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"Josh's Discovery"

By Josh Sohn

From Chapter 8

...I awoke the next morning to the feeling of desperately needing to piss. It took me a second to realize where I was. I hopped up out of the sleeping bag arrangement that Rob and I were sharing and practically ran to the pond with my morning boner wagging in front of me. I stood at the edge and started one of the most satisfying pisses of my life.

Having a minute to think, now being a little more awake, last night started coming back to me. I had very mixed feelings. It was getting harder to deny the possibility that I might be gay. What if I was? I can't be; it's just a phase I told myself. I have to stop thinking about this I thought.

As my piss was winding down, and I was feeling better (physically at least), it was beginning to occur to me that I was standing out in the middle of the woods naked. What if Connor or Wesley woke up, and had regrets about last night and were freaked out? Worse what if Rob had regrets about last night? One of my questions was about to be answered.


Chapter 9 The Camping Trip Part 2

I looked over my shoulder when I heard a noise. I saw Rob rushing up to the pond with his boner leading the way. He must have had the same issue I did.

"Ahhhhhh!!!" He exclaimed as he started to piss into the pond. I chuckled.

"I had the same problem!" I shared. We both got a chuckle.

"That was amazing last night." Rob said as soon as he could speak and think.

"What do you think they are thinking? What if they regret the whole thing? What-" I was spewing out my worries, as Rob interrupted me.

"Stop worrying, I have a feeling everything is fine. Think back to everything that led up to last night. I think they are fine.... 'Goof ball'!!!" He reassured me. With the reference to my name for him being used towards me, we laughed.

We were still standing there; our boners had not gone anywhere. We were surprised by Connor and Wesley rushing up to the pond to do just what we had. They too had the problem that every 14 year old has in the morning, a boner that won't quit!

"Hey, good morning!" We both said to them.

"Ahhhhh" and "Oh yeah...." Was about all we got back until the bladder pressure was relieved. This made us laugh at their state.

Once we were all done, the four of us stood there with our morning wood. There was a brief second of silence; almost as through everyone was trying to figure what to say.

"That was a lot of fun last night." Connor said with what sounded like a hint of reservation.

"It sure was!" Wesley added more confidently.

I knew this was the time to take the opening to cement the friendship and agreed. Rob chimed in too. Thankfully, it did not seem that there were regrets about last night.

After us all standing virtually staring at each other's boner for what was (quite) a few seconds, Wesley said "Man, am I hungry!" We all agreed and walked back to the camp to have something to eat.

While eating, we ended up talking about our fun the night before. We shared our concerns about what everyone was thinking and might think. It turned out we had the same fears, and yet all felt the same way. Rob and I were "committed" to each other, as were Connor and Wesley and we had all just had some fun. I think we all felt better, I for one knew that I did.

After we ate, we decided what the plan for the day was going to be. We would get cleaned up and then go for a hike. This would be a good chance to exercise our orienteering skills and remember all our Boy Scout stuff we didn't want to forget.

We took our soap and shampoo and headed to the pond to take a bath. We all got wet, and then headed for shallower water to soap up. Without even thinking, Rob and I engaged in our usual bathing routine. Wesley and Connor watched me wash Rob's hair and I then start soaping up his legs. We didn't even really notice at first that they were watching. I continued up Rob's butt to his back and then down his arms and his front. By the time I got to his tummy, Connor had started to wash Wesley in the similar way. Needless to say, there were four very hard boners in no time at all.

Without rinsing, Rob started washing me in the same sequence. I loved the feeling of his hands all over me. He had such a gentle touch. I opened my eyes and saw Wesley now washing Connor. They had moved close to us. The only sounds that could be heard were the water fall, the sounds of soapy hands caressing, the odd bird, and the occasional moans from us.

As Rob was getting done washing me, we moved to stand in front of each other, with Connor and Wesley almost making a circle. Rob and I started to jerk each other off slowly. Wesley and Connor started to do the same. Within a minute all four of us were moaning and about ready to shoot. Then the familiar feeling started bubbling up inside me and I had a great orgasm. Rob came at just about the same time as me, followed by Connor and the Wesley.

When we all came down from our highs, and giggled a bit about what we had just done. Partly, it was the openness with which we had just had such intimacy, and it was probably also the daring of doing such a thing out in the open.

"Do you guys do that a lot? 'Cus it was really cool!" Connor asked.

"Actually, we do it almost every time we shower together. I didn't think much when I started washing Rob just now." I admitted feeling a little shy about what we'd done.

"That is so cool!! I really liked it!" Wesley responded, then turned to Connor and said "We should do it more; the trick is going to be able to shower together at my house."

We rinsed off in the water and played around a bit. We all walked back to the camp site, dried off and got dressed.

We got the camp site ready, and packed a couple of light loads to take hiking. Although we packed t-shirts just in case, we headed out shirtless. Rob and Connor took the backpacks for the first while.

