The Jeremy Fielding Collection – Chapter Nineteen

Now we need to find out how Sim and Uzzy got on with their camping trip. After the near-catastrophe last time Sim took his clothes off outdoors, you can bet he'll be a little less enthusiastic this time, but it's also safe to assume that Uzzy will make it really difficult for him to say no. And since Awais is also going to be in the general vicinity, Sim may well find himself outnumbered...

Oh, and Weasley – this one's your chapter.


Sim and Uzzy had been looking forward to their camping trip for a while now: Sim had never slept in a tent before at all, and Uzzy had only done so once when he had visited his aunt and uncle, who lived in Leicester, the previous summer, and had spent one night sleeping in a small tent in the garden with his cousin Asim, who was two years older than him. That night had been sort of fun, but it hadn't been like real camping because they had spent the whole evening indoors, eating at the table with everyone else and then watching television, only going out to the tent when it was time for bed. This promised to be different, because they would be away from the house (okay, only a quarter of a mile away, but still...) and because they would be eating there. At least, unless they decided to go to the chip shop instead, of course...

They met at Uzzy’s house on the Wednesday morning, and after lunch (Uzzy’s mother insisted on giving them a decent meal, since they would be responsible for cooking their own food for the following twenty-four hours) they loaded up their bikes and rode the short distance to Gainsborough Lane. A little way along, the lane made a sharp turn to the right, and it was at that point that they left the lane and followed a track for a hundred yards or so. Then they wheeled their bikes through the belt of trees to their left and found themselves in an open area surrounded by trees, with quite thick woodland on one side of them and the belt of trees on the other. This was an ideal spot, protected on all sides by trees.

They found a spot in the corner of the open ground, close to the wood, and there they pitched the tent. Neither was really an expert at this, but Uzzy had practised a couple of times in his garden with his father giving directions but trying to let Uzzy do the actual work, and as a result they got the tent properly set up without too much difficulty. It was an A-frame tent, and so there were no poles inside to get in the way, and that left them plenty of room for their sleeping bags – though since, of course, they were intending to use them zipped together into a double, they didn’t need a lot of room for them anyway.

Good,” said Uzzy, once the tent was set out properly, with their sleeping bags and pillows ready to use and everything else neatly put to one side. “Now, obviously since there’s nobody here but us…”

Oh, come on, Uzzy,” said Sim, getting the message straight away. “You can’t really ecthpect me to u… undress out here. I mean, look what happened last time.”

Yes, but that was last time. This time we’re not on a path – there’s absolutely no reason why anyone should come here, especially with the tent where it is: you can’t see it from three sides at all, and you can only see it from the fourth side if you deliberately leave the track and push your way through the trees. It’s perfectly safe. And you know the rules…”

Yes, but… come on, Uzzy, please?”

Now, you’re not going to be disobedient, are you? ‘Cos if you are I might have to change my mind about not using brambles and holly and nettles and stuff…”

Had it not been for the near-disaster on the High Wold Sim would probably have been only too happy to strip off, but as it was he was more than a little scared to do it again: he was sure that next time they got caught it would be by someone nasty, not by a bunch of kids who turned out to be good fun. So, uncharacteristically, he went on arguing and protesting for a bit longer. As for Uzzy, he understood why Sim was nervous, and he was half-inclined to let him off; but he loved seeing his friend naked, and having him naked outdoors would, he felt sure, make him feel even more dominant than usual. And, besides, there were things he still wanted to try doing to Sim, stuff he hadn’t had time to try on the Wold. So he stuck to his guns and insisted, and eventually Sim’s devotion to his friend – and his natural enjoyment of being exposed – won out over his fear of discovery by other people. So he stood up and stripped off, though once again his nervousness meant that his penis was small and soft when he removed his pants.

That took long enough,” commented Uzzy, idly swishing a birch switch he had cut from a nearby tree. “I’ve obviously been letting you get away with far too much lately, because you’re getting really stroppy: first you rebelled and had me thrown in the pool, and now you have to be told four or five times before you obey a simple order. It’s obvious that you’re going to have to be punished. Okay, come with me - no, wait: put your shoes back on first.”

Sim did that, and Uzzy picked up his bag and led him into the wood. A short distance into the trees he found what he was looking for: a fairly young tree whose trunk was not too thick and that had no branches too low down. And, once again overriding Sim’s nervous objections, he pushed him against the tree and tied him into position, exactly as he had done on the Wold, his hands tied behind the tree and with another piece of rope around his waist more or less immobilising him. Finally Uzzy removed Sim’s shoes.

Now, you stay there like a good little slave,” he said. “I’ve got to go and tidy up a bit, because you left your clothes all over the place back at the tent. But I’ll be back in a bit. Don’t go anywhere, will you?” And he grinned and walked away, carrying Sim’s shoes.

Of course, Sim could barely move, so there was no risk of him going anywhere at all, and once Uzzy had disappeared from sight he began to feel really nervous again. Uzzy was only gone for three or four minutes, but Sim was really glad when he saw him coming back through the trees. But the relief was very short-lived.

