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"Josh's Discovery"

By Josh Sohn

From Chapter 7

… Then it was my turn. We switched positions and I put lotion on my painfully throbbing boner. I wasted no time in finding his beautiful asshole and sliding my dick in. It felt so good; I thought I was going to cum on the first stroke. I proceeded to start pumping his ass slowly. He looked so cute laying there with his legs up and me screwing him. His head was back, eyes closed, and I could see him breathing heavily. With each time I pumped in he would moan. This was amazing.

In a matter of a couple of minutes, I was moaning, and then felt my orgasm start. I felt like I exploded into his ass. I had to bite my lip so as not to scream. It felt like the longest orgasm I had ever had. It was incredible. I collapsed onto Rob breathless and feeling exhausted and spent. We lay there for a couple of minutes enjoying the moment.

Chapter 8 – The Camping Trip – Part 1

I jumped out of bed the second I woke up. I think I startled Rob a bit, but he got over it as soon as he was awake and remembered what day it was. I went to the bathroom to start getting ready. A minute later, as had become our habit, he followed me in. We showered together washing each other as was also our custom. We didn't even plan it anymore. I took some shampoo and just immediately reach for Rob's head to start washing his hair. I liked his hair; it was soft and silky, and the most gorgeous shade of blond. In a way it seemed to match his body and his skin perfectly.

We often chatted while we showered. Sometimes it was about what we were planning to do, other times about more intimate things. I liked to admire his body and tell him about different parts that I liked.

I liked taking the soap and lathering him up. I had gotten into a routine. I started with his feet and moved up his legs. His legs were so smooth. I liked the feel of his muscle-tone and his soft skin. I'd got up to his dick (and saved it for later), and then started on his butt. His butt was beautifully shaped; and so firm.

"Your butt has such a perfect shape and is so firm. I wish mine looked like yours." I told him while soaping it and rubbing my hands all over.

"Hmmmm... That feels really nice... Hmmmm... You have a really cute butt that is perfectly shaped too, you know. And, I'm not just saying that; it's true... Hmmm... This feels so nice." He purred.

I then moved up his firm toned back to his shoulders. His shoulders seemed solid, and almost seemed to symbolize his confidence to me. I moved to his neck and the fronts of his shoulders, and started down his chest to his tummy. Sometimes, I'd make a point to spend extra time on his nipples, which usually got him moaning. Today was one of those days.

"I have to make sure that you are clean." I said with a faked concern as I rubbed and played with nipples.

"Ohhhhh... Uuhhhh.... You are going to make me cum if you keep doing that.... Ohhhh.... Oh, that feels sooo good." He purred.

"I'd better move on then." I said teasing him a little. I also had a plan in mind.

His chest was so perfect, in my mind. It was perfectly shaped, and had just the perfect muscle town. The feeling of his chest was amazing. The first prize of all the build-up to this point was getting to his tummy.

I loved his tummy; partly because of the tone and the smooth soft skin that covered it, but mostly because of the perfect shape and tone. I was a slave to perfect tummies and I would do anything for his.

"I love the feeling of the gentle ridges in your tummy... It's so smooth... So firm... I love how your belly button is just so perfect..." I rambled as if I was in heaven caressing him.

"You.... have... no... idea... ohhh... how.... good... this... feels..." He sounds almost like he was in a trance.

As I slowly worked down his tummy, I got to the best prize; his dick. There was something about how the lower tummy led down to the groin. Usually, on boys when dressed, there was the waistline of their pants to act as a divider. When he was naked, I felt that I had “won the prize”.

I was always rock hard by this time, as was he. I finished washing his boner. I only rubbed it a couple of times in anticipation of what we would do in a few minutes.

He gave me the same treatment. It was incredible to feel his hands all over my body. It was such a build-up as he followed a similar sequence on my. I could spend hours feeling his soft hands rubbing me all over. I could feel his warmth and hear him breath. He made little comments about how much he liked some part of me. He might say things like “I love the way I can feel the shape of your tummy”, and “I love how your butt feels so firm.” He drove me crazy.