They all looked so hot in their hiking shorts with backpacks. I felt my dick stir in my hiking shorts. I wondered if I looked hot too. It's hard to tell how you look to someone else. I did for sure that they looked hot!

The hike was fascinating. We saw interesting plants, insects, and birds. We were careful to respect the environment as best we could. We felt he had learned a lot as boy scouts and wanted to be good citizens in the jungle.

The trail we followed was supposed to take us to the top of a hill from which there were supposed to be incredible views of the island. I had never been there, but the ranger told us about it. We had checked it out on the map, were excited to go there.

In places the trail got challenging, either because it was steep or the path got narrow with a cliff on one side. Overall, the trail did not look well-used and was overgrown in places.

All along the way, we were leaving markers so we would know where we had come from. The markers were either arrangements of rocks, a distinct pile of leaves, or some twigs set up a certain way. We wanted to be sure we could retrace our steps back.

"Guys! I need to take a piss." Wesley announced from the end of the line after a while of hiking. We all chimed in with how it sounded like a good idea. Unlike the day before, there was no shyness or hesitation on anyone's part about pulling our shorts down all together. We gathered around and immediately undid the buttons on our shorts, then the zippers and pulled them down. None of us had worn underwear which was cool.

"You have a really cute dick, Wesley. I thought that the first time I saw it in my room that day you guys came over to play tennis." I said looking at Wesley, remembering my initial impression. I was also a little surprised at how open I was; I had not expected that of myself.

"Thanks! That was pretty wild that day. We had so much wanted to see you guys naked. I was trying to take as long as I could to put my shorts on in the hopes that you guys wouldn't rush either. But then when I started to get a boner, I thought I'd better hurry up." He said with a laugh at the end. We all agreed.

"That shower outside was cool too. I knew I was going to get a boner and decided that I saw Rob getting one I didn't care so much. Plus, it's not like we weren't as hard as rocks coming out of the sea!!" Connor added with a smirk at the end.

"You're not kidding. I loved horsing around with you guys in the water." Rob added, obviously thinking back. It was also obvious because his dick was starting to get hard. We all looked over and laughed, because we knew it was going to be seconds before the rest of us started. As expected, within seconds there we were sporting four proud boners.

The humidity was high and the temperature was warm. Understandably, we were all sweating like anything. Watching the sweat run down Rob's body had been a huge turn-on from the first time I had watched it. I found the sweatiness of Connor and Wesley to be equally hot. I liked to watch the beads of sweat run down their necks, onto their chests and pick up speed as they traversed their tummies. I felt like I was memorized.

Having finished pee'ing some time before, and having used up this as a chance to be naked together, we started to pull our shorts up.

"Hey guys! We haven't seen anyone all day, right?" I asked.

Everyone agreed.

"I dare everyone to hike the next while with no shorts!" I challenged with a mischievous grin.

There was a burst of laughter and everyone proceeded to take their shorts off instead of pulling them up. We stashed them in the backpacks and set off again.

I was third in line with Rob right ahead of me. His butt was so cute; I couldn't help but stare at it. I think he knew and started wiggle it and put on a show. I giggled. The show was not lost on Wesley who was behind me.

"I love you, goof ball." I said without even thinking, although not very loud. I immediately regretted it and blushed. Rob whipped around, and I thought he was going to be mad. I had gotten too comfortable, and revealed more to Connor and Wesley than he wanted.

"I love you too, cutey." He said with his trademark glow in his face. His eyes were bright and his smile was captivating. My heart just went from having sunk to my feet to being in my through. I was getting choked up and those damn butterflies were on my tummy again. . How I loved this boy!

By now Connor stopped and looked around. After we were done, he walked past us and kissed Wesley on the lips and said "I love you, Wes."

"I love you too, Conny." Wesley responded.

No words were needed. We had all, through a slip of my tongue, learned just how special our relationships were. We embraced our lovers for a minute, wiped our eyes,

"'Goof ball'??? What's that from?" Connor asked with a sweet giggle.

We explained where it had come from, which provided. Good laugh and the levity we needed.

Lunch couldn't have come soon enough, I thought as we found a clearing all collapsed. We had made sandwiches that tasted better than any I'd ever had.

"Wow, this is good!! Connor, you can cook for me anytime!!" I said pointing at the sandwich.

"I just put the bologna and cheese on the bread! You're probably just really hungry!" He said with a laugh. We then all bantered about how in fact it was particularly good. The fact was that we were just really hungry.

It was so cool sitting around hanging out naked with these guys. I loved being naked and thought life probably couldn't get better. They were so cute, and felt we were all so free.

We decided to put our shorts back on, not knowing what was ahead and figuring we had been pretty lucky so far. It was a shame, but these boys were still really cute. Plus, it would be a shame to get an insect bite in an unfortunate place too!

