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"Josh's Discovery"

By Josh Sohn

From Chapter 5

...We looked over at each other, still breathing heavily. We smiled and then started giggling. I didn't know why we were laughing, but we couldn't stop.

We soon calmed down and just enjoyed the moment. I felt that our recent sex had just drawn us closer. I looked at Rob and was captivated by his smile and the look in his eyes. I knew what he was thinking. "I love you too, so much!" I replied. We snuggled up and pulled the covers up over us.

We drifted off to sleep, and slept soundly.

Chapter 6 The Beginning of a Week to Remember

I woke up with a bit of a startle and wondered where I was for a split second, and then remembered... and what we'd done. A mixed feeling of guilt, second-guessing, joy and peace set in; although the positive feelings were beginning to overshadow the negative ones.

It then occurred to me that it was dark and I wondered what time it was. I reached over gently beside me and found nothing but sheets. I sat bolt upright and looked over. "Where was Rob??" I asked myself with a mild sense of panic mixed with question.

A minute later, I had a chance to wake up and gather my thoughts and realized there was nothing to worry about. I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom, to find the door closed and the light on. I figured Rob was in there. Knowing his parents had their bathroom, I decided to take a chance and I quietly opened the door. Rob was standing at the toilet and had not heard me. I came up behind him and waited until he finished peeing. I then reached around and grabbed his dick and said

"Can I shake that for you?" He almost jumped out of his skin and said

"You scared the daylights out me!!" Then we laughed.

Once his heart rate was back to normal and we stopped laughing, we washed each other's dicks off and went back to bed.

I awoke the next morning to feeling my hair being ruffled and hearing "Wake up sleepy heads." I realized that it was Rob's mother... I then realized that Rob was spooning me and had his arm around my tummy. I had a cold chill go through me as I wondered what she would think, what this looked like, was this weird, or was it OK?

As soon as we were both awake, she said that breakfast was ready and on the table. She smiled lovingly and left the room. I almost thought I detected a hint of a grin on her face as she walked out, but it tough it was tough to tell; I was mostly asleep and feeling a bit paranoid.

I rolled over and looked at Rob with a bit of a feeling of panic look on my face.

"Don't worry!" He said, trying to be reassuring.

"How can I not? What is she going to think?" I said worriedly.

"It's fine. Like you, I have had other friends sleep over, and we always sleep in the same bed" he continued.

"But we were lying right up against me and you had your arm around and we were naked!" I said in a concerned way.

"Yeah, we are naked, but she doesn't know cus' we were covered. so, so-what? Besides, as I said, it's fine. Really, it is. My parents are really easy going. Plus, think of this; how would your parents react?" He reassured me.

"I guess you're right." I said thinking about it, and realizing that they would probably be fine with it.

The rumbling in my tummy and the luring aromas of breakfast were quite convincing and we jumped out of bed. Rob grabbed my boxers and put them on, and threw me his to put on.

"Aren't your parents gonna think this is weird that we're wearing each other's boxers??!!" I asked him.

"Don't worry. If they even notice, they won't care. They are really easy going. "He said with a smile. He walked over and kissed me. "Relax, everything's fine."

We stopped by the bathroom for a piss and headed to the dining room. Rob's mother had prepared a nice breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, and sausage. "Wow, this looks great! Thanks!" I said as I sat down. We dug in and enjoyed the food. Somehow a big breakfast after such a nice night of sex just seemed to fit.

Rob's parents and specially his mother seemed to be looking at us with a particularly gentle and caring smile. It almost seemed like she knew something, or was trying to say something. I got a weird feeling and wondered. Then of course, it occurred to me, that I didn't know her all that well, or so I tried to convince myself.

"We are leaving for the airport at 12. What time are you guys planning to head over to Josh's house? And, do you want a ride over there?" His mother asked.

"Question overload, mom!" Rob said with a smile, as we both burst into laughter. His parents then both started laughing too. When we settled down, Rob said we hadn't thought about it, but we would ride out bikes over so that he had his.

"Did you boys sleep well last night?" Rob's father asked after we settled the plans for the day.

I about choked and looked up. When I stopped coughing, I said "Yes, fine, thanks."

