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John and me part II
    As I stated in the first chapter, I am not into parties. Let me tell you why. My father is a doctor and my mother is a doctor's wife, long stretch to get around that one I know. Our professional position in the community required that we live according to our station. The first rule was that there were a number of social gatherings to attend and at such gatherings alcohol was the main ingredient to keep the function going.
    My sister and I learned at a very early age that we were trophy children. A successful doctor had to be a family man with the perfect family and we had been drilled from the cradle that children were to be seen, not heard. At the many functions that occurred on a regular basis my sister and I were dressed up like little dolls and put on display.
    My mother had hired a lady to make us both matching three piece suits, white, my sister had a skirt, I had long pants. We wore matching colored shirts/blouse with her in a feminine tie, me in a bow tie. We sat on a stool near the entrance with our hands folded in our laps, our ankles crossed, and our mouths shut.
    About an hour and a half to two hours into the party we were taken off to some place where we could sleep or relax but if we were not at home we had to maintain our image. My sister has always doted on the prestige of our position and looked down her nose at others she considered beneath her.
    We were at one of the parties when I was twelve or thirteen when some snot nosed girl began to brag about how much money her mother made and how important she was. My sister was never one to tolerate some upstart so she lashed out in her snootiest fashion to tell the girl that she was aware of her mother's position because our father was her mother's boss and he paid her wages. That sent the poor child into crying hysteria and her mother had to take her home early. My sister sat smug as a bug with her hands folded in her lap and her ankles crossed, her mouth was shut but her eyes glistened with laughter, I was young enough to appreciate the moment myself.

    As a trophy on display I learned all about parties and the various moods that those imbibing in alcohol went through. I can not begin to tell you how many women squeezed my cheeks and declared how rosy they were, I wanted to yell out that her cheeks would be rosy too if everybody squeezed them as hard as she squeezed mine.
    As the alcohol took effect we had more attention directed at us and I have smelled more alcohol breath than I care to think about. By the age of nine or so I began to notice that there are definite stages of intoxication. The first stage is the giggle stage where everything is funny, next comes the friendly stage where everybody's hands are all over everybody else. Then comes the stupid stage followed quickly by the argument stage. That is where I want to be gone and most of the time my folks had already taken us home before that stage occurred. It was bad if the party was in our home because somebody always left with ill feelings and mom and dad nearly always had a big argument that lasted well into the night. I hate parties.

    I was finally in highschool as a freshman. I never believed that I would reach fourteen and be on the fast track to be on my way out of the house forever. I only had four more years of bondage to go. One of the girls up the street from where I lived was hosting the big party of the year to welcome kids back to school and I had been invited; it would not hurt her image to have the son of the doctor with the big house on the corner attend. I had already run into John at school and learned that his junior high school fed into my new high school also. Had I stayed in school with him I would still have ended up where I was and we could have remained friends.
    By the time I turned fourteen I had learned about perverts and I was very conscious about not allowing myself to do anything that might brand me as one. My heart leapt in my chest when I saw John, but I was afraid of what we had done that one night three years before and I did not want to repeat that, much. I had laid back and watched John for the first few days of school to see if there might be any hint of his still being into such activities but the jury was still out by the time of the party. That did not prevent me from going to the party in the hope that I might get to be with him though.
    I kept myself moving through the party area as I observed the various stages of inebriation taking place, but never straying too far from a good view of John's cute ass. By fourteen John had grown into a fine specimen of boyhood at five foot ten and one hundred and thirty five pounds. He was buff and cut, and I wanted him to want me.
    I was aware that I had caught the eye of another at the party and whenever I stopped to observe from some out of the way place he would slip up close to me. I learned that he was a sixteen year old junior and that his name was Jeff. I had been drinking beer and about ten o'clock I had to piss so I made my way to the bathroom at the top of the stairs to the second floor.
