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"Josh's Discovery"

By Josh Sohn

From Chapter 6

... I had made arrangements to meet some kids from school at the arcade that night. When we got, just about everyone was already there. Rob was happy that everyone was there. I knew he really liked Glenn, Tyler, Lisa, Erin, Gavin, and Viv. I was happy that everyone was there and that we were all having a good time. We played all kinds of video games and then sat at one of the tables and drank sodas. It was a really nice time.

By the time we got home, my parents were getting ready to go to bed. We said good night, and we headed to the family room.

We sat on the couch and were watching a movie. We were sitting next to each other cuddling. Rob had his arm around my waist. I was turned and had my head on his shoulder. I was stoking his tummy under his shirt with my hand. His skin felt so good, I thought.

My mind was racing with the next thing I was thinking.

Chapter 7 Tennis Anyone?

We sat on the couch enjoying the movie while gently caressing each other. I had taken Rob's shirt off and was enjoying running my hand over his tummy and chest, while also enjoying the smell of his body heat. I wondered if I had a "smell" of my own, and whether it was anything like his. I figured I must, although I was not aware of it. His was so sweet to me. It was warming, and sent butterflies through my stomach.

I could tell that Rob was very hard. As I looked down his chest, past his tummy to the top of the pants he was wearing, I could see the bulge. His pants were not tight, and the waistline under the button was lifted away from his stomach slightly. Although dark in his pants, I thought I could just make the sight of his dick.

I continued my gentle caressing and stroking and slowly began to move my hand lower and lower. Soon, I was rubbing his lower tummy and slipping my hand into the top of his pants. I could hear he was breathing a bit more heavily than he had been. I couldn't see his face, but was wondering what his expression was. Had I distracted him from the movie, I wondered. I know I wasn't really paying attention to the movie.

As I continued, he started to moan quietly. I started to touch and play with his dick with each pass of my hand into his pants. I thought I could feel precum. I figured he must be getting fairly worked up by now. Although it was not originally my plan, I was enjoying it.

He had been gently stroking and caressing the side of my tummy. He was now doing it with more determination. I was enjoying it immensely. I felt him start to try to pull my shirt off, so I shifted and helped him do it. I was quite sure that he was pretty worked up now. That is not to say that I wasn't, because I was!

Finally he said in a soft and breathy voice. "You are driving me crazy! I have wanted to cum all day, are you ever going to let me?"

"Of course, just not right now." I said, with a sadistic tone.

"Don't you want to cum??" He said not understanding how I was able to carry on.

"More than you can imagine!"

I guess he wasn't aware that I was breathing heavily myself. I was also getting wet from my own precum.

The movie ended; although I don't think either of us had the slightest idea of what had happened in the last half hour. We were completely consumed by the attention we were paying to each other. After a few minutes I said. "How about we go the beach, it's really late and no one will be there."

"Only if you're planning to make me cum because I can't take much more, I think my nuts are going to explode." He said breathing heavily.

I stood up and lead him to my room. I took his shoes off, then undid his pants and pulled them down and then off. Once he was naked, he was so frantic that he almost ripped my pants and shoes off.

"Ok, let's go. I can't wait much longer!!" He said with a sense of urgency, and a giggle.

I laughed at his feeling so desperate, and lead the way across the street to the beach. I had gone skinny dipping a few times so I knew we probably wouldn't be seen. The street was not lit, and the beach was dark. Besides, I found the risk to be a turn-on.

As we walked out of the kitchen door, Rob asked.

"You sure this is OK?"

"Yeah, I've done this a few times and have never seen anyone. Plus, isn't this kind of a turn-on?"

"Yeah, you're right! This is cool! Let's go!!" Rob said excitedly.

The beach was deserted and was only lit by the moonlight. It was peaceful serene, with the only sound being the waves lapping on the shore.

We ran down the driveway and across the street, and then walked onto the beach holding hands and with our boners proudly wagging in front of us.

I lead Rob toward the water and up the beach to a natural mound in the sand. Taking both of Rob's hands, I turned him and kissed him. We then both fell to our knees.

