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"Josh's Discovery"

By Josh Sohn

From Chapter 3

... "We started out jerking off together. Then we jerked each other off. After a while we sucked each other a few times. That was about it." He said.

I thought about that and it seemed to answer some questions I had been asking myself. I again began to wonder if he was gay, which then got me thinking about myself. I decided not to ask him in case he asked me the same question; a question that I did not know how to answer. I tried to push the thoughts out of my head, and just enjoy lying there with this amazingly beautiful boy. How life could be wonderful and amazing while totally suck at the same time, I thought.

Chapter 4 -- The Party

Not having brought any clothes that we felt were right for the party, Rob and I looked through my closet for something that would work. Being the same size was an amazing blessing. The little stunt of swapping shorts earlier had given me some ideas. Wearing Rob's shorts was a great turn-on and I wondered how cool it would be to trade other clothing. I thought that it would be a great turn-on if Rob wore my clothes. Interestingly he seemed to be into this too. I'd have to see where this went. We found a pair of pants, shoes, and a shirt that I thought looked great on him. He seemed to think that I looked good in what I put on too. Once again, we did not wear underwear; while this had its challenges for me (because of planned boners), knowing that Rob had no underwear on was a turn-on t me.

My father dropped us off at the party, and said he'd be back at 12 unless we called. The party was everything we had imagined. All the most popular kids were there, many whom we knew. There were tons of people there, everyone having a great time. I had no idea how Tyler managed to pull this together, but it was amazing. I knew Tyler was a popular kid who everyone liked, but this was something else.

At one point when I went into the kitchen, I found the beer that I had seen some of the kids with. I grabbed two and brought one to Rob. We were having a great time, one of the best parties either of had ever been to.

On one of my trips to the bathroom after a couple of beers, I was being closely followed by Rob although I didn't realize it. As I went into the bathroom Rob practically pushed me in, jumped in and closed the door.

"Hey, I need to take a piss." I said, sounding like I objected to his being there.

"I figured. I do too! Plus, it's not like I haven't seen your dick before." He said with a grin.

"As I recall, I have sucked it!" he added with a grin then a laugh.

I suspected the two beers had gone to his head. I knew they had gone to mine.

We were giggling almost uncontrollably, and I tried to ask if anyone saw him come in. He said that he didn't think so, and then said that he didn't care. A couple of beers in a couple of 14-year olds tend to lower inhibitions, wisdom later in life teaches you.

We both took a piss together. When I finished I was about to put my dick back in my pants, when Rob reached over and started to stroke it. It felt really good, and I started to stroke his.

We then turned and were standing facing each other. Then I was in for yet another surprise; Rob moved closer and gently placed lips on mine. At first I jumped a little mostly from the surprise, but he persisted. It was amazing. My head was spinning. I had never even kissed a girl, let alone a boy before. Soon I felt his tongue pushing in between my lips. I obliged and we started exploring each other's mouths. I felt a world of butterflies in my stomach, and like I was walking on air. We continued on for what seemed like an eternity. As we broke away, we moved into a tight hug. Rob whispered into my ear "Josh, I love you." While a little surprised, the sentiment felt right. I gently pushed Rob away from me just far enough so that or faces were inches apart. I looked into his eyes and said "Rob, I love you too." We embraced again for a minute. When we pulled apart, I saw a tear running down Rob's cheek. I whispered

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I just can't tell you how happy I am."

I gently wiped the tear away, gave him a peck on the lips, and then took Rob's hand as we turned for the door. I suddenly looked down and realized there were still two proud boners sticking out of our pants, and suggested that we zip up. With a giggle, we put managed to stuff our boners in our pants and zip up.

As I had my hand on the door handle, I turned and whispered to Rob

"You OK? Ready?"

"Yeah, OK."

"You sure?"

"Yeah." He said with his trademark smile and radiance, that I was learning had the ability to make me melt.

We left the bathroom and headed back into the party. I lost sight of Rob for a while. When I spotted him again, he looked like he was having the time of his life. He had a spring in step, the sparkle his eye seemed just a little brighter, and his usual smile seemed just a little bigger.

As I watched him from across the room my head spinning about what had just happened in the bathroom. Did I love him? I know I did, but like "that"? What did it feel like to be in love? What is love? How do I know if I love him? How can I be in love with a boy? I can't stop thinking about him. What does it mean if I "love" him? What do I do? Does this mean I'm gay? I can't be gay; I'm not supposed to be. All these questions; my head was spinning.

