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"Josh's Discovery"

By Josh Sohn




From Chapter 4

... "Hello?"


"Hey goof ball!" I said with a giggle.


"I'm so glad you called. I was lying in bed thinking about you as I was getting ready to go to sleep." He said.


"I was too, and thought I'd call and say good night"


"I really want to jerk off, but I want to save it for you." I said.


"Me too. I was thinking about you and was playing with my dick a bit, and was trying to decide whether to jerk off or not" he said.


"Let's save it, and it will be that much better" I suggested.


"Yeah, you're right. It's not going to be easy." He said.


"I know, but it will be worth it." I said, trying to convince myself.


"Yeah. Hey, I'm glad you called. I miss you. I had such a great time, and I am really looking forward to seeing you. What are you doing for Christmas; it's in three days you know!!!" He said.


"Not sure. We usually open presents in the morning and then hang around for the day. We used to go to friends' or families' for Christmas dinner or have people over, but since we moved I don't know. How about you?" I said.


"Us too, pretty much the same. Hey! What if we suggest to our parents that we do Christmas dinner together??" he suggested as though he had just lit upon the best idea ever.


"YEAH!!! Cool!!! I'll talk to my parents tomorrow."


"Me too"


The conversation continued for a little while.


"Anyway, I need to go to sleep goof ball. I love you." I said, although the last part felt weird leaving my lips. Weird, but somehow right.


"I love you too Josh. You are the best thing that ever happened to me"


"Me too goof ball; I love you, good night"


"Good night."








Chapter 5 Christmas




Christmas Day


I woke up the next morning and first felt a sense of peace come over me, and I just lay there enjoying the feeling. I wasn't sure why I felt that way at first. I soon remembered the last three days, and the phone call right before I went to sleep. I felt myself smile.


A minute later I sat bolt-upright in bed, and said to myself "Hey dummy, what are you doing?? It's Christmas morning!!" Now reality was settling in; I jumped out of bed, and took care of my morning needs. Well, not all of them. I had a boner that really needed to be jerked off and I wondered if it would ever go down on its own.

As I put on a pair of boxers and left my room to head for the living room, I weighed my potential embarrassment about still having a boner and my curiosity about what might be under the tree. My curiosity won! I figured, if by some small chance I ran into my parents and even still had a boner at the time, AND they saw it, they'd understand. After all, they knew I was a 14 year old, and it doesn't take anything for a teenager to get a boner.


As luck would have it, I was the first one up and had a chance to scope the tree out alone. What had "Santa" brought?? Yeah, right, Santa... My parents liked to pretend. They knew I knew the score, but it was fun to play along. There sure was a lot of stuff there! I couldn't wait for breakfast to be over so that we could all sit down and open the presents.

More importantly, I thought about the unbelievably lucky turn of events that had happened over the last couple of days. As it turned out, we were going to go Rob's house for Christmas dinner. Then I was going to spend the night. This turned out to be a gift that the parents had thought we'd like. Odd, but super nice of them.


Bigger than that, and way cooler was that Rob's parents were going to go back to Indiana to see friends for a week, leaving the day after Christmas. Rob had convinced them to let him stay with me. He said he would visit his friends back there during the spring recess. This was so awesome. And the best part was that the day was finally here. I thought.


I had spent time imagining what type of mischief (so to speak) we might get into. I hadn't shared all of my ideas with Rob when we had talked on the phone, I wanted to keep some surprises.


I went to watch some TV while I waited. Having a free hand or two and a boner, I started playing with my dick while I was sitting on the couch. It sure felt good, and I was wondering what Rob and I might do later... After almost cumming twice, I decided that I should perhaps stop and find a different way to amuse myself while I waited.


Finally, it was time for breakfast! Christmas morning breakfast was always a big deal for us. It was good and all, but felt like torture because it seemed to drag on forever. And, breakfast was the only thing between me and my presents!


Finally, breakfast was over and time for presents!


When all was said and done for, the requisite Christmas pictures taken, I was really happy. I got everything I really wanted; including a weight set, a new skateboard, a new bike, some CD's, and some cool clothes. Yeah, I know, what 14 year old wants clothes? But I did. I liked having nice clothes and thought I looked really good when dressed up.


I spent most of the day riding my skateboard, riding my bike, and figuring out some lifting exercises. I had a great time.


When I went skateboarding I ran into Connor and Wesley where I went skateboarding. We hugged to wish each other Merry Christmas, which might have seemed odd, but it felt right and they were such nice boys. What was also nice was that we were all shirtless, so I got to feel them too which was really nice. We skateboarded, and hung for quite a while until it was time for me to head back to get ready for dinner.


I took my time in the shower and took care to wash extra well for Rob. I had a hard time not jerking off (again) but I wanted to save every drop of cum for later. In fact, the last time I had cum was when Rob had sucked my dick. I was about ready to explode!


