This story is a true story, names have been change. You know the rules here.

I was in the 7th grade when I first noticed Brandon, he was in the forth grade. Basketball season was coming up and we had a new coach, it was Brandon's dad who also was a Doctor. I was afraid that this coach wont recognize my skills. Last season, I avg. over 20 points a game and played ever minute of every game. We was a small private school.

The school was from pre-school to eight grade, the size was around 200 students. We had a varsity squad and like a B team. I have been on the varsity since 3rd grade.

Finally it was basketball season, practice began right after school. Like always I was the first one dress, while I was dressing I seen this cute kid. I already knew his name but did not know him. It was Brandon the coach’s son. He was so cute. I left and went out to the gym for some warm ups. The first practice went great. Everybody left except for me and Brandon in the locker room. We talk for a little bit. We became friends that day, and also became friends with the coach.

It was early morning Saturday and we had practice, I beat coach to the gym that's a fun fact. Brandon and me went to the locker room to change. We was facing each other and talking to each other. I seen him look down where my dick was. He had a smile and asked if I pisst myself, I look down and I forgot to change my underwear last night. I had a fucking wet dream, I was so embarrassed.

“No Brandon, I had a wet dream “

“oh...Whats that?”

I was thinking to myself, Am I really going to give Brandon the sex talk.

“Do you know what cum is?”


“Its when you cum in your sleep”

“Ok... You hit puberty already James”

“Yeah I hit it when I was 10”



“Ummm. James”

“yeah Brandon”

He looks at the door, “can I see your...umm.. you know”

I start smiling and thinking jackpot, this is my ticket in.”Sure, only if you show me first”

He look at the door one more time and he pulled his boxers briefs off. He was cut and around 3.5” I remember quit well(some time later we measured our dicks that’s how I remember his size).

I pulled mine down and had a ton of pubic hair, I was cut and close to 5.5”.

“wow its big”

“I know” We got dress and I went up to him and put my arm around him “you know if we hang out we can do more stuff like this”

Practice was over with and once again only Brandon and I was left in the locker room. We got to talking again and we got done getting dressed. While we got up to leave I smack him on his ass and grinned at him and Brandon grinned back. We left the locker room and I went outside and got pick up by my dad.

Tuesday came and we had practice. It was this practice that he decided on the starting lineup. I got the starting Power forward and sometimes Point guard. Brandon was good enough to make the A team as well but as a bench player. Practice went on like normal for the rest of the week.

Friday came and Brandon ask me to spend the night and I did. We was up in his room playing on the PS2. We kept on playing for a while, then we ate. It was getting late at night Brandon's dad went to the hospital on a late night call and we was watching T.V. Both of us was laying in the same bed.

“Hey Jimmy”

“Yeah Brandon”

“You know, you said we could do stuff later, you remember that?”

“Yep why you ask”

“Well...can we”


We both pulled our underwear and shorts down to our ankles and exposed our dicks to each other. I remember sucking him off, and he loved it. He arch his back and started to moan and I had to tell him to shut up. After a while I stop and he started to suck me off. I do remember me cumming in his mouth and him swallowing it. The next night I pop his cherry.

This wasnt the first sexual experience I had, but it was the first time with Brandon.

I know there is misspellings and bad writing, but Fill free to ask questions, feedback, or whatever