    There was a line waiting for the facilities and in front of me were two giggly girls that were comparing notes on all of the cute boys at the party. I was listening closely to see how their evaluations compared with my own when they both turned to look at me, "You're cute too, what's your name?" I told them and they each kissed me then turned to each other and both said that I was an eight. That was good, I guess, they were both eleventh graders and for a freshman to be rated an eight by an junior had to be okay.
    I turned when somebody bumped into me from behind and I saw Jeff waiting his turn in line behind me. The bathroom door opened and some dude stepped out and both girls rushed. "They will be in there forever and I have to get rid of some of this beer. I am going to find a bush to water. Want to join me?" For some reason I did, so I did.
    We almost ran from the house and into the backyard. Jeff led the way around the back of the garage and into a private little garden maze of tall hedges and roses left over from the waning summer. He wound his way back through the maze until I was completely lost then pulled up short and unzipped his pants. There was a full moon in our face and I could plainly see the largest cock that I have ever seen in my life as he let his jeans drop to his ankles, he did not have on any underwear.
    I had to piss so bad that I was dancing and his peeing on the roses did not help matters. I pulled my cock out and let loose a healthy stream and almost sucked my dick up inside my body as he reached over and wrapped his hand around it.
    "That is one nice looking cock and I love to hold onto a dude while he pisses, the feel of the pee going through a dick is a major turn on to me." He was no longer pissing and I could see that his cock was getting very hard indeed, mine followed suit very quickly.
    "Can I suck your dick dude? You have a nice cock and I don't get to see many dudes that are uncut." I opened my belt and the top button of my pants to let them fall away as Jeff sat down on a cement bench nearby. He placed his hands on my ass and drew me too him then slowly lowered my underwear to join my pants which he pushed all the way to my ankles.
    I watched in awe as my cock disappeared into his mouth then I grabbed hold of his head to keep from falling over as the most wonderful feeling in all of the world swept over my body. Jeff knew how to make a little virgin freshman happy as he swallowed all of me and caressed my ass. He let his fingers run up and down the crack of my ass then fondled my balls as he bounced his head up and down on me.
    I was going insane with pleasure as he took me to places I had never imagined in all of my fantasies. I had often thought of what a blow job might feel like, but getting one showed me that my fantasy life needed tweaking. "Dude, I want to feel that in my ass, please? I'll let you put it in me for just a minute then I want you to suck my dick, after I cum I swear to you that I will let you fuck me in my ass and I will let you cum up in me but I want a blow job too."
    I had to think that one over, for a half a second. He got up on the bench on his hands and knees and pointed his ass toward the end of the bench. I wasn't sure what to do so I let my cock be my guide and got behind him. He had to crouch down a bit so that I could reach him and I aimed and pushed.
    If his mouth on my cock was a ten on a scale of one to ten, his ass around my cock was a thousand. I went crazy from the feeling as I began to fuck like I knew exactly what I was doing. Jeff pulled away from me and turned to me, "Oh fuck, dude, you are great and your cock is so fucking big, I want more, please suck me real quick."
    I almost thought that he would back out but I was willing to do almost anything to get my cock back in his ass so I sat down on the bench as he stood before me. I later learned that his cock was six and one quarter of an inch long and it was five and three eighths inches around. He was cut but I wasn't looking as I just wanted to pay him and get back to his ass and maybe he would suck my cock later too.
    He didn't last very long as he filled my mouth with my first taste ever of ball batter. I had thought about tasting my own sometimes but I always chickened out as soon as I shot my load. I had no idea what to expect so I just sucked until he grabbed my ears and held my head still. He was giggling and telling me to hold off, he said that he was tender. That was when I realized that he had cum right down into my throat and that I had not even noticed it or tasted it.
    He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I let my taste buds explore the new taste in my mouth. Jeff pulled me up to stand before him as he leaned in to kiss me. I learned right then that I loved to kiss and that I had really missed John's kisses. Jeff had a long tongue and he cleaned the inside of my mouth as he made me feel so good but somehow I thought back to my eleventh birthday and thought that John was a better kisser.