When the washing was just about complete, and he was stoking my dick, I started stroking his. We came together in what seemed like a matter of seconds, amidst moans and stiffening bodies and then panting. When we were through our highs, we rinsed off.

Other days, before reaching the "best" part of the shower we would start rinsing off. As soon as the suds were gone, one of us would get on our knees and start to suck the other's boner. I knew he really liked my finger in his butt, and I loved the feeling too, and we would usually do it. It never took him long to cum. I loved feeling him start stiffen and grip my shoulders more firmly, as it was the prelude to my morning snack.

Some mornings we would just wash each other, and save the fun for later, although the washing always involved caressing and rubbing.

"That was amazing (pant) ahh!" I said.

"It sure was. I'm glad we have gotten into this routine, ‘cus I sure like it." He said with his big beaming grin.

It still sent those butterflies through my stomach when I'd see his face light up like that. It made me so happy. I was sure he was just as happy.

"I love you." He said staring into my eyes with the water running down him. He had a gently smile on his face.

"I love you too." I replied feeling it more than the words meant.

We knew we needed to get going; we were really excited about the camping trip, so we broke off the gaze.

We dried each other off, which was always fun. I picked out some clothes for Rob to wear that were a mix of mine and his.

I didn't know if my parents had noticed us wearing each other's clothes or not. I knew there were a couple of times they must have noticed, such as the party we had been to where Rob did bring any clothes that would have worked. What about the rest of the times? I wondered. We regularly swapped board shorts. Did they notice? Did they think it weird? They hadn't said anything or even given any funny looks. I decided not to worry about it. Anyway, I loved wearing his clothes, and I thought it was so hot when he wore my clothes. I think he enjoyed it as much as I did.

As a slight digression...

There had been on day when we had gone to the mall and the arcade together. While there, I had gotten an idea. Part way through the day, I suggested that we swap clothes. We went into a clothing store and took clothes to a dressing room to try on. We went in together, but didn't try the clothes on. Instead we undressed each other and swapped clothes. I thought it was wild to put on Rob's warm clothes. His body heat and his smell in the clothes got me so hot. I think he really enjoyed it too; as I recall we had boners for some while.

After a bit, I couldn't take it anymore, and headed into another store and did the same thing. This time, when we were in the changing room, I got down in front of Rob and undid the shorts he was wearing and unzipped them. I let them fall to floor and I about inhaled his boner. I was so horny, I practically swallowed his dick! Rob managed to not moan, but released the tension by holding onto my shoulders. He grasped them more and more firmly as he came closer to cumming. Seconds later, I got a snack. Once he could breathe again, and he regained his senses, we reversed position. It was incredible to get sucked by him, while wearing clothes that smelled of him, and in a place as daring as a changing room. I recall cumming pretty quickly, and feeding him his well-deserved snack.

Anyway, back to where we were.

We wore hiking shorts, hiking boots, socks, and t-shirts. We decided not to wear underwear as we both felt as though it was a little daring and could be fun. Rob and I talked about the "issue" I had sometimes and he mentioned that he kind of had the same issue with getting boners. We agreed that it might be fun to take the risk that today.

I had a specific order I liked to dress Rob in. I started with his socks. I then put his shorts on but only up to his knees so that I could put his boots on. After that was his t-shirt. I kissed each nipple before pulling his shirt down. Finally, I pulled his shorts up, but sucked his (now) boner a couple of times and kissed the head before doing his pants up.

"Hmmmm... That feels nice... That's it??!" He said with mock protesting.

"Yup-" I started to say.

"Yeah, I know; 'later'." He said smiling and giggling.

He then dressed me in much the same order. It was such a tease to feel him put my socks on then my shorts and my boots. It’s strange how when someone else puts clothing on you, it may look like it's on just the same as you would do it, but they don't feel quite the same. I liked that feeling, it was a warm feeling.

The "warm" feeling may also have had to do with the way he played with and then kissed my nipples before pulling my shirt down, and the way he kissed and caressed my tummy too. I had such a boner. As I had done to him, he sucked me a few times before pulling my shorts up. I groaned, but he reminded me that we'd have time later.