Are you nice and comfortable?” Uzzy asked him. “I hope so, because I’m going to have to pop back home and get a couple of things I forgot to bring. And maybe I’ll stop and ask if Kam and Awais fancy a kick-about for a bit before I come back, so I might be a while. I’ll try to get back before it gets dark, though: I wouldn’t want you to get eaten by foxes, or something.”

And he grinned and walked away, completely ignoring Sim’s panic-stricken pleas for him to wait, to untie him, to let him come too…

Uzzy had played here a few times without ever meeting anyone, and so he was confident that Sim would be perfectly safe. But of course he wasn’t really going to go back home and leave him. Instead he went back to the tent, stretched out and relaxed for about ten minutes, and then got up and strolled back into the wood.

He’s over here,” he called to absolutely nobody, as he re-entered the trees. “He looks so funny… come and see!”

Of course, Sim was in a complete panic by the time Uzzy got back to the tree, palpably unaccompanied.

Calm down,” said Uzzy, grinning at him. “You know I wouldn’t really bring anyone to look at you while you’re like this… although if I had a phone number for those kids from London, maybe I could call them… anyway, I thought you trusted me?”

And this piece of psychology worked to perfection: immediately Sim went from being angry with his friend to feeling guilty for believing for a moment that Uzzy would have betrayed him.

Sorry,” he said, humbly. “I should have known you wouldn’t tell anyone.”

Yes, you should, and now you’ll have to be punished,” said Uzzy. “Come with me.”

He untied Sim and led him back to the tent. He’d brought Sim’s shoes with him, which was necessary because walking in the wood in bare feet would have been very difficult due to the number of thorns and brambles in the undergrowth. And when Sim got back to the tent he found that his shoes were the only pieces of clothing he still had: not only had the clothes he had been wearing disappeared, but so had the spares he had been carrying in his bag.

Where are my clotheth?” he asked.

Slave boys don’t wear ‘clotheth’,” Uzzy told him. “Or clothes, either. So I’ve taken them back home.”

In fact they were safely hidden in a plastic bag in a bush fifty yards away, just in case of emergency, but he certainly wasn’t going to tell Sim that.

But… I can’t stay bare all the time! What if someone comes?”

Oh, I’ve got something for you to wear if we get visitors,” Uzzy assured him, and he produced a length of string and tied it around Sim’s waist. “You can keep that on all the time, and if we get visitors we can add this.” And he pulled a large white handkerchief from his pocket, folded it up and tucked it into the string, so that it hung down in front of Sim’s genitals, hiding them – as long as Sim kept absolutely still and the wind didn’t blow, of course.

As usual his emotions were mixed at this point. On the one hand he was really nervous at the thought of spending the whole time he was here naked, or as good as; but on the other, it was somehow really exciting to be like this, virtually bare except for a small scrap of linen which his master could whip away in half a second if he wanted to… and knowing that Uzzy – who, of course, like all masters, would be keeping all his clothes on - would be able to look at him and smack his completely unprotected bum whenever he wanted, was quite enough to overcome the nervousness. And once the balance was tipped his body announced its decision in the usual way, and the handkerchief did nothing at all to conceal it.

You really can’t keep that thing under control at all, can you?” commented Uzzy. “Maybe I’d better go and call Awais and tell him to get round here with a couple of feathers, or something.”

No, don’t!” begged Sim, though at least part of him liked the idea.

Then we’ll have to confiscate this for an hour or so instead,” said Uzzy, grabbing the handkerchief and pulling it off the string. “Let’s see how you feel with it sticking up in the air for a while. Now… let’s go and see if we’re going to be able to sleep tonight, or if a silly slave boy I know has pitched the tent on top of a lot of bumps and dips. ‘Cos if he has, he’ll be taking it down and putting it up again somewhere else.”

Uzzy crawled into the tent, and Sim, only too glad to get under cover, followed him. Uzzy stripped to his pants and got into the sleeping bag, and Sim got in with him, and they stretched out, testing the ground for bumps and dips. And they were happy to find that there were none – at least, none that seemed likely to keep them awake.

There aren’t any bumps here,” Sim reported. “How about your side?”

No, it feels fine.”

Then I won’t have to take the tent down and move it?”

Well, I could make you do that anyway: it’d be fun to watch you trying to get the tent up on your own with no clothes on… but maybe I won’t. Let’s just see if we’re going to be able to get to sleep like this.”

And Uzzy wriggled closer and put his arm round Sim’s waist, and Sim put his arm round Uzzy’s shoulders and relaxed. He was sure that getting to sleep like this would be no trouble at all. In fact he was on the point of dozing off when he was jerked back into wakefulness by a voice outside the tent.

Don’t worry, it’s only Awais,” said Uzzy. “He said he’s come by this afternoon to see how we were getting on. Hang on, Awais, we’ll be out in a moment.”

He got out of the sleeping bag and put his clothes on. “I suppose you can have the handkerchief,” he said, passing it to Sim. “But mind you’re on your best behaviour, or it’ll go back in my pocket.”