We continued to kiss, and fell to the sand. I was on top of Rob, grinding my boner into his.

"Don't, mmm, (kiss, slurp), do that, (kiss), you're gonna make me cum!" He managed to get out with barely breaking the kiss.

"Do you want to cum?? I thought you did." I responded teasing him.

"Oh gosh, YES!" He said almost desperately.

"Ok!" I said, as I moved around so I was staring at his desperate leaking boner. I took it my mouth and started to suck on its whole length. At almost the same time I started probing his asshole, in no time I had one finger almost all the way in and was probing all around. He moaned with a determination I had never heard. As I did that, he took my dick into his mouth, as though he was starving and hadn't eaten in a week. I felt a finger go straight up my butt. He did it with such determination, it hurt a bit. The pain just pushed me closer to cumming. He moved it all around as I was.

We sucked each other for only a few minutes before we both started moaning. Within seconds I shot what felt like the biggest load of my life into his mouth. As I started, he did too. Something about this load of cum just tasted really good. As we each finished and rolled onto our back panting, he started to giggle.

"What?" I said playfully.

"You can be a dick! You tortured the heck out me for that!" He said, now laughing.

"Was it worth it?? And, it was torture for me too, you know. I could barely concentrate on anything today. All I could think about was cumming in you and have an f-ing amazing orgasm!" I said, laughing too.

"And, yes, it was fun torturing you!" I said mischievously.

He rolled over and lunged at me, and we were soon a pile of giggling wrestling boy. He finally pinned me and said.

"Promise you'll never do that again!" He managed to get out while laughing.

"No, never! I won't promise! I'm gonna torture you because it's fun!" I said trying to make them sound like my dying words.

He was laughing so hard that we broke apart, and lay there busting up. After we quieted down and caught our breath, I said.

"Do you want to take a walk up the beach?"

Rob looked up, and then looked up and down the beach. There was no sign of anyone at all. He said. "I guess we could run into the water if we see anyone."

"That was always my plan." I said, happy that he was agreeing.

We started up the beach, quietly talking about all kinds of light things; friends back home, friends at school, the evening at the arcade, and the like.

The conversation turned more to talking about home. I asked him more about Bobbie, and what they had done together. He reiterated that that had jerked off, sucked each other, and stuff like that. I probed a little farther.

"Anything else?"

"We played with each other's butts sometimes like we do." He said.

"Did you like him? Like, a lot?" I asked wondering.

"We were good friends and had been for a while before we ever did anything. I think we were both just horny and wanted to cum." He said thinking about it.

"I knew him since we were little. It's kinda weird, I never felt about him the way I do for you." He said turning and looking at me.

I beamed a wide smile, while trying to suppress feelings of jealousy.

We walked in silence for a few minutes. Then without warning, Rob grabbed my hand and dragged me to the water. He managed to surprise me so I had no idea what was happening before he was able to roll onto a wave with me. When I was able to get my balance and stand up I burst out in laughter. That led to some wrestling in the water and playing in the ways. Soon the wrestling started to involve grabbing each other's dicks. Within not much time we were both hard again, and the grabbing turned to stroking. We started to move so that the water was below our butts.

"I had to get all the sand washed off you." Rob said as he got on his knees and took my boner in his mouth. I put my hands on his shoulders as I moaned and he continued to suck. I felt the familiar feeling of his finger in my butt. Gosh, how this all felt incredible, I though!

Inside of minutes, I was cumming again for the second time in an hour. It was incredible.

"A little salty but as good as ever!" Rob said giggling and smacking his lips. I started to giggle too. He then stood up, and we kissed.

I broke the kiss and proceeded to return the same treatment to him. I had never imagined kneeling in the ocean giving some beautiful boy a blow job; it was amazing. I think the extra special treatment in Rob's butt made him cum harder and faster than usual. His body stiffened up and his hands on my shoulders started to grip me firmly. It was as though I could almost feel his orgasm myself.

When he was finished and I had managed to milk every drop of cum I could out of his dick, I stood up.

"That was amazing!" We said at the same time, and then burst out laughing from the coincidence.