We were curious to see if Connor and Wesley wanted to fool around. They were really cute, and it would be fun to see what could happen. We had talked a lot about the time when we all got changed in my room and about the shower after the beach. We had decided that they were probably into what we were into.

After picking up Connor and Wesley at Wesley's house we were off! We were really excited, and were all talking a mile a minute through the whole trip. Through this, my dad was trying to make sure that we all knew the arrangements. We had agreed to meet back at the ranger station, where he would drop us off, in three days time. We had agreed to exactly what camp site we'd be in, and my parents had talked to the rangers.

I don't think any of the parents were worried about us as we had all been boy scouts up until this past year. Rob and I had both really been into it, and had earned lots of merit badges. It turned out that Wesley and Connor had really been avid scouts too. They had left the pack because it disbanded after the summer before 9th grade. Rob and I had left because of our moves that brought us there.

We got to the ranger station where my dad was to drop us off. We said goodbye, and he went through all the plans and instructions one more time. We then went in and met the ranger, and reviewed the plans again. I was so desperate to get going and pretty tired of reviewing the plan. I knew it was a parent thing, and that made ok, or so I told myself.

Finally!! We started hiking the three-mile trail over to where we were going camp out. The trail was beautiful. There was thick tropical brush and lots of vines in the tree. It was fun; as soon as we all hit the trail, our scout instincts came back. We were relatively quiet and focused on what we’re doing. We watched the trail carefully, and everything around us.

I was the last in line. Rob was leading, with Wesley behind him and Connor ahead of me. This was a nice chance to check out these boys from behind. Their butts were mostly covered by their back packs, but they had nice muscle tone in their legs. I still thought Rob had the cutest legs, but I may have been biased.

"He guys, I need to take a piss." I said after we had hiked a mile or two.

"Me too!" Connor said.

I stepped off the trail and began to drop my shorts.  Normally, I might just take my dick out through the zipper, but I felt like doing it this way now. As I did Connor walked up beside me and started to the same. Then, Wesley and Rob gathered around. We all had our shorts around our knees and were pissing. We stood in silence checking each other out. Bit by bit I felt my dick start to harden a bit. As I looked around, everyone else was starting to get boners to one degree or another. When I was done, I was mostly hard. I shook my dick off and started to pull my short up. Everyone was hard too, and did the same. As we did up our shorts, the conversation resumed.

"That felt good." I said.

"Did it ever!" Connor chimed in.

We got back in formation and continued to out camp site.

The campsite was beautiful. It was secluded in a clearing next to a pond that was more like a widening of a small river that ran through. The sun was shining on the banks of the pond, yet it was a little cooler at the site itself. There did not seem to be anything or anyone around us at all. The site seemed to be really secluded.

The site had a clearing where we could pitch our tents and there was evidence of where people had previous camp fires. We knew we were going to need to dig a hole, as there were no facilities or outhouses.

We took the first while to get settled. Before any work started, I shed my shirt, as it was a bit warm and humid. As I did that, Rob also commented on the humidity and took his shirt off. Gosh, he looked so so cute in his hiking shorts and boots with no shirt, I thought. Rob had not even finished taking his shirt off, when Connor and Wesley did the same.

"Good idea!" Wesley said as his shirt came off.

"Yeah!" Connor chimed in.

I was happy they had, because they were almost as cute in their shorts as Rob was. Well, they were probably just as cute, but I was biased. The site of these three boys in their hiking shorts without shirts was amazing. I knew that if I didn't get busy with something, I would get a boner.

Rob and I brought one tent we planned to share. We were not surprised when it turned out that Wesley and Connor had only brought one tent too. The tents went up in no time; after all, we were boy scouts!

The next task was to divide up the chores to get the camp site ready. Wesley agreed to dig the "outhouse" hole, while the rest of us went to look for firewood. We figured it would be tough to find dry wood, but we would try.

After about an hour or so, we found a pile of wood that previous campers must have accumulated. It was quite dry and perfect. What luck we commented!

After bringing back what seemed like a huge pile and stacking it, we felt we were set. At about the same time, Wesley came back from his duty.