I decided another beer might help me at this point, so I went to the kitchen and found two more beers. Rob was in the middle of practically doubling over from hysterical laughter when I found him. Glenn, Tyler, Lisa and Rob were standing in a group telling stories about something that had happened at school. I joined the group. I desperately tried to stop my mind from working and push the pause button.

As I listened to the conversation, I found myself looking at the people in a different way. Lisa was a very pretty girl; her blond hair and sparkling eyes were in competition with her radiant personality. I could imagine us dating, or at least being really good friends.

I then looked at Glenn. He too had blond hair. He was shorter than Rob and me and had a slightly lighter build. His eyes were beautiful. I had spent hours staring at him in class. I wondered if he was straight. Did he do what Rob and I do? Wait, I thought, of course he's straight; I have seen hanging out with all kinds of girls. Damn, he's cute, I thought.

Tyler intrigued me. He too was good looking. Actually, He was amazing. He seemed to have it all; good looks, a great body, super nice guy, everybody liked him, and he lived in a really cool house. Was he gay? I couldn't decide; he seemed to hang out with everyone in equal order. What did he look like naked? Did he have a nice looking dick? Was it big? Stop! I thought. What am I doing? I realized that I had watched boys for a couple of years now, and spent more time pondering them than the girls. But now I was thinking a little differently. I guess having sucked a dick and kissed a guy was on my mind. Not just any guy; it was Rob. Gosh, how I loved him. "Love him"?? What am I saying??

"Josh! You there? Anyone home?" Lisa was trying to get my attention. I grinned and said "Sorry, lost in thought." I paid more attention to the conversation and went back to having a great time with a bunch of really nice people who I really liked.

As the party started to wind down we were talking to Chris who offered to drop us off at my house. Chris was a cool kid. He was in 10th grade and had his license already (the driving age was 16 where we lived). I called my dad to let him know and made our plans.

On the way home, Chris asked what we were doing in the bathroom.

"I saw Rob barge in with you earlier." I didn't think he meant anything with the question, and that perhaps he just thought it was a little odd that Rob followed me in. At the same time, my paranoid side kicked in and I wondered why he brought it up.

"We were just talking. I needed a minute to ask him something. Why?" Rob replied.

"Nothing, I just thought it was funny the way it looked like you almost knocked Josh over as you charged in." We all laughed.

I wondered if that was it, or did Chris suspect something. Stop thinking so much! I thought.

"Hey man, thanks for the ride! We really appreciate it." I said.

"Yeah, plus your car is much cooler than Josh's dad's car too!" Rob said busting up in laughter.

"Hey!" I said jokingly and started to punch him lightly. We were both rolling in laughter.

"Alright guys, you're welcome. And, why don't you take this on inside and keep it clean." Chris said with a laugh.

My parents were sleeping when we passed their room on the way to mine. Rob asked me if my parents were going to think anything of us sleeping together.

"Nah, I have had friends sleep over before, plus it's a queen size bed so they think it's plenty big." I said.

"Plus I have always had friends sleep over, and we always sleep together." I added.

"Cool, it's pretty much the same with me." Rob said.

We went into my room, and I closed the door. I walked up to Rob and took both his hands in mine and looked into his eyes. He gazed back into mine. I slowly let go of his hands and began to unbutton his shirt. I slid it off shoulders and it fell to the floor. He then undid the buttons on my shirt and let it hang open. He put his hands around my bare waist and started gently running his hands up and down my sides and then to my chest and tummy. He did it with such gentleness. He had no idea what he was doing to me, with rubbing my tummy!

He then pushed my shirt off my shoulders and wrapped his arms around me. As he did this I wrapped mine around him and enjoyed the feeling of his silky smooth skin as I slowly ran my hands around on his back. He broke the embrace and suggested we brush our teeth and get ready for bed.

He went to the bathroom while I waited. My boner ached in my pants. I was as horny as anything, and also really needed to take a piss. Finally, (it seemed although it was only minutes) Rob returned and I took care of my needs. Well, one of them at least.