I picked out some of my new clothes that I thought Rob would like. I had bought a pair of Christmas-themed boxers that I thought Rob would really like and had saved them for this occasion. I then picked out a nice new pair of tan slacks, a dark kind of olive green shirt, matching socks, my brown leather shoes, and a matching belt. I was happy that everything fit so perfectly. After double-checking myself in the mirror to make sure everything was perfect, I was ready to go. I packed a bag for the night and headed off to get Rob's Christmas present and see if my parents were ready to go.


My parents commented on how nice I looked, and thanked me for showing the respect for Rob's family to get nicely dressed. Little did they know it was really more for Rob; I got a chuckle out it. Nonetheless, it made them happy, so I was happy.


When we got to Rob's house and I saw him, I think my heart skipped a beat. He had dressed up too and looked so hot! He had black slacks on, black shoes, a gray shirt, and a cool black belt. I knew he was hot but wow did he look good, I thought to myself with a chuckle.


As the parents all finished their greetings and passed through the foyer, Rob and I hung back for a minute. Rob wasn't sure why I held him back, as soon as they were out sight, I kissed him on the lips and said "Hey goof ball! You look really hot! Merry Christmas! -- I love you." He teared up a bit and said "I love you too, and Merry Christmas. And by the way, you look f-ing hot yourself!" We laughed and followed the parents to the living room.


The parents all got along really well, which was great. Rob and I had a great time too, which might have had to do in part with the fact that we sat adjacent to each other at dinner and spent most of the time fooling around under the table, the best we could without being noticed.


After dinner and drinks my parents got ready to go. They said good night and each gave me a kiss, and to my surprise (again) gave Rob a kiss too. I guess they liked him more than I thought. Rob and I said good night to his parents, desperate to get to his room. To my surprise they gave me a good night kiss along with Rob. I was really happy. They must really like me too!


The first order of business was to exchange Christmas presents. I was so hoping Rob was going to like the CDs I had gotten him. As it turned out, he had gotten me CDs too. We both loved them as they were ones we really wanted. What made them even more special was that we had each paid attention to what the other one wanted and bought the perfect ones.


We put our gifts down and walked towards each other. We looked into each other's eyes. I took his hands in mine. We stood there just gazing into each other's eye for what seemed like hours.


Rob the slowly started to unbutton my shirt, and then gently pushed it off my shoulders. I did the same with him. "You look so hot standing there, goof ball." I said. I saw a tear form in his eye. I kissed it away. The sight of Rob standing there in his pants with no short was so hot. His perfect chest which lead down to his perfect tummy with (as far as I was concerned) his perfect muscle tone and tan were almost too much to bear.


We kicked off our shoes, in anticipation of what was next. Rob then reached over and undid my belt. I did the same to him. By now my dick practically hurt because it was so hard.


Rob then undid my pants and unzipped them. They fell to the floor. I undid his pants and zipper and let his pants fall in a pile at his ankles.


The picture of him standing in front of me in his boxers with a throbbing tent pole was practically making me drool.


"I love your boxers! I didn't know you had these." He said to me.


"I just got them. I got them for you. I thought you'd like them." I said.


We pulled each other's boxers down and stepped out of our clothes on the floor. We then fell onto his bed in a single pile of two boys lost in a passionate embrace. We reached down and pulled off each other's socks without ever breaking out kiss. I wanted to know that he was completely naked and completely mine!


After a while of kissing and caressing each other I pulled away a little.


"I really missed." I said.


"Me too."


"I had an idea and want to know how you feel about it." I said in a bit of a submissive voice.




"Remember how we finger each other's asses? I was thinking -" I started.


"Oh gosh, do I ever! And, I think I know what you're thinking! YES!" He burst out.


"You sure? I mean, I think I really want to feel you inside me. I mean your fingers feel so good." I continued.


Without another word, Rob practically attacked me with kisses.


"How do we do this?" I asked after I managed to break us apart enough to talk.


"I saw some pictures in a magazine. I think we need some hand lotion so that our dicks slide in better. Then you lay on you back and put your legs up." He explained.


"I get it. This going to be great." I said excitedly.


He dimmed the nightstand light which helped the mood.


We went back to kissing and caressing each other. My mind started working again. Did I really really want to do this? I mean, I had struggled with everything we had done. Would doing mean I was gay? What if I liked it, would that make me gay? No, it was just me and Rob; that doesn't make me gay, does it? If I was gay, would that be so "bad"? Was Rob gay? I guess if he was then I was too. I think I love Rob too much to care. I have to stop worrying about this, I thought.


My train of thought was broken when Rob broke away from the kiss, which by the way, I was really enjoying.


Rob started kissing down my neck and then onto my chest. All the while, he was rubbing and caressing me with his hands. He worked both my nipples, one at a time, with his tongue. He then slowly worked down to my tummy. "I love running my tongue over the ridges of your tummy muscles" he whispered as he continued.