"Easy there, tiger." He said. "Don't choke and make a mess!" He said laughing again.

"We slept well, dad." Rob said, seemingly less concerned than I was.

"You guys seem to be getting along really well which makes us happy. We figured Rob would make friends when we moved here, but you never know. So, we were really happy when the two of you seemed to hit it off so well. Particularly since you are such a nice boy, Josh. And now that you guys are so close, we are really happy." His dad went on to say.

"Thanks, I'm really happy that we met and have become such good friends. I am also happy that both of you are so nice and have welcomed me." I said fighting a tear.

"Yeah, I'm really happy too. Josh is really special to me and I really like him a lot too. I'm glad we met and became such close friends. We are really special friends" Rob added.

I fought another tear. Rob was really special to me and I knew I really loved him. How could I have fallen so in love with him so quickly, I wondered.

After breakfast we headed back to Rob's room. He closed the door and said "I love you so much, Josh."

"Me too, you really are very special to me." I said, this time losing the battle with the tear which ran down my cheek.

Rob came over and hugged me. We embraced and I felt so warm in his arms.

"Let's take a shower and get cleaned up." Rob suggested.

"Together? Is that OK? Your parents are here." I said being concerned about what they would think.

"Would you stop worrying?? It's fine." He said with a smile, and almost of hint of annoyance.

"Do you think they will, or are suspect something? They seemed weird at breakfast." I said continuing to be concerned.

"I doubt it. I think they really like you and are happy that we are such good friends". He said.

I wasn't convinced, but figured there wasn't much I could do.

We dropped boxers and headed to the bathroom. We got into the shower together and washed each other. This time it was in more of a loving way than a sexual way. That didn't stop us each from getting a couple of very proud boners, which we did in short order.

We washed and caressed each other without saying anything. We were lost in the moment of enjoying the attention we were each giving and receiving. I worked my way to Rob's boner and started to stroke it. He moaned and moved his attention to mine. We enjoyed stroking each other and soon began to breathe more heavily. I could sense when his orgasm was approaching and continued to stroke him. This pushed me closer to mine. Our bodies tensed as we moaned and approached our rewards. We shot our cum onto each other, and continued to stroke each other until our dicks were too sensitive and had to let go. We stood there and looked into each other's eyes. No words were needed, our gazes told each other of our true love.

As we were in Rob's room getting ready, Rob was packing and he kept asking me if I liked some pair of shorts, or some pair of boxers, or shirts. He caught me a bit by surprise because I didn't realize what he was asking me for. It then occurred to me and I said.

"I know what you're thinking." With a giggle.

"Yeah!" He said with a devilish grin.

We both started to laugh. I was quite sure he was packing his clothes that he thought I would wear. I liked the idea.

When he was done, he looked through my bag and pulled out a clean pair of board shorts and said. "Hmmm, I like these!" And proceeded to put them on. He pulled out a pair from drawer and opened then up and held them low.

"Come over here so I can dress you, gorgeous!" He said with a huge smile.

"Gorgeous? Hmmm. I kinda like it." And I walked over and stepped into the shorts. He pulled them up, fastened the velcro and tied the string.

"There, perfect." He said with a giggle.

I burst out laughing. Truth be known, I really liked having him do things for me like that. It was a bit of a turn-on.

We put on sneakers, picked up our back packs and were ready to go.

Rob's parents were in the living room with their luggage talking about what they'd forgotten, or were trying not to forget. Rob told them that we were ready to go. They turned their attention to us, and started to tell Rob to behave, and all that stuff that parents do.

"I will make sure he does, and thank you very much for having me last night. It was a very special Christmas." I said before I even really realized the double-meaning. It certainly was a special Christmas!

"Thank for staying and being such a good friend to Rob, we can't tell you how happing it makes us." Rob's father said.

"Say 'hello' to everyone in Indiana for me." Rob said. I wondered if he was torn about his choice to stay with me versus seeing his friends in Indiana. Selfishly, I was glad he had decided to stay.

With that, they gave Rob the usual instructions, and said that my parents knew how to reach them. The each gave us each a kiss on the forehead, and we were off to my house.