A while later, we began to approach the clearing we thought was the top of the hill. There seemed to be a tower there, which was interesting than we had imagined. The tower was made of stone, and appeared to have been built long long ago. It was 50 feet or so high and had a stair case. We couldn't figure out why it was there, or how it had been built. The only way to it seemed to be the trail we took.

We climbed the stairs and got to the top. The view was amazing. We could see what looked to be most of the island. We could see the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea. We were all dumbfounded at the beauty.

I was looking over one side, and Rob came up to me and put his arm around my waist and held onto my tummy. Oh, how I loved when he did that. I did the same to him. "I love you so much." He whispered in my ear.

"I love you too! So much!! ... Goof ball." I said back trying to suppress the butterflies he set loose in my stomach. How could he do that so well, I wondered.

I heard a noise and looked over to my left across Rob, which prompted him to look too. The noise was Connor and Wesley in a very tender embrace kissing. They too, apparently had found something romantic about the setting. We watched for a minute. I put my finger gently under Rob's chin and turned his head towards me. I slowly moved towards his lips and we began to kiss. It was gentle but incredibly passionate. We held our bodies against each other. The slippery feeling of sweat between us was intoxicating. A minute later I felt something wet on my cheek that thought it was not sweat. I figured it might be a tear from Rob. How could I love this boy so much, I wondered. It didn't matter; I did.

A few minutes later, we broke our kiss. I suspected that Connor and Wesley may still be kissing, and so we just went back to enjoying the scenery... the natural scenery, not the boy scenery!

I was so horny and such a boner, I would happily have dropped my shorts and jerked off on the spot. At the same time, I decided to save it for later. I felt the front of Rob's shorts and gave him a little squeeze. I knew he was hard, but wanted to tease him. He groaned in response, already knowing I was going to make him wait.

Finally the other two came back to earth and broke their kiss. "That must be the longest kiss in history! We had sex and got cleaned up just waiting!" Rob joked with a laugh.

"If you knew how well he kissed, you'd not want to stop either!" Connor said nudging Wesley.

"Oh stop, you're pretty good too, you know." He replied, and we all had a good laugh.

For yet another time that day, I felt our relationships had grown. It seemed that we knew Connor and Wesley so well, somehow.

By the time we got back to the camp, it was time to build a fire and get dinner going. We were starving! Given how hot and sweaty we'd gotten on our hike, we decided to take a swim before dinner.

We swam, dove, and played in the water. We played the games we were getting used to playing. However, this time was different. Although we grabbed each other and played like we had before, this time it was different. It wasn't as overtly sexual as it had been. We still got boners, and played around, but our relationship had moved past trying to grab a cheap feel. I wasn't sure what had changed, but I liked it.

We headed back to the camp, led by our boners, and dried off. We sat down on the blanket we'd laid out and started heating dinner. We had beef stew again. It was something we all really liked and it was convenient so it worked out. Like lunch, dinner tasted amazingly good.

The banter ensued about what great cooks Wesley and Rob were for having created the amazing feast, and they protested saying that they had only opened cans and heated the stew. It was lots of fun and we all had some good laughs.

After dinner was done and cleaned up, we all lay on the blanket together and relaxed. We started out with Rob and me lying together, touching and caressing each other while Connor and Wesley did the same. The conversation was relaxed and sincere.

It was amazing how the last couple of days had evolved our friendship and how much more openly we talked.

The fire was crackling, and we could hear the waterfall in the distance. There was the occasional insect we could hear, and the only other sound was the quiet conversation we were having. The gentle moonlight that was accenting the glowing light of the fire added a peaceful and serene feel.

"The moonlight on the pond is beautiful. Does anyone was to go for a walk?" Wesley asked.

"Good idea." Connor replied and started to get up with Wesley. Rob and I agreed, and we all strolled down to the rock ledge by the pond. Rob and I walked hand in hand, as did Connor and Wesley.

We sat on top of the rock looking out over the water fall admiring the scenery. The moonlight danced on the water, as we heard the gentle sound of the water fall.

I felt Rob's finger under my chine turning my head, as I had done earlier to him. We kissed gently but with a passion that spoke volumes about how we felt about each other. This seemed to prompt Wesley and Connor to do the same. Although I was getting horny enough that I could have exploded, I was more mesmerized by our kiss and caressing. This boy was driving me crazy and I loved him so much.

After a while, we headed back to the campsite. We resumed our positions on the blanket and enjoyed the fire we had stoked and added wood to. I loved blazing fires; there was something almost hypnotic about them.

We lay partly on each other, randomly stroking and caressing whatever part of whomever was under our hands. It was one of the nicest times I had ever had. We were so comfortable with each other.

After a while of us moving around and adjusting our positions from time to time, and having a chance to caress some other part of someone else, I felt a familiar feeling. The feeling of lips wrapping themselves around the head of my dick followed by the sensation of my dick slipping into a mouth was incredible. It took a minute to realize that Rob' head was still on my chest I wondered who was sucking my dick. I looked down to see Wesley slowly and gently sucking my dick. I hoped he wasn't going to get too intense because it wasn't going to take too long to cum. It was an amazing feeling.

