Jeff and Victor

 A story by

Seymour Dixx


Jeff is 15, tall (6’1”) and lean (145 lbs), with short brown hair, grey eyes, a slightly large, rounded nose, an 8” uncut penis of fairly substantial girth, and he is well into puberty.

Victor is 14, short (5’6”), solid (130 lbs), with longer black hair, brown eyes, slightly dark skin, and an average sized, uncut penis. He is only a few months into puberty.

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Talking with Dad and John:

(later that night) 

My Dad and I have a really good relationship. He knows that I’m gay and he’s OK with that. He even introduced me to his business partner, John, a gay man who has been his best friend since high school. “I know that you’ll have questions which I can’t answer, son”, he told me one day, “..and John has said that you can come to him with any questions, no matter how personal, in the strictest of confidence. I trust John’s judgment and character.”


John is a big bear of a man, but one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. He has a partner, and they’ve been together for years. Sometimes I’ll IM him with questions, and he’s always there to answer them-mostly things about how guys act when they get horny and such, but he’s always been there when I’ve had things on my mind.


“Dad”, I say, “I have a friend I’d like to have come over for the weekend. His name is Vic, and we’re both in French class together. I hope it won’t be a problem, with Mom being out of town, but we’ll take care of the cooking.” Dad looks up from the paperwork he’s doing and says to me “Sure, son. You don’t have to ask, just inform me ahead of time, that’s all I ask”. I smile, and say “Thanks, Dad”.


“Jeffy, can I ask you something that’s maybe personal?”, he says, removing his reading glasses. “Sure, Dad, what is it?”, I respond. “Um, this Vic, is he, umm, your boyfriend?” I smile, and reply “Uh, yeah, I guess he is. I really love him, but,uh, we haven’t dicussed anything…ummm…definite yet.”


Dad leans back in his chair and says to me “Well, Jeff, I know you’re a smart young man, and I know your heart is in the right place. You’re becoming a man, and you are a sexual being just like anybody else. Please, just be careful and don’t let lust take control over your brain. Take it one step at a time-don’t rush into anything that you want to have last. I’m sure that works with guys just like it does with women.”


“Sure, Dad, I will. I’m not going to rush into anything that we aren’t both ready for. I love him too much to take advantage of him.” He looks at me, then says “I know you mean well, but don’t be too dogmatic, either. Don’t deny yourself pleasure if it’s mutual. Somewhere between unbridled lust and denial is where the most enjoyment of life can be found. Now, don’t you have homework to do?”


“Yes dad, I do. Thank You” I say to him as I head to my bedroom. I switch on the computer, and my AIM, then look to see if John is on. He is, so I message him.

Jeffreiboi: Hey, John-can I ask you a few things?

JohnBear: Sure, Jeff, what is it?

Jeffreiboi: Well, a couple of things, actually. I’ve met this really cute guy, and we’ve fooled around a bit, but now he wants to go all the way and I’m a bit scared.

JohnBear: OK, so he wants to have anal sex? Are you worried about that?

Jeffreiboi: Yes, I am a bit, actually. He’s done it before, but I’m afraid that I’m too big to do it without hurting him.

JohnBear: Well, just how big are you? Have you ever measured it?

Jeffreiboi: Yeah, I’m 8” long and nearly 5” around.

JohnBear: You’re really that big? Geez. I’m sure your boyfriend is happy! Still I’ve seen bigger, and they can manage.

JohnBear: OK, here’s what you need to do-first you need to loosen him up a lot. A back massage can be relaxing, but you’ll also need to get a lot of lube inside him and loosen his muscle up. You can do that with your fingers, and use a latex glove if you are concerned about cleanliness

Jeffreiboi: OK, but is a finger going to be enough?

JohnBear: You’ll need to insert 2, then slowly push them in, using a lot of lube. Put a towel down under you to catch it. Don’t be afraid to use too much lube. After you’ve put 2 fingers in all the way, he’ll probably be ready. Then, when you slide your penis in, do it with him either laying face-down or on his side. He needs to be as relaxed as possible. After he’s become used to you being inside him, you can switch positions.

Jeffreiboi: Sounds doable. BTW, we’ve both recently taken HIV tests and are both OK. Neither has done anything unsafe, so we were considering doing it bareback. We both know the risks, and have promised that we wouldn’t do it with anybody else. Is there anything we should think about if we do?

JohnBear: Jeff, I’ve lost friends to AIDS, so you need to be really, really careful. Only do that if you promise to tell each other about any sex you have outside, and also promise to go onto condoms anytime one breaks in any other affair. You’ll need to do that for 6 months and get retested if a condom breaks.

Jeffreiboi: Yes, we’ll agree to that. I just want it to be special with him, you know?

JohnBear: I understand. Sex without a condom is so much better, but carries so much risk. Don’t take it lightly-enjoy it and be thankful that you have somebody who you can enjoy it with.

Jeffreiboi: I will-we will. And thanks for the advice. I’ll let you know how it goes.

JohnBear: OK, TTYL

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