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"Josh's Discovery"

By Josh Sohn


This story is based on true events from my childhood. While much of the story is factual, some extra details (embellishments) have been added to keep it interesting and to provide continuity.

The story is about a time in my life when I was growing and discovering who I was and who I am. As one might expect, I wrestled with feelings and the conflict between them and what I thought should be. The story is set in the 1980's during my teenage years. As you can imagine, we didn't have e-mail, the Internet, cell phones, or other modern "conveniences". I do make one reference to CDs that I do realize are not from the period, but I just couldn't bring myself to talk about vinyl records of LPs. Sorry to those who will pick that one apart.

On to the story...

Chapter 1 -- A New Place

When I started 9th grade my family had moved to a new city. Not only were there the challenges of high school, a new school, but none of my friends from 8th grade were going to the school either. Fortunately, I never had too much trouble making friends. I was always told that I was really nice and people liked me because of that. I was also told that I was good-looking, even cute, and I imagine that it helped too!

I recall always being interested in being friends with the cute boys and the pretty girls. So I generally made a point a point of seeking them out and trying to build friendships. Sometime the friendships worked out, and sometimes I found the kids to not be very nice. This is not to say that I did not have any friends who weren't good-looking, I did, but they weren't the ones that I gravitated to.

We moved during the summer after I finished 8th grade. My dad was transferred with his job and we moved to a tropical island. We had come from the northeast US, so this was quite a change. My parents had assured me before we left that it was a nice place, and that the school had a lot of kids whose families had been transferred there. I was a bit upset about leaving the place we had lived in since I was six, but I was also adventurous and thought it would be fun. I knew that I would be able to keep in touch with my old friends.

As for me, I was 14 and I guess I was kind of cute, or so I had always been told. I was of average height for a 9th grader, I had relatively and short somewhat wavy brown hair, deep brown eyes (that I was told were gorgeous), and a slender build. I was into sports somewhat, so I had nice muscle tone. I was particularly proud of my tummy. I had a respectable six-pack. I was not a body builder or anything, but had more of a swimmer's body. Looking in the mirror, I always recall liking how there was a nice proportion between my wider shoulders and narrower hips. I guess my hips also helped give me the really cute butt I was told I had. My skin was smooth and I tanned quite well.

Within a few days of school starting, I began to make several friends. One of the guys who I was really interested in was a really cute boy named Rob. I thought Rob was beautiful. He was about my height, with light blond wavy hair, and stunning blue eyes. The best that I could tell from the way his clothes hung on him, he had an amazing body. At least I imagined he did.

I struggled with what I thought of boys, what I noticed about them and the conversations I would have in my head regarding boys. While I was still struggling with admitting to myself that boys were cute, because I was supposed to be attracted to girls, I did find myself staring at them. I always found myself wondering what the parts of their bodies looked like that I couldn't see. I had a very active imagination, so I generally filled in the invisible parts. I loved to look at the perfect features and silky smooth skin of the really cute boys.

I discovered how to jerk off in 6th or 7th grade, and it had become a bit of a hobby. I found that I used fantasies about boys rather than girls to jerk-off. It sometimes bothered me that girls were rarely involved, since I thought I was supposed to like girls. Nonetheless, when a young teenage boy is horny and his dick is in his hand, he'll use whatever fantasy that comes to mind.

I had seen enough and had a good enough imagination, that I pictured doing all kinds of things with cute boys. I would think about undressing them, feeling their smooth bodies, sucking their dicks and balls, and sometimes even kissing them. I have developed quite a repertoire of fantasies to draw from.

The best I ever seemed to get for real or "living" material was the occasional peak in the boy's room at the urinal, and whatever I could see in the locker room. I remember liking 8th grade because that was when we started showering after gym class. Getting changed before was sort of a tease. Then came gym class which was fine, I liked it. I always thought the highlight was when the whistle blew to hit the locker room. I had to be careful not to stare, and more than that, not to get a boner. While boys did occasionally get boners in the locker room, I tried not to. Nobody else really ever said anything when they did, I guess because you never know if you are going to be the next one. Nonetheless I thought it must be really embarrassing.