When I returned to my room, Rob had turned the lights off except for the one next to bed which was dimmed. He was lying on the bed on his side with his head propped up on one hand. He had his trademark radiant smile. I felt that now all too familiar feeling in my stomach as I looked at him. I smiled at him and felt as though it extended from ear to ear. He looked so cute on the bed shirtless while still in his jeans. I had a thing about cute boys in jeans and not shirts. He had me captivated. The throbbing in my jeans was beginning to hurt again.

I lay down facing him. We put our arms across onto each other's waists and gently caressed each other. We didn't speak for a while and just enjoyed being there with each other.

"You OK?" He asked.

Yeah, why?" I replied wondering just what he meant.

"I mean with us and what we've done over the last couple of days. I remember when Bobby and I first fooled around back home, I felt kinda weird for a while. I want to make sure you're OK." He said.

"Yeah. It is a little weird. I don't know what I feel. I don't know what to make of how I feel." I said pensively.

"This feels so good and it feels so right, with you. What you said in the bathroom earlier really hit me." I paused, then looked in his eyes.

"I really do think I love you too." I confessed. But what does this mean? I wondered. What I did know was that I felt what seemed like a thousand butterflies in my stomach. He seemed to have a way of doing this to me.

Rob had a tear running down his face. I watched it for a minute, then leaned over and kissed it.

"I'm confused too I think. But this does feel so right. I can't tell you how happy I have felt over the last two days." He said gently.

"What I said before is how I really think I feel; Josh, I love you."

Another tear ran down his face. "You have to stop this or you're gonna make me cry." I said with a smile and a giggle. He moved closer and our lips met. The kiss seemed to go on for hours. Our tongues dancing, my mind flying, I thought I was in heaven.

The kissing and caressing continued as we slowly undid each other's jeans. We gently pushed each other's jeans off and tossed them on the floor. We went back to how we had been lying and I started to kiss his neck. I slowly moved down kissing and nuzzling every inch of him that I could. As he moaned and cooed his hands were gently caressing me.

As I reached his belly button, I played with it with my tongue. He seemed to really like it, or so I thought evident from his moaning. He moved around so that his feet were toward my head. I had a feeling I knew what was coming next, and I couldn't wait. I felt like my dick was going to explode. As he kissed my tummy (oh gosh, he knew my weakness), he caressed my back. Kissing my tummy and playing with it was something that drove me crazy. I felt his hand move down my butt. I followed suit and started to move my hand toward his ass hole.

The feeling of his finger probing my asshole was almost too much to take. My finger slipped into his asshole and I started to slide it around gently. As he moaned he did the same to me. He slid his finger deeper in and it felt better and better. Then suddenly I started to feel a little pain and pressure in my ass. I soon realized he was working a second finger in. While it was painful, it was more pleasure than pain. I tried to do the same to him. He moaned as I worked a second finger in.

Soon I couldn't take it anymore and took his beautiful throbbing dick into my mouth. I hoped he would do the same because I desperately needed to cum. Thankfully, I soon felt my dick slip into his mouth. I moaned. I was in sensory overload I thought. Everything that was happening pushed me over the edge in what seemed like no time at all. I felt like I shot gallons of cum into his mouth. For yet another time in the last two days, I had the best orgasm of my life.

Just as I finished cumming, I turned my attention back to the dick that I had stopped sucking when I started to cum. Within seconds Rob was moaning and I could feel his body tense up. I loved the feeling of him tensing up because I knew I was about to make him cum. It felt like he pushed his dick half way down my throat as he started to shoot. As was becoming my habit, I swallowed every drop he gave me.

As we came down from our orgasm highs and began to catch our breath, he shifted around back around so his head was on the pillow next to mine, and pulled the covers up. We lay there staring into each other's eyes, still breathing more heavily than usual. No words needed to be said. We slowly drifted off to sleep. His radiant face, electric smile and captivating eyes were just what I needed.

As I awoke the next morning, before even opening my eyes, I had a strange feeling that I was being watched. I also felt the sensation of someone gently running their fingers around on my chest and tummy. I lay there on my back for a while enjoying the feeling before opening my eyes. As my eyes fluttered open I heard "Good morning sleepy head." I looked over to the left and saw Rob leaning up on his right side watching me. The radiance of his smile and electricity of his presence was sending butterflies through my stomach again. How was he able to do this to me, I wondered.