Sim tucked the handkerchief back over the piece of string and followed Uzzy out of the tent. Awais took one look at him and gave a snort of laughter.

Why is he only wearing that?” he asked.

Because he doesn’t deserve anything more,” Uzzy told him.

He looks really funny… so, are we going to spank him, then?”

You can’t,” said Sim. “I haven’t done anything wrong.”

What’s that got to do with anything?” asked Awais. “We can spank you anyway, just for fun – can’t we, Uzzy?”

Of course. Still, maybe we ought to give him a chance not to be punished… Okay, Sim, say after me: ‘The Leith police dismisseth us’.”


Say ‘The Leith police dismisseth us’. Three times. If you can, you won’t get punished.”

The result was entirely predictable: Sim couldn’t get close to a correct rendition.

Yippee!” cried Awais. “Punishment time!”

Did you bring it, like I told you?” asked Uzzy, and Awais nodded happily.

Good. Okay, Sim, lie down on your back and spread your arms and legs out.”

Sim did that, and Uzzy took some of the spare tent pegs and the mallet and hammered the pegs in close to Sim’s wrists and ankles, and then they tied him to the pegs so that he couldn’t move. Then Awais took a thermos flask from his bag. Sim couldn’t imagine what that was for: it was another hot day, so they didn’t need any hot soup or anything. But of course thermos flasks can keep things cold as well as hot, and when Awais unscrewed the top of this one and poured out the contents, Sim saw that it was full of ice cubes.

We haven’t got any feathers today,” said Uzzy, “but I think these will do. Okay, Awais, choose your cube…”

Awais and Uzzy took one ice cube each, and then – pausing only long enough to pull the handkerchief free and throw it to one side – they started sliding them all over Sim’s body. Obviously they paid special attention to the areas where Sim was most sensitive, his genitals and nipples in particular, and in no time at all Sim was writhing about, squealing and begging for mercy. And of course they completely ignored him, sliding their ice cubes up his straining erection and rubbing them against the sensitive bit underneath the head, massaging his chest with them, and holding a handful against his balls and then squeezing.

I think we should do his back as well,” commented Uzzy after about ten minutes, so they untied him and reattached him face down, pushing three or four cubes under his genital region ‘to keep him cool’, as Uzzy put it, before starting to run the cubes up and down his spine and round his buttocks. And then Uzzy had a particularly evil impulse: he took a half-melted ice cube and forced it into Sim’s anus. Sim squealed and forced it out again, and Uzzy smacked his bottom hard.

Keep them in,” he ordered. “If any come out, Awais is going to spank you.” And he forced three more into Sim’s bum.

Up until now Sim hadn’t minded the treatment too much, because it was a hot day. Okay, it tickled a bit, and the trickles of water that ran from the partially-melted cubes down his body were uncomfortable, but it was bearable, even having his balls rubbed with ice. But this felt really strange, and soon he was feeling a weird numbness inside, and he didn’t like that at all. So after a minute or so he pushed and forced the ice cubes out again, and Awais promptly swatted his bum hard. This sequence was repeated twice more before Uzzy took pity on him and untied him, to Awais’s disappointment.

That’s enough punishment, I think,” he said. “Let’s go and play in the wood.”

I’ve got an idea,” said Sim. “Why don’t I go and hide in the wood, and you come and hunt me? I could be a native, and you two are hunters…“

That could be fun,” agreed Uzzy. “I wonder if we could make you a bow? It’d be fairer if you could shoot at us… put the handkerchief back on, and your shoes, and let’s go and see if we can find something to make a bow and arrows.”

Given a lot more time they could probably have made a bow that would actually fire an arrow more then six feet, and arrows that flew in something like a straight line; but they had fun trying, anyway. Eventually they gave up, armed Sim with a spear instead and sent him off to hide, and then they went in, similarly armed with spears, to hunt him down. This was such a good game that Awais wanted to try being the native, too, so he stripped off, tied another piece of string around his waist and used his tee-shirt as a loincloth (they only had the one handkerchief, and Sim was told that he couldn’t wear anything else, even if he was now a hunter). And finally Uzzy had a turn, though the others did comment on the unlikelihood of a wild native boy being found wearing a pair of steel-rimmed glasses, which Uzzy nevertheless refused to remove because without them he wouldn’t be able to see properly.

Eventually Awais had to go home for tea, and at that point Sim and Uzzy looked at each other, looked at the small gas cooker they had brought with them, and then back at each other.

Chip shop?” suggested Uzzy, and Sim nodded vigorously.

Uzzy went into the tent, dug into his bag and returned carrying his PE shorts.

Put those on,” he said. “I think the loincloth might not be enough if we’re going back to civilisation.”

