Jimi and Ricky

by Larkin

jet2Larkin (at) gmail (dot) com

Fictional Story. Sexual content, Male/Male

Copyright Larkin 2008


Jimi and Ricky

He looked at me all weird and said, "So what are you, a boy or a girl?"
Maybe it was because of my long hair? Other people had made that mistake, but they were older. Maybe it was my age?
I lowered my gaze to his black and white high tops and in a hushed voice I said defiantly, "I'm a boy."
He answered, "Well excuse me! I thought you were a girl, but don't worry, your secret is safe with me."
Then he gave the goofy laugh that I would eventually grow so use to.
I knew he was joking and it was at my expense, but there was just something so friendly about him. Dressed in jeans and a hooded sweatshirt, he was tall and slender and he had concealed his eyes with wrap around shades. After my confession, he leaned forward, pulled his shades slightly down his nose and looked into my face. He was smiling and when he did. I saw that he had a chipped front tooth.
His brown eyes were sizing me up. "Well, you're pretty fuckin cute anyway."
I probably blushed, I don't know for sure.
He said, "What are you up to?"
I shrugged my shoulders and must have looked sort of lost. "Nothing, I guess."
With his elbows, He pushed himself off the brick wall that he was leaning against and began to walk down towards the North End.
"You can hang with me, but I got to go somewhere first."
I was desperate to be part of something, so I tagged along. He told me his name was Ricky.
I told him my Dad named me Jimi after Jimi Hendricks. "He's gone now so I just live with my Mom."
Acting uninterested, Ricky said, "Yeah, I just live with my Mom too."
He pointed out things along the way that only someone who lived here could possibly know. "See that guy over there? He's always there. He sells weed."
I listened with interest.
"If you're ever here at night, stay on this side of Main Street."
We went down some side streets and finally around the back of a small rundown house. He unlocked the door and we went in. Once inside, he charged upstairs and I followed him into a small bedroom.
His room was cluttered and messy. Ricky pulled off his sweatshirt and tossed it on the floor. His black tee shirt had the sleeves cut off and it had scratchy red writing on it. The small bed was covered with a twist of blankets and sheets. He flattened them out so we could sit. I sat on the edge and he sprawled out with his back against pillows and his legs spread wide.
"So where do you live?"
I told him I lived in Oakhurst, just a few miles away.
"Yeah, I know Oakhurst. I know this girl Gina, you know her?"
I didn't and shook my head, no.
There was a long somewhat uncomfortable pause in our conversation. I looked around his room. There were travel posters for places like Jamaica and Hawaii taped to the wall and a torn out magazine picture of Iggy Pop. There was a red plastic thing that I guessed was a bong. Ricky was spread out and was just sort of looking at me. After a while, he broke the silence.
He looked as if he had been studying me when he said, "You want to do something?"
I wasn't sure what he meant. I turned towards him. "Like what?"
He slid down making himself more comfortable. "You know, do something, like fuck around?"
I really had no idea what he meant until he asked me if I ever jerked off. The idea embarrassed me and Ricky could see it.
He gave out his goofy laugh again. "Have I got something to show you."
He stretched out on the little bed and pulled down his zipper. Then reached in and tugged out his penis. Once out, he pulled on it and flipped it back and forth until it began to stand up on its own. He had my undivided attention. I could see that he was proud of his cock. Then he opened and then pushed his pants down to his knees. He had to untangle his cock from his underwear and when he did, I could see his big balls. The fact that a dickie could grow that big was stunning news to me.
Still smiling, he said, "Fuckin nice, huh?"
I must have seemed stupid to him because I just stared at his stiffening cock then at his stupid grin and back at his cock.
He shook it in his hand and continued grinning at me. "You want some of this, you know, give me a blow-job?"
I quickly shook my head no and must have recoiled because I saw Ricky's expression fade into disgusted disappointment.
"Okay, okay, then will you come over here and just give me a stroke. Nothing's going to happen to you." He motioned me to slide over next to him and practically forced my hand around his cock.
He pulled me up along side of him and I awkwardly handled it. His frown was replaced by a strange opened mouthed gape that dissolved into contented smile. Having no idea why, I suddenly liked him a lot. I didn't even know him and he had just become my best friend. His voice was warm and encouraging and because I was pushed up against him, it seemed to vibrate inside of me when he talked. There was momentary chaos when he pulled up one leg and the other to tug off his high tops and free himself of his pants. I stroked his cock and it was so warm and it felt like it had a beating heart inside of it. He was moaning and moving his body around under my hand. He was expressing more appreciation and pleasure than I have ever felt from anyone in my whole life and I found myself enjoying it as much as him. My awkwardness evaporated and I began having fun.
I willingly followed his breathless instructions. "Do it this way, do it that way, faster, slower, faster! Don't stop, come on, make me cum!"
He quickly pulled up his tee shirt and tucked it under his chin. His chest and stomach were taught. "Keep doin it!"
His body stiffened and a long squirt leaped from his cock followed by another and another and another. "No, don't let go, keep doing it!"
His syrupy juice had gotten all over my hand, but he kept squirting until he just sort of collapsed. I thought to myself, I made a little when I did it, but nothing like this. He gasped, "That was fuckin awesome!"
He retrieved a dirty tee shirt from under the bed and wiped up his all of his gooey juice.
I heard someone come in downstairs. I stood up and said, "I got to go."
Ricky sat up and in an unhurried manor, began to pull his pants back on. "Naw, don't worry, it's just my Mom home from work. Relax,"
I sat back down on the edge of the bed and watched. He stood up, pulled his belt tight and then sat back down to tie his high tops.
He looked at me and said, "Sorry, when I get goin, there's no stopping me.
He didn't have to apologize. I thought the whole thing was pretty amazing, but more than that, it made me feel like I was part of someone.
I had to go home or face trouble. My body was vibrating and I couldn't get the images of what happened out of my mind. I am sure that this was the day I became me.