I realized that Connor's boner was within reach so I shifted and began to suck it. He had a nice dick, and felt nice in my mouth. I still loved Rob's dick the best, but his was nice.

Soon, Rob was sucking Wesley's dick, and Connor was sucking Rob's. This was amazing.

We shifted around after a few minutes and swapped partners. Although I knew Connor was sucking my dick, I felt a finger probing my butt. I wondered who it might be; I would have been really surprised if it was Connor. I peeked around and deduced that it had to be Rob. The way he worked his finger around was too special to be anyone else.

"Be right back." Rob suddenly said and began to untangle himself. We were a little puzzled as he got up. The disruption had been such that we all stopped what we were doing and waited. Rob went to our tent and reached to get something. As he turned around I could see what he had.

When Rob returned to the group, he opened the bottle of lotion and started to spread some on his boner. Wesley and Connor watched intently as he did this.

"Can I use some too?" Connor asked after a minute with a wide smile that was directed at Wesley.


"Here." Rob said with a grin as he passed it over.

Wesley and I caught each other's eye and grinned at each other. We knew where things were headed. We shifted around so that we were on our backs side by side. We looked at each other with a look of anticipation and excitement. Our legs were spread and our knees bent, waiting for what was going to feel so good.

"You guys do this a lot?" I asked Wesley quietly.

"Sometimes. I really like it. You?"

"Only a couple of times so far. It feels amazing" I replied.

Rob and Connor moved into position and we lifted our legs. The feeling of the tip of Rob's boner pressing against my asshole was intense, and I hoped wasn't going to make me cum. I then felt his dick slide in and I moaned loudly. At almost the same time, I heard Wesley wince at first and then moan; I knew what was happening next to us.

Rob started to slowly and gently pump in and out. I was in heaven. As Rob pumped his dick in and out of my ass, I was picturing the scene; four beautiful boys in woods enjoying passionate loving sex without a care in the world. My thoughts were interrupted by the sounds coming from Connor; I guessed he was coming. Almost immediately, I felt Rob start to stiffen up, his grip on my legs tightened, and he started to moan. This was soon followed by the sensation of him cumming in my ass. He collapsed onto me, almost breathless. I knew it had been a really intense orgasm for him. He moved his head to mine and kissed me. "I love you so much, cutey!... It's your turn, I really want you to cum in me." He said.

We all changed positions, and Wesley and I were getting ready. I was about to spread some lotion on my dick, when Wesley suddenly reached over and did it for me. I liked the idea and did it back to him. His dick was so hard; I knew it wasn't going to take long for him to cum.

We got into position, and I looked down at Connor and Rob laying there grinning at us. They looked so cute. The feeling of my dick probing at Rob's asshole was almost enough to make me cum. I had to quickly think of something else, at least until I got my dick inside. Soon enough, amongst load moans from everyone, I was buried up to my balls. I started to pump in and out of his ass. I don't think I had ever had a feeling or experience like this.

Minutes later, the most intense orgasm started bubbling up inside me. I wanted it to last forever. I shot what felt like a gallon of cum into Rob's ass. I moaned loader that ever, and felt light-headed. I collapsed onto Rob; out of breath, and unable to speak. Rob giggled a bit.

"What?" I panted with a grin

"Pretty intense?" He said with his trademark smile.

"You have no idea!"

"Actually, I do!!" He replied as we both got a chuckle out of it.

We looked over at the other two, and they were quietly laying on each other. I pulled my softening dick out, and lay next to Rob. Connor and Wesley were doing the same.


As I started to wake up the next morning, I was lying on my back and felt the familiar feeling of someone caressing my chest and my tummy. It was nice and I was really enjoying it. I was less than half awake with my eyes closed still, when it began to occur to me that there was something different. I didn't know what, but something was different. I began to realize that there were two hands on my chest and tummy. Then I felt caressing on my legs, and someone stroking my boner. I wondered how Rob could be doing all that. A second later, I was completely awake and opened my eyes to see all three of them leaning over me. When I opened my eyes, they all started laughing.

"We were wondering if you were ever going to wake up!" Connor said with faked exasperation

"We were about to start doing all kinds of stuff to you!" Wesley added.

"Good morning, sleepy head!" Rob said, and kissed my lips.

"How long have you been there and more importantly, what have you done to me??" I asked with a smile, but also curious. What could have done? I had a boner, did someone suck me? It didn't feel wet, and anyway, I always had a boner when I woke up. Had someone put anything up my ass? It didn't feel like it. What could they have done? I decided I might not figure it out now.

As I tried to stand up to leave the tent to take a piss, I found out. They had tied my feet together, and I fell over. Fortunately they caught me; they knew what would happen. We all had a laugh, at my expense, and I got up.