As he continued what he was doing with his left hand, he began to focus the attention on my nipples. I moaned lightly. My normal morning boner condition was getting worse and I felt the desperate need to cum again. This seemed to be becoming a common "problem" around him. I reached my left hand over under the sheets and started to stroke his already very hard dick. Rob closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling. Slowly he moved his hand down my chest, over my tummy and to my dick. He pulled the sheets back off both of us.

We gently stroked each other until we each started moaning more perceptibly. A few minutes later I felt the familiar feeling start bubbling up inside me, and within seconds I shot my cum. I never shot far and never all that much, but what I did left a couple trails that just passed my belly button. As soon as I finished cumming, I resumed stroking Rob. A minute later he was moaning and shot his cum onto my leg.

Out of breath we lay there for a minute enjoying the glow. Just as Rob was about to lick the cum off my tummy, there was a knock on my door. We both quickly pulled the covers up as I said "Come in." My dad was leaving for work and wanted to see me to ask about the party and say goodbye. The three of us chatted for a few minutes and he came over and kissed me on the forehead. On the way by, he ruffled Rob's hair and told us to behave (in his usual light style). He had a gentle look on his face and wide smile. This was a little uncharacteristic for him. I mean, my parents always kissed me, so I didn't think that the kiss was weird. There was a gentle kindness, almost an understanding that I sensed. I thought I was getting paranoid.

When he left, we sighed a sigh of relief at how close a call that had been. Rob asked.

"Does he think it is weird that we are in bed together so close to each other?"

"Nah, I'm sure he doesn't think anything of it." I said. Although true, I wondered how many 14 year olds had their buddies sleep in bed with them lying so close. After all, we were shoulder to shoulder.

I was about to get out of bed when there was another knock on the door, and we repeated the same routine with my mother. She too seemed to have an extra big smile and a gentleness about her. Before leaving she kissed me goodbye on the forehead. I was really surprised when she did the same to Rob.

"I think she likes you" I said to Rob when she left.

He seemed to beam with my comment and the understood acceptance from my mother.

"My parents are really affectionate too. You should expect that if you spend much more time at my house -- which I really hope you will, my parents will do the same to you." He said with a grin and a pleading look on his face.

"I really hope to spend more time at your house too!" I said with a huge smile.

Now that both parents had gone to work, we agreed that it was probably now safe to get up and go the bathroom. After we had each taken a much needed piss, we wandered to the kitchen to look for some breakfast.

We were both still naked. I always liked to be naked whenever I could, and was discovering that Rob was as keen as I was about it. My parents were very easy going about nudity, and had never pressured me to cover up. From the time I was a toddler I would often only put clothes on at home if there was a reason to. My parents were more conservative than me, thankfully as I didn't have much interest in seeing them naked all the time. I did hear stories about them being very liberal in the 1960's, and I suspected that this view came from then.

Over the recent years as I began to develop a bit, I began to at least wear boxers or shorts a bit more. I was particularly concerned about getting a boner at an inopportune time and getting really embarrassed. I figured my parents would understand, but it would still be really embarrassing.

As we sat eating our cereal we considered what to do for the day. We were both a bit tired, partly from having been up late the night before as well as from the beer that we weren't used to. Not really having made any decisions I turned on some music and we went to the patio to sunbathe for a while.

As the day drifted on we began to realize that Rob had to go home, and that we each had all kinds of chores to do over the next day or two and that we probably wouldn't have a chance to see each other. We decided to just enjoy the time we had before Rob had to head home.

We spent the afternoon chatting about everything from our friends at school, to stories about where each of us had recently moved from, to our favorite music. We talked with no inhibitions. As the conversation continued and I learned more and more about Rob and we just openly talked, I think I was falling more in love with him. As the feelings grew, I became more comfortable with the idea. I didn't understand it any better, but I was starting to like it.

As the late afternoon rolled through, Rob's mother called and suggested it was time to start getting ready to head home for dinner.

I helped Rob pack his bag in my room. He wanted to wear my board shorts home to remind him of me. Fortunately our shorts were somewhat similar in appearance, so we didn't worry too much about our parents wondering. As we were about to leave my room, he dropped his bag and flung his arms around me. We hugged for what seemed like a long time. His head was buried in my shoulder. I began to think that I felt something running down my back. I soon realized that it was tears.

I pulled Rob away enough to look him in the face. His eyes were a bit red.