So Sim removed the handkerchief and pulled on the shorts (they were a little small for him, but at least they covered his bum as well as his genitals) and then they got on their bikes and rode to the chip shop to buy their supper. They took it back to the tent to eat, then went back into the woods to climb some trees, and then played chess for a while until it was starting to get dark. And then they went for a night march, following the track, skirting round the farm at the end of it and then swinging off to their left into a quite large area of woodland. Sim was glad to be safely surrounded by trees (he was only wearing his loincloth again) but he wasn’t entirely confident that they wouldn’t get lost, although Uzzy had brought a compass with him and said he wanted a chance to find out if he could use one. After all, he said, if they did get lost all they had to do was to keep walking in a straight line and they would be sure to find a road eventually…

By the time they did find their way out of the wood it was very dark, but Uzzy was delighted to find that they were more or less where he had intended them to be, and so to celebrate – and to punish Sim for his lack of faith in him – he took the handkerchief back and stuck it in his pocket, obliging Sim to walk the rest of the way back to the tent completely naked except for his shoes. Now that it was dark Sim found this exciting rather than frightening, and so he didn’t even mind when Uzzy tied his hands behind his back, tied another piece of string around his balls and used it to tug him along. By the time they got back to the tent he was extremely stiff.

It doesn’t seem to matter how much I punish you, you still can’t control it,” commented Uzzy, untying his hands so that Sim could get back into the tent. “Maybe I should just cut it right off. At least then it wouldn’t keep getting hard. Or… maybe I could punish you a different way.”

He closed the tent and took his own clothes off, revealing that his penis was stiff as well.

Maybe if you suck it nicely I won’t have to cut yours off after all,” he suggested.

Sim thought that was an excellent idea, and so he lay down on his tummy between Uzzy’s legs and set to work. For once there was no time pressure whatsoever, so he was able to draw it out for absolutely ages, not allowing Uzzy to reach the magic moment until he had been reduced to the brink of insanity, wriggling and pleading for release. Finally Sim allowed him to reach orgasm, and for the first time he was sure he could taste something: Uzzy had obviously reached the stage of producing enough to be noticeable.

Was that okay?” asked Sim, innocently.

Simmy, that was incredible,” said Uzzy, pulling Sim up to lie beside him and then hugging him. “That’s the best you’ve ever done. We are definitely going to have to camp out together again if that’s what happens.”

I’d like that,” said Sim. “This is fun.”

Uzzy nipped out for a pee and then came back and got into the sleeping bag without bothering to put anything on at all, not even his pants, and so Sim got in beside him and cuddled up to him.

Sim… me making you go bare all day… you didn’t mind too much, did you?”

Of course not. It’s fun. And I trust you – and Awais, too.”

Good, because I love seeing you all bare, especially when it sticks up… and I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you’ve hardly messed up any of your esses today at all. I’m really proud of you, Sim.”

E…except for the Leith polithe… damn, I still can’t say that.”

A lot of people can’t, even ones who don’t have a lisp. Don’t worry about it. And I’m really looking forward to seeing the look on Jones’s face next term when he realises he can’t make fun of your lisp any more.”

I don’t care about Jones. The only people I care about are my friends, and what they think of me.”

This is what I think of you,” said Uzzy, and he hugged him hard. And so Sim hugged him back, and then they settled down and fell asleep.

Did you sleep well?” asked Uzzy the following morning.

I think so. I can’t remember waking up, anyway.”

Only, I was wondering if you’d had any naughty dreams, because it’s all hard. Again.”

Oh. Well… I can’t remember any, but there might have been some, I th… suppose.”

Well, as long as I was in them, it’s okay. But if I wasn’t I’ll have to punish you. Just remember that every time you go to sleep. And maybe I should start the day with a punishment, just in case you weren’t dreaming about me…”

Okay. Do you want me to suck on it again?” asked Sim, enthusiastically.

No, I think I’d like to do the other thing. Get on your hands and knees.”

Uzzy pulled his bag over and extracted a little jar of Vaseline and a packet of tissues, and then he knelt up behind Sim and tried to get into position. But it wasn’t as easy like this as it had been in the pavilion, where Sim had a table to bend over: here it was a bit of a struggle to get his erection on the same level as Sim’s bottom. Eventually he managed it, though he found himself kneeling in an awkward position that wasn’t very comfortable. Still, now that he actually got it lined up he was determined to at least get it inside.

Okay, I’m there,” he reported. “Open up.”

Sim pushed out, the way he had learned to do in order to make it easier for Uzzy to gain entrance, and he felt his friend’s hard organ sliding into him. Once it was all the way in he squeezed, as he usually did at this point, and was rewarded with a gasp from Uzzy, who wriggled about to get more comfortable, leaned forward so that most of his weight was supported by Sim’s back, and then slowly started to rock back and forwards.

By now they had done this together enough times for Sim to know exactly when to squeeze and when to relax, and soon Uzzy was getting close to another orgasm. And because he wanted this amazing feeling to go on for as long as possible, at that point he stopped moving and told Sim to keep still as well.

What would you do if Awais came into the tent and caught us doing this?” asked Uzzy.

I don’t know. There isn’t much I could do, is there?”

But would you mind?”

Well… yes, a bit. I mean, I trutht… trust Awais okay, but this is really private, and I don’t really want anyone to know about it, not even our real friends.”

How about if he caught you while you had it in your mouth?”