Breakfast was cereal with reconstituted powdered milk. Generally I was not a big fan of powdered milk, but it seemed to taste fine now. We chatted about the plans for the day, and agreed that we needed to leave the camp site by three o'clock to be back to the ranger station on time. The plan was to hike over to a big waterfall that was somewhat famous in the area.

The first order of business was to take baths. I was looking forward to this in light of how much fun it had been yesterday. Today however, was going to be a little different I thought as I was planning this one out. After getting wet, I was about to shampoo Rob's hair when Connor started to shampoo mine. I liked this, I thought. I changed gears, and shampooed Wesley. His hair was soft, and felt different from Rob's but felt nice too. It seemed different to shampoo hair that wasn't the gorgeous blond color of Rob's. I had never washed anyone else's hair besides Rob's.

After all the shampooing was done, we proceeded to lather each other up with soap. This turned into a free-for-all. Everyone was soaping everyone else, randomly moving from person to person. Feeling these smooth toned bodies and the silky soft skin was really intense. No one said anything, aside from the occasional moan or compliment about how nice some part of someone's body was. I loved caressing Wesley's tummy, it was like Rob's or mine in a way, but different. Different in that it just felt different. I was getting concerned that if all this went on for too much longer, my dick was going to explode and my plan would be cut short.

After a while, I grabbed Rob and Wesley by the hands and dunked the in the water. Connor then dove in and we all rinsed off amongst laughter from the surprise.

Surprise; perhaps, but I had a plan. As we moved back to where the water was knee-high, I knelt in front of Wesley and took his boner in my mouth. He gasped and then immediately started to enjoy it. Rob followed suit and began to suck Connor. I found I liked Wesley's dick. There was something different, I wasn't sure what, but it was different. I still liked Rob's the best, though.

Within minutes, Connor and Wesley were moaning and I felt Wesley's grip tighten on my shoulders and his body stiffen up. I looked up at his tummy and could see his muscles tighten and his breathing quicken. I picked up the pace of my sucking, and he shot his cum in my mouth. I kept sucking until he was done and his dick got too sensitive. Judging from the moans next to me, Rob was getting an after-breakfast snack too.

"Lip smacking good!" Rob said with his grin.

We all burst out in laughter. Rob would come with these things that were so funny.

We switched positions, and Connor began to suck my dick as Wesley sucked Rob's. It was so intense standing in the pond beside Rob, with us both getting sucked by these two cute boys. Needless to say, I was soon stiffening up and could feel my muscles tighten, and getting ready to shoot. What really pushed me over the edge was when I looked over and saw Rob swaying back and forth with his head back and eyes closed; that was so hot!. Rob and I came at about the same time with loud moans.

"Was your dessert as good as mine?" Connor asked Wesley with a giggle.

"I believe it was!" He replied trying to pretend being serious. We all rolled in laughter with that one.

We finished up and headed out of the water to get ready for the day. When everything was all set, we set out on our hike dressed in just out hiking boots and shorts, as he had yesterday. We decided not to take backpacks, as we didn't think we'd be gone all that long. We did, however load our pockets with the basic tools and gear we thought we might need. All the things that a good boy scout never leaves home without.

The weather was perfect; sunny warm, and not a cloud in the sky. Then of course, most days were like that on the island. The humidity was something else altogether and particularly in the forest. It didn't take very long for us all to be sweating. I thought back to the visions from yesterday and my mind was wandering already. The sight of these boys dripping in sweat was making my mind wander. I don't know why I thought that cute sweaty boys were hot; but they were. I thought back to how Rob had pressed his sweaty chest and tummy against mine and how stimulating that was on the tower the day before.

"You ready?... Hello!!

"Earth to Josh!"

I was suddenly brought back to reality, and realized they were all standing in front of me.

"Whoops, I guess I zoned out for a minute..." I sheepishly admitted.

"A minute?? More like an hour!" Rob said with a barreling laugh, which prompted more from everyone.

With that, we headed off. The trail was in a different direction, but equally as beautiful as the one the day before. There were all kinds of things to see and watch, and we tried not to miss anything.

I was third in line today, and was soon admiring the sweat I saw running down Wesley and Rob's backs. I had to focus on the trail and what was around me, so I didn't zone out again, fortunately.

We had been going for an hour or so, when the trail got really narrow. Suddenly, Wesley disappeared and we heard a yell. I was watching, and saw him slide off the side of the trail. The three of us sprang to action, and raced to where he'd disappeared from.

We looked over the side and saw Wesley lying on the hill side about 10 or 15 feet off the side of the trail. Connor gasped and said "Oh my god, Wesley!!

"Calm down, we'll get him." I said with as much of an authoritative tone as I could muster.

"Can you get down to where he is?" Rob asked with a sense of urgency.