"I think the hole should work out fine. It's about three or four feet deep, so it should work." Wesley reported back.

We all praised him and went to check it out. It looked great, and we thanked him. He thanked us for the firewood.

"Wow, I am hot, sweaty and dirty! I am going to go for a swim." Wesley announced. With that he got a towel from his tent and was ready to head to the river.

"Me too!"


"Good idea!"

Everyone else chimed in. with towels in hand, we headed to 20 or so feet to the banks of the pond. I wondered what the plan was. I wondered if Wesley’s plan was that he was going to go skinny dipping. It didn't take long for my question to be answered.

We set our towels down on a rock, and all took our hiking boots and socks off. Then, without really looking at anyone else, we pulled our shorts off. Wesley and Connor knew that Rob and I didn't have underwear on, so that may have set the tone for whether or not we were going skinny dipping. After stripping their shorts off, they shucked their boxers.

The silence was broken by us all diving in with yells of delight!

The pond was a fair size and crystal clear. There was a waterfall at one end and a small river leading from the other. The far side of the pond had a steep wall of rock with the forest above. There was a rock formation on the side where we had set up camp that provided a flat ledge some 10 or 15 feet in height, which also appeared to make a good diving rock.  The water was surprisingly warm; perhaps warm is an overstatement, but it was not cold the way you might expect a mountain stream to be.

We swam and played in the water for what seemed like quite a while. We played in the waterfall, dove off the rock and played games. As was becoming the trend, we seemed to include a lot of physical contact in our games. It tended not to be overt, but more subtle. It seemed that in not very much time, we were sporting proud boners. It was really cool when anyone climbed the rocks and dove off. You could see their boners wagging in front of them as they walked. No one overtly paid attention to anyone else's boner, but I suspect everyone was looking as much as I was.

After a while we were all getting somewhat tired and agreed to get out and get ready for the evening. I led the group getting out of the water. We dried of and put our shorts, socks and boots back on. Interestingly, Connor and Wesley didn't put their boxers back on. Instead they tossed them into their tent.

We started a fire and rigged up a cooking surface where we could heat up the canned food we had brought. We felt it was a bit early to eat, so we hung out around the campfire talking.

"This place is sooo cool!" Connor commented.

"Have you guys been here before?" Wesley asked.

"I have. I camped here a few months ago with my parents." I said. "What's nice is that there are not a lot of camp sites and they are all really far apart. Like that they all seem like they are the only ones, and you feel like you are totally alone. Plus, they are all really basic like this one. It's good if that's what you're up for." I added.

Everyone chimed in about how cool it was, and how you have to know what you're doing to camp here.

Dinner seemed particularly good. I'm not sure how canned stew can seem to taste so much better in one place over another, but it seemed to. It probably had to do with the fresh air, all the activity, and the fact that we had forgotten to eat lunch. It might also have had to do with the three cute boys sitting around me, I thought.

It got dark and the only light we had was that of the camp fire. We continued to talk as Connor made a suggestion. Connor seemed to be the adventurous one, or maybe even the trouble maker.

"Hey, how about a game of truth or dare??"


"Good idea!"


These were the responses around the group. I had a flash of I'm not sure what go through me. What if they ask about Rob and me? What are the "dares" going to be? What if they make Rob and me do stuff? It was too late. We had all agreed. I then calmed myself down thinking about how Rob and I were pretty sure they did what we did.

Connor went to his tent and came back with a bottle of rum.

"I swiped this from my parents and thought it might be fun!" He said with a bit of a devilish hint.

He was welcomed with cheers from all of us. Rob and I liked the occasional beer or two or three at a party and had done a couple of shots on a dare so we had some idea of where this might go. We had no idea that Wesley and Connor partied like that too. "Cool!" I thought. I looked over at Rob and he seemed to be into it.

I had a feeling that the evening might get interesting. I was up for whatever happened, and hoped Rob was too.

"So, how do we want to play?" Wesley asked.

"How do you guys usually play?" Rob asked assuming they did.

"Who ever's turn it is picks someone. Then they ask the other person a question. That person gets to decide if they want to answer or not by saying 'truth or dare'. If it's 'truth' they have to answer honestly. If it's 'dare' they have to do whatever the other one says." Connor explained.

