in my arms, or bodies pressed together. Finally, after a while, we decide to get dressed and work on our homework for an hour, until Vic has to head home. I decide to ask him if he’d like to sleep over on the weekend, and his eyes practically light up at the prospect.


“You know, Jeff, I’m not sure if I’m rushing things, but I’d love to have you fuck me. Maybe we can do that this weekend?” I started to say “yes”, but stopped, and added “You know, I’d love to, but I’m afraid that my dick is too big. I…..I’m worried that I might hurt you.” Vic walks over to me, wearing only his shirt, with his hard penis sticking out between the shirttails. He bends down and takes my dick in his right hand. “Jeff, I’ve had a penis almost this big inside me several times before. I’m sure if we take it slow, everything will be OK. ”


“Vic”, I ask him, “did you always use condoms before?” “Yes, we did”, he replies, then adds “and last week, my doctor did an HIV test just to be safe, and I’m fine. Have you been tested?”  “Yeah, just before school started, it’s a requirement now. Still, I’ve never done anything that would put me at risk before.”  Vic looks in my eyes, then says “You know, we could do it naturally-without a condom, since we’re both safe. It’s supposed to be OK as long as you follow certain rules, like never having unprotected sex with anybody else, and agreeing to use condoms in case you do anything unsafe. Since it’s your first time, maybe we should try that?”

I really enjoyed the thought of fucking Vic, sliding my dick in between those firm buttocks, but needed to make sure that doing it without a condom would be OK. “Vic”, I say to him, “I’d like that, but first I need to see if it’s advisable. Regardless, I still want you to come over this weekend”.