"Yeah, I think so." I said looking down at the path he appeared to take.

"Wes, are you ok??!!" Connor tried to get Wesley's attention.

As I hurried down to Wesley, it looked like he was gaining his senses. When I got to him, he was moving and looking around.

"What happened?"

"You slipped off the trail. Are you ok? Are you hurt?" I asked as I stroked his chest and held his hand.

"Yeah, I think I'm fine"

"You sure? I think you passed out." I said.

"I don't know, did I? I'm not sure." He replied a little confused.

By this time Connor and Rob had made their way down to where we were.

"He's not bleeding anywhere, and I don't see any scrapes or anything." Rob said after checking Wesley over.

"You sure you're ok Wes? You scared the crap out of me! How can I take care of you if you get hurt??" Connor said with a very concerned and nurturing tone.

"I'm fine. I guess I just slipped on the trail. Can we go?" Wesley said with a little sense of almost annoyance that everyone was coddling him. I'm not sure he wanted to be babied. He liked the attention, but not to the extent of being coddled.

We made our way back up to the trail and were ready to get underway. "Do you want to head back, or are you ok to carry on?" I asked Wesley.

"No! I want to see the waterfall; I'm fine!" He said, now seeming almost annoyed.

"Cool!! Let's go!!" Connor said, wanting to raise everyone's spirits back up restore the jovial mood. He was still concerned about Wesley, but knew there was no point in babying him as he didn't like it.

We set off with Rob leading, then Wesley, then Connor, and finally me. We wanted to keep an eye on Wesley.

The rest of the hike was fun; with us taking time to appreciate nature along the way. The sights and sounds of the forest have always been amazing and beautiful. We even saw a couple of snakes along the way that was cool too.

We could hear the waterfall before we could see it. "Can you hear that? It must be huge!" Rob exclaimed.

"We must be close!" Wesley added.

A few minutes later, the wall of jungle broke and we could see the pool that the waterfall was falling into. The view was breath-taking. We stood there in silent awe admiring the sight for several minutes.

After a few minutes, our trance was broken by a noise and we looked ahead. We saw another trail that led to the waterfall. A few seconds later, we saw movement and heard voices. Within seconds we saw some boy scouts start to file out of the trail.

There were four boy scouts that looked a good 2 or 3 years younger than us accompanied by a couple troop leaders who seemed a few years older than us. We waved at each other, and we started approach.

"Hi! Beautiful, isn't it?" One of the troop leaders said wanting to break the ice. This prompted everyone to comment on it. We speculated about how high up the top was, and other things of that nature.

They all seemed really friendly and looked really polished in their uniforms. Well, ok, a couple of the boys looked really cute in their uniforms. One of them had really cute blond hair and looked like what I thought Rob probably looked like when he was 11. His body, as best I could tell through his uniform looked really nice. The other cute one had reddish hair, which I normally don't find that attractive, had the cutest face and smile. The last two boys were nice looking, but not as cute by any extent. The troop leader were kind of average looking guys, nothing that I would spend any time staring at, plus I was much more interested in boys my age.

The conversations continued about the trails and the area and other such things. We also talked about their scout troop, and how we were all boy scouts. The troop leaders said they had heard about Connor and Wesley's troop disbanding, and welcomed all of us to join theirs. These guys all seemed to be so nice, I thought.

Through the conversation, I got the occasional sense that we were being checked out, particularly by the cute blond boy and the redhead. I may just have been imagining it, perhaps instigated by the fact that I was checking them out. I thought I was being very discrete. I thought we looked cute, and how could you not want to check out Rob, I thought! He is so so good looking.

I decided to see if I could work in a suggestion that we were going to swimming, and asked them if they wanted to join us. I didn't even know if Rob, Wesley, and Connor would be up for that. I thought probably would be. Would it be weird that we would be swimming naked? As I thought about it, realized I didn't really have the guts to do it.

"Ok guys, it was great meeting you. We need to get going." One of the troop leaders said.

"Have a safe hike back, and we hope you will consider our troop." The other troop leader added.

We all said our good bye's and they headed back up the trail they had come from. We stood in silence for a few minutes, digesting the conversation and the experience.

"Nice guys." Connor finally said.

"Cute too!" Wesley blurted out, seemingly distracted.

"Hey, you're supposed to have eyes for me alone!" Connor said jokingly as he playfully punched Wesley.

"Owwww! That hurt! You injured me! My stomach is broken!" Wesley cried back dramatically.

We burst into laughter; "broken stomach?" We practically rolled in laughter.

"Let me kiss it and make it better." Connor said while getting on his knees in front Wesley. He then started to kiss Wesley's tummy. The kissing became more sensual. Rob and I watched as Wesley was clearly starting to get into it. Connor was kissing and caressing Wesley's tummy.

I glanced over at Rob who was watching very intently, almost in a daze. I looked down and Rob was tenting in his shorts like I was. This was hot, I thought.