"How do we pick who goes first?" I asked, getting excited that this might be a really fun game.

"How about we draw straws?" Rob suggested.

Everyone agreed and Wesley looked around for four small sticks that would work. Once we had all picked, we compared. Wesley had gotten the short stick, so he went first.

"So... Let's see... Josh!" Wesley said with a grin.

I was excited and nervous.

"Let's see... Have you ever kissed a girl?" Wesley asked.

"Dare!" I said, more curious than anything to see what the dare might be. I hadn't kissed a girl before and doubted that it would be a surprise in this group.

"Ok, dare... Ahhh... Hmmm... I know; I dare you to drink a shot of rum!" Wesley commanded.

"Ok." I said, partly relieved, partly disappointed, but also excited that the game hadn't gone into high-gear too quickly.

Connor poured me a small shot and I drank it. Everyone cheered.

"Your turn!" Wesley said to me.

"Hmmm... Who to ask... Hmmm... Connor! Now let's see... Do you jerk off?" I asked.

"Truth! ... hmmm ... Yes." Connor responded, seemingly trying to look like he was hesitating.

There was a wave of energy that seemed to go around the group. It was probably more hormones than anything else.

"My turn!" Connor announced.

"Rob! ... Let's see... Have you ever jerked off with anyone else?" he asked staring at Rob with a big grin.

"Ummm... Dare!" Rob said after thinking for a minute.

"Another 'dare'. Hmmm..." Connor contemplated.

"Hey, let's have another drink!" I suggested; which was met with cheers. Connor poured everyone a drink, albeit bigger than the last one. We all took our shots. After a couple coughing gags, it was all down.

"I know! Rob, I dare you to strip!" Connor commanded proudly, trying to make it seem as though it had just come to him. I suspected that it was all a lot more planned than that.

Without much hesitation, Rob took his hiking boots and then socks off. He then stood up and undid his hiking shorts and pulled them down to his ankles. He stood up for a second, then reached down and took them off. He stood for a couple of seconds grinning. His dick was mostly soft and was very cute. In fact all of him was cute in the light of the campfire which was accented by the moonlight.  He then sat down and started to giggle. I knew why; it was now his turn.

"Wesley!" Rob said with a mischievous giggle which got Wesley's attention.

"Let's see... What do I want to know?..." He asked tapping a finger on his chin pretending to be pensive.

"Have you ever jerked anyone else off?" Rob asked with a sense of victory.

"Ahhh... Dare." Wesley replied.

"A 'dare', huh?... Ok...I know, don't get comfy in your shorts; I dare you to strip!" Rob commanded.

This was met with a roar of laughter. And Wesley proceeded to take his boots and socks off. As Rob had done, he stood up and undid his hiking shorts and let them fall to his ankles. As he did this, his boner popped out and was revealed. He stepped out of his shorts, and stood there grinning proudly for a couple of seconds and then sat down.

I felt my dick starting to harden up, and knew that if my shorts came off soon, I would be displaying a proud boner too.

"Josh!" he said looking at me. I smiled in return with a giggle.

"Let's see... Have you ever been jerked off by a boy?" Wesley asked with a grin.

"Dare!" I responded without hesitation. I figured the answer was known already and anyway, I liked the trend of us all stripping.

"A 'dare', huh? Let's see... I dare you to take Connor's shorts off." Wesley commanded, much to my surprise.

Connor took his hiking boots and socks off and stood up. As I approached him, I could see his boner in his shorts already. He giggled and grinned as I stood in front of him. Rob and Wesley watched intently amongst some giggles.

I reached over and undid the button on his shorts and then the zipper. Until just a few weeks ago, I had never touched another boy's clothes while they were on him, let alone taken them off. This was cool, I thought.

I let his shorts slide down to reveal a really nice looking boner standing proudly. He giggled a bit and had a huge grin. As his shorts landed at his ankles there were cheers and applauds from the group. I motioned for Connor to step out of his shorts and I waved them as though they were a victory flag.