We headed back to my house. On the way in, we showered in outside shower and then headed into the house quietly. By this point we were tired and went to bed. We snuggled up and went to sleep. It's always nice to go to sleep after some really great sex, I thought as I drifted to sleep.

The next morning I awoke to find that I was spooning Rob. My boner was between his butt cheeks (which felt really nice), my arm across him on his tummy, and my face right against the back of his neck. Once I had a moment to wake up a bit, it occurred to me how nice this felt. I was intoxicated smelling Rob's smell. I started to gently rub his tummy and chest.

After a few minutes, I heard him begin to moan softly and shift a little in his sleep. I wondered if he was having a dream. Was it a good one, I wondered? I continued rubbing and caressing him, and started to gently move my boner up and down between his butt cheeks. His moaning intensified. I was having fun now.

I moved my hand down and started to gently stroke his boner. As I started, I felt some wetness. "It's working." I thought as I continued to stroke, now with a little more determination. I carried on for a few minutes, really enjoying this myself. Almost a bit unexpectedly, I began to feel the familiar feeling deep down, telling me that it wouldn't be long. I guess I was more turned on doing what I was to Rob than I thought.

Before I could think another thought, Rob moaned more loudly, and I felt the familiar feeling of his body stiffening up. Then I felt him spasm, and he shot his cum. Just as he started, I felt my orgasm start and shot my cum between us, between his butt cheeks and onto myself.

The wet feeling in my right hand of his cum and sliding it up and down his dick was great, and compounded by the feeling of my cum on getting smeared between us.

"Ohhhhh my gosh..." With heavy breathing was the next thing I heard. I guess Rob was awake.

"Taking advantage of me in my sleep?" He asked, as he rolled over with his beaming smiled. I giggled as I felt the feeling of the butterflies in my stomach; he was so cute!

"Yeah, I won't do again if you don't want." I said with puppy-dog eyes.

"Are you kidding? You can wake me up every morning like that!!" He exclaimed. We then both laughed.

We lay there enjoying the moment. I was rubbing his lower tummy with my cum-covered had, kind of enjoying rubbing the cum around. Rob was on his back with his hands folded under his head enjoying the attention.

Soon we figured we should get up and get our day going. We took a shower and headed to the kitchen to see if there was anything to eat. We were naked, have forgotten (or not paying mind to the fact) that my parents were home. We were looking in the fridge when my mother came in.

"Are you vultures trying to circle in for the kill? Are you starving?" She said with a laugh.

"Yeah! Mom, we're starving! What's there to eat?"

"I'll make you boys some breakfast. Sit down in the stools at the breakfast bar. What do you want? How about some eggs?" She offered.

"Sounds great! Thanks!" We both said at the same time, and laughed at the coincidence.

While we were waiting for breakfast we started to talk about taking a camping trip. Rob and I each knew we liked to camp, and thought it would be fun. We were getting excited talking about the idea and involved my mother for permission and also some planning.

By the time we were done eating, we had it all planned. My parents would drive us to the forest, more a tropical forest, which was about an hour's drive away. We would hike to a site to camp. We'd spend two nights, and then meet my parents back at the ranger station three days later.

Just as we finished breakfast, the phone rang. I answered it, and was Wesley. He wanted to know what we were up to, and I ended up inviting him and Connor over to play tennis that afternoon.

Later on Wesley and Connor arrived for our tennis date. They looked pretty cute in their shorts, sneakers and t-shirts. It occurred to me that I had never seen them in shirts before, it was a little strange.

We headed out to the tennis court and started to play. Rob and Wesley teamed up against Connor and me for the first match. Rob and Wesley looked so cute across the net. My partner was looking pretty hot too, I thought.

They beat us, which we all had a good laugh about. I justified it to myself (in my head) by saying that I was distracted by the cute boys. I caught myself thinking that, and had a flashback to all the feelings about how it was "wrong" to be staring at boys, and thinking boys were cute. I still struggled with how I felt, despite what Rob and I did, and how our relationship had grown and progressed.

We swapped partners for the second match, and this time Wesley and I won. I wondered if Wesley was that good, or was I focusing on the games more. Fortunately, none of us took the games seriously.