Well… that wouldn’t be quite so bad, but I’d thtill… sorry, still prefer nobody to know. I mean, it’s embarrassing…”

It doesn’t matter if slaves get embarrassed, you know that,” said Uzzy, starting to move once more, but only very slowly. Sim automatically matched his own movements to his friend’s. “If I wanted to do this to you in the pub car park after football, I could. And then everyone would see. But… maybe I won’t. I’m not sure everyone would like it. Still, I think it would be funny if Awais saw us. He loves teasing you, and it would give him a whole lot of new stuff to tease you about.”

Yes, but… come on, Uzzy, he’s only nine. Don’t you think he’d start telling everyone? Then we’d both get into really bad trouble.”

I’m sure he’d keep it to himself. Kam says he’s never given away anyone’s secrets, and he’d be especially careful if it might get someone into trouble. After all, you know he really likes you, don’t you?”

Does he?”

Yes, of course. It’s obvious. And a couple of times when you haven’t been there he’s told me so, too. He thinks you’re a brilliant sport for letting him do all that spanking and stuff without ever getting mad about it. He said he can’t believe you still like him after he’s almost made you cry, but he’s really glad that you do. Look how much he enjoyed playing with you yesterday when we were doing that hunting game. He thinks it’s brilliant that you like playing with him even though he’s two and a half years younger than you. He’d never do anything that might get you into trouble.”

I suppose.” Sim wasn’t a hundred percent sure: he still thought Awais was too young to be trusted with any really serious secrets. But it was true that he’d never betrayed his trust yet – at least, not as far as he knew. Probably it wouldn’t matter anyway, because he didn’t think Uzzy would really risk telling him about this activity in particular.

This activity’ was going well for both of them: Uzzy was able to keep himself from going over the edge, and Sim was enjoying, as he always did, the feeling of his best friend being actually inside him. His own penis was extremely stiff, even before Uzzy started playing with it, tickling it and flicking it to make it quiver and jerk, and it felt really good.

Eventually Uzzy couldn’t restrain himself any longer and started moving steadily again, this time keeping going until he finished, and the last few thrusts did something strange inside Sim, too: it felt as if he was being tickled inside, and it felt really good… The only problem was that the internal tickling seemed to be squeezing his bladder, because once again he was afraid he was going to pee. Fortunately Uzzy reached his orgasm and stopped moving just before Sim disgraced himself by peeing all over the sleeping bags, although, while he was glad not to have lost control of himself, at the same time he felt strangely disappointed: that weird internal sensation had felt really good, and he’d have liked it to have gone on even if it did mean losing control of his bladder, as had seemed imminent. Maybe next time they could do this outside, and then it wouldn’t matter if he did pee…

Uzzy picked up the packet of tissues he had brought with him and pulled out a couple to clean himself up, and Sim took the rest of the packet and trotted out to the edge of the trees. By the time he got back Uzzy was already fully dressed.

So, what are we going to do today?” asked Sim.

Awais said he’d come round once he’s had his breakfast, so maybe we could play in the wood some more. So we’d better have our own breakfast. You tidy the tent and I’ll find the cereal.”

Awais appeared just as Sim was rinsing the cereal bowls after breakfast, and he’d found something useful: slung over his back was a bow.

It’s Robin’s,” he explained. “There’s another one in his attic, but it needs a new string. But this one works okay. And I’ve brought some arrows, too. But we mustn’t lose the arrows or Robin won’t be happy.”

The arrows had sucker caps instead of points, which was probably a good idea. Awais wanted to try being the native first, and since he had provided the bow that seemed only fair, so he changed into his native costume (he’d brought his own handkerchief today), took the bow and headed off into the wood.

The game kept them occupied for most of the morning. On Sim’s second turn as the native he was captured alive, which gave Uzzy a chance to show Awais how to tie a prisoner to a tree properly, and once he was tied up Uzzy pulled the handkerchief away, leaving him naked and, as usual, stiff.

He looks so funny like that,” commented Awais. “I really wish I had a camera!”

They didn’t have any ice cubes today, or any feathers, but they found that fern leaves did a similar job of making Sim wriggle and beg. Eventually they took pity on him and let him go, and then they all went back to the tent and started to pack up: they were expected home for lunch.

Before they took the tent down Awais went inside it to see what it was like, and he was quite impressed.

There’s plenty of room, isn’t there?” he commented.

It’s supposed to be able to sleep three adults,” Uzzy told him.

I wonder…” mused Awais. “I bet my mum would say yes… what are you doing next week, Uzzy? 'Cos I bet if I asked my mum she’d let me and Robin camp out with you for a night. I mean, Kam’s said he’s going to be camping out with Neil a lot this summer, so I’m sure it’ll be okay for me to try it for one night, especially with you, ‘cos my mum trusts you, I think.”

Sorry,” said Uzzy. “We’re going away next week. But you can borrow the tent if you like - I don’t have to give it back until the end of the holidays. Maybe you can persuade Kam to come with you.”