Now it was my turn. There had been a bit of a twist. I wanted get rid of my shorts, but wasn't going to dare someone to take my own shorts off. Hmm... I had to think quickly.

"How about another shot!" I suggested. My idea was met with cheers and another round of shots was poured. Fortunately, they weren't big because this would not be as much fun if we were all bombed.

Now I had to decide.

"Connor!" I said, hoping something would come to me.

"Have you ever had a fantasy about messing around with a boy?" As I asked this, I hoped I wasn't revealing too much. My question however, was met with cheers.

"Dare." He replied, which I figured he would.

"Another 'dare'... Ok... I dare you to stand up and stroke your dick 10 times." I commanded.

Without hesitation, and with a huge grin, he stood up and proceeded to wrap his hand around his boner and start to jerk off. We all watched with our eyes glued to the show. And, he was putting a show on. I saw Rob and Wesley fiddling with their boners as we watched Connor. I was rubbing mine through my shorts.  After a minute or so, Connor stopped, opened his eyes and sat down. He looked like he was really getting into it.

"My turn." Connor announced.

"Josh! I dare you to strip!" He commanded.

"What no more questions??" I pretended to protest.

The whole group chimed in with "Why bother" and things like that. I certainly agreed.

With that, I took off my hiking boots and socks. I stood up and looked around, and slowly undid the button on my shorts. In a slow and teasing way I proceed to slowly unzip my shorts. My show was met with cheers, and I was having a tough time not doubling over in laughter. Once naked, I stood for a minute and proudly showed off my boner.

"My turn again. I like this!  Let's see... Wesley!  I dare you to rub Rob's dick 10 times." I said looking at Wesley and Rob. My dare was met with cheers, and ear-to-ear grins from Rob and Wesley.

Rob stood and put his arms at his sides waiting as Wesley came over to perform his dare. Wesley got down on his knees in front of Rob and gently took Rob's dick in his right hand. Rob moaned softly. Wesley proceeded to slowly start to jerk Rob off. He then started to rub Rob's thigh, then butt, and finally his tummy with his left hand. Rob was now moaning more perceptibly, and looked like he was really getting into it. Wesley carried on for a minute and then stopped.

We all sat down again. It was Wesley's turn. He looked like he was planning something.

"Rob!  Hmmmm..." Wesley said with a huge grin while giggling. Rob was smiling with his usual glowing grin.

"I dare you to suck Connor's dick 10 times." Wesley said.

Amongst cheers, Connor stood up and Rob went over and knelt in from of him. Rob looked at Connor's boner for a second and then began to slowly take it into his mouth. Connor moaned and was obviously really enjoying it. Rob gently rubbed Connors thighs, butt, tummy and chest with his hands.

Wesley and I were stroking our dicks while watching. Wesley then reached over and started to stroke my dick. I was a little surprised, but immediately accepted his favor and reached over for his dick. We watched the show that Rob and Connor were putting on, and it was a show.

A minute later, Rob pulled away. Connor opened his eyes and looked at Rob, who was looking up, and said "That felt really good. Why don't you lie down?"

With that Rob lay down and Connor moved around and lay down with head by Rob's dick. He looked and it and began to suck it. He returned the same caressing treatment he had received, and Rob was in heaven.

Wesley and I watched and then got up and walked over. I lay down with my head by Connor's dick and began to suck it. Wesley moved into to position and began to suck my dick. The feeling was incredible. Rob looked over at Wesley's dick that was right at his face and started to suck it.

Connor's dick was kind of like Rob's in a way. It was about the same size, I think a little bigger. It was silky and smooth like Rob's and didn't really taste of anything. The parts of his body that I could reach were soft and smooth like Rob as well. I could feel his muscle tone giving shape and contours.

The feeling of Wesley sucking my dick and caressing me was amazing. He sucked a little differently from Rob, but just as well. I felt him rubbing my tummy which was driving me crazy. I really hoped I wasn't going to cum too fast.

