Jimi and Ricky Redux

by Larkin

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Fictional Story, sexual content, male/male Copyright Larkin 2006


Jimi and Ricky Redux

by Larkin

I heard him call to me from the front yard. I pushed the window up and saw Ricky. He was sheilding his eyes from the sun looking sullen as ever.

I said, "Wot?"

Looking up at me he said, "Comon."

I said, Where?"

He said, "Who cares where, comon!"

I said, "No, you come up!"

He said, "Where's your Parents?"

I said, "Gone."

I saw him disappear below me and heard the front door open. A moment later he was bounding up the stairs. My bedroom door flew open and Ricky walked in.
Didn't matter where he was he always acted like he owned the place. He flopped down on my bed shoes and all.

I said, What happened to you?"

He tenderly touched a brused cheek and what looked like the beginning of a black eye.

He said, "Oh this?"

He shrugged his shoulders and acted disinterested.

I said, "So, what's up?"

Carelessly he looked around my room and then said, "My dick!"

He was already pissing me off. "Oh, is that the only reason why you came looking for me, to get a blow-job?"

He had a half smile on his face. "Jimi, I came over cause I like you. You know that."

I gave him a cynic's sideway glance and said, "Yeah, right."

He laughed, "Well, why don't you suck my dick and then, after we can talk about how much I respect you."

Ricky is really workin my nerves. I said, "Fuck you, asshole."

"Jimi, don't be that way."

I said, "What way? You just want to use me to get off."

Still smiling, he said, "Yeah, so? What's wrong with that? I mean, you wouldn't do if you didn't like it."

I didn't answer that one.

Ricky lay back on my bed, shrugged his shoulders and pulled out a half smoked joint. "Ok, suit yourself."

I came over and sat on the small part of my bed that he wasn't monopolizing. He lit his joint and passed it to me. We sat quietly for a moment. Ricky shaped his mouth into an "O" and blew out a long column of smoke. He slipped his hand down his pants and adjusted his dick.

He was quiet for a minute. It might have been one of those rare times when Ricky was thinking. "So, when you going to let me stay overnight again?"

I said, "I don't know, maybe this weekend if my Parents go away again."

Ricky laughed again, "Yeah, the last time was total fun, wasn't it?"

Looking over at him I reluctantly gave him a nod of approval. "Yeah, it was fun."

Ricky started laughing and struggled to sit up. He pulled his tee shirt up out of the way and revealed a perfectly flat stomach. What immediately caught my eye was an uncut boner sticking more than 2" above his pant line. Then he traced out its shape so that I could see it.

I said, "Why don't you blow yourself, its big enough."

He was already opening his pants and pushing them down. He wasn't helping matters.

He answered me. "Why would I do that? I can blow myself anytime. I like just having you watch me wishin it was in your mouth."

He was right about that. I couldn't keep my eyes off of it.

He lifted one foot off the bed in a silent command for me to take off his Nike and a smelly sock. I did one and then the other as if it was a dreary chore. Then standing at the foot of the bed I tugged off his jeans and threw them in the corner. Ricky sat up, spread his legs and began a contented stroke.

He patted the bed between his legs and said, "Comon?"

He said it again, "Comon."

I blew it, I took playing hard to get way too far and now I can only suck his dick as an act of personal humiliation. See how stupid I am. I gave it up and declared a truce. Instead of going down on him I figured I could recover just a little of myself respect by climbing into his lap and kissing first. We hugged and all of my orneriness melted away.

My Parents hate Ricky. He is everything that they don't want me to be. I feel his pierced tongue when we kiss. I feel his warm breath in my ear.

He said softly, "I'm gonna fuck you."

This time I didn't protest, I just lay there.

He says it again, "I'm gonna fuck you."

Ricky took off all my clothes and the rest of his. We were naked together. I lay looking up at him, one hand holding onto his cock.

He stopped for a moment looking puzzled. He said in the same soft voice. "Where's that stuff?"

I lay still and blinked, "What stuff?"

He said, "You know the stuff to make it easier to fuck."

"Oh, the petroljelly? It's under my bed."

Ricky retrieved it and continued with his mission. After prepping my hole and his cock he was ready. I still can't figure out how Ricky's big cock can fit up my tiny ass, but somehow, it does. I remember the first time he did it, he made me cry. He felt really bad but I couldn't stay mad at him. Now, he took his time and went in and out slowly and perfectly until he could go deeper into me. I would cling to him with both arms and legs. Ricky was gentle and tested my tolerance before beginning the real fuck.....

When he sure I was ready, he slowly began to go faster and more direct. He held me tight as if I was going to try to get away. When it became easier, he pushed my legs all the way back making my butt completely acessable and allowing him to fuck as fast as he could. This was Rickys favorite form of exercise.

I heard the downstairs door open and slam shut. I heard my parents talking and heading upstairs.
We were both filled with terror. Ricky and I were completely naked, his red boner springing up and down while we both tried to dress as quickly as we could. Just then the door opened.
It was my Mother. She stood there and then her mouth dropped open.

All I could say was a barely audible, "Oooops."

Slowly she took two steps back and my bedroom door closed in front of her.

Ricky still in only his briefs that hid nothing and looking serious but stupid as ever said, "Maybe you should open the window. "

Ricky finished dressing. "Let me know if your Parents go away this weekend, ok?"

I said, "Ok, ok!"

I thought it best if he went out the window and climbed down the side of the house. If I hadn't been such a little brat and just blown him when he first came in, none of this would have ever happened. Later on, I went downstairs for dinner.....Everyone was polite and no one said a word.


Late that night, I connected with Ricky on the Net Messinger. We met outside.

Then, in the shadows of a suburban backyard, I sucked his dick. Without a word spoken between us and with my clothes all pushed out of the way he fucked me hard until I was in ruins.

It was incredible.