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Since the moment my lips first touched a dick, I've known I loved to suck more than anything. For a long time, the only one I had was my brother, but he's gotten into girls, now, and is starting to look down on me for sucking. Before, I could always go to my brother, but he laughed at me when he realized that I spermed in my pants from sucking him. I cried then, but later I whacked off to the thrill of the humiliation. There is just something about kneeling before another boy. Something about the act of sucking, that goes beyond physical pleasure. Something had changed and now I needed it. Even my hole got horny to suck another boy. Some mask got ripped away and the raw truth now blazed in me: my undeniable need to suck another boy's dick, take another boy's load, feel him pumping into me. But I couldn't let my brother lord that over me. You know how it is.

I'm what the preppies call a "Townie." There's this fancy private boys' school across the river from town, where I live, but the dock and stuff for their rowing teams is on our side, on account of the currents and stuff. Anyway, with no source of dick to suck, I'd been hiding in the weeds near the dock and spying on the boys in their stretchy knit crew shorts, watching them ride up the thigh and cup their bundle. One boy, in particular, has been my whack-off fantasy. Smooth and sleek and sort of understated, but bulgy there, too. Sometimes I can make out his penis perking out above his sack, and he seems to like to point it straight down the front. It makes me want to suck him so bad my heart hurts. Mostly, I like the ones a couple of years older than me, maybe 15, and without a lot of hard muscles. Sort of just coming out of the middle school look. Still sleek.

So rowing practice finishes up and most of the boys leave, but my special one I've been sperming about stays behind and starts putting the rowing stuff away. I watch him for a while, memorizing him for later, when he stops and comes over to the weeds and pulls down his shorts to pee. Now I don't particularly have anything about peeing, but he did have the most perfect cut dick and balls I've ever laid eyes on. Sorta big, but really smooth and pretty. Just then, he looks over and sees me. He shakes off and puts away his beauty and then comes about 3 steps closer to me and stops. I was set to run like hell, but now he was standing still, so I didn't.

"What? Were you watching me piss?"

I gaped at his clear blue eyes and rosy cheeks, a handsome, strong teen boy. Clean, direct, aggressive and seriously my type.

"I... I was watching you row and... I didn't know you we re coming over here to pee and I couldn't move or you'd see me."

"Are you interested in rowing? C'mon over and I'll show you stuff. How old are you?"

"Thirteen. Are you a freshman?"

"First year. But it kinda sucks, the new guys have to put all this shit away after, so today's my turn."

"Can I help?"

"Fuck yeah! Here, bring these over to the shed and I'll get the rest." He leads off, the rowing shorts clinging to his butt and thighs. The sun catches the light golden dusting of hairs above his socks.

Turning, "Can you hold the rest of these for a second, while I get the door?" He catches me staring at his puffy package. I guess he senses the hunger. He's looking right at me, as I tear my eyes away to look at his face. He hands me the rest of the oars to hold, opens the shed and begins sliding the oars into their racks.

"Were you staring at my dick?"

"Y... yes," sort of thrilled at the admission.


"Cuz I want to see it." That felt good too, but not quite there.

"See it?" Dubiously, looking into my eyes, a darkly beautiful youth: strong-featured, direct, smooth-faced, beautiful. I feel myself melt, the need rising.

"S... s... suck it," feeling the delicious humiliation, "Suck it," savoring the way the sound tore at the air, I feel my dick hardening, a deep thrill in my little boner and in my ass.

"Oh..." just that.

I can't stand the silence: "Can I? I won't tell anyone else. I don't even know your name."

"Well yeah, duh! If you want to. Right now?"

"Y... yes, please." He sees me, reads my desire to suck.

"Uh, okay. Where do you want to do it?" I can see his package filling out as his hardness tries to rise against the spandex.

"Right here, behind the other door, is fine."

"So, should I just stand here?"

"Lean against the wall so you won't fall down."

"Fall down?"

"When you... cu... come," I shiver.

He groans and his face flushes. I hear his breathing speed up.

"Can I pull your pants down? It's part of... of what I... want."

"Sh... sure, be my guest." He's shivering a little, now. His cheeks are blazing.