I felt movement and stopped to look around. Connor had stopped sucking Rob and looked like he wanted to switch things up. We moved around so that Connor was sucking me, I was sucking Wesley, Wesley was sucking Rob, and Rob was sucking Connor. The same incredible feelings returned. Wesley's dick was about the same size as Rob's and felt great to suck. His body felt so smooth, and like Connor and Rob; the contours and feeling of his muscle tone through his skin was amazing. I again hoped I wouldn't cum too fast.

We all carried on like this for a while. Moaning and slurping noises were the only sounds to be heard other than the occasional insect.

We shifted around a couple more times. This was amazing. Finally we moved so that Wesley and Connor were sucking each other. Rob and I started to watch them. We were both breathing heavily. We moved over and began to caress the two beautiful boys who were treating each other with what looked like such love. Sometimes their caressing moved over to Rob and me. Connor then started stroking Rob's boner, and Wesley started on mine. Everything about this felt incredible.

I saw Connor start to stiffen up and his muscles tense. He started to moan loudly. This was followed by Wesley tensing up and his muscles flexing. Then they each came into each other's mouths. There were grunts and moans and heavy breathing.

A minute later, they each rolled onto their backs panting and still moaning a bit.

"That... was... amazing!" Connor managed to get out.

"Oh man!!... It sure was!" Wesley replied.

Rob and I were so horny at this point we were ready to explode. We lay down much the way Connor and Wesley had been and started to almost frantically suck each other. Connor and Wesley were rubbing and caressing us all over. This was too much, and inside of a minute or two, Rob and I tensed up and shot our loads into each other's mouths, amongst load moans.

We rolled over onto our backs and were breathing heavily, almost as though we had just run a race.

"That was amazing!" Rob managed to get out.

"It sure was!" Connor added.

"Was it ever!" Wesley added.

We all sat in silence for a moment, and I then started to laugh.

"I guess it's all out in the open now!" I said looking at everyone. My comment was met with barreling laughter from everyone else.

We spent the rest of the evening sitting in front of the fire talking. Rob and I were leaning on each other, while Connor and Wesley were doing the same.

"So I'm guessing you guys have been 'friends' for a while?" Rob asked.

"Yeah, it’s been a couple of years. How about you two?" Wesley responded with.

"We met when the school year started and became good friends, but I only managed to get into Josh's pants a few weeks ago." Rob said giggling and teasing me.

"Hey! You have no idea how many times I jerked off thinking about what your dick was like! And plus, you could have just pulled my pants down whenever you wanted!" I retorted with. Now we were all laughing.

"You had me so horny on the beach every time we went." I said now directing this to Connor and Wesley, "he would ask me to spread sunscreen on his back. I would get an instant boner." I added.

"Yeah I did, but you didn't limit yourself to my back. I loved it! And, you gave me the biggest boners!!" Rob replied, and we all got another laugh.

"Yeah, well Connor would find any reason to get changed at my house. It always seemed that he had to strip naked, even if it just seemed that he had to change his shirt. I'm not complaining, because I loved it! I noticed that he always started to get a boner too." Wesley explained.

"It was fun. I know you checked me out! I always wished that you would strip and get changed too. I know you did sometimes. It was really funny when you told that you didn't because you were getting boners!" Connor replied with as we all laughed again.

The evening drew late and we decided to get some sleep. We said good night and headed to our tents.

Rob and I snuggled up and fell asleep almost instantly. I guess all the fresh air, activity, and not to mention the rum had worn us out.

I awoke the next morning to the feeling of desperately needing to piss. It took me a second to realize where I was. I hopped up out of the sleeping bag arrangement that Rob and I were sharing and practically ran to the pond with my morning boner wagging in front of me. I stood at the edge and started one of the most satisfying pisses of my life.

Having a minute to think, now being a little more awake, last night started coming back to me. I had very mixed feelings. It was getting harder to deny the possibility that I might be gay. What if I was?  I can't be; it's just a phase I told myself. I have to stop thinking about this I thought.

As my piss was winding down, and I was feeling better (physically at least), it was beginning to occur to me that I was standing out in the middle of the woods naked. What if Connor or Wesley woke up, and had regrets about last night and were freaked out? Worse what if Rob had regrets about last night? One of my questions was about to be answered.