Connor then started to move up a bit, and made his way to one of Wesley's nipples. Wesley was moaning lightly, had his eyes closed and his head leaned back. Connor then moved up and ended with a kiss on Wesley's lips. When he was done and pulled away, Wesley opened his eyes slowly, clearly having really enjoyed it.

"Is your tummy still broken?" Connor asked with a grin.

"I'm not sure, it might be. I mean, it is definitely better, but it may need a little more repair." Wesley said.

"That was hot!" Rob slowly said, appearing to be a bit of a fog.

"Was it ever!" I added.

We agreed to head back to camp and relax for a while before it was time to head to the ranger station. The hike back was uneventful, fortunately, but a beautiful as the hike there.

The conversation was somewhat suggestive, as we were all quite horny from the little show that Connor and Wesley had just put on.

"I think my tummy might be broken too." I said directing my fanes concern to Rob.

"Do you think so? How did it get that way?" He replied getting the joke and the suggestion. This exchange was starting to send Wesley and Connor into hysterics.

"I'm not sure, it may have just gotten that way a few minutes ago... It really hurts! Can you fix it? " I said almost not being able carry on without laughing hysterically myself.

"I'm in pain! I may be dying... I may die of a broken tummy..." I carried on feigning weakness.

At this point the whole group, including myself was in complete hysterics.

"I don't know what I can do! I'll have to take a look when we get to the camp" Rob finally managed to respond once he caught his breath.

"Wesley, what does a broken tummy feel like anyway?" I asked after a couple of minutes and we had settled down a bit.

"I'm not sure; I made it up. But it sure got a nice reaction!" He replied bursting out in laughter again.

By the time we got back to the camp, our sides hurt from laughing so much. We were still infected with the occasional giggle, although those too subsided.

We decided to strike camp and pack up, as we only had a couple of hours until it was time to head out. The plan was to pack up and then spend the rest of the time swimming and sun bathing on the large rock ledge.

"Finally! I think we are all done, right?" I asked.

"I think so; I think everything is done." Rob replied as we both looked at Wesley and Connor for concurrence.

"Yeah, I think so." Wesley said while looking around.

"Agreed." Connor said wiping the sweat from his brow.

"Swim time!!!" Rob yelled, as we all dashed for the water.

We had packed everything except for the boots, t-shirts, and shorts that we were going to wear. We also left out the towels that we needed for swimming.

Swimming in the pond was great fun. We played in the waterfall, dove off the rocks, and engaged in our usual games of tag other anything else that involved touching one another.

After a while, we decided to relax and sunbathe on the ledge. We were led out of the water by our boners, as we climbed up onto the rock. After setting out the towels we lay down to relax and tan.

"I have been meaning to ask you something, Josh." Wesley said after a minute. I wondered where this was going.

"I noticed that you don't seem to have tan lines, but you are tanned. Do you lie out naked a lot?" He went on.

"I usually do. Our patio is pretty secluded, and no one can see me there." I replied feeling very comfortable.

"That is so cool; I wish I could do that. I wouldn't want to be seen by my family, plus we really don't have a private place to do that." Wesley went on to say.

This prompted a conversation about how our families felt about nudity. Rob and I said that our parents were very cool and they were more than fine with us being nude, even at each other's houses. Wesley said that his parents had not seen him nude since he was a little kid, and he could not imagine them allowing him to wander around naked. Connor chimed in that his parents were much the same. They asked how it was that we "broke" the ice about being naked at each other's houses, and we told the story. We also allowed as how I had not been naked in front of Rob's parents, although he really wanted me to feel comfortable enough to do it.

The conversation then evolved to sleeping together, and Rob and I shared our pasts and the arrangements we had at each other's houses. We got a chuckle about how nervous we each had been when we had been "caught" for the first time by the other's parents. I recalled how scared I was when Rob's mother woke us up on the morning after Christmas and we were spooning with Rob's around my tummy. The memory was warming now; it's funning how things change.

Connor and Wesley said that they each had two twin beds in their rooms, and they went to sleep in separate beds, as they didn't think their parents would understand or be tolerant. They had each always had friends sleep over, but never in the same bed the way Rob and I had.

This naturally led to the conversation about showering. Rob and I described our habits, which Connor and Wesley already had learned about. We said that we never thought our parents would think anything of us in the bathroom together. We did not think they would necessarily think that we were in the shower together. Connor and Wesley felt their households were quite different; they each showered alone when their parents were home. They felt they would never be able to explain why the two of them needed to be in the bathroom together. Their parents thought that the person in the bathroom deserved their privacy.

Rob and I began to realize how lucky were that our parent were as relaxed as they were. I felt a bit sorry for Connor and Wesley, knowing how nice it was to be able to be as free as we were. That said, I was not sure how my parents would deal with knowing what exactly Rob and were doing...