"You... aaahhh... have... aaahhh... no...idea...what...that...does...to...me..." I managed to get out.


"Hmmm...(slurp)... I think I do!" He said with a giggle.


He reach the space just above my dick and continued to kiss and lick me as my dick was pressed up against his cheek. He moved his head back and forth so that my dick was rubbing back and forth. This was driving me crazy! He moved down and (finally!) Took my dick in his mouth. I felt like I was going to explode.


"I going to cum soon if you keep that up!!" I said gasping.


Not wanting me to cum yet, he stopped, and moved back up to lie beside me. He had the most adorable and cute grin on his face. The grin alone drove me crazy. I "hated" him for it because I was melted putty in his hands when he flashed that smile. Gosh how I loved this boy, I thought!


"Hold on." He said and got up. He went over to his stereo and put on one of the new CDs I had given him. He looked so hot as he walked over and then back. His boner looked particularly big today, I thought.


On his way back, he took a bottle of lotion out of his dresser drawer and put it on the nightstand. He lay down next to me, grinned and kissed me.


This time, I broke the kiss and started down his body like he had done to me.


"Ummmmm... Oh yeah... You... calmed... down? I don't want you... Oh gosh that feels good... to cum yet" Rob said practically moaning.


"Mmmmmm yeah mmm" I replied in a muffled voice as I was devouring one of his nipples.


I continued down his chest, savoring every inch of it. His skin felt so soft and was a most sensual contrast to his toned muscle. He smelled so good I could have spent the rest of my life there. The movement and flexing of his tummy as I moved my tongue across it was an incredible feeling.


Like what he had done, I moved down and teased his dick. I finally moved in and began to suck it, albeit gently as I didn't want him to cum yet. As I suspected he did, I too, had plans for that!


"Oh gosh... Oh crap... I can't take this anymore... I'm gonna..." He moaned. I stopped and moved up next to him.


"Do you want to?" I asked.




And with that he reached for the lotion. He gently massaged some onto his dick. I watched, and them rolled onto my back and spread my legs a bit. He moved around between my legs and spread them a bit wider while I bent my knees then picked my feet.


He moved closer. I could feel the tip of his dick touch my asshole. I shuddered at the feeling and the anticipation.


"Ready?" He asked




He then started to push and press gently. The feeling of pressure was a little painful, but more erotic and exciting. Then it started to hurt more and I winced.


"Do you want me to stop??!!" He quickly asked with a concerned voice.


"No... aahhh... go on... It hurts but feels amazing" I gasped.


He pushed harder and I felt his dick slip in.




"You ok???!!!" He almost yelled


"I'm ok, this feels incredible!! It hurts a bit" I managed to get out between moans and gasps.


"Good! Because this is f-ing amazing!! I can't believe how good this feels!!" He managed to get out between pants and gasps.


He then started to move in and out. He progressed to a slow pumping action. We were both moaning and gasping.


"Oh gosh... Oh yeah... I'm gonna cum...ohhh yeah..... Aaaahhhhh!!!" Rob moaned and almost yelled.


He collapsed onto my tummy and chest practically gasping. He moved back and slid his softening dick out of my ass.


"Oh my gosh!!! That was the most amazing orgasm of my life! That was so much better than sucking!" He said with a huge smile, still a bit out of breath. "You ready??"


"Yeah! Roll onto your back!" I said excitedly.


I got into position and massaged some lotion onto my dick. It felt really good already, probably mostly from the anticipation. The sight of Rob laying in front of me was irresistible. I felt like I was the luckiest boy in the world.


I moved into position and began to press against his asshole. We both moaned, and I began to feel my dick slip in. Rob moaned and winced as I pushed harder.


"You ok??" I asked between gasps.


"Yeah... fine... go.. for... it!" He managed to say between gasps.


As I pushed I felt my dick slip in. I moaned as I experienced the most amazing feeling of my life. Rob winced a little and moaned. I began to pump slowly and moaned as the feeling only got better.


Within what felt like no time, I felt the most incredible orgasm begin to develop. I moaned and kept going. Within seconds I grit my teeth, panted and gasped as I felt what I had never felt before. I felt my cum shoot out into Robs ass. It felt like more cum that I had ever shot. I felt like I was about to pass out.


I collapsed onto Rob, out of breath, lost in the afterglow of the most amazing experience I had ever had.


After I had been able to gather myself a bit, I rolled off Rob and lay next to him.


We looked over at each other, still breathing heavily. We smiled and then started giggling. I didn't know why we were laughing, but we couldn't stop.


We soon calmed down and just enjoyed the moment. I felt that our recent sex had just drawn us closer. I looked at Rob and was captivated by his smile and the look in his eyes. I knew what he was thinking. "I love you too, so much!" I replied. We snuggled up and pulled the covers up over us.



We drifted off to sleep, and slept soundly.


(to be continued...)