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Keith 3

We had to change plans, the next week, and get by with another boat shed suck. I wanted him more than ever and smiled at his apology for the quickie. Hey, he let me suck and he came in my mouth and then held me. I shot hard and sweet, as he fed me his clumpy load. What more could a boy like me ever ask for? I gave him six soft baby diapers.

When we got together the following Sunday, the weather was mild and the world was sweet. He undressed me and put me in my dydee. He gently held my face and kissed my lips. His tenderness filled me, a huge sweet thing. My heart hammered. Sweetness spread to my little dick and bag.

"Soft, so soft," I moaned. He cupped me and he kissed me. With my dydee soft against me, I spread my legs to give my bag to his tender hand. His touch, his gentle cupping hand, his exquisitely tender kiss, made me come long and sweet and hard, lips trembling against his, and I pumped my goo in my dydee. He held me as the joyous spasms slowly faded.

"Oh," he moaned, obviously moved, "that was nice."

"Nice... so gentle," I weakly agreed.

I was his boy, now, and that thrilled me through and through.

"Will you fuck my butt?" I asked.

"Yes," he breathed, "Let me open your dydees."

He did, tenderly exposing my little dick. He took them off of me and wiped up my goo with a gentle expression. It would have given me another boner if I'd been capable. My soft dick didn't lessen my desire. My hole was quivering, going loose and then tight, winking in anticipation. My need to have his beauty inside me grew until it was a something big, something irresistible. The desire to surrender to this boy's maleness, go beyond sucking dick, to have his maleness huge inside me, blanketed my body with a heavy, soft, sweet itch. Willingness to be penetrated, need for it, came on me so hard that I shuddered and groaned, yearning for his big beautiful phallus.

Kissing me again, he had me raise my knees and spread for him, my soft nuts sagging to tickle me a little. He opened the Noxzema and took some on his finger, gently applying it to my hole. It was the first time he had touched me there. It was a revelation, a confession to myself, taking so much joy from that touch. I'm glad I had just come, or I would have shot and missed the intimacy of this first contact. He touched me gently, so gently, having learned me, gently found the opening and teased, making me whine, before making the tiniest tender foray between the lips, spreading the cream. It was cool and minty in my hole, making me itch to be touched deeper. With his other hand he gently touched my bag. It shrank up out of the way, and he slipped his finger deeper, spreading the cool cream, spreading the tickly desire up into me, eventually sliding way up inside. My whole body stiffened in pleasure, my heart huge in my chest. He withdrew and came back with more of the cool cream, more sensuous sliding, the eucalyptus smell filling the tent.

Then he wiped me. Wiped my eager hole tenderly, slowly. I loved being clean for him, loved the minty feeling in my ass, loved the tenderness, loved submitting. He came back with the lube, putting a bunch up inside my minty hole, going way in, pushing around to delight and loosen me. The thrill of surrender filled my body. Putting in two fingers now, working them around with lots more of the cool lube, I let myself get big for him, willed myself not to come yet. Helping me stretch for him, he caressed my bag and I spread my legs for him, in a sweet fog of joyful surrender. I was ready for three fingers now, but heard myself begging for his dick.

He knew to go slower than I wanted, loosening me and inciting me, making me anticipate. I begged him to put his beautiful bigness into me. When he eventually took his position between my limp and wanton legs, I spread dreamily before him, gladly offering myself for penetration, surrendering myself to him for his fuck pleasure. My hard little dick and taut little bag confessed my desire to receive the beautiful dick I loved to suck.

His dick softly touched my hole, barely parting the lips before coming to rest. The tiny tickly invasion made me crazy for more, to be taken. My hole quivered and weakened, now defenseless. The big warm dickhead pleasured my opening, amazingly big where it touched my quivering vulnerability. I knew it would somehow fit. I could feel an empty space in my ass, exactly the size of his beauty, a place ready to have him, made to have him, made to enjoy him, made to give him his fuck pleasure and share it, to take this boy and his loving cream.

Gently he opened me, pulling out and coming back, to go just the slightest bit deeper each time, stopping when he hit the slightest resistance, withdrawing and re-entering me, until I was sure he was in me far enough that he should just plunge in. Rabid with the need to have him the rest of the way in me, I tried to pull him home, but instead he held back, continuing to tenderly pull out and return.

My world began to contract as the pleasure rose, encompassing nothing but the sweet, repeated, penetrations by his tender dickhead. Like a sun rising, the pleasure of his penetration grew in me, filled me, filled my head with joy and light. My eardrums even trembled, as I vaguely heard myself crying out in rapture at the sheer glory of being repeatedly entered. My bag crinkled and burned with the joy of each new entry, of surrendering to the sweetness of penetration, until he had finally arrived all the way there, completing me with the sensuous contact of his hot smooth skin against my ass. He was in me fully for the first time and I trembled with gratitude for this gift.

When he was fully in me, he paused, giving my butt a moment to settle, to explore, to understand the huge hardness that now possessed me. He pulled back some, and my ass gripped him weakly, taking his measure. I waited breathlessly 'till he slid home again to open me deeper, to make me itch with need for his deep beautiful penis, big, hard, male; waited breathlessly 'till he slid home yet again to make me beg for more penetration, beg him to fuck me good.

He did. Ohh, he did, making me pray it would never end. I gloried in being his receptacle, in this new way of having him, of experiencing him deep inside me: strong, purposeful, deep, hard, tender him. Him fucking me; fucking, the most male thing. Fucking me 'till I gave up separateness and became his glorious sheath, meant for this role, for this act, with this boy. Meant to be taken by his penis, meant to give him the sweet, sweet fuck-pleasure that is his to have from a boy like me. I feel him start to lose coordination and I grasp his hips, helping him keep his aim true, helping him keep going deep into me, as he strokes his way those final inches to glory.

Lips to his cheek, so intimate, I feel him freeze in his moment of exquisite attainment, feel him push for more and come deep in my soft heat. He cries out, a sound torn from his soul, unloading his sweet burden deep into my body, and I come too. I come, clenching around his big creaming dick, come hard and complete, as he creams my grateful ass. It starts in my brain and tears through me, through my chest, my hands, through my cock-full ass, sets me come-clenching around his big pulsing beauty, my own cream shooting from my joyous boy dick, spreading wonderful and slimy between our tummies. We peak together, our sweaty cheeks touching in intimate celebration, sperming, sperming, sperming together, him inside me.

"I came so hard my balls ache," he tells me, an eternity later. We lay, numb and connected, until he was soft and slipped out. Even that felt good. It was so tender and frank, and so personal, in its way.

"Thank you for that," I said, my heart full.

He did me back up in my dydees and sent me home joyful and new.

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