The ride over was quiet. I suspected Rob was going to miss his parents, and might be feeling a little melancholy. I decided that we were going to have the best afternoon we could so he wouldn't think about how much he missed them.

After we got settled at my house, I suggested we go to the beach as I knew how much Rob liked it. He was excited, and it seemed to pick his spirits up. We of course engaged in our sunscreen ritual, which was an enjoyable treat for both of us.

Our game was evolving and getting more fun. It started with taking each other's shorts off altogether. We then spread sunscreen on each other entirely. The rule was that you couldn't do any of it on yourself.

As I was on my knees in front of Rob rubbing sunscreen on his legs, I took advantage of my position and sucked his very hard boner. I stopped before he even got close to cumming and told him he would have to wait. He groaned, but knew it would be more fun. He then returned the favor to me, but also stopped short.

We pulled each other's shorts back up and fastened them. I loved the way he looked when his boner tented in his board shorts, it was so hot.

There was an outfit down the beach that rented small sailboats and wind surfers. I suggested we see if we could rent something. Having rented there several times before, my family had an account set up, so it was easy. Rob was thrilled and leapt at the idea.

We headed over there and rented a 14' Hobie Cat catamaran sailboat. I had sailed quite a few times, and was a decent sailor so Rob (who had not sailed much) was comfortable. We headed out. The wind was perfect; steady and not too strong. We headed out to sea to really enjoy a good sail. Rob really liked it and I even got the boat up on one float once or twice for him.

After a while, we headed back in and returned the boat. He seemed so happy that we had gone out.

"Thanks ever so much, that was so so cool! I knew you could sail, but I didn't know you were that good! I would love to go out sailing with you again!!" He said really enthusiastically.

"Thanks, it was fun. I loved taking you out, goof ball!" I said with a smile and a giggle.

He almost reached for my hand and leaned in to kiss me when he realized we were on the beach... In public... It wouldn't have been a good idea. We got a good laugh out of it.

As we were wandering back up the beach, we ran into Wesley and Connor. They looked so hot, I thought. After the re-introduction to Rob, we started chatting and wandering up the beach.

We talked about what we had gotten for Christmas, and other light things. They didn't have too much planned for the upcoming week, and we talked about going to the mall or the movies at some point. I wanted to make sure Rob wanted to before I committed us. I couldn't imagine that he didn't; they were so nice and so so cute (so I thought, at least).

We played a game of volleyball; Connor and I teamed up to play Wesley and Rob. It seemed that none of the four of us missed too many chances either bump into each other or touch each other in some way. It was pretty cool. I certainly felt loyalty to Rob, but darn were these boys cute. I hoped he felt the same loyalty.

As we finished the game, Connor and I beat them and I joked that it was revenge for Rob beating me at tennis. We all had a good laugh over that. The reference to tennis triggered a conversation whereby we agreed to all play tennis some time. I thought this was going to be fun as long as Rob agreed.

After the game we decided to go for a swim. The touching and feeling continued as we horsed around in the waves. By the time we all got out of the water, we all had throbbing tent poles in our shorts. Interestingly, this time Connor and Wesley didn't do anything to adjust or hide theirs. I didn't either, as I figured that they saw mine last time, and those before shorts showed even more than these. I had told Rob the whole story, so he had been looking forward to the "game" and knew we would all come out of the water with boners.

We flopped down on the sand to catch our breath and stop laughing from all the horsing around. I picked my head up and looked around at the three of them. Wesley and Connor definitely had nice bulges, although not as nice as Rob's. Then of course, I was a bit biased.

After a while, Wesley and Connor said they had to go.

"It was great to run into you guys here. I had a really great time, and it was great getting to know you both better." Wesley said.

"Yeah, and I really hope we can hang out again. I would love to play tennis, and go to the mall or whatever with you guys." Connor added.

"Me too!" Wesley chimed in.

Rob and I both echoed the feelings and agreed we'd call each other and set something up. They headed off up the beach.

A few minutes later, Rob said.

"They are so nice. Just like you said. And... CUTE too!" He said with a sparkle in his eye.

"Hey! Don't make me jealous! Eyes here!" I said pretending to be mad, as I pointed to myself is an exaggerated way.