Throughout our first semester, my friendship with Rob grew. Rob seemed as interested in a friendship with me as I was with him. We only had two classes together, so we saw each other during lunch and before school for the most part. We didn't have gym class together so I couldn't get a look at what he looked like naked which just made me need to use my imagination.

As the semester progressed and our friendship grew, we started seeing each other after school and sometimes on the weekends. We would either hang out with other friends, go the mall, play some basketball, or go to the beach. Since we lived in a tropical climate, the beach was a year-round destination.

As our friendship developed we would occasionally talk about sex stuff, girls, and things like that. Once in a while we would talk about whom we had seen naked, or whose dick we'd seen. I always liked those conversations and wondered why Rob seemed interested in them. I once hinted to Rob about seeing each other naked, but he didn't seem to take the hint and I was too shy or scared to push it.

I remember asking him once if he jacked off and remember his answer being "maybe, do you?" and a big grin. Neither of us answered the other. I suspect that because I asked, he assumed that I did. I also thought his reaction was probably an admission. This was the perfect chance to ask him if he wanted to jack off together, but I was again too shy or scared to ask.

I was really excited the first time we went to the beach together because I thought that I was finally going to see Rob with less clothes on that I ever had. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and I went to his house to walk to the beach together. We were going to meet up with a bunch of other friends at the beach. When I got to Rob's house and saw him, I thought he looked so cute. Well, more than cute, I thought he looked hot!

He was wearing Quicksilver board shorts, although in those days they were smaller than today and not as baggy as they are today. You could actually get an idea of what the boy inside them looked like. Neither of us had shirts on and I was sure that he took the same double-take at me as I did of him. His body was just about what I had imagined. He had nice muscle tone, much like me. His skin was perfect and smooth, and just the perfect tan. I could have gotten a boner if I stared much longer.

We gathered our things and walked to the beach which was across the street from his house. We got there before any of our other friends, so we found a spot and laid out our towels. We started to put on sunscreen, and then Rob asked me put some on his back. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I moved around to kneel down behind where Rob was sitting and put some lotion in my hand. I started to rub Rob's back. His skin was smoother and silkier than I had imagined. I started at his shoulders and slowly worked my way down. I spread sunscreen as far around his sides as I dared. I did not want to be too obvious, but I wanted to feel as much of him as I could.

When I was done and couldn't justify rubbing and touching him anymore, I asked him if he would put sunscreen on my back. I had to be careful turning around and sitting down, partly because I did not want him to see my boner, but also because I had to adjust it when I sat down.

As he spread the sunscreen on my back I thought I was going to cum in my shorts right then. I realized he was giving me the same treatment I had given him. I was in heaven! He seemed to be taking his time and extending the area as much as I had or maybe a little more. When he was done, he turned around and sat down. I thought that he too had a throbbing boner too, but I couldn't tell for sure from the way he moved and sat down

Fortunately our friends didn't arrive for a few minutes so I had a chance to let my boner settle down so I could stand up.

We had a fun afternoon at the beach, laughing, playing in the waves, swimming and playing beach volleyball.

I decided that going to the beach with Rob was at least everything that I hoped. We set up more dates with the group and went periodically. Each time, Rob and I would engage in the same sunscreen routine.

I remember really looking forward to Christmas break, partly because school was over (for a month where we lived), but mostly because it was more time to spend at the beach and with Rob. The more the break approached, the more I spent time wondering what the break would bring. The local schools got out a little before Christmas and did not go back until the end of January, which was different for me, and I thought very cool. I sensed our relationship was at a point where we each really enjoyed spending time with the other. Rob would look me up as much as I did him. I wondered if we would spend most days together, or would we just see each other periodically. We had never spent the night at each other's house; would we do that? Most importantly, would I have a chance to see any "more" of him?