The Phone Call

I answered the phone. "Hello."
The voice on the other end said, "Who's this?"
I said, "It's Jimi, who's this?"
Then the voice said, "Don't you know who this is? I know who you are."
The voice sounded sort of sly and sneaky but I just couldn't tell. Maybe it was some fake pretending that he knew me. The voice continued. "So what are you doing?"
I didn't like being fooled and confused at the same time. I said, "Um, where do I know you from?"
The unidentified voice said, "Oh, around."
I said. "Are you sure you mean me?"
He answered. "Yeah, I know who you are."
An image came into my mind. "Are you that kid with the two dogs?"
When he laughed, and said no. That gave him away. I never heard anyone laugh like that before except him. It was the kid I met on the North End on the boardwalk. I met him and went to his house and we.......
"Oh, I know who you are. You're Ricky. How did you find my phone number?"
He instantly became familiar. Ricky answered my question. "It wasn't hard. How many Littlewoods live in Oakhurst? Your Mom or someone answered a few times so I kept trying until you answered."
I was really glad that he called me. When I left his house, I was sure that he wrote me off as a useless little scrub. I asked him: "So why'd you call me?"
On the other end there was a pause and then he said, "Oh, I don't know, just bored I guess. I was looking around for you and I was wondering why you didn't show up again. I thought you were a cool little dude."
Well he knew just what to say to make me feel good all over. I didn't think anyone liked me and then, I meet this older kid and he says all these nice things about me. Unfortunately, his complements got me all tongue tied, making me sound so stupid on the phone.
He asked again: "So how come you didn't come back?"
I stumbled on my words, "I, I don't know."
He continued, "Why don't you come over and we could hang out?
I said, "I don't know?"
He wasn't satisfied with my answer. "Oh, I know, you think I'm an asshole and you didn't have the balls to tell me to my face, right?"
I hadn't given him any reason for him to think that. "No, no way, I thought you the coolest. I just figured that you thought I was a wimp. Honest, Ricky!"
"Would I be calling you if I thought you were a wimp, which you are anyway. I called you because I liked you."
He laughed again. "Oh, I know, you got all scared of me because I pulled out my big dick. That doesn't mean that I'm gay, ya know."
I know it sounds stupid but I had pushed that incident to the back of my mind until he brought it up. "I didn't think that you were gay, it was just a surprise, I mean, it didn't bother me or anything."
Just talking to him and talking about what we did, began to fill me with the strange impulsive excitement I felt when I was there. He pulled out his cock and started playing with himself and then he made me help him do it.
The tone of his voice was serious. "So, are you sayin that because of that, you don't want to come over and hang with me?"
He put me on the defensive. "No, Ricky, I want to come over. Honest."
He said, "Oh, ok, so if I let you come over, I have to be all polite and not do anything dirty like you're a girl, which you look like anyway, well just forget it!"
I was still on the defensive. "Ricky, I don't care, honest. If you let me come over, you can do anything you want and it's not going to bother me, I promise."
He was still testy. "Well, considering it's my room, I will, thank you very much! Shit, I'm all nice to you and make you my best bud and then you act all snotty like you're a little bitch. I got other friends, ya know."
All I could say was "I'm sorry", but for what I didn't know.
"Hey Jimi, I just get pissed off for no reason sometimes. Listen, I really want you to come over. You and me could have a good time just playing around."
I said, "When can I come over?"
Ricky answered "How about now!"