"What's wrong?" I asked

"I don't want to go. I know it's stupid, but I have had the best time of my life over the last three days with you and I can't stand the idea of being apart." He said

"We'll be together in a couple of days. Maybe we can spend the night together again. I know I want to." I tried to reassure him.

"I know. I'm being stupid. I'm scared that all this was a dream or that you are going to wake up tomorrow and wonder what the heck you were doing!" He whimpered.

"Now you are being stupid." I said with a smile.

"I love you and you know it. I will be here. You know, this isn't easy on me either. I'm gonna miss you too, goof ball."

"I know. I will too" he said as he moved toward me and we began to kiss. This kiss was as wonderful as all of them. I felt the now familiar butterflies in my stomach; a feeling I was starting to really like.

I was also feeling a lump in (my) board shorts that Rob had put on. I eased my hand down and undid his shorts. Once they dropped to the floor, I began moving down on him. I kissed my way all the down to his boner. Once there, I licked it all over then buried it in my mouth. As I was doing this I was working Rob's asshole with first one, then two fingers. He was moaning and moving around like this was really having the intended effect. In just a few minutes of sucking and fingering, he moaned ever louder, stiffened up, and I got my snack. He shot his load into my mouth. I was developing quite a taste for his cum, I found.

Once he caught his breath, he said. "I want my snack too! You've earned it!!" And he pushed me over and onto my bed. With my feet still on the floor, he came up between my legs and started the same treatment on my already throbbing boner as I had given him. I was starting to quite like his finger or fingers in my ass too. In no time I was moaning loudly and then shot my cum into his mouth. When he finally lifted away from my dick, he said "Lip-smacking good!" And we both burst out in laughter. I think that was the moment of levity we needed.

I pulled his shorts back up on him and did them up. We then walked to garage for him get his bike. I stood in the driveway and watched ride off. Fortunately I did not see any neighbors because I had not bothered to put any shorts on.

I decided that I needed to do something to keep busy so as not to think about Rob too much. I thought I'd get one of my chores out of the way so I didn't have to do it the next day. After mowing the lawn, I decided to go for a run on the beach which was one of my favorite things to do when I wanted to think.

I found a pair of shorts for running and headed across the street and onto the beach. The sun was just starting to set and the light was beautiful. I headed up the beach in my usual direction and my mind began to wander.

As I was nearing the end of my usual 4-mile route, I saw two people ahead in the distance. The beach had been mostly deserted through my run so they stood out to me. They were sitting and it looked like they were talking. From where I was, it looked like two boys about my age. As I got closer, I realized they looked familiar. I had seen them on the beach before. I also remembered why I remembered them; I thought they were really cute. Why did I always seem to remember the really cute boys, I wondered.

As I came close, they stopped talking and said "Hi" to me. I decided to stop and be friendly. We chatted and I realized that Rob and I had played volleyball with them. Darn, how could I have forgotten that? I spent half the game drooling over (hopefully only in my mind). I was reminded that they were Wesley and Connor.

"So, who was that with you yesterday again?" Wesley asked.

"Rob, he is in my class." I said.

"Oh yeah, you guys said you go to St. John's right? We go to Robinson" Connor said.

St. Johns and Robinson were both private schools that so happened to be located around the corner from each other. Although there was some rivalry, there were a lot of kids who seemed to have friends in the other school.

"Do you guys live around here?" I asked them.

"Up the beach about half a mile or so that way. We're neighbors" Wesley said pointing to his left. "How about you?"

"I live just over there." as I point diagonally in the other direction. My house was in fact a stone's throw from where we were.

"Rob seemed like a really nice guy. You guys been friend for long?" Connor asked. I almost got a sense of something probing, although it may have just been my paranoia.

"We both just moved here before the school year and became friends in school. He is a really nice guy, and we get along really well. He is a special friend." As I said that, I hoped I had not said too much.

"Connor and I have known each other since grade school, and we are really close too. He is my best friend and really special to me too." Wesley said, which prompted a blush and a friendly punch in the arm from Connor.

I found myself feeling like I was staring at their shirtless bodies as we all sat there; and me across from them. Now, getting a funny sense that their friendship may have something in common with my friendship with Rob, I really did not want to seem like I was staring. I did not need anyone thinking there was something going on.