The conversation faded as we lay on the rock ledge enjoying the sun. I felt myself drifting to sleep when I my attention was captured by a noise. I heard movement and what sounded like kissing. Rolling my head to the side, I saw Connor kissing and caressing Wesley's tummy. I guessed it was time for his tummy to be fixed. The boner that I had had for some time that was started to soften suddenly returned.

When Rob noticed what the other two were doing, moved over and started to do the same to me. He knew my weakness was him kissing and caressing my tummy! I was moaning and in heaven in no time. He kissed my tummy all over; dragging his tongue across my muscles, licking my belly button while caressing my chest and nipples with his hand. He then moved to get his other hand between my legs and pushed them apart. His hand gently moved towards my butt and he gently probed my ass hole with his fingers. I thought I was going to cum at any second.

Rob then turned his attention to my boner. He started to kiss the head and gently lick it. He was driving me crazy, and I was moaning and practically thrashing around. He did this so well! He then took my dick into his mouth and started to suck up and down on my boner. I knew it was going to be a matter of seconds until that familiar feeling would start bubbling up inside me. Sure enough, the feeling started; my muscles stiffened and I started to moan louder between my heavy breaths. We felt how close I was and picked up the intensity. Then I shot what felt like a huge load into his mouth. As usual he swallowed every drop and kept milking my dick until I couldn't take it anymore.

"That was f-ing amazing!!!" I finally managed to get out.

"Tasty too!" Rob said with a giggle and a huge smile.

I burst out laughing at his response. I wondered where he came up with this stuff.

We looked over to see Wesley have his orgasm and Connor hungrily swallow every drop. Wesley lay there panting, stroking Connor's head as he laid it on Wesley's tummy.

"They are good!" I announced, mostly to Wesley.

"They sure are!!!" He replied, still somewhat out of breath.

Connor and Rob glowed and giggled at the compliment.

We shifted around so that Rob and Connor and Rob were lying next to each other on their back. Wesley and I moved between their respective legs separating them. I probed at Rob's asshole that got him moaning instantly, as I started to gently suck on his very hard boner. I had feeling he would be happy if I cut to the chase, so to speak.

Connor and Rob's moans intensified as Wesley and I continued our eager sucking, kissing, and licking of their dicks. Within minutes, I felt Rob's asshole start to flex around my figure with more intensity and I felt his body start to stiffen up. His breathing and moaning intensified and he came in mouth. I swallowed every drop I could suck out of his dick, and finally let up when he yelped that his dick was too sensitive.

The two of them lay breathless on the towels, while Wesley and I looked at each other with big grins. It was nice to be able to give them pleasure like that.

After a little longer to relax and take another swim, we decided that it was time to head to ranger station to meet my parents. After our swim, I dried Rob off. He then dried me off and reached for his clothes. He put his socks on my and then his shorts. This was followed by my boots and his t-shirt. As he pulled my shorts up, he sucked my now hardening dick a couple of times and then kissed it before doing my shorts up. As he pulled his t-shirt down on me he stopped to kiss and lick each nipple.

By this time, we realized that Connor and Wesley were watching intently. When Rob finished dressing me he gave me a quick kiss on the lips. Connor and Wesley applauded and complimented us on the show. I then returned the favor to Rob; dressing him in my clothes, and giving his body the same special treatment I had gotten.

"OK, your turn guys!" Rob said when we were done.

Without a word, Connor started to dress Wesley with all the same treatment we had given each other. They had decided that they needed to wear their own clothes as they figured it might make trouble at home. Watching Connor give Wesley the special treatment was incredibly hot causing Rob and me to rub our boners through our shorts.

"That was hot, guys!!" I said when they were done. They thanked me for the compliment and admitted that it was lots of fun.

The hike down to the ranger uneventful, and a little melancholy as the reality of the trip being over began to sink in. We did not talk much, and I think we were all lost in thought thinking about how amazing the last days had been. I knew that I, for one, had not expected what had happened. Rob and I had hoped that a little something might happen, but I think these days were well past our expectations. Further, I had not expected out relationship with them to develop and grow as it had. Past the sex and games, our friendships had grown and evolved way past where we could have imagined.

I wondered how things would change when we got home. Would our friendship change? Would we grow apart? I really liked Connor and Wesley. I hoped nothing would change.

As I thought, I was struck by what we had been doing and how I felt about Rob. I thought about how I felt about Connor and Wesley; it was different from how I felt about Rob, but I was very fond of them. Was this normal? I knew, or thought that I loved Rob; was this normal? Should I love another boy like this? The four of us had spent three days doing all kinds of sex things together. How did I feel? Did this make me ...gay? Is that what I was? Was Rob? Connor? Wesley? When was I going to get a girlfriend, grow up, get married, and have kids? Was I going to grow out of being gay... was I gay? Could I be? I felt my heart beating faster and faster, what was I going to do? I needed to talk to Rob... Could I??