    Jeff was stroking my ass and rubbing his hand up under my shirt as he ground his cock against mine then he pulled his lips from mine and began to kiss my ear. "I need you back up in me baby, let me suck you again and get you all wet so that you can fuck me hard and long." He no sooner got my cock all the way down his throat than I felt my cum rising. I told him that I was about to cum and he did something that made me see stars, he shoved his finger up my ass and showed me where my prostate was and what it can do. I never cumed so hard and so long in my life and Jeff never missed a drop as he bounced his head up and down the complete length of my cock and swallowed every drop of my juice.
    I learned what he meant by tender, but he knew how to suck a cock and he let me down easy. I don't think that I lost much, if any, of my hardness as Jeff played his finger around my ass hole. He had taken his finger out of my ass as I finished cuming, but he kept his hand running up and down my crack and around my hole as he sucked on my balls. In mere moments he told me that I was ready to go and he moved back to his knees on the bench.
    I have tried to see how many times I can go when I masturbate and so far I have been able to continue on, without stopping, for a second load. I can slow stroke myself and then go for a third shot after a short rest. I set my stop watch and my record is three loads in nine minutes. I am pretty sure that I broke that record with Jeff as I plowed his ass as if it was the last thing I had to do before dinner.
    Jeff was begging me not to pull it out, but to stay up in him when I saw someone step around the corner of the maze, it was John and he had his pants open. He stepped up to Jeff and let him suck his cock as he reached across to me and pulled me forward for a hot kiss.
    My heart raced as new life entered into my body. I began to fuck Jeff with hard, long thrusts that caused his head to pound against John's abs. John was pulling me tighter as his kiss became even more impassioned. I was on the brink of my third orgasm of the session and I knew that it was the biggest one yet.
    I was proud of myself. I didn't tell the other two about my accomplishment, I simply basked in my own private glory. I reeled back and tried to steady myself as the blood rushed back into my head and the oxygen once again refreshed me. John moved behind Jeff and knelt to place his mouth against Jeff's freshly fucked ass hole. I recovered my senses and moved over to see John actually licking up my cum from Jeff's balls and crack.
    Jeff called for me to move in front of him so that he could suck my cock again. I wasn't sure about that. I didn't think that I could get it up, but the thought I had just had it up his butt made me reluctant to let him suck me. It was his choice and I was glad that he made it. He took my cock gently into his mouth and nursed it like the fragile and tender thing that it was. I had a chest full of pride as I stiffened up once again under Jeff's talented mouth.
    If sex was all of this then I wanted to enjoy it everyday. John had finished eating and had shoved his cock up Jeff's ass. I watched in amazed fascination as John fucked in and out of Jeff. He was pulling his cock all of the way out so that I could see his swollen cock head, then plunging it back in at full force and speed. I thought in my own mind that it had to hurt, but Jeff was moaning with pleasure as he wrapped his arms around my waist and swallowed all of my cock.
    I didn't get off again before John filled Jeff's ass with his cum. John pulled away and Jeff stood up. "Thanks dudes, that was the best ever. We will have to do it again, and soon." He moved over to a wide space in the hedges and squatted down. He let a fart that we were sure could be heard in the house.
    John and I had our pants up when we heard something hit the ground. We quickly said goodnight to Jeff without turning to face him again, and we departed. John tackled me as we crossed the large yard. We rolled around on the grass in a mock wrestling match as several kids passed by and told us to get a room somewhere. When nobody was near us John asked me if I wanted to get a room. I grinned at him and told him that I did, but that I needed to recover from my time with Jeff.
    "He is something else isn't he? He loves cock, in either end. That is the first time that I have done him with anyone else being there. I am glad that it was you there. I sort of missed you, a lot."
    "I have missed you too. I saw you tonight and I was trying to find a way to ask you if you might want to do some of the things that we did before."
    "You were? I was trying to get you alone so that I could try to kiss you. Maybe we can find someplace together???"
    We ducked out of the party and went over to a small neighborhood park. We found a picnic bench that was almost hidden. There were no lights around that table so we were practically in the dark.

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