That wouldn’t be as much fun. He’d keep telling me what to do. Oh, well… unless… what about you, Simmy? Could you look after us? ‘Cos I don’t think Mum will let me and Robin come out here on our own – there’d have to be someone older with us…”

Well… I’m not doing anything else, so…maybe,” said Sim, who wasn’t sure that he could cope with two bouncy nine-year-olds: one was quite bad enough. Still, if it was only for one night…

Mrs Younis took a little persuading, though Sim had visited a few times by now and so she knew him a bit, and in the end she agreed. Robin’s mum quickly fell into line once she knew that Mrs Younis had agreed, so they settled on the Tuesday. Uzzy dropped the tent off at Awais’s house before he left for his holiday with his parents, so when Sim arrived on the Tuesday morning he found the two younger boys waiting for him impatiently.

You were late,” Awais told him as they headed off towards Gainsborough Lane. “That means you’ll have to be punished.”

Whoa, hold on a moment,” said Sim, braking hard and stopping his bike. “I’m thup… supposed to be in charge, remember? That means you do what I tell you, not the other way around.”

Wrong,” said Awais, smirking at him. “Uzzy told me before he left that you have to do what I tell you. And if you don’t, me and Robin will bash you up.”

Or I could just turn my bike round and go back home.”

Yes, but you won’t do that,” said Awais, confidently. “You’re not a chicken. And, okay, we won’t mess about or do anything stupid, so you won’t get into trouble or anything. But I’m in charge, ‘cos Uzzy said so. Now come on.” And he started pedalling again, and Robin went with him, and after a couple of seconds Sim simply trailed along after them, because he couldn’t think of a sensible alternative: he could hardly go back to Mrs Younis and say that he’d changed his mind, not now they’d got this far.

But when they got to the place where he and Uzzy had stayed the two younger boys were happy to follow his instructions on pitching the tent. And when the tent was up and their bags were safely stowed inside Awais just suggested that they should go and explore the wood for a bit without, as Sim had half expected, ordering him to strip and put on his loincloth. He was in any case fairly sure that he would not have obeyed that particular order: he was prepared to trust Awais a very long way, but he didn’t know Robin at all.

In the wood they found some good climbable trees, and Robin – having asked for and received a helping hand to reach the lowest branch of one of them – scampered off up the tree like a monkey.

So…” said Awais, quietly, “are we going to play the hunting game later on?”

Well… I don’t think…”

Robin won’t say anything,” Awais interrupted him. “He’s my best friend, and he’d never do anything I didn’t want – like saying anything that might get you in trouble, for instance. You can trust him, same as you know you can trust me.”

But that’s the problem: I know I can trust you because we’ve known each other a little while now. But I don’t know Robin at all. And he’d only have to let something slip out accidentally – like if his mum asks what we did while we were here – and I could get in bad trouble.”

His mum never asks him anything like that. And even if he did say something, I’d say we ganged up on you and made you do… whatever it is. Robin and I might get into trouble, but you wouldn’t. Anyway, we’re only talking about playing hunters, not doing anything really bad. Only… I really like that game, Simmy, and I want to show Robin how much fun it is.”

Well… okay, then, I suppose so. After lunch.”


They climbed trees and found thick bushes to explore and undergrowth to wriggle through, and that kept them busy until they felt hungry enough to eat the sandwiches that their mothers had made for them. And when they had eaten Awais turned to Robin and said, “We’ve invented this really good game to play in the woods – it’s called ‘hunters and natives’. We take it in turn to be a native boy hiding in the woods, while the other two are hunters trying to capture him. And because two onto one isn’t fair, the native is allowed to use a bow to try to shoot the hunters before they get close enough to grab him. ‘Cept… we forgot to bring the bow, so could you ride home quickly and get it?”

Okay,” agreed Robin, and went to unlock his bike. Awais walked over to the bike with him, presumably explaining the rules or reminding him not to forget the arrows: Sim couldn’t hear what they were saying but he supposed that it didn’t matter too much. The only thing that he wanted to be sure of was that Robin wasn’t going to go home afterwards and tell his parents that they’d been running about the woods in loincloths – because Sim was sure that Awais would insist on proper costumes being worn.

Ten minutes later Robin returned with the bow slung on his back and carrying a bag with the arrows sticking out of the top of it.

I’ll go first,” volunteered Awais. “After all, I’m sort of native-coloured…”

He went into the tent and emerged wearing just a pair of shorts and his plimsolls. Sim had been expecting the loincloth, and thought that as long as he was allowed to wear shorts when it was his turn he’d be perfectly happy. And when it was his turn Awais raised no objection at all to his wearing his shorts. However, when Robin had gone to hide for the second time Awais asked Sim how he would feel about being punished if he deserved it.

What would make me deserve it?” asked Sim.

Well… if we managed to capture you alive, for example.”

Sim thought that unlikely: usually the native won this game because he could usually kill one of the hunters with his bow and then attack the other one with either a spear or, if he had time to reload, another arrow. Only if his first shot missed was there any risk of him finding himself in a two against one hand-to-hand fight, and he hadn’t missed with his first shot yet. Still…

Are you sure Robin would keep his mouth shut?” he asked.