"I'm just kidding with you! You know that. You will always be my special boy... You know that right?" He said turning a bit serious.

"I know, goof ball." I said, then lowered my voice. "It's just that I love you and I guess I get jealous."

Rob wiped away the beginning of a tear and said. "I love you too!! ... my special boy.

We sat in silence for a while.

"I really want to kiss you." Rob said after a while.

He caught me by surprise, and the boner that had mostly gone away was coming back. He had a way with me! I smiled and said. "Me too!"

A while later we returned home, and went through what was becoming our usual routine of stripping and washing off in the outside shower. Also as usual, we were careful to "keep it clean" because although the shower did have some seclusion, it was still in the driveway. We also didn't know if we might run into my parents on the way into the kitchen.

I never gave a second thought to walking in the house naked, and I guess Rob was getting comfortable around me. We washed off and walked into the house. As we were drying off by the kitchen door, my mother walked in. She did not react at all to us (more to the point, Rob) being naked. She asked if we had a good time at the beach and what we had been up to.

I was pleased that Rob seemed un-phased by her being there and seeing him. Actually, I was really happy, because I was secretly hoping he would get to the point where he was comfortable hanging naked at my house.

When we got to my room, I commented to Rob on what had happened. He said that at first he was a little reserved or shy, but figured I hung out naked, so why not. He also commented that he hung out naked at home much the way I did. I had a hint, but was surprised that he did it so much.

"Why didn't you ever tell me that you like being naked like I do?" I asked.

"I don't know, I guess I figured you kinda knew or had figured it out." He said.

"I guess. It makes me happy!" I said with a big grin.

"I had been kinda hoping you'd be comfortable hanging out naked at my house. I mean we have in my room, but I was kinda hoping you'd be comfortable around my parents." He said, hopefully.

"I think I would need to work up to it, kinda like you did today." I said, almost feeling a little shy. After all, we were talking about me hanging out naked in front of one of my friend's parents. A little weird, I thought. But... I thought, it's not just any friend; it's Rob!

With that I moved toward him and whispered "I have been wanting to do this" and I slowly and gently started to kiss him. He seemed quite happy, or at least as best as I could tell from his growing boner that I was now gently stroking. He began to return the same affectionate treatment to me.

"I don't think you're going to cum right now. I'm going to torture. AND, don't even think of touching that dick!" I said mischievously as I broke away from the kiss, and as I pointed to his dick.

"What?? Why?? You're torturing me. First, you start to suck me at home. Then, you looked sooo hot sailing, I had a boner almost the whole time. THEN, you kept touching me all over as we were swimming with Connor and Wesley, and NOW this??" He exclaimed trying to sound outraged. "And now I'm not allowed to touch my own dick??"

"I think you got it all 100% correct, you get an A+!" I said teasing him.

"Fine, then you can't touch your dick either! That's my rule!" He proclaimed.

"It's not easy for me either, you know. You are so cute and I am so crazy about you. But, what's fair is fair." I said agreeing that it sounded like we had a deal.

We each knew that it was always more fun if we teased each other. It was like foreplay.

I suggested that we take a shower before dinner, and said that this was a special day about Rob, I had plans that night. I still felt that I wanted to make the day special as I knew he was missing his parents. That said, I was getting the feeling he was adjusting.

"I have an idea. A new rule." I said as I was thinking about it.

"What?" Rob said with a mix of curiosity and apprehension, not knowing what was coming.

"You can't do anything for yourself while the rule is in effect. Like if you need to take a piss, I have to take your dick out, and you can't wash yourself in the shower, and you can't dress yourself, or even feed yourself." I thought I had come up with something brilliant and was most proud of it.

"The rule won't be in effect all the time, cus' it would be weird, like at dinner with my parents for me to be feeding you. What do you think??" I asked.

Rob pondered it, and I think he was thinking what all it might mean. After a minute, he must have lit upon something because I saw his dick start to get hard.

"I'm guessing from that, that you like the idea." I said wiggling my finger at his dick.

"Yeah... I do..." He said, obviously thinking about all the possibilities.