After the game, we were all sweating "like pigs" and were really thirsty. We sat on the patio, and I got everyone water. We talked idly, mostly about the game. They seemed like such nice boys and we all seemed to get along so well. I couldn't help but think about how cute these three boys looked sitting there and all sweaty.

Rob brought up the idea of the camping trip, and asked them if they wanted to join us. At first I was annoyed because I was wanted to be away alone with Rob, but just as quickly, I changed my mind and thought it would be fun.

They seemed really excited and wanted to go. We talked through all the details, and the last step was to talk to all the parents.

"Does anyone want to go swimming?" I asked after the conversation ended, really wanting to go myself.



"Oh yeah!"

"We don't have our shorts with us." Wesley said.

"No problem, you can borrow some of mine, you guys look like my size." I offered.

We headed to my room. I rustled through my drawer and pulled out three pairs of board shorts. Meanwhile Rob pulled a pair out of the drawer I had given him to use. I gave a pair to each of Wesley and Connor, who had already taken off their shoes and socks. Without hesitation they dropped their shorts and underwear. I noticed that Rob was almost as fast. Within a second I did too, not wanting to be left out. We all stood the undoing and getting our board shorts ready to put on. We also didn't miss that chance to check each other out.

Wesley looked really cute naked. He had just the beginning of a bush over his dick. His dick was cut, and really cute. It looked pretty much like mine and about the same size.

Connor was one of those boys who just looked like he was made to be naked. He had the most perfect shape, and his dick was perfectly proportioned. The lines of his chest led so naturally to his tummy and sides, and then down to his hips and his dick. He was cut, and had a few pubic hairs starting. He looked like he was probably really comfortable being naked.

The process of actually getting the shorts ready to put on seemed to take longer than it should, and we were all dragging it out. It was as though none of us was in a rush, while we were standing in a circle there. No one said anything, but it became clear we were kind of checking each other out. I began to feel my dick start "thinking" about getting hard, and decided that I had better put some shorts on. I thought I noticed everyone else's dick starting to twitch and harden. We all used this as the prompt to get dressed. Once dressed before we had four boners, the conversation resumed. The shorts fit them well, and Wesley and Connor looked cute in them. I also liked the fact that they were wearing my shorts. It was kind of exciting.

I had sensed tension in the room - a sexual tension which I thought was exciting. I now suspected that my initial instinct about these boys was right, that perhaps they had a special friendship.

We had a great time at the beach; playing in the waves, horsing around and wrestling. It seemed that physical contact worked its way into the interactions that we had with Wesley and Connor, which I kind of liked. As we did the other day, we all came out of the water with boners in our shorts. We each paid no attention to our own, making no attempts to hide them. We were, however, paying attention to everyone else's boners. It was discrete, or as discrete as 14 year olds are. We stood on the beach for a minute looking at each other, all our minds racing at a mile a minute.

We sat down on the sand when the silence (of checking each other out) became too much. We chatted about our plans for camping and all got really excited.

A while later, we headed back to my house. As we approached the shower I wondered about whether to strip or not. I couldn't decide.

I turned on the water, and let Rob go first, since I thought it would be rude to jump in first ahead of the guests. Rob rinsed off, then opened his shorts and continued to rinse. He then let his shorts drop to the ground and continued to rinse. My question was answered, thankfully. I had reached into the kitchen and gotten four towels while he was rinsing, and gave one to him when he was done. He proceeded to dry off and then wrung his shorts out. When he was sufficiently dry, he wrapped the towel around his waist.

Next, Wesley proceeded to rinse off and then opened his shorts just as Rob had. He let them drop and then turned around so everyone could see him, as Rob had. He looked like he was getting a little hard. At this rate "a little hard" wasn't going to be my problem. "Extremely hard" would be it.

I glanced over at Connor who was adjusting his growing boner, and looking a little uneasy. I looked back and Wesley was already half- if not more than half hard. Wesley had a nice looking dick. It was cut, and if I had to guess, would say that it would be about 4 1/2 to 5 inches hard. I noticed Rob adjusting the tent pole in the towel he had wrapped around himself.