Oh, yes. Once he finds out how much fun it is he’ll want to do it again, so he’ll definitely keep quiet.”

Well… okay. But only if you agree that we can punish you if we capture you alive.”

That’s fair. I agree.”

Inevitably Sim messed up on his next turn as the native: they saw him before he fired and so were able to get under cover, and then they closed on him from two directions, hiding behind trees to avoid being shot, and eventually he was forced to take a snap shot that missed. And before he could even grab his spear they had jumped on him and pinned him down.

We’ve got a prisoner!” cried Awais, happily. “Let’s take him back to our camp!”

So Sim was marched back to the camp and tied to a tree in the way that Uzzy had shown them, hands tied together behind the trunk and another rope around the waist to keep him still. And once he was properly secured Robin went to the tent and returned carrying his bag, which turned out to contain a thermos flask.

He got it at the same time as the arrows,” Awais explained. “I thought it might be useful.”

And he and Robin took an ice cube each and started to rub them against Sim’s chest. Robin seemed a little uncertain to start with, but when Sim didn’t say anything he joined in happily.

Of course, we could try putting the ice cubes somewhere else,” said Awais, and he undid Sim’s belt and opened his shorts, but instead of pulling them down, as Sim had expected, he instead pulled the elastic of his briefs forward and dumped half a dozen ice cubes inside them. Sim squealed and wriggled, and Robin’s eyes nearly popped out.

You can’t do that, Awais!” he protested. “As soon as we untie him he’ll murder you!”

Then we won’t untie him,” said Awais, grinning. “Now, I expect he’d like dry shorts to put on later, so we’ll take these off now,” and he pulled Sim’s shorts right down and told him to step out of them. Sim could see the sense in keeping them dry, so he did, and Awais also removed his shoes, leaving him naked except for his white briefs. And then Awais and Robin went back to the tent to give the ice a chance to melt.

When they returned to the tree Sim looked really uncomfortable. The front of his briefs was wet and there were trickles of water running down his legs, but the briefs fitted too well for any of the ice cubes to have escaped.

Okay,” said Awais, “now you can either promise not to get us back for this, in which case we’ll get the rest of those cubes out, or not, in which case we’ll add some new ones and leave you for a lot longer.. So, what do you want to do?”

I promise not to get you back,” said Sim, immediately.

Good,” said Awais, and he took hold of Sim’s briefs and pulled them down, spilling what was left of the ice cubes on the way. Robin gasped as Sim’s genitals were revealed, but he didn’t stop staring.

Of course, the ice had made everything a lot smaller than usual: his balls had drawn up tight beneath his penis, which was itself as small as it ever got. Robin burst out laughing as Awais lifted the cold little penis away from the equally chilly-looking scrotum.

I think we should warm him up a little,” said Awais. “We don’t want his willy to catch cold, do we?” And he took hold of it and squeezed gently, using his other hand to cup Sim’s balls.

Before too long he felt it start to twitch, and at that he redoubled his efforts until Sim got a proper erection.

Wow, that’s really big!” commented Robin. “And why is it all curvy like that?”

“’Cos he’s Simmy, he’s silly and he’s got a curvy willy,” chanted Awais, and Robin spluttered with laughter again.

Awais amused himself by pulling the erection forward and then releasing it so that it sprang back to its previous position, and then he slapped it lightly side to side, with the same result.

Have a feel,” he invited his friend. “It’s really hard.”

I’d better not,” said Robin. “He might bash me up if I do.”

No, he won’t: he’s promised not to. Haven’t you, Simmy?”

Sim nodded, and so Robin shrugged his shoulders and flicked it the way Awais was doing. Gradually he got bolder, until he was squeezing it quite hard and pulling it so far forward that it really hurt and Sim had to beg him to stop.

They went on amusing themselves for about five minutes, until Sim was starting to get that strange feeling again. At least if he peed outdoors it wouldn’t matter so much, but he really didn’t want these two seeing him pee, because he knew they’d tease him to death. So he begged them to stop, but it didn’t do any good.

But before the worst happened Awais said, “Now I’m going to teach you how to spank a big boy, Robin: if you do it like I’m going to show you, he won’t be able to make you stop.”

He untied Sim and grabbed his genitals in his left hand, and then pulled him over to a fallen tree and sat on the trunk.

If you hold him like this, or just by the willy, even – like this,” (and he changed his grip) “he can’t struggle, ‘cos if he does you just twist and pull like this,” (and he demonstrated, and Sim yelped and froze) “and it hurts so much he keeps still. Don’t you, Simmy?”

He pulled Sim across his lap.

Now, I’ll spank this side and you spank that side,” he said, and started with a firm slap to Sim’s left buttock. Robin very quickly got the idea and slapped the right buttock, but not very hard.

No, you have to do it properly, otherwise he won’t learn his lesson,” said Awais. “Like this.” And he gave Sim a much harder spank, and Sim yelped, but his attempt to interpose his hand stopped when Awais wrenched at his penis.

Like this, you mean?” asked Robin, and delivered a much harder blow. Sim yelped again.

That’s the idea. Now let’s give him a really good spanking.”