I was getting nervous, not know what was going on in his brain, but we shook on it. "Deal!" We both said.

"Ok, let's shower and get ready for dinner." I said. We headed into the bathroom, and I turned the water on. I held the curtain for him. He washed my hair, and me his. Of course he tortured me by soaping me up in the sensual way. He stroked my dick only enough to get it clean, and then really washed balls and asshole. I was starting to think this rule was a bad idea...

"You're killing me! I protested! PLEASE do something with my dick! Can't you see it's about to explode!" I begged.

"The rule was your idea, and I like it!" He said smugly. "Besides, why shouldn't I torture you? You seem to like to do it to me!"

I groaned.

Then it was my turn. I took the soap and gave him the same treatment. I worked every inch of his body, except his dick that I barely touched. I really rubbed his balls and the whole are all the way back to his asshole. He was moaning. It was occurring to me that this was torture to me too, but we were going to wait!

We rinsed off and got out. We dried each other and headed back to my room. Rob pulled a pair of boxers out of his bag and put them on me. I took a pair from by drawer and put them on him. We were still half hard, but headed to the kitchen to see what my mother was cooking. I was hoping my "problem" would go away soon. It's easier to conceal a boner in boxers than tighty whities, but you can still see it in boxers.

Apparently my mother wanted to make sure that Rob felt really welcomed in our house, and had found out what his favorite food was and was making it.

"Cool!!! Spaghetti!!! My favorite!" He exclaimed when he saw what it was.

"I'm glad, and I hope you like it." My mother said, not letting on that this was in fact all planned.

"Oh, I know I'll like! Cool, you're the best!" Rob seemed so happy.

Hearing the commotion, my father came in. He was happy that the plan seemed to work.

We had a great dinner. I really felt that Rob was truly welcome in our house. We sat across from each other spending most of the meal with one of our feet playing with each other's dicks. I think it was partly for the fun of it, but it was partly to torture each other.

"Josh, would you guys clear the table please." My mother asked. I think I must have turned a shade of pale, as did Rob.

"Mom, can we clear dessert instead?" I thought I was thinking quickly.

"Sure, but I want you guys to clear this too." I knew better than to argue.

I got up and purposely turn away so no one could see the front of my boxers. Rob saw what I did and followed suit. I immediately picked up my plate and held so that I thought no one could see my tent pole. Rob saw me and did the same thing. "Brilliant!" I thought. We stacked the rest of everything and took off into the kitchen.

As soon we put everything down, we started giggling. Not a second later, we heard a bust of laughter from the dining room. We looked at each other, went beet-red and whispered to each other "Busted?" Were they laughing at us and our "problem"? Did they know what we were doing? We stared at each other for a second, and then burst out in laughter.

We brought dessert in, and my parents still had big grins on their faces. I wondered if they were onto us. I figured they might be. My mother served us all cake, and as we were about to start eating, she said

"In a few minutes, we are going to ask you two to get us some coffee."

I saw my father trying to hold back his giggling. Now I knew they knew! I looked at Rob and we burst out laughing. I was so happy that my family had the type of relationships where we could laugh about stuff like this. In fact, we seemed to laugh about a lot of stuff.

We behaved through the rest of dinner. After cleaning up, we went to my room to get ready to go out. We picked out clothes for each other and dressed each other. I thought I was really going to like this rule.

We said goodbye to my parents, who knew what my plan was, so there were no questions. They told us to have a good time and to behave. Of course there was a chuckle with the last part.

I had made arrangements to meet some kids from school at the arcade that night. When we got, just about everyone was already there. Rob was happy that everyone was there. I knew he really liked Glenn, Tyler, Lisa, Erin, Gavin, and Viv. I was happy that everyone was there and that we were all having a good time. We played all kinds of video games and then sat at one of the tables and drank sodas. It was a really nice time.

By the time we got home, my parents were getting ready to go to bed. We said good night, and we headed to the family room.

We sat on the couch and were watching a movie. We were sitting next to each other cuddling. Rob had his arm around my waist. I was turned and had my head on his shoulder. I was stoking his tummy under his shirt with my hand. His skin felt so good, I thought.

My mind was racing with the next thing I was thinking.