I throw a couple of seat pads down and kneel before him, kneel before this boy to suck him. The thrill makes my ass tremble, my boner slides in its goo. I kneel to suck, embracing the humiliation. I put my face forward, press into his bulge, press, evoking a groan from him. He involuntarily thrusts a little and I press back, the faintest hint of fresh pee and clean ball sweat as I inhale deeply. I feel it in my own urgent boner, feel the craze rising, goose bumps burning, the oozing. Dick need blankets me. My ass weakens and trembles. Needy, I reach to work my fingers under the waist band, against his hot smooth flesh. I begin to slowly pull the tough shorts down, gathering the elastic of his briefs on the way past. As I slowly turn them inside out, his flawless skin is revealed, the converging lines of his groin, the first wisps of his pubic hairs.

The shorts pop over his butt, rolling, and his silky bush is revealed, the base of his beautiful penis, now wide and wanting freedom, then the wrinkles of his lovely sack skin. Now more penis, more penis, more penis, the word thrilling me, more of his penis, beautiful and wide, and then the ridge. Freed, his rosy phallus rises to stand proud before me. Proud and big, the twin globes of the sweet head proud, majestic, flawless, drawing me to touch them with my nose, as I kiss the hot underside. Seeing his erect maleness, I know him now, already know him with an intimacy that even he can never have.

The shorts roll down to a double donut, I pull them off his foot. Shuffling closer, I kiss his sack, kiss the darling wrinkles. It draws up to become plump, delectable. The odorless scent of him takes me. My hole is wanton. My little boner oozes and slides as the scent moves me, moves my tingling lips unbidden to rest upon his tip, to wetly caress the valley between the globes, caress the bottom side and open to engulf the pretty pee lips. He moans and I thrill to his teenage voice, thrill to the taking of his dickhead softly between my lips, thrill to the shape and to the surrendering to the boy's dick need, to the urgency of his penis, as I slowly engulf his tender maleness and his tummy crunches in pleasure. He slides forward to make me full, to bury himself and take his pleasure from my mouth.

"Oh, God! Suck. Suck me," he groans, his voice becoming thicker.

"Oh Goh... uck mih!" His knees buckle a little and I press him upright, feel his cockhead ballooning.

My commitment to this act deepens, becomes absolute, as he moans and feeds his dick to me. My heart connects with the essence of this boy, knowing the depth of the feeling he's taking from my eager lips, my tender hungry mouth, my loving throat. Knowing his need, knowing his sperm is rising, knowing the joy in his tender balls, as I gently cup and fondle them. His dick is bigger than the world, more tender. My whole body is afire with having him.

"Suh mih... ohhh, ohh, suh bih, suuu bih," he whimpers. He shudders and erupts, crying out his release, as my awareness contracts to just this one act, to just this pumping penis, this volcanic taste in my coming mouth.

I moan as I come, the rapture clear and deeply telling to anyone who hears me. I feel myself ejaculating in my own pants as I swallow his clumpy load. As I finish pumping my own sperm, I kiss his softening dick and then stand before him to await his reaction, hoping he won't turn mean.

"Th... thanks," we both say at the same time.

He looks into my eyes, his expression deep, tender. Drowsy with my own tenderness, now, I lean in to put my face against his chest, to feel his warmth and hear his heartbeat. He holds my head against him with his hands, gently, as our breathing slows, runs his fingers through my hair.

"Why do you like that?" he asks, gently.

"I just do. It always makes me sperm in my pants when I do that."

"It does? It did? Every time?" I step back and the wet spot barely shows on my shorts. I pull the shorts down and he can see my sperm leaking through my cotton briefs. The joy of this intimate confession starts me harder, again.

"Cool. Can I touch... you?"

"Sure, if you want." He reaches to feel the still-chubby tube, smears a finger in my come.

"Did you enjoy that?"

"A whole bunch. I love your dick and I love to feel you as you have your... climax. Knowing how good I made you feel, way inside you."

"Did you swallow my sperm?"

I shrug, a little embarrassed, now that the passion has faded a bit.

"Yes," I admit.

"Does it taste okay?"

"The taste is... nothing special. It's just that it comes from you. It makes me know I made you feel good, that I was right there with you... it's part of you coming... coming with me. When you gave me your load I felt something happen... inside me. I have part of you. Something special... personal.

"So you actually like boys, not just... their dicks."

"I... yes... boys are... they make me feel all... " I shrug. "You... I've been wanting to... meet you for months. Sperming about you. I love the way you... are. The way you look and the way you move and how... masculine you are. I loved sucking you because you're masculine. I loved eating... it... when you spermed. That's what made me sperm."

"That's amazing."

"It's a part of it. Part of being with you. Part of your... being a boy."

"I'm glad I helped you come, too. I like you."

"Am I going to get to see you again?"

"Oh, God, I hope so!" he said, "My name's Keith."

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