Awais had spanked Sim a couple of times before, but he hadn’t been able to overdo it, either because his parents were in the house and might have heard, or because either Kam or Uzzy was there to make sure he didn’t go too far. But this time there was nothing to hold him back, and he was free to enjoy himself.

Robin had by now overcome his initial nervousness and loved the idea of being allowed to smack a big boy’s bum, and so he joined in happily. And Sim… as usual, Sim was confused. On the one hand, being stripped and spanked by a couple of nine-year-olds was deeply humiliating, and it was starting to hurt a bit, too. But on the other…for reasons he couldn’t begin to understand, he found this whole situation incredibly exciting – and he was starting to get that strange feeling back, as if he was being tickled inside. He was aware of Awais’s hot little hand squeezing and moving against his penis as every blow on his buttocks made him jerk a little; he was aware of a growing heat and discomfort on his buttocks; and he was even more aware of the fun the two younger boys were having, giggling and trying to outdo each other in delivering the hardest blows. And the weird feeling inside him grew and went on growing…

I think I’m going to pee,” he said.

No, you’re not, you’re just saying that to get out of being spanked,” declared Awais, delivering another stinging blow.

I am!”

You’d better not, ‘cos if you do and it goes on me we’ll tie you to the tree for the whole night.”

The spanking went on, and Sim went on wriggling helplessly, and the feeling grew and grew... and it felt incredible, overwhelming the soreness of his bum completely as it swelled further and further and he tried more and more desperately to hold it back…

The two boys delivered their next blows in unison, and Awais squeezed and twisted his erection, and Sim couldn’t hold it back any longer: he squealed and bucked and wriggled, and Awais squeezed him even harder… it felt to Sim as if his whole body was trying to explode in slow motion, and it felt absolutely incredible, and if anything the fact that the boys kept spanking him all the time it was happening actually made it feel even more amazing.

Finally the feeling subsided, and he turned his head and asked Awais to let him go, and his tone of voice was so different to how it had been before that Awais didn’t hesitate: he released Sim’s penis and helped him to stand up.

Are you okay?” he asked, looking worried.

Yes… except… something really strange just happened to me…”

Did we hit you too hard? I’m sorry, Simmy…”

No, it was okay. I mean, it was a really good feeling, and I liked it – I just don’t understand what made it happen, or what it was, or anything… but it was really amazing… anyway, I think I need a pee. What did you do with my shorts?”

I don’t know,” said Awais, grinning. “I expect they’ll turn up. Go and have your pee and we’ll see if we can find them.”

Sim couldn’t go into the wood in bare feet, so he just went to the edge of trees and began to pee, aware that the younger boys were looking at his back and giggling. He’d felt slightly odd after it (whatever it was) had happened to him, but now he was getting back to normal, and of course ‘normal’ for Sim meant liking the idea of having no clothes on and being teased by Awais and Robin. So when he had finished he went back to where they were waiting and asked for his shorts, at least half-hoping that they wouldn’t give them back. But Awais was still a bit worried about Sim’s strange reaction to being spanked, so he pointed to where he had left Sim’s clothes, the briefs spread out to dry in the sun and the shorts and shoes beside them. And so, reluctantly, Sim got dressed again.

They played some rather more normal games for the rest of the afternoon, variants on ‘he’ and hide and seek, and they had an archery contest, and then they went to the chip shop for supper.

Sim didn’t have the compass, so he didn’t want to risk going into the wood. Instead once it began to get dark he took them along to the point where the big wood began and then back again, but on the way back they pretended they were commandoes, ducking from tree to tree and crawling through the long grass so as not to be seen by enemy sentries. And by the time they got back to the tent they were ready for bed. Sim heated up some water for them all to wash in, made sure the younger boys cleaned their teeth, checked that everything was tidy outside the tent and followed them inside, closing it up.

Are you sure you’re not mad at us?” asked Robin, who still seemed worried about a possible revenge attack.

I’m sure. I agreed with Awais that if you managed to capture me you could do whatever you liked, so there’s no reason for me to be angry.”

He never gets angry,” said Awais. “That’s why he’s such brilliant fun to play with: it doesn’t matter how many times I spank him or hurt his willy, he still goes on being friends with me. Sometimes I think he must be mad, but I don’t care if we stay friends.”

I’m th… sure we’ll stay friends,” Sim assured him.

This time they each had their own sleeping bag: Sim thought he might sleep better if Awais wasn’t tickling him and so on all night long. So they turned their torches out and settled back to sleep. But it took Sim a long time to drop off. He wondered about what Awais had said. Maybe he really was mad? After all, he was sure that being stripped and teased and spanked wasn’t supposed to make you get really exciting and overwhelmingly brilliant feelings. He knew he’d want to be made to feel like that again, but he was sure that it wasn’t normal. He decided that he would have to talk to Uzzy about it as soon as he came back from his family holiday: maybe Uzzy would be able to explain what was happening to him…


Sim has been waiting a very long time to experience that particular sensation, and of course it's typical of him that the circumstances of his first orgasm were, shall we say, unorthodox.

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