When Wesley was done, he proceeded to dry off as Rob had done and wrapped the towel around himself.

It was Connor's turn, and I could see quite a bulge in his shorts. He got under the water facing out, and dropped his shorts immediately and his boner sprung out. It too was really nice looking and probably about the same size and Rob and me. He had just the beginnings of pubic hair, and really looked cute. We all silently watched him. He did not seem shy at all. When done, he dried off and it was my turn.

I got under the water and dropped my shorts, although not as soon as Connor did. I showed off my boner. I continued to rinse off not watching anyone, but knowing they were staring at me.

"Nice boner!" I heard. I open my eyes to realize that it was Connor who had said it. I laughed and said. "You too! In fact, all of you." That broke the silence and we all laughed.

When I was done, four boys wrapped in towels walked through to my room. Connor and Wesley said they needed to go home, but we agreed to get together the next day to pack and make our camping plans.

I offered Connor and Wesley clean clothes to go home in, and they happily accepted. They only wanted shorts, and said they'd bring them back the next day. They collected their tennis rackets and dirty clothes and we walked out with them. After saying goodbye, they left and we went back into the house.

When Rob and I came back in, we left our towels in the laundry room and headed to the family room to watch TV.

"That was pretty f-ing hot." I said to Rob.

"What part?"

"All of it!!!" I exclaimed

"Yeah, no kidding!" He replied.

We didn't say much else, but watched TV. I wondered what might happen during the camping trip. Was Rob into us all fooling around? I was. Was he OK with that? It would be pretty cool to all suck each other, I thought. As I sat there thinking, I glanced over and noticed Rob getting as hard as I was. He glanced over and then at me.

"You thinking about camping with them too?" He asked.

"How'd you know?"

He reached over and pulled down on my boner a bit and let it spring up to hit my tummy. We both laughed.

"Am I allowed to take care of my problem myself?" I asked.

"I don't know, it's your rule... But then of course, I like the rule too; so... No!" Now he was torturing me.

"I beg you to please take care of this for me!!" I said.

"I will. Later..." He said in a teasing way.

"Wanna lift some weights?" I asked him.

"That's a great idea! Let's go!" He said sounding excited.

We headed down to where I had my new weights set up. We started doing a few different exercises, sometimes helping each other. I thought Rob looked so hot when his muscles were flexing as he was lifting. His tummy muscles were flexing as he did sit-ups, and it was driving me crazy. He was also commenting on my muscles and saying nice they looked. Then how hot they looked.

He was lying on the bench ready to do a bench press when I knelt down beside him and started to suck his mostly hard dick. He giggled then started moaning. I sucked for a few minutes until he was really moaning, then I stopped.

"You're killing me!!" He complained.

"No I'm not... Just wait." I went to the bathroom and got some hand lotion. I spread some on my hand and then on his dick.

"Is this torture now?" I said, as I motioned for him to move off the bench. I lay down on my back, and he immediately moved into position.

His dick sliding in felt incredibly good. Almost good enough to make me cum right then. He slowly started to pump in and out. It was amazing. He stroked my dick as he moaned and continued to pump my butt. Within minutes, he was breathing really heavily and I felt him stiffen up. Then I felt his cum in my ass. He moaned so loud, the thought of my parents hearing crossed my mind; at that moment, I didn't care.

He collapsed on top of me. He kissed me and said.

"Thank you for not making wait like last night!!" We both laughed.

Then it was my turn. We switched positions and I put lotion on my painfully throbbing boner. I wasted no time in finding his beautiful asshole and sliding my dick in. It felt so good; I thought I was going to cum on the first stroke. I proceeded to start pumping his ass slowly. He looked so cute laying there with his legs up and me screwing him. His head was back, eyes closed, and I could see him breathing heavily. With each time I pumped in he would moan. This was amazing.

In a matter of a couple of minutes, I was moaning, and then felt my orgasm start. I felt like I exploded into his ass. I had to bite my lip so as not to scream. It felt like the longest orgasm I had ever had. It was incredible. I collapsed onto Rob breathless and feeling exhausted and spent. We lay there for a couple of minutes enjoying the moment.