That said, Connor and Wesley did seem to be sitting very close. And their shoulders were touching. Whatever, I thought, they are good friends.

The conversation continued on about when they were going back to school, what they hoped to get for Christmas, and other light stuff.

While we were talking, I did get the strange feeling that they were checking me out a bit. Whatever, I figured. I kind of liked it in a way. They asked if Rob was going to be coming over again, and told them that he probably would in a few days or after Christmas. They suggested we set up a volleyball game between the four of us. I told them that I thought it was an awesome idea and I was sure that Rob would be up for it.

Still sweaty from my run, I told them I was going to go for a swim and invited to them to come too. I was surprised when they agreed, and we all headed for the water. The swimming turned into some friendly games like "tag". I was happy that the games involved some wrestling and a chance to touch each other.

A while later I said I had to go, and we all headed out of the water. I noticed that they seemed to make some adjustments in their board shorts as we left the water, and they seemed to have the bulges in their shorts that I did. Unfortunately I was wearing shorts that were more like running shorts which made it harder to hide a boner. Particularly since the shorts had no liner. The best I could was to unstuck the shorts from body. My boner was quite obvious. At first I thought "Oh crap, what am I going to do." But just as quickly I reminded myself that they both had boners too, so it was not like it was just me. In a sneaky way I kind of liked the seeing my boner; which of course was only the case since I knew they too had boned up.

We said "bye" and I headed home. My mind was racing again; did they fool around like Rob and I did? Did they want to fool around with Rob and me? They certainly seemed to ask a lot of questions about him. Would Rob want to fool around with them? They were cute after all. They both had short brown hair, nice builds (kind of like mine), green eyes, and really nice personalities. OK, they were kind of hot.

As I headed up the driveway at home, I took a quick shower to rinse off. As was my habit, I shed my shorts in the process. As I walked into the kitchen, I grabbed a towel for the pile to dry off and saw my mom in the kitchen. We chatted for a while with her asking about the party, and what I did all day. I left out certain details, but did talk about how well Rob and I were getting along. She commented on what a nice boy he seemed to be, and how happy she was that I seemed to have found such a special friend. She had no idea of just how nice a boy he was, I thought! I also wondered what she meant by "special friend".

I decided I should put on some shorts for dinner in case I spent too much time at the table thinking about Rob, and headed to me room.

As I was lying in bed going to sleep that night I was having a really hard time not jerking off. Gosh knows I had tons of material. All my memories of Rob were some really good material. Wesley and Connor were really cute, and we did have a fun time. I wondered what their dicks looked like. It was difficult to tell through their board shorts how big their boners were. I guessed they probably had a fairly reasonable idea about mine as I really couldn't hide it too well. I really wanted to jerk-off, but I also wanted to save it for Rob. I knew I would seem him in a couple of days. I felt the strange sense of loyalty to him or something.

I decided to call Rob to say good night. Fortunately we each had our own phone lines, so my call wasn't going to disturb anyone else at his house.


"Hey goof ball!" I said with a giggle.

"I'm so glad you called. I was lying in bed thinking about you as I was getting ready to go to sleep." He said.

"I was too, and thought I'd call and say good night"

"I really want to jerk off, but I want to save it for you." I said.

"Me too. I was thinking about you and was playing with my dick a bit, and was trying to decide whether to jerk off or not" he said.

"Let's save it, and it will be that much better" I suggested.

"Yeah, you're right. It's not going to be easy." He said.

"I know, but it will be worth it." I said, trying to convince myself.

"Yeah. Hey, I'm glad you called. I miss you. I had such a great time, and I am really looking forward to seeing you. What are you doing for Christmas; it's in three days you know!!!" He said.

"Not sure. We usually open presents in the morning and then hang around for the day. We used to go to friends' or families' for Christmas dinner or have people over, but since we moved I don't know. How about you?" I said.

"Us too, pretty much the same. Hey! What if we suggest to our parents that we do Christmas dinner together??" he suggested as though he had just lit upon the best idea ever.

"YEAH!!! Cool!!! I'll talk to my parents tomorrow."

"Me too"

The conversation continued for a little while.

"Anyway, I need to go to sleep goof ball. I love you." I said, although the last part felt weird leaving my lips. Weird, but somehow right.

"I love you too Josh. You are the best thing that ever happened to me"

"Me too goof ball; I